The New Era of Power

Times have changed, the human race has evolved. Men and women have gained extraordinary abilities. Humans with similar abilities grouped together and there began the creation of clans. Among these clans were villains. As the population of villains grew brave men and women rose up and protected their people. Leaders of clans became vicious and fought to be the strongest. Resulting in wars and battles , some clans allied, creating regions. A boy travels around the world trying to unite the clans and find were these mystical powers originated from.

Published by alenorieg7788

The Age Of Power

On March 5, 1995 a meteor hit the face of earth destroying, and all signs of civilization. About two hundred years later the hum race began to rise from scratch. First there was a man and a woman. Then two men and two women. Then three men and three women. More and more people were brought to life and soon enough there was a whole community. They began to build but this times instead of using machinery they used their powers. As civilization rised so did greed, thirst for power, and labels they all were back but this time more vicious and hungry for destruction. Man-kind split into four groups based on their abilities. Known to man as the Infernian Clan the people of fire, the Aquona Clan people of the sea, the Terraken clan people of rock, and the Breezin Clan men and women who could control the wind. Wars were started as rivalry began. Each person has a assigned last name depending on the clan they were born into. The clans name would be there last name.