Take A Deep Dive Into Your Credit Report


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Your credit score is generated by the information provided in your credit report. Don’t accept your credit score for its face value. Roll up your sleeves and take a deep dive into your credit report. Be on the look out for incorrect information on your file. These mistakes can be extremely costly and negatively impact your credit score. Especially if you are about to purchase a home or apply for a loan. Take a pro-active measure and make sure your financial life is in order.

From your credit report you will immediately identify the types of accounts you have, such as:

  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Bankruptcy, liens, or court judgments

Under each credit account, you will find the following information:

  • Payment history
  • Current balances owed
  • Length of history with that account

In addition, pay close attention to:

  • Your personal information
  • The credit inquiries
  • Accounts that are or were in collections



It’s important to review your credit report once a year and you can receive it for free by requesting your annual free credit report. If you find inaccuracies within the report, you will want to call the bureaus, submit a fraud alert and dispute the information reported on your file.

To Obtain Free Credit Reports


Number: 1-877-322-8228

Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

To Contact Credit Bureaus


Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

Equifax Fraud Division
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374

To place a fraud alert on your credit report, call 1-888-766-0008.


Experian National Consumers Assistance Center


TransUnion Consumer Solutions
2 Baldwin Place
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Obtain a free TransUnion credit report:

Dispute information in your TransUnion credit report:

TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Dept.
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022-2000