We’re Saving $1,000/year By Cutting Our Cable TV


Published by moneyqlip

Before I started to write this post, I gave myself some time to really think about this one…I couldn’t think of 1 good reason to keep my cable TV at an additional $100/month, including the rental of 2 cable boxes! I called Vania and asked her if she cared for our cable TV and she said “NO…we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Plex. The Cable TV is pointless!”

THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU! Music to my ears!

I called Comcast and told them to cut the cable TV immediately. They gave me crap and said “well, your high speed internet is going to go up because it is not in a “bundle package” and it will be $79/month not including your home security if you want the same speed.” Really? I guess you’re going to loose a customer because AT&T is promoting on their website the same internet speed for $40/month. After 3 transfers and a 5 minute hold they came back with matching AT&T’s price.


So now from $166/month, I’m looking at $89 for internet and home security. So what about our movies, documentaries, etc? This is where Netflix ($10.75/monthly), Amazon Prime ($100/year), and HBO Now ($14.99/monthly) come into play! You see, we’ve been paying for these services for like 2 years AND we had cable TV. We rarely used cable TV because our favorite shows and movies are with the streaming services. They are also killing the game with the original content versus the cable TV giants.

This is just another example on how you can continue to save money. If you look hard enough into your monthly spending, I’m sure you can find ways to save. By cutting Comcast cable TV, we are setting ourselves up to save an additional $1,000 a year. This doesn’t include the $700/yearly in wasteful spending with UberEats and about $600/yearly on coffee!

The past two weeks I have found $2,300 in wasteful spending. As a family, we discussed it, reviewed the numbers, talked about the pros and cons and we’ve made the adjustments. And guess what, our life style has not changed a bit! We actually celebrate every time we find savings!

Check your budget and track your spending. What would you do with an additional $1,000 – $2,300 a year?