Control Your Impulses: Do You Really Need Those New Shoes?

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Let’s be honest, impulse buying happens to all of us, you, me, your abuela (that’s grandmother for all my non-Spanish friends.). I know personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than going to the mall on a lazy Sunday to just “walk around.” Secretly, I know that by going to the mall, I am going to stumble upon a pair of Jimmy Choo’s on sale, and naturally I am going to want to buy them because “I need a new pair of nude pumps for work” or whatever other lame excuse I give myself to justify that purchase. Truth is, I’m like every other American consumer that has been brainwashed into thinking that in order to stay relevant, I need to have the newest of everything.

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Now, impulse buying doesn’t only apply to those of us that can’t turn down an amazing sale at Nordstrom. Impulse buying can be characterized by going to the grocery store for just 2 items and leave with over $300 in groceries or going on Amazon and buying everything under the sun because it’s a click away. In some way, shape, or form, we’ve all partaken in the glee of impulse buying; that is until the buyer’s guilt.

Buyer’s guilt always sets in after an impulse buy or two. After you sit at the end of the month and realize everything you wanted to put into your emergency fund is currently hanging in your closet, you start to think maybe that wasn’t the wisest way to spend it. Sure it satisfies you for the moment, but after wearing it a few times, using it, eating it, driving it, you really don’t have much to show for it, and you never know when that rainy day will come when you need your emergency fund (you can’t live in Jimmy Choo’s, though the old woman that lived in the shoe would argue otherwise).

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Let’s be clear though, I’m not saying don’t buy yourself nice things; if I did I would be lying (I just bought an amazing dress at Saks!). No, I want you to go out and treat yourself and also be able to save money for your emergency fund (yes ladies and gentlemen you can have it all).

These are the 5 ways that help me stay accountable and still buy a nice purse every now and then.

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I know buying new stuff is great (trust me I love new stuff), but knowing you’re achieving your financial goals is a great feeling too! Material stuff comes and goes but peace of mind is priceless.