Rumbles to Death

In a world of distrust and power, the four remaining strongest nations on the continent of Tacsum are about to wage a conflict that everyone involved in it will question what kind of purpose they really served after all those years.

Published by Luigikun


In a distant place somewhere in the land of Tacsum, one of the remaining continents to be fully stable from worldwide disorder, where all sort of dreams and journeys come true, full of grassland surrounding the soils that cover below the greater mountains. The mountains where rocky and steep as the greater kings of many kingdoms of humankind as whole. At first glance, it all looked the usual, plain and mundane mountains where there was no way it could contain any secret that can shape the world in many ways. But once people climbed, it was anything but. 

There lies a greater society, one tribe, the destiny of guiding the world in the dark, an oracle of some sort that ensured the world followed each of the steps as it was foreseen for them. They were the Vantor, oracles of the future. It’s said that once people reach the extent of Vantorian arts and skills, they’ll grow with a mark in their neck, the shape of parallel triangles facing both up and downside down, symbolizing their commitment to seek out the future. The monks all wore white scarfs and robes, while the main fighters had grey armor all around them.
Inside of one of their temples, where priests, monks, apprentices and all sort of members, all praying out to the statue of Almighty Aureola, the goddess of time, all chanting the word of convergence of the future:
“My future is my guidance.”
“And our guidance is our progress.”
“The hand of all worth shall will our penitence.”
“Bring out prosperity to all that don’t need to pretend.”
The temples were all looking shiny and clean, with golden lines on the seemingly endless floor, with pillars made of silver in every corner of the temple, it seemed like the perfect sanctuary.
Inside, there was one huge door, one that reach half of the Santorum of the temple. Also made of silver with a touch of molded copper. Truly, it symbolized the spirituality the Vantor tribe carried on for many centuries. Coming there revealed a large room of wonders, the so-called Age Mirror, it had the ability to perceive future events at least once a year. The distance between the years to predict can vary, so, the time where they can happen is uncertain, so the Vantor had to be very precautious about it.
In there, there were five people present, four of them were together observing the fifth one standing beside the Age Mirror. The one beside the mirror wore a large white robe with golden strapped armor and a shining aura around him. He was positioned heads-down in front of the mirror, likely meditating his chant in front of it, after a few minutes of silence, the man revealed itself, he had a large grey beard and was half bald with a high nose and auburn eyes. The other who was in front of him had white slicked hair and a clean face, with navy blue eyes and high nose. He too wore the Vantorian armor robe like the rest but he seemed to be one of a higher position, he wore a white belt in his waist. The other three were wearing the same clothes but wore covering masks instead, only their eyes being visible, with one of them being of small stature, likely a child with black eyes. The others were young adults, one with orange eyes and one with light green ones. The man beside the mirror was the Headmaster Sin, the others were his most experienced pupils of the tribe. The fact that he only reunited those people and not the rest must mean something so impressive that they may be the only ones worthy to hear what he has to say. The unmasked man was known as Zues, the Brinjan reclusive, having escaped his homeland in other to find a purpose in his life when there was his doubt of serving the kingdom. Even when thinking about his family, Zues cannot bring himself to head back home, feeling that the pride of the kingdom poisoned the mind of any on what to believe of other nations in the world.
“You summoned us Headmaster, something troubling you?” Zues asked.
“Zues, one of my most gifted pupils of the tribe, this more than just a summoning, it’s what I may call; a farewell for a better tomorrow.”
“What do you mean a “better tomorrow”?”
“As you can see, the age mirror possessed quite the aura and essence of all the energy that was able to contain all of our existence within time and space.” “With every cherishing of life, luck came, with every luck, salvation came, and with every salvation, purity came. With that, the Age-mirror is able to function as it has been for all of these long years. But I’m afraid that from my recent viewings, it seems that the world has grown weary of our teachings, and now seek to erase every trace of our own existence, believing that time control is nonsense and only time itself can be determined by the higher forces of nature instead of a small tribe. But the worst of the viewing as yet to come, young Zues…”
“You…you saw something worse than that? Please, be wrong. No way won’t we become hunted fugitive in a world like this.”
“If you want to seek the answer…then you better connect yourself to the mirror…that’s the only way you’ll understand what is upon us.”
“Headmaster, I…you…”
“A family to you for all these years, yes - I know, and we are totally appreciated by it…even when gone, our memories will persist for the incoming years.”
“And quite the teacher perhaps.”
“But you will be your own teacher for this day forward…”
“Headmaster, are you implying something worse to you?”
“Touch the mirror…only then you will know.”

Zues hesitated for a moment in what to do in regards to the future the Headmaster Sin foresaw, was it something so destructive it could bring the rest of the world with them if they’re gone? Or could they actually a secret that most nations will grow suspicious? In the end, it now didn’t mattered for young Zues, as he now proceeded to approach the mirror, slowly. Step by step, he felt like he was on the verge of sensing the gate towards a new world, where everything can be told and controlled as they wish as long they can have the strength to do so. One where time is not linear, but one of multiple pathways to see the numerous ways the world can evolve, but at the cost of not sticking to one favorable to one’s existence.
What Zues was doing now, was the moment of truth for the whole tribe, just as the Headmaster felt it, Zues, one of the most gifted of the tribed is about to feel it as well. He’s finally close to the mirror, and then proceeds to touch it gently. But soon, as he touches it, he’s engulfed with a golden energy around his arms, his eyes lifeless without any sort of color. Finally, a blank expression where he lost any type of control he had in his mind. Everyone around him looked in shock of what was happening to him.
In the end, despite the experience, he eventually returns back to normal without any sign of harm.
But what did he saw was something worth of horror.
“A…conflict…in this very continent…? A continent whose nations...stood together against the empire of the rest of the world…now fighting…among themselves?”
All what the Headmaster could do now was to nod in fear yet acceptance.
“No…Headmaster, you know we can act to prevent this!”
“We could…but unfortunately, we are alone to do so…the world no longer heeds of our mission and instead, they’ll take it in their own matters.”
While this was happening, loud bangs could be heard outside, getting closer and closer to the nearby chamber. The four gifted students were about to prepare to defend themselves, however…
“No, it’s futile to resist them. It’s not the time.”
“Headmaster, stop being a senile and coward, let us fight!”
“It’s for the best of you, even with our abilities, they have learned so much of us that they may now who we are and what we do. So please, use whatever power the Age Mirror has left and leave, ensure that the stability of time remains forever…this is my last wish for you all…”
“…Aye, Headmaster.” Zues sadly said.
Soon, the pupils gathered around each other, with Zues extending the energy of the mirror to them. After said ritual done, they now proceeded to move their hands with symmetrical movements that symbolized a triangle. They then closed their hand with their palms. Then, a sparking golden energy engulfed both of them and started to vanish to another, but not before sharing some final looks to the Headmaster before leaving for good to an unknown place.
This was just in time as the door was now demolished by explosives, leaving a huge puff of smoke around the entrance. Just before the smoke cleared, a bunch of red-dressed soldiers came in, likely the greater soldiers of Brinjan Kingdom, ready to take over what’s left inside.
“You! Hands on your knees! You will come with us!”
“What you’re doing right now, is the biggest mistake the whole world has done. We have guided you for a path of salvation.”
“No…the only salvation from for you to leave us alone with your tormenting lectures of your teachings, old FOOL.” Said an approaching high-ranking officer who proceeded to knock him out cold.
“So this is the Age Mirror the rumors said about. Never such a precious item has come to existence in this very world, but its purpose has been for rudimentary means, not worthy for the betterment of the world. Now, we’ll show ‘him’ what this mirror and he should be made of.”
What followed was the officer ordering his soldiers to prepare the toppling of the mirror and the capture of the Headmaster.
The Age of the Vantor had come to an end, what will follow is an age of distrust and power, one where only the mighty can decide what’s the best for every people on Earth.
It leads to a dark path where only the strongest survive while the feeble beings are left to rot.
This…was the Rumbles to Death.

Field Report 1 - Prepare, prepare the iron helm of war

In the quietest countryside, there’s only one type of person who has the spirit of those who are willing to do everything. A nation, a person, an ideal, anything that can be worth fighting for.  The ideal Brinjan. The ideal Brinjan does not have doubt on anything. The ideal Brinjan does not back off from a fight. It never back offs from anything. It’s always relied upon and always will until the time of retirement, or death.
That man was there, simply overlooking the beautiful landscape while carefully caring the farm. He was shirtless and has a great muscle build, a brown brushed up hair, light-green eyes and a low beard. He was shirtless, with only his brown tux pants and black boots he was wearing. 
His name is Zat Evans.

“Ah, where’s my gracious Luce when I need her?” He muttered quietly.
Compared to him, his fiancée, Luce Buford was a busy lady. She served in the Brinjan Air Blockade Fleet, one of the first in the world. Even with her deep love to him, she couldn’t leave one of her most important job behind, even in holidays.  Zat is quite the man to reach out for a quiet lifetime outside of combat, totally so for a man who is the pride for the kingdom. But even so, his wife has so much to offer to the nation.
After holding the shovel for a while, Zat puts it down and walked back to his home, a neat white wooden house.

Inside, he went to the living room, containing all sorts of stuff one can expect from a middle-class family. An old boxy TV, a cute green couch, a black phone on the table beside the couch, lots of lamps and last but not least, family portraits.
He sat down, thinking deeply of the occurrences as of his recent routine with a puffy look on his face while having an aching sensation in his chest. For years, he fought bravely for Brinja, victory after victory, he marked their reputation as one of the deadliest forces in the continent. They-at least in their perspective-truly deserved all the honor and respected that was gained in the previous great war. He even fell in love with Luce, whom he declared her as his future wife. But alas, her commitment delayed such union between the lovers and now most of the time, Zat lives alone in the farm. He often gets visits from his fellow teammates back in the war and recently made good bonds with a new batch of soldiers for his personal unit. Even so, he can’t help but feel nothing but emptiness as he continues lying down in the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling, thinking of a chance to regain his former glory and see his new wife one day.
Even for such glory, who knows if it’s one that could satisfy him in a genuine way? He felt that it never truly does. Probably never did anyways.
Suddenly, the phone started to ring loudly, in which Zat proceeded to pick.
“Ahoy.” He answered.
“Hello my great man, still can’t rid of the thought of me when you’re outside?” A familiar female voice said.
“Yes, it’s me darling.”
“Luce! My dearest lady, how much I yearned to hear your voice again for three months. All those days just wanting to hear you elegant sweetness once more.”
Luce then laughed for a short bit.
“Ah Zat, you’re still the charmer of charmers as most people know and always will.”
“Well, as you may know, this isn’t just the talk of the lovely couple who hasn’t seen each other for quite some time.”
“You don’t say! Come on Luce, what are you proposing me to do?”
“You know…the usual type of activity most lovely people do when they’re outside. Doing anything affectionate on what they can and do.”
Zat scoffed at the idea of the date. For a man like him, he couldn’t care less of something like a date.
“Luv, come on. I know you love me enough to make me die and go to heaven, but how ‘bout some creativity?”
“You really insist do ya? No need to worry, it’s not that quite boring after all.”
“And by not boring you mean-’’
“Asking your fellow soldiers out as well. Come on, they grew closes to you than you could possibly imagine.”
What came afterwards was nothing but silence on behalf of the handsome man. Zat is conscious about it. Yes, he’s quite one quintessential example of a gentlemanly and proud Brinjan soldier, but to hear an option for an invitation even to his own troops makes have a very tightening sensation across the body.
What should a gentleman like Zat do?
“My-my own troops? On the very same DATE?!”
“They’re still quite young Zaty. They’ll have a good time hanging out with you when there’s no war in sight.”
“Su-sure sure. Bu-bu-bu-the comma-“
“Command granted you permission for the invitation, don’t push yourself harder for this.”
Zat then let out a breath of relief with a slight smile on his face. The real problem was the high command after all. Generally, Brinjan generals have the reputation of giving very strict orders to most of their subordinates, dictating them in what activities they should take when outside of combat. But to someone like to Luce to convince them otherwise for one of their poster boys was quite an expected yet surprising feat from them. After all, Zat may need the time off with Luce and his subordinates- all mainly composed by young adults in their late 10s- to enjoy the special kind of date Luce proposes.
“Affirmative ma’am. I’ll get it covered nicely.”
“Good work soldier.” Both said with affectionate tones and yearned look on their faces.

Meanwhile, in the coastline of a seemingly quiet island, there was a base. It was one that contained a huge stockpile of combat aircraft and gunships, all with compacted designs and yellow lines around the wings. It wasn’t just any base, it was the Roosman Air Division Base from the Doar Federation, where the best pilots are trained and take off from the most intense mission, all situated in the small island, which is known as: Hope Spring. The name has a double-meaning. One for the lush and green scenery around the island apart from the airbase. The other, is the whole purpose of the airbase itself. Bringing out the best pilots where they have the chance to turn the tide of battle in Doar’s favor. Some nations it’s quite bragging for a nation to create a meaning to suit their pride in the air. Even so, there’s no denying in the supposed air power the nation has among many, perhaps even on par with Brinja.

Up there, in the clear blue sky, there was one plane flying. Not just an ordinary flying routine for a typical plane, this one was doing maneuvers with fancy and elegant movements, steering the plane upward up the nose and then diving while spinning and remaining stable. And when it get near the ground, it manages to steer a bit upwards, turning left-side on the direction of the airbase while making a splash in the sea at the edge of the wing. Such flying is unique for pilots who are into making their nation proud, to look special compared to ‘normal’ pilots, to make themselves a part of the mythos of the Doarense skies for generations to come.
Finally, the plane headed towards the tarmac of the base, the landing gear slowly emerged below the craft. Eventually, the plane touches down smoothly. Quite the manifesto for Doarense warriors.
The plane slowly heads towards one of the empty hangars, where the crew was awaiting for it.
One of the people present in the hangar was a man with a tangerine officer suit, likely a highly-respected commanding officer of the base. He also had thin grey almond eyes and short black hair.
The pilot then descended from the plane with the stepladder. They take off the helmet, revealing a young-looking and beautiful woman with bistre-colored hair and brown eyes and sharp nose. Maybe legends can come from any kind after all, even at a young age.

“Record time since last flight, lieutenant colonel Zitrope. You seem to get better every day. I wonder how you’ll be once you can surpass any record in which every pilot can obtain.” The officer said.
“Well, maybe I can just keep with what I have at the moment, you can’t know for sure whether I take off to the skies and see if can achieve yet another wonder for the sake of having troop morale.”
The officer chuckled for a bit for quite a humble statement.
“Ah, dear Suila, you’re quite special when you let out words that are a lot of contrast in comparison to other glory hounds.”
“True, but at the same time, what all they need is someone who looks and protects them. That’s all Mr Deymond.”
Deymond only replied with a slight tap on her shoulder. He couldn’t care less of what she thinks, at least when it comes to her behavior.
“You bet that high-command would understand your concerns. Oh, and before I leave, you’re authorized for a vacation. If you like, you can back to someone dear to you, OK?”
The order made Suila fluster for a bit.
“Uh? Oh, sure-yes-, I will, yes of course!”
Deymond chuckled for a bit before walking away. 

Suila then walked towards the exit towards another part of the base. From Hangar 19 to 17.
In there, there was another pilot, standing alongside with his personal plane that was the same as Suila. He was tan-skinned with near-balding hair, black eyes and a high-nose. He’s one of Suila’s closest wingmates to fly with, and a kind of strange friend.
“Yo, Lia!”
“What’s up? Got a new record?”
“Of course man!”
A half-smile crept across Lia’s face.
“Just as I expected. Such is the expectation from a well-known sky ace. Soaring through sky from sky, transmitting a well-known message of Doarense pride to the world, or whatever. Yet, most should pay attention to the second fiddles instead of you.”
“Come on, no one that I know aren’t or aren’t supposed to be second fiddles to anyone. For me, they’re just as equal as anyone else, surely even you.”
“Surely. Don’t you think?”
There was a brief moment of silence from Lia, glancing aside to his plane.
“No comment.”
“I’ll take it as something to be answered later then.”
“If you say so.”
Suila smiled. Lia is unlike the other pilots who just thrive in becoming number one. He just wants to be as he is. Studious and calculative in battle, but only when he can matter the most and not in everything. The feeling is mutual with Suila to some extent.
“Tell me, Lia, would you like to come out with me and the rest of the wingmen?”
“Let me guess, a day out?”
“If it’s the correct answer, then you’re not getting any cash as a prize.”
“Don’t bother with it, it’s probably the same place as usual.”
“Don’t tempt me…”
Her voice then raised to an irritated tone.
“It’s not!” 
“If it’s a different place then I will consider it.”
“It will be!”
“Prove it by 19:45. Remember, rigidness will lead to nowhere.”
Lia eventually walks out with some of his clothing for his home activities. Suila on the other hand, simply felt pouty of being demanded different things. For a kind of person like her, even with high-functioning, finds a hard time in moving on from a routine. She tries to know in what can others do, yet she feels like she needs her usual routine as well but others don’t. In the end, maybe she doesn’t need to continue with hers after all.

Meanwhile, in the far away oceans near the city of Esfra, located in the Republic of Rami, there was a great shipyard. The shipyard contained among the best sailors and captains that commandeered the machines of war in the sea and the adventurous ships who traveled into the unknown.  As with each departure and arrival, came either a form of pride and honor of the greatest warriors, or tragedy and melancholy for loved ones. But regardless, neither of these occurrences mattered at all, what matters is the sole survival of a brave human who can tell the tales for future adventurers to come.
In the east side of the coast, there was a ship, with a robust metallic equipment and sleek architecture. It could remind many with the appearance of both an elegant warship who could demonstrate both a gentlemanly and a fierce boat that gives the impression for many, whether it’s in battle or great adventure.
The ultimate hybrid boat.

In the deck, there was a man. He was dark-skinned with grey groomed hair and handlebar mustache, alongside with cyan eyes and yellow glasses. He also wore an elegant blue belted jacket and stole scarf while wearing maroon belted gloves.
He was looking at the land while he gazed to the place where his next chance would come. At first glance he looks like a veteran with an unbreakable honor and valiancy deep inside his heart. Perhaps somebody who in the dark, are quite insightful of what the world is, not thinking of a notion of a change.
Then, a fellow man approached him, wearing a decorated sailor outfit. Probably a high-ranking officer. He too stopped to share the view of the city with him.
“I must say, Esfra is quite a beauty to see with this babe right here. Ah boy, I guess this is a step for paradise as much I wanted to live, compared back home. Isn’t that right, Mr-“
“Stephenson. Jules Stephenson.” The man said.
The sailor felt flustered of thought of the man replying back to him, maybe he was one who’s for the type of a warrior like him. His body posture suddenly opening while attaining a rapt attention towards him. 
“Oh, quite the honor to meet you I guess!”
“Feel yourself lucky then.”
“Well, quite frankly, having a man like you in this long journey is quite the one in a million moment for a bunch of veterans being aboard. I heard of the so-called “The Dualist” both the mind of a progressive and luddite.”
“Listen, I don’t think you have the time for worshiping someone like me. I certainly believe you’re missing some duties from your COs.”
“Why not? You’re the one man I’ve trying to meet because of your feats. And they granted me-”
That word made him feel breathless as he then frowned. Why could a legend like him being so dismissive?
“Sir…did I just said something wrong?”
“Speak for yourself. People like you believe that a hero is someone who wants to bring the best of everybody and being an icon to the locals. An inspiration as you all say. Medals, kisses, dinners, all the jazz you can think of. Sounds indeed admirable to you as it seems.”
“Because it is.”
“But if you were ever present in all the mud and blood you step on, with every corpse there is on the ground-possibly with you being responsible- and all nothing but quietness around the world, why call yourself a hero then? Hm?’’
All the sailor could do is stare and being into silence. He really didn’t expect someone like him to pull off something harsh in what he meant in being called someone that provides hope inspiration for their people.
“Thought so.”
“But sir-“
“I’m no sir to you. I’m just Jules, not a damned title like sir that I deserve.”
“Damn it! Don’t get insensitive you old, jaded, man!”
“Don’t you ‘damn me’, young boy. You never saw a conflict in your life and yet have the gall to call me off.”
Suddenly, another youthful man came in.
“Give him some slack Jules. Rookies are rookies you know.” The man said.
Jules groaned. Perhaps he knew he was a tad harsh with the young cadet, but didn’t expected to gain the attention of another soldier. Said soldier, being in fact his red-haired protégé.
“Oh, hey Nigel.” The young cadet said.
“Sorry if he was being kinda rude to you, Eric. Jules has experienced a lot in his lifetime so much, that he doesn’t want anyone else to share what he saw. Trust me, there’s nothing else to believe other than the words of a veteran.”
“Eh, no need to get sad either kid. I just don’t want another dead man who doesn’t suffer in their world.”
“Understood. Reporting back now.”
Eric then walked away from the duo and heads back to the main cockpit of the ship.
Jules then cleared his constricted throat while standing still with the breezing wind. He’s one man who’s part of an unique doctrine; for every gun gained, a lesson is exchanged to learn. And for each lesson, all come together to form the man who knows how well the situation can be handled, one that comes with a heavy price, a mind full of unpleasant experiences to view ahead. 
“These people-no, soldiers-I think they’re truly set to go for that path. Not yet, maybe never.”
“Well, it’s not like they have to aspire in becoming legends or anything. All they need is something that can define and be part of the unforgettable tales that transcends generations through generations, just like some family tree.”
“I bet these family trees didn’t picked the right leaves to drop I presume, not in the right way at least.”
“But ones who’re capable in caring come as well.”
“Not enough for them to live longer.”
“My experiences can prove it otherwise.”
“I…no.I’m not in the mood right now, Nigel. How about if we let this baby anchor to that port and meet up with the new recruits. And all I’m hoping is that they’re fallen down leaves that can live longer than we could expect.”
Nigel chuckled for a bit.
“I’m sure they’ll be.”

In the Capital city of Dujaho, where the most of the greatest temples and churches of the planet exists, two shadowy figures jump from rooftop to rooftop, with each step just as fast as they leap on. Then, they climb to one of the building blocks up to the rooftops, where they can see the Cathedral of Lord Artis, dedicated to the main founder of such nation. A church worthy for the “safe-haven” of any follower of Artinism can follow in the so-called “Spirit’s Requiem.” Where their capability of having full spiritual power is complete.

One of the figures, a woman with blue long-hair and orange eyes and a green scarf that covered her neck, was watching from afar in dry amusement alongside her other companion, a dark-skinned man with a green bandana that covers most of his hair except the sideburns and teal eyes.  Unlike her, all he had was an empty look on his face.
“Not feeling the sense closer to a rainbow ever…don’t know, week or month?” The woman asked.
“Who cares?”
“See what I mean?”
“Man, that curse is sure as hell worth the time in making feel like a shithead wandering aimlessly from town to town.”
“Ohohohohoho! My dearest Reimasu, I know so very well in that you mean golly well behind those words of yours. You just put up a good version of that reverse psychology of yours!”
“Damnit. Your goody two shoes philosophy ain’t gonna put me up to those standards back like a delivery salesman with piss-poor budget.”
“True, but you’re not piss poor with these men like you describe.”
“Shut up.”
“Now now…don’t give me that.”
“I don’t like provocateurs and idiotic people in this world if I want to be honest with you. I’m just hoping you’re not worse than an idiotic provocateur that comes by.”
“And no need to be such a hush either. Right?”
Reimasu only could respond with a deadly scowl.

“That’s what I thought, teehee! Tell me, when was the last time you ever thought of thinking of what can be ahead of you?”
“Maybe before that one day or month. All could I think was something like the absolution, one for all of Mankind. When you spent most of your life discovering every corner in all places, you tend to discover a hidden essence that makes a part for the world. Just like a key that can open a certain door, that part can only work when it’s alongside in its own place.”
“And just like a key, it can then rust away, no longer serving its purpose.”
“Exactly. What I mean is that all my life, all I wanted to search is something that get rids of every negativity there is on the world. No war, or greed, or famine, anything. I heard of a place, a ‘haven’ where all goodness can exists in front of your eyes. But now with this cursed sword, I don’t think that place is worthy of my life anymore.”
“Sounds to me like if you’re trying to spend most time with that sword, then you’ll further become someone who’s empty in all parts of the living being.”
“If you’re one who can get what this sword can carry within me…”
Reimasu then unsheathes his sword, all covered with a shadowy aura. Slowly, he holds his sword carefully and points the edge of it close to his left arm. Slowly, he slashes it apart, spraying a bit of blood and he dropped. Making most of the wound to expand the rest of the body. Reimasu was about to become some sort of a bloody living being. But little did Atsuko knew was that as soon Reimasu picked up the sword again, the wound inflicted by Reimasu re-attached itself again. It is clear that the sword itself might be, for a better term, a blessed curse.
“Such a lovely sight…isn’t it, my dear Atsuko?”
“Reimasu, there’s no need to remind yourself with a stupid wound like that.”
This response made Reimasu jerkly turn his head towards her, glaring with his cold, flinty eyes. This made Atsuko stepping back from him. The least she wants to see of him is to being angry, least when he feels being wronged.
“How about if I can show you something stupid as well?”
“Please don’t!”
“…Very well.”
Reimasu then lowered his head.
Even at his most angry, all he could feel what’s extreme melancholy and depression. With, or without the sword, there’s nothing good coming ahead for Reimasu at all.
“Look. I promise that we’ll find that cure one day. Maybe you’ll feel yourself as you have been and always be.”
“It may a bit too late. Who knows in how much that cure can fix me back in who I was.” Reimasu responded somberly.
“Let’s see about it soon. Now, let’s head back to the temple, the regent awaits. Shake a leg!”
“Oh please…”
They then leaped again from the rooftop, heading back where they came from.

Meanwhile, in the starry night in the Brinjan forest, a lone hooded figure in robes was walking by. They don’t appeared to have any purpose or anything, but it can be assumed that with a look like that, they could be carrying out a mission.
The figure kept walking until he stops to overlook something that could take Human breath away.
Manchston City.
Nobody ever finds a city just a luxurious, historical, beautiful and elegant like the capital of the greater kingdom. Its shiny lights can shroud most of the stars from above, but it could be the less of their problems. At least for Brinjans.
The hooded figure then took of the hood itself. Revealing a seemingly familiar figure. White parted mid-hair, dark blue eyes, and a shadow beard.
The once unknown farmer of Brinja, Zues, has reappeared. Now he’s ready to make a move.
“I feel it. This is the place. Headmaster, I’ll make sure your death won’t be in vain.”
He then suddenly teleported away from the forest, likely heading off towards the city.
Is this the place where the war would start as the Headmaster said? Could it be prevented in time? Or time itself decided already that it needs to be started already?

At the same time, there was someone else in the forest. A shadowy female figure could only stare with delicate silence. She then walked closer to Zues’ former spot, he turns out to have white hair, red blood eyes, black baseplate armor and combat skirt. She seemed someone who shouldn’t be crossed, but then…
“No murder.”
The words uttered by the woman, known as Varla Arkham, could mean something. Is she associated with the Vantor tribe in some way?
Or is something of her own accord?

Field Report 2 - Is half-truth is the darkest

It’s said that stronger men in the world should always rely on the assistance for other men in order to create a perfect world.  And for said strong men to exist, a burden shall be worn despite the harsh conditions to exist, a mix of skill and charisma, perfect to ensure for the creation of the strong men.
But strong men can be consumed with vile corruption, enough to darken the inner soul of man. And with dark souls, dire consequences are to be expected.
Somewhere in the northern lands of San Tercia, a car was passing by on the road.  A fancy car to say the least. The car was going up to a hill, filled with nothing but yellow plants, healthy at least but a bit unnatural.
Passing downwards from the hill on the other side, there’s sight of something unexpected in the middle of an almost lifeless coasts of San Tercia. A large group of buildings sticking together, almost looking like the district of a medium-sized city. Around the city, there were many people doing just like any citizen would do. Shopping, dating, going to work, many similar things of society.  The city of Sundenvorg seemed like a perfect haven like Manchston.
The car passed by to another street, where it encountered a post, something like an entrance to a faraway building block located in a hill. It was stationed by armed men, but surprisingly, they weren’t typical guards, more like soldiers you would encounter in battle. One of the guards, a female on, raised her palm upwards in front of the driver, which prompted him to stop.
The driver then used the lever of the car to lower the window, facing one of the guards face to face. He had groomed silver hair, and large orange eyes.
“Permission for entrance.” The guard said.
He then showed a paper which showed some details of something important he had to do in the building.
“I’ve been called for an appointment for the minister of the city. He wouldn’t like it if he keeps waiting for men like me.”
“Name sir.”
“Takumi Ishida. I’m open for your pleasure.”
Such introduction caught the guard off-guard, who suddenly focused her eyes on him while giving a very dazed look while putting one of her hands in her chest in a delicate way.
“Si…sir, permission granted. You-you may enter, pl-please?”
“Thanks for your service. And I apologize for my wording.”
The guard post then cleared the way to let the man drive his car to the other side of the city, all the way towards the high building that overlooks Sundenvorg as whole. After Takumi left, a fellow guard approached the fellow officer.
“I wonder what pleasures you would have offered him, eh?”
“No! It’s not what he makes you believe!”
“Shy as a flower it seems?”
“…Let’s go to a nudie bar once our shift ends.”
The male guard could only reply with a sly smile on his face.

Takumi kept on driving while approaching the large building. Said building appeared to have at least 12 floors and has a fortress-like appearance.
Outside, it was surrounded by a large fountain lake, which is as long as a large table reserved for elegant businessmen.
Takumi drove around the giant lake, being both in awe for its unique beauty…and yet, some unusual sense of dread in it.
“The liquid seems very unusual from what I’ve seen for many years. It must a kind of water not touched by nature in many years. What could it be? So many mysteries…” Takumi’s thoughts enabled many questions that could have a correct answer for it…or maybe not.

Soon, he reached the main entrance of the main building, where he had to stop in front of the gate, while a boxy camera observed him.
He lowered the window again, this time to show his face towards the camera, likely to see if it can identify him.
“This is Takumi Ishida, I’m here for a visit for the minister.”
After a moment of silence, the gates then opened, leaving Takumi the path to enter.
He parks his car near the left side of the building, then went near the trunk of his car, opening it. He then grabbed a medium-sized, brown, leather briefcase which was inside of the trunk. He then shut the trunk down and then, quietly observed the building in all its glory.
“The secrets of the world are all together in this complex…how lucky.”

Inside, there was a duo of guarding the gate of a room on the twelfth floor, likely the one from the minister. The guards were wearing black jackets and trousers with ankle covers and body armor and helmets, both scripted with a sign that simply says, WRC. They also wield some assault rifles.
It was a small spaced room, with the only other thing beside the door was the elevator.
Sounds could be heard from the outside. The clanking sounds of an elevator are something to behold in private spaces. Yet despite all this, the guards were unfazed, blankly staring as they should do unless said otherwise.
The sounds stopped, and the gate of the elevator slowly, opened, revealing none other than Takumi himself…with a very playful grin. He then interacted with the guards a bit while he was taking wide steps closer to them.
“Takumi Ishida, Gentlemen!” He boisterously proclaimed.
He then joyfully pulls out from his pocket his card that detailed his identity while stretching his other arm back and forth.
“Seems clear.” The guard then approached towards a communicator outside the door, likely to communicate with the minister inside.
“Visitor confirmed, prime minister.”
“Very well. Let him in dear gentlemen, I’m sure that he’ll provide the goods that are necessary for the good of the city.” The man in the communicator said.
“Yes sir. Access granted.”
“Thank you jolly-merry sir! Hope you enjoy your pleasures.”
“Eh, just please enter, mister.”
The gate then opened, revealing a large room with a blue chandelier in the ceiling and the walls decorated with zig-zag paintings. Near every table there were also four mirrors in the corner, each with their own distinct shape. One was circled shaped, one was a triangle pointing up, another triangle pointing down and a spiral-shaped mirror.
Apart from the minister himself, he was accompanied by two other bodyguards. One was a heavy weight man wearing a black jacket, fedora and a red tie and a rather scowling look on his face. He had no trace of hair whatsoever and black eyes. He was stationed on his left side.  The other one was covered in pure white robes, but had a distinct female figure, as they could notice with her face and her crystalline blue eyes.
They seemed rather curious in seeing the kind of visitor they’re receiving.
Takumi then proceeded to extend his hand and soon shakes his hand firmly and toughly, he’s indeed quite joyed in seeing the kind of man running a beautiful city after all.
“Prime Minister Xavier Frabizio, nice to meet you mr…”
“Mr Takumi Ishida, I’m open for your pleasure.”
“Pleasure? Goodness, when I did thought that such man could think of this as a pleasure of fulfilment?”
“Everyman needs their own pleasure in life as they always said. Not even you can be a dearly exception.”
“Hmm, quite comprehensible at least. Allow me to introduce them, surely you would like to know the kind of-“
“Sure! Every goodest man on Earth deserves to know their kind of companion who serves them up until a very bitter end for a sweet liftoff.”
“…Very well. He’s Clover Jefferson, and that woman right there…is Uwarika.”
“Smashing. You two are quite pleased in serving such man, you should be with my outmost pride to congratulate you.”
“We didn’t protect him from nothing, it’s our job after all you know.” Clover replied.
“No person is safe, unless another one is there.”  Uwarika said.
Takumi then happily puts his briefcase on the desk of Xavier. Surely it had to contain something good and important for a kind of meeting, and a special reason for the jolly behavior of a man like Takumi.
“Now…to reveal such secrets from every man, one always have to find the key to seek them out to the surface, without any wrongness to notice. But if said wrongness can bring some light for all the faults it brought, one can be ensured that these wrongness can be turned into a…truth.” Xavier as he soon opened the briefcase, revealing a large cylindrical syringe.
“Ahhhh, this is what we’ve been searched for these months.”
“Who can forget the existence of such beautiful chemical, Signor Xavier? Such delicateness should not go with gentleness but instead, pushing hard to unlock a potential unlike any other.” 
“A chemical in special need is one always needed for a need of needs. And this need, should prove vital for the growth of this city. Who would know what goodness can come if the progress we achieve could lead us to create something that is capable of housing the people in need for a new life?”
“A sanctuary you mean?”
“Yes. They are the beauty of peace compared to the roughness of the battlegrounds. But with this one, it can be more.”
“Oh yes very much indeed.”
“Hm-hmm. Now tell me, Mr Takumi, how much time have you spared?”
“Well, quite enough to be here!”
“Is that so? Well, in any case you may call yourself lucky from all this, otherwise you might be a goner when it comes to testing the patience of everyone’s time.”
“I’m not that kind of fool, Signor.”
“Then neither would be for the people for the world, who are about to embrace their next step, tonight.”

Back in Manchston, the city as whole was lively as ever. Music being heard everywhere from restaurants and clubs, people walking in the fancy streets of the capital, elegant cars passing by in the roads, all in complete synchronization while the bells of the St.John XX of the 17th cathedral, the tallest structure that exists in the world.  The tallness is due to the way it represents the ways and the time it can take for people to reach the highest goal, one that can be shared for humankind as whole. 
On a nearby a hotel near the main plaza simply known as “Merry Wailing Express”, there a cafeteria outside, where Zat and his team was located. Zat was dressed with an elegant white dress shirt with a red vest, drinking some sweet beer. Among his teammates where other five members, one was a girl with pulled brown hair and brown eyes, a pair of glasses and sharp nose and a nice white tank top and jeans. She’s Dao Shooda, fellow second-in-command of the battalion, known as the Screaming Wolves. She was relaxed sipping her red cherry soda while leaning back on her chair like a cat, staring deeply into the cathedral, a building she deeply admires.  She knew well that this was a sight she could be looking all day for the date.
The other man was a dark-skinned young man, with black coarse hair, high nose and a grey t-shirt with blue stripes. He was Liam Fuller, simply drinking a ginger beer while leaning his legs in the table, something that was considered rude for many.
The other girl was tan-skinned with dark brown parted long hair and dark brown eyes. She was also wearing glasses, pink shoulderless shirt and blue shorts. She was Naya Duran. She was enjoying a nice cup of blue mojito and reading a tiny, little book at the same time.
The other man was light-skinned with violet eyes, short silver hair and spotty nose, with a noticeable scar on his neck. He was wearing a black sweater and red pants. He’s Nick Parry. He simply enjoying his dark coffee, a taste worthy for a man like him and also smoking a cigar, which he soon takes it off from his mouth, leading to smoke being released from his mouth.
Lastly, there was another tan-skinned girl with black eyes, a black short hair with a puffy tail with a pair of glasses as well. She was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a red open vest, drinking her sugarcane juice while sitting properly in the chair.
She was Nana Trilla.
The team as whole may not like a bunch of professional people and more like a school excursion from a faraway land, but there’s no need to be fooled by such looks. Soldiers are ones not to be judged no matter their looks or demeanors, an important detail to be noticed from them should more than enough to make people realize what kind of person they truly can be and be capable of.
“You know Zatty, I’ve seen lots of unexpected invitation for parties like this, but none of them were as bizarre like that beautiful fiancée of yours. You must be so proud, don’t you think?” Dao said.
“Heh! Well, what can you expect from her anyways? A good officer always knows in how to come with style and a nice way to re-encounter two gentle souls in one gentle night.”
“Oh boy, ye gonna speak of such cutie talk for that broad of yours? Hey, at least she can pack the guts to pull a man like you from being a lonely bloke in a farm, but can’t blame from being a run toad of who’s so fucking good in whatever it can face or whatever.”
“Still with that mouth of yours, Liam? Come on now, corporal.”
“Who cares what can come from mouths anyways? It’s simply a way to express what you know to them, mate.” Nick said.
“But should it matter if they can be appropriate?” Naya asked.
“From what I can tell, it could…unless you’re on a party like this one. Maybe you should drop that stiff posture of yours and maybe enjoy the company here.” Nana responded.
“Whatever you say.”
Zat then extended his arms between the two ladies, likely to prevent more scuffle between the two.
“Hold it hold, dear ladies! A party is a party, just like blood being blood and women being women. Luce was smart enough to bring me out of something monotonous anyways.”
“Hmm, oh yes Zat, sorry for my insistence, but a woman can reserve what they think in what they think it’s the right moment to let it out and not being a bitch about it.”
“Atta girl.”
“Hey mate, any idea of that “commander” of yours?”
“I guess she’ll be here in some more minutes or hell, maybe less. In the meantime, I may go to Lene’s to buy some drinks for her, right?”
“Go, my man!”
“OK then, keep enjoying our pride today, lads!”
“Heh, thanks.” Naya said.
Zat then steps up from the chair and went to away to the bar which near the hotel. A lady like Luce always preferred a kind of tasty alcohol went it came to invitations.

Inside, the bar was more or less full, the usual stuff happening men when it comes to drinking lots of beer, nothing much new, at least in a sense.
Zat approached to the nearby table where the bartender was, gently putting his arm on the table.
He raised his index and middle finger, indicating something that has the count of two. The bartender noticed and approached him.
“Eyyy, let me guess, the same?”
“What else, mate?”
“Atta boy!”
The bartender then went to the fridge to pick the bottle of the alcohol that he and Luce drink together in parties, in rare occasions.
Just as he waited for the bartender and checked the watch to see how much time Luce has left, he then heard something unexpected.
“What else can you expect to become the pride of a nation? Allowing yourself to gain attachment of many who put their line on something that be altered in something more woeful than you think?” A familiar voice could be heard.
“You OK, mate? Did you-“
Zat then turned, in fact, finding out that the person is none other than Zues itself. All could Zat do was to watch as his eyes narrowed and flinching his head back slightly.
“Did you missed a carnival or something?”
“If I was, it could be awfully drunk right now.”
“That’s a shame, because otherwise you would have liked to join me for the fun as well.”
“I would indeed join you…but only with one occasion and just one.”
“I had a vision of something terrible for the continent of Tacsum…something far worse than a plague.”
“You mean…”
“Yes, the last shred of peace, albeit an uneasy one will be vanished today. And then scapegoat the ones you think they were responsible for the tragedy?”
“Why should I-“
Then, the bartender suddenly interrupted.
“Drinks, mate!” 
The answer prompted Zat to take out his wallet, proceeding to grab some and give some cash to the bartender,
“Ah, the good ol’ sweet whiskey. Thankies thankies! Now, about that rubbish of yours-“
Before he could know it, Zues was then gone, no trace of him left. This caused him to rub his chin and nearly throwing the bottles away before he could catch them.
But before he could move on.
“Ah, he did have a carnival after all.”

Back in the cafeteria, the other teammates kept drinking until eventually, they saw something that would make them elated like the ceremony of a soldier’s promotion.
Luce had bright lime eyes, brown parted long hair, black cheongsam and black dress vest. She eventually sees the other teammates, while spouting a very satisfied smile on her face.  She does love Zat after all, but so does his team.
“Still like the bunch of children that I once knew?” Luce asked rather dryly.
“Ah, nothing but adults right here ma’am. The love we had for us in the younger year still remain in our hearts...or something, right?” Dao said
“Oh dao, you were always quite the insecure of the bunch.”
“She has her reasons but nonetheless, she’s quite the girl we deserve in this team.” Nana said.
“Oh, and still as silly as usual. Oh alright. Now, where’s-“
A familiar voice said while interrupting Luce.
“Hey there fellow prideful knight, thought you might never arrive.”
“Well, I did, with this!”
Zat then showed the bottles of sweet whisky, the drink they meant to share together.
“Sweet whiskey…ya surely bring something new to drinkers out there, because otherwise, you’ll just like those old fashioned drunks. Hehe! Or maybe not, just old-fashioned knights of pure errant shit.” Liam said.
“When do you need some of the knights, when you have those classic gunslingers around? Oi, it should be all that fancy for the ladies by now.”
“You’re not quite the man for Brinja’s standards it seems. At least with knights, you know the elegance of the weapons.”
“My weapons, your weapons, it shouldn’t matter. All that matters is whatever you need to know in how to use them to impress and fear others.”
“How much fear, may I ask?”
“Enough fear to cause nightmares for a lifetime.”
“You’re so cold, Nick.”
“Hey hey, let’s not waste more time and more celebration!”
“Liam is very correct, let us embrace this warm encounter from the army, and to maybe have another one in the future again! That is…if Luce can take it outside being in the air.”
“Will be thinking for it, proud darling.”
The rest shared a very warm laugh before continued their goodnight together in the bright city.

However, from just the typical routine in the streets of Brinja, there’s something else sinister coming down not just for the nation, but the world as whole.
Above the Merry Wailing Express, four persons dressed in yellow jackets, olive trousers and helmets and an insignia of a White scorpion on their shoulders, were standing above preparing for something. From the looks of it, they seemed like commandos from the southern federation of the continent. One of them has a microphone which connected to one of the cables in the rooftops. One was with a flamethrower and another was pouring some gasoline in the air conditioner duct.
“Are you sure this will work?” One of the soldiers asked while hesitantly pouring the gasoline.
“Nothing worked badly when it comes to undercover groups like us. Be affirmative that what you’re about to do will help millions of lives from their misery.” The main boss said.
“But…by pretending to be someone else and doing something like this?”
“Just clear your thoughts and listen up. Tell me, how many lives do you think will be lost if this keeps going up like this? How many more will have to suffer the consequences from the war? What you will do right now is truly for the sake of us all.”
“What if I don’t give a damn about it?!” Another soldier yelled back.
“You still. Think about your families and friends…they’ll happy once this all ends, I promise you.”
“…Y-yes, sir.”
“Gasoline’s to be all filled up in there, now’s your turn boss.”
“Hold on, let me call the others.”
The boss then pulled a boxy phone from his pocket and pressed the button to communicate with others.
“Post Sirah, Are the plans ready?”
“If its part of saving the world as well, then yes.”
“Good. Now, Rami.”
“Very well then…I shall spark the torch right now.”
The boss signaled one of the peers to cut one of the electricity lines in one of the boxes, doing so causes a blackout in the whole hotel.
A confusion ensued for the citizens and nobody was sure what was happening until…
“Citizens of Brinja. Know well that for many days, you have cherished all the precious possessions you had for all these years, making you believe that you’re quite better compared to other nations on this planet.  But by doing so, you engaged in filthy hedonism and selfishness, hatred for those who are not part of your own nation and integrity of the ideal formed by the king himself. For many years, many have suffered for said selfishness. However, today, that will be no more a problem, because your once isolated brains and eyes will march away from the darkness of the king and his legacy. If you try to retaliate, you should be rewarded an inferno reserved for you. Know well citizens of Brinja, from this moment, bear agony without any sort of pain, protect yourself from all the negativity you will encounter, shield yourself from all evil thoughts and be open to kindness and empathy, and you’ll serve well…in the deepest reaches of the new world.”
While this was happening, someone was looking from afar in another rooftop, it was the girl from the forest, looking with vigorous interest yet suspicion. 
Right after the speech, the flamethrower man proceeds to active his weapon inside the air conditioner, causing the whole system inside to start burning down, which then soon proceeds inside the hotel itself, reaching out then top floor and start to spread to other like a wildfire.
The sight of such inferno is enough to cause many people to flee the building in masses while the unlucky are unfortunate to be caught in the infernal fires.
Along the other side of the street, a truck comes driving by and suddenly crashes into one of the nearby shops the building blocks had. The cargo then opened, a bunch green armored knights with various types of weapons. Without any sudden warning, one of the nearest bystanders was unfortunate enough in being the first in being cut down to piece from one of the knights with its axe, ending with bloody and painful end. Soon the other knights proceed to do the same with the other nearby bystanders, killing everyone in their path without mercy.
Near the port of the city, four cannons stationed outside, manned by a group of men with blue jackets and armor, start firing their shells to many of the building blocks in the nearby area. Building crumbling, car being toppled down by debris and people being shredded from the blast soon become the main center of attention in the area.

The Doarense commandos, knowing their job is done, proceed to jump to one of the nearby buildings where they’ll be safe from the fire. Soon as they leaped, they felt secure and feeling that their mission, while painful to bear, will be enough-at least in his eyes-save the world from all the suffering it endured for many years.
Unaware, they soon found that the woman who once watched was now in front of them. They soon felt their own faces being ashen, their shoulder being straightly tight and moving erratically while aiming their weapons at her. They just felt something wrong with her, something that they never felt in years. It was a sensation that was common among Human beings, but as soon she got closer, she soon realized what she was feeling from all this.
And without the blink of an eye, the arms of one of the soldiers was then cut down messily by the girls sword, who then proceeded to slash into the victim’s abdomen, releasing lots of blood, in which she herself will be covered. The soldiers, terrified by such action, then start opening their fire towards her. 
But it was all too late, because their sensations from every body part is gone within minutes, bearing extreme agonizing pain while viewing their own blood being drained away with their own eyes. Such an unfortunate fate for people who think they did the right thing in “saving” the world.
“Just…who the hell are you!? WHO! ARE?! YOU?!!!”
Without warning, she disappeared in front of him. And before he could react while he trembled very much, a sword then emerged from the thorax.
But before he could move on from the life, the last words he ever heard are plain and simple, purely and the epitome of violence itself.
“Varla Arkham.”
With his last breath, he collapsed, and stood there lifelessly. 

Back in the streets, the green knights continued their rampage until one of them saw a knife coming from afar, but without warning, it then reached his left eye, causing him to lose control from the pain it gained. But before he could regain the sight properly, he could watch Dao approaching rapidly, proceeding to use another one of her knives and throw to his face, eventually reaching the other eye, but being thrusted more deeply. He soon dropped dead and the comrades eventually noticed.
But before they could do anything to Dao, Liam rushed in from the other side of the road and proceed to tackle the knight to the ground, who then proceeded to use one his legs to hit the knight’s jaw. It was a hard kick from the foot enough to send some teeth flying away from his mouth. Defenseless, he dropped the axe giving Liam the chance to grab it and use it to fight back against the murderous knights. Cutting down one by one, he felt unstoppable.
And just when a nearby bandit was about to stab Liam from behind, he got struck down by bullet right to his face, releasing chunks of blood. The bullet came from none other than Nick himself, wielding a two-barreled revolver. He then proceed to shot any other of the knights present in the streets.
Everything went well, until a huge, brutish knight emerged from the truck and jumped from the air highly. The knight then tackled down poor Nick to the floor, feeling almost defenseless, both in melee and personal combat. He tried dodging every attack the knight gave out until he then grabbed his arm and proceeded to twist it painfully.
But before he could know it, an arrow was then struck down near his helmet. Unfazed, he tried to get it out with ease, but Nick saw the tip of the arrow to start blinking, ensuring to run safely.
Then, the arrow exploded massively alongside the knight’s head.
Said arrow came from none other than Naya herself, alongside a very sleek looking crossbow.
“There, here’s your agony without pain, asshole.”

In the port, the cannons kept firing their shells until one of them noticed something strange.
“Wh-what is that light?”
It looked humanoid as it was flying by, but as it reached closer, it turned out to be none other than Zues himself, flinging himself towards. He then holds his hand in a spherical way, forming some sort of white energy ball in which then closes down his hands and forms two of, throwing towards two of the cannons.
The soldiers tried to run away, but were caught up by the massive explosions.
The other soldiers tried to make a run for it, but before they know it, they see Zues in front of them, who then puts his arms together cross-shaped, forming two sabre-like shapes made out of energy. He then proceeds to rush rapidly, and soon makes one slash which ends reaching across the cannon from the other side.
Soon after, both the men and the cannons fell into pieces.
But even if he stopped them from causing further damage, all felt was nothing but very dreaded to him. He looked down sadly to the town, flinching slightly as he started to walk. He then drooped his shoulders and knelt down.
He failed. He tried his best to prevent the tragedy…but the world had no need for the tribe, no more…and for it, they decided to suffer the aftermath themselves.
“What’s the point in fighting for something that is already dead?” He muttered to himself.

He then saw some Brinjan soldiers approaching in, likely meant to arrest him out of suspicion. But before they could know it, he teleported to a safe place. 

Back in the city, Nana was tending to the wounded of the rampage while the firefighters and some soldiers arrived to pick up the survivors and the dead corpses of the commandos.
Zat himself was visibly shattered for such atrocity. As he slowly shacked his head in disbelief, swallowing very harshly, this event was the least thing he wanted to see in his nation.
And apparently, all caused by foreigners themselves, all from Tacsum.
“They think that this…this will wake us up for a new love? All this blood and suffering, in the name of waking us up for a new tomorrow?! The governments themselves believe such rubbish nonsense?! Well, they may get the new tomorrow…but one where their dominion will be under just one banner only. One filled with the vengeance of the people we have lost today…and then know the proper way in how a nation should be ran and ruled…they will soon know the vengeance of Brinja…if the bastards ask for more blood…then we’ll give it to them…twice as much.

Field Report 3 - ADIEU, O Soldier!

The stage is set.

Outside of the Grand Salvation Palace of the King, located outside of the Manchston metropolis, lies a huge number of soldiers being a line left and right. Tanks and other kind of artillery were also in line around the group of soldiers standing in line, forming a large ovation of one of the biggest armies.

The palace was also surrounded by some mechanical drones with cameras implanted on them, clearly an event to showcase like no other.

In the palace’s balcony, there were four persons present, awaiting for the king himself to arrive, being outside the large carpet. Both were wearing distinct crimson coats and jackets with black stripes in the each side on their waists, black pants and boots and white lacings and black collars. They also have four or five medals each, indicating the presence of high-ranking generals of the army.

One was a Caucasian slightly young-looking man with reddish camel scraggly hair with brown eyes and high nose. He’s James Kid, the youthful mind of the army. The other was a dark-skinned adult, bald and a very thick nose. He’s Clyde Green, top tactician of the army. The other was a Caucasian woman with straight brown hair and green eyes, wearing a pair of glasses. She’s Kara Riowa, master of ambushes. And finally, there was the tan-skinned woman with black pulled upswept hair, freckles around her face and reddish brown eyes. She’s Shimka Monen, the identifier of the enemy’s weakness.

James steps forward in the balcony, addressing the whole crowd of soldiers.

“Yesterday, Brinja experienced a tragedy that wasn’t anticipated to such monstrosity in uncountable ways. Those very people, the ones who desired much more in the lives, much more to their dreams, have all but been crushed by the hands of killers, our neighbors who has shown their true colours. We have suspected as such ever since the end of the war 20 years ago. Envy and greed, those who they truly are. And if they believe as they said that we should change for a more peaceful for what they did…then they’ll have it, a change of RULE! And to further show how much Brinja yearns for blood against the killers of that black day, the king himself, Stefan IV will show the way!”

The crowd then proceed to shout loudly in approval while saluting.

The doors then opened in the palace, on its way, the man himself appeared, being dressed more or less like the generals, but with more decorated medals and a long black cape. He had bright green eyes and silver short hair. His face was one that’s well known when to expect from a mighty king, especially if one dares to butcher his people. With cold-looking, tight eyes and his arms standing firmly in line.

He wasn’t going to give a break anytime soon, as soon as the crowd saluted back loudly.

After a brief of moment of silence…he began speaking...

People of this dearest nation, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of all the greater kingdom of Brinja. Ever since the foundation of this nation, it showed a power like no other compared to any other country in the world, a power that rose from ashes in every war it participated, all for one sole reason, greatest glory. This glory allowed us to survive many times no matter what was unleashed to any of us. But with that glory, came an unexpected danger that we didn’t anticipated in all these years. Distrust from the other nations in Tacsum.

All around the ports of the nation, soldiers were being boarded to the landing ships both in sea and air, tens of them or more. Tanks and artillery included of any possible kind for the war. The soldiers were all waving goodbye to their loved ones as they boarded the ships, some clearly confident, but with doubts and fears of what’s to come. Even with their pride at their side, no one knew what to expect from such conflict.

These very nations thought that their own ways and foundations would lead to a glory similar to ours once the war 20 years ago ended in a quick and swift victory for all of us. But instead, it only led to the desire to obtain more and more to themselves, and only them for undistinguishable corruption. We held them long enough to stand-down, they complied…but yesterday, it was now in tatters. Their arrogance led to bloodshed and the loss of innocents, thinking that by submitting to their claims, it will start peace in this very continent, but what comes from peace with the shredding of thousands for something meaningless?!

In a Ramian island, a post guard was closely observing something in the beachhead in case for something suspicious. It all went normal…until suddenly he closely observed something in the sky. Something that soon started to covered the sunset…something unexpected like no other. It had the look of a great battleship of the seas. But it wasn’t on the sea. Only a few far away, but these ones are up, very up in man’s eyes. But before he could do something, a giant cannonball suddenly struck down the post, turning it into a flaming wreck while the other places around the beach started to suffer the same.

Our people developed the discoveries and creations that led to the modern world, and yet, they repaid use with unimaginable cruelty, hatred and despicable actions far beyond than even the worst scum in the world. Kicking us down for mercy, forcing to accept them, scarring our own minds and our own futures for the nation, that’s what any enemy wants against to commit to the greater kingdom. If they dared to commit more of the monstrosities, then the punishment will be as twice as they’ll give.


A large firefight ensues between Ramians and Brinjans on the village of the island, the Ramians try to provide the support their countrymen need and using all the equipment they have against the enemy. But soon, each one falls down from the attacks and ambushes from the Brinjans, striking left and right, being struck down by the fire of tanks the bombers. More started to retreat as they futilely fight back against them. Soon, the Brinjans advance quickly in further the village, with Kara Riowa and Zat and the screaming wolves leading the assault. Zat raised his big sword to signal the troops to advance.


It is our own duty to provide the justice and vengeance of all fallen Brinjans from the bloody fists of the enemies of the state. And for trying to remove everything we dearly held for too long, we’ll remove every single trace of their own existence, their bodies, their minds, but ultimately, their own, pitiful and butchering souls.


In the governor’s main palace of the island, a massive firefight ensued between the remaining Ramian forces and the Brinjans. Many were holding their ground tightly, as corpses, rumbles and blood filled the palace. A machinegun post was providing covering fire until suddenly, Dao, now with a visor in front of her face jumped vertically in front of them and then used one of her knives to slice them apart limb from limb alongside Liam and his skills with his sword. Some others notice it and try to fight back, but they’re all struck down by gunshots in their heads, coming from none other than Nick himself. Further into the palace’s rooftop, where the remaining troops were holding their ground alongside the governor until their last breath. They strike ferociously at every chance, every bullet flying around or hitting no matter what.

But soon, their hopes are ultimately crushed as the governor is struck down in the legs with two arrows, and before they could notice it, the guards were also struck down by more arrows, coming from none other than Naya herself.

The troops then soon how hopeless the situation is, out of bullets, support, equipment and morale, it was clear keeping the fighting longer will be only futile for their own goals. They soon knelt down to the troops as they were rounded up each.

And to prove how much of their vengeance means for them, they soon cut down the flag of Rami, the only full of blue and the central key that was held dearly for the people. All they could do know was to watch in horror and at times, wept for such disgraced disaster.

Soon, Zat himself takes a hold of the Brinjan flag, the one with the greater orange eagle, part of the Brinjan legend of pure glory, being planted on the roof of the building, symbolizing the great first victory of the kingdom itself, as the other troops then cheered own with boisterous victory and pride.

But that wasn’t just one shoot, further more of this will continue.


The previous rulers of this nation did their best to protect us from every disaster and tragedy, all with great success, and each of them humbled by the peacefulness of the people, I, included as well. But if there was a mistake that they all made for these years, was to hold the enemy back instead of completely destroy from existence. From this day forward, and to make sure every successor to the throne understands well, mark well, we will ensure that this will be the war to end all the evil that remains in the world, no longer we will be sitting here, bring forth a new age of expansion, a new age of glory, let this be the start of a new day, the day of the beginning of the unification of Brinja!

Field Report 4 - Full of valor as of kindness. Princely in both.

When someone goes to war, there’s always the expectation of going off to something like a virtuous quest to let your country know what you mean for them and their ideals, the perfect test of loyalty.  But how can you prove that loyalty when you want fight based on your country’s “foundations”? There’s so much to answer when it comes in being a soldier.


Zat and the rest of his team were stationed in a tent, inside of a base constructed during the Brinjan Onslaught. Located in Otkritia Bay, belonging to the Ramian people. They were getting ready to launch their offensive to the port city of Esfra. The occupation could mean a major blow to the naval power of Rami. But one can’t be sure for the rest.

Inside in one of the tents, Zat was carefully cleaning his rifle, a Federman Bolt-Action Rifle with an attachable bayonet. The rifle of the greater army of the kingdom, it equals to no other and wielded by the most heroic and fierce of the land of Brinja, something that includes Zat himself.

He could clearly feel what Brinja needed for him, not just glory, but the pride of being the one that lead the people’s way.

“Another day at work it seems, eh mates?” He asked.

“Well, that work is quite thrilling if you ask me.” Nick replied back.

“Well, what can you expect when you want to reach the top from everyone else, to get all the glory you ever yearned and lastly, true sense of happiness for yourself? Simple and easy, just like that.”

“If that’s what you insist…”

Zat then tapped on Nick’s shoulders, in a light yet fierce way.

“Oh, don’t be such a downer Nicky, you’ll see it at the end.”

“At the end on the sight of a bullet or something? Be honest, I’m kinda lost.” Liam snappily replied.

This made the rest of the team laugh sheepishly while Zat could only lower his head in embarrassment.

“We’ll…see it later, OK?”

Then, just as the fun started to disappear.

“Attention! All soldiers gather up with Supreme General Riowa. Details for the next operation are coming up once we gather.”

“Or maybe just now.” Nick said.

They all soon picked their weapons and gear headed off the tent to reunite with Riowa who was near a river bank.

The soldiers all stood next to each other, waiting for the others to arrive until they all gathered at once. Riowa had a determined look on her face, perhaps believing how quick and swift this battle will become to the Brinjans.

“This is perhaps your luckiest bloody day, we’re just about to give hell to one of the main shipyards of the Ramian Navy, and they can cause lots of ruckus to our troops if they coordinate their attacks well enough from here. If that keep on, then our progress in Rami will continue to stall much further. So, in order to cease their operations, we’re about to initiate Operation: Sunken King. The taking of Esfra, one that will cause a huge blow to their morale. The plan goes the following: James Kid’s forces will lead the strike from the east the same time we attack from here. But first, the Screaming Wolves and the 1st and 6th divisions will have to travel to the forests where a radar site is located and neutralize. They’re capable of alerting the troops and mobilize most of their forces while they can. After that, our numerous divisions will split up and attack from both here, to the northwest side of the city. While they’re at it, the Behemoth Air Fleet will come in to support our attack to encircle the city, which will eventually, according to our military experts, will reduce the Ramian’s capability to fight up to 44%. Doing so will ensure a quicker advantage to the Brinjans in the offensive in Rami. Sounds good?!”


“Bloody excellent! Now, let’s put up the good show we all deserve! For the glory of Brinja!”

Soon all the troops started to move to their respective positions in preparations for the battle, while the 1st and 6th divisions reunited with the screaming wolves. Kara then approached near Zat.

“I think this will be your finest glory yet, Zat. I’m pretty damn sure you and your lovely platoon can pull of unlike no other.”

“Why thanks ma’am Rio, but maybe you’d spare me of the relish for once to focus what we have at hand. We’re not in the bleeding college with the lovely papers that are keys as well.”

“Ah, no matter how much you want, I’ll still give it.”

“Insistent as usual, maybe don’t give it to me after all…”

“Now, the forest is on that side from here, use whatever tactic you can have to sneak through. I’ve heard that there’re…killers hiding in plain sight. Better be careful if you don’t want your whole body being blown off and shredded into pieces very poorly.”

“But hey, at least the angels will greet and heal it nicely.”

“For pete’s sake Zat…” Naya muttered.

“God damn…just, let’s meet up near the Vellus Arc. Good luck, pride of Brinja!

Riowa then heads off to one of the amphibious vehicles located near the beachhead, ready to signal the troops to strike when James’ forces attack.

“Alright lads, let’s go for some hunting!”

Zat and the rest then proceeded to grab most of their gear and head off towards the forest to shut down the enemy’s communications base.


Somewhere, deep in the forest, Zues closely observes the troops as they enter, hanging next to a tree. With a protruding look on his face and closed fist, he couldn’t bear looking at a man like Zat approaching the forest, not because of arrogance…but the ignorance of what he warned him. Clenching his fist a bit more, he needed something to remind himself of what he does in this new war.

“A war has reached to this world once more…any death, is all onto you. For I can feel a tainted light ahead of you, and you’d be prepared for it. No finger pointing, nothing to blame against, it all lies on you and the rest. How pathetic it is to see such Humans becoming such creatures that thrive on murder.”

Soon, he teleported to a distant location, likely preparing for another encounter with Zat, all alone.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Wolves and the others were continuing in their trekking to the radio site, all cautiously and focused while looking up and aiming with their rifles.

Dao in particular, was the most suspicious in regards to the place. All she could do shooting glances at every tree she sees with a wrinkled brow and pressed lips. She then carefully approached Liam, who surprisingly, only looked straight with any change in his face. After all, he had a loyal and confident trust on his chief, Zat.

“Don’t you feel…something eerie in this strange land?” She asked.

“Everything is.”

“What do you mean?”

“Travelling to the outside wasn’t a thing for me in many years. But when I first did back when I joined the army…it all feels off. And it did ever since…”

“Maybe your feelings for unknown places should grow wider to experience others, Liam. It’s not that hard.”

“How about your sense of your surroundings, Dao?”

“It kinda did.”

“Well, you’ll be wrong today.”

Dao scoffs at such answer, but nonetheless, keep ups the friendly tone for him. He’s her friend after all.

“Liam Liam…you’re quite a man.”

As they kept walking, Zat raised his palm, signaling the teams to stop.

It’s like he’s feeling something dangerous right now.

But what could it be?

Aiming his rifle while turning his circles with the other platoon leaders as well. They have detected something it seems.

After checking the trees for a moment, they lowered their rifles, meaning the coast was clear.

“Heh! Just a little scared, aren’t we?” One of the officers said.

“Well, better keep moving, I can see a little bit of the radar base over there.” Zat said.

“Understood. Now, we can just walk a bit more safer then!”

But before they could even move an inch on their bodies, a brief but loud sound could be heard, likely coming from far away. And without warning, something hits the officer in his right eye, causing to stumble backwards violently and hits the ground.

Zat knew the drill.


The Brinjan troops then dispersed from each group, many hiding in the trees to avoid the enemy fire. They soon returned fire from the trees that are near the radar site, trying the best they can to eliminate all of them. Dao uses her precision skill and stamina inside of her to throw most of her knives in the direction where the gunfire is coming from. Swinging each four knives from both hands, it only managed to hit four snipers as they fall down from the trees. Of course, she had to keep in covering in the tree trunk from sniper fire.

“Are we going to keep up with these assholes!?” She yelled in a frustrated tone.

“From my experiences dear Dao, I’d say for just ten more minutes.” Zat replied.

“Fuck that!”

Nick pulled one of his revolvers and started shooting at the snipers in the tree as well. Shooting carefully when taking notice of each bullet that comes out from the six barrels, he’s very precautious when it comes to gunfights like that one.

He shots to a man stationed in a tree while using his other hand to shot at other snipers.

For all the chaos that ensued, he maintained a stiff posture when looking at both sides, with a stoic facial expression to boot. He has clearly adapted to furballs like this.

“Newsflash: Trees falls are more likely to cause deaths.” He snarked.

But before he could continue, a sniper aims his rifle to his hand. He shots, with the bullet impacting on Nick’s left index finger, causing it to fly off messily.

Nick lets a brief but loud scream of pain while tending to his damaged. While trying to sustain his wounds, he uses all his strengths to call out for help.

“NANA!!! HELP!!!”

Nana hear his pained yell of help, proceeding to rush as fast she can while avoiding enemy fire. She uses one of her med kits to tend the wound.

“If you keep bawling, then you’ll die in no time. Please chill.”


Even more unfortunate when she has to keep avoiding every bullet coming from the tree while hiding in the tree trunk.

Everything seems hopeless. 10 soldiers have died already. Four are gravelly injured. They’re nearly out of bullets. And no communications to reach out for.

Everything seems closer for a painful and humiliating death for the Brinjans themselves. And to an extent, Zat as well.

But, just as doom was closing in for the team, Zat shots a glance to a part in the forest, noticing something…peculiar about it.

It was a white light that suddenly turned into multiple bolts of light that spread around the forest. It surprisingly manages to strike all the snipers stationed in the trees. All falling down with white marks near their chests.

Was it a divine intervention?

Or just a mysterious new weapon?

Zues knows better. Soon, he stood still, looking from afar of the aftermath of the event.

Zat and the others proceed to tend the wounds of the injured soldiers including Nick, all grave ones.

“I guess I should take back what I said, dear Nick.”

“No bother…things like this happen anyways…the gunslinger is gone now…”

“Nick…maybe I can help you in some treatment once this all ends, alright?”

“If you…OK…I may accept it.”

“There there…”

“You should have stepped back and rethink of your sins, Brinjans.” Zues then spoke, with a calm yet stern voice, filled with outmost displeasure of what happened.

The troops got alarmed and raised the rifles while aiming upwards, trying to find Zues.

“That voice…the carnival guy?”

“No Zat…you should know better in who you should listen. All of this will only lead up to a path of pure death and shame, something you will never escape and recover afterwards.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Do you have any idea who you’re speaking to Zat? Your pleasure in taking the praise from many for your achievements and deludingly believing something admiring that turns out to be nothing but a sham is something far worse than the bloodshed of the innocents. You should step back at once, for this fight is not supposed to be yours. It’s only mine because I know the truth.”

Zat scoffed at such statement.

“Well listen to me mate, unless you can show something else, I might be more likely to listen to a messed up drunkard in the streets than an insane prophet as you, isn’t it? I’ve seen better excuses for interference and you are no exception to it!”

“Fool. This is one of your last chance to back away. Try to keep up, and the horrors you’ll face will change you forever and ever. And the only one to blame is all on you and your countrymen and everyone else. “

“We’re fighting because we care for our country! If you’re only fighting for yourself, then you’re a filthy quitter who doesn’t know a thing about fighting a war!”

“So be it…pathetic murderers.”

With these words, Zues departed once more with a shining light.

Most of the soldiers were confused, was it really a warning? Or just some nihilistic doomsaying? It all came to their heads in what to think.

“Well, looks like someone’s desperate for an approval.” Liam said.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve seen better cowards compared to that guy. Now, it appears that the troops in the radar site had been alerted of our presence. Better keep moving or the assault may not be effective.”

Zat then grabbed his rifle and mobilized back, this time a bit more rapidly to carry out the operation. The troops do the same as well.

But just because they survived…doesn’t mean they may totally win out.

And as for the end of the war…will their hears win? Their minds?

Their souls?

Or return as soulless husks?

Everything left unanswered, that is the nature of war itself.

Field Report 5 - Soldier, wake the day is peeping

On the western side of Esfra, a large convoy of tanks, Neo-Cavaliers machines and troops were stationed near a hill that overlooked the city. All calm yet with a match ready to set it on fire.

James was looking to the eastern side of the city, trying to see if the Screaming Wolves and the others have succeeded in their mission. Next to him was a man with scraggly black hair, low beard and mustache, high nose, gushy brow and cyan blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of glasses, with red loose pants, belted gloves, heavy braces, strapped armor and rounded shoulders. He had two sheathed swords in his waists.

He was Conner Reily, one of the fiercest warriors Brinja ever has...but probably below Zat.

"Hmm, it's been some 20 minutes and nothing but silence just now." James said.

"You know how long things like these can take. Loyal soldiers should always get the work done whatever they can regardless of time taken." Conner replied

"I understand all that. But operations like this require precision, and time is vital for precision. In anytime soon, the enemy might even spot us and we're on way to our graves."

Conner could only but chuckle a bit for the worry.

"Ah, just the usual bark from high-command."

"I'm serious as hell, Conner." He sternly said with a firm glance to him.

Conner could only reply with a silent look as he frowned.

"Well, what I can expect from a big man like you..."

"It's all a matter of war my friend. that is all you need to know."

"You wish."

Some minutes passed by, soldiers were either sitting in the tank's tracks or simply looking at the horizon, waiting for the signal.

A fellow soldier then approached James, with a sore look on his eyes and trying to keep his composure after being sleepless for two days straight.

"Sir, permission to drink your water?"

"Well, don't your teammates have them?"

"They ran out after sharing it with the others..."

"Well, ask others."

"Not a single drop in theirs as well."

"I can buy you one then."

"Where?" The soldier asked in crestfallen enthusiastic way.

"If we occupy this city I can give it based on your lucky number. Do you have any?

The soldier went silent for a moment, rapidly blinking while making uneven body movements. It was enough to make him drop the gun while shaking out his own hands, which then he looks at them and starts counting.


"One...No! Two! My mistake! Four!"

"Just give me a straight answer! It's just that simple, OK?"

"'s it's...twe-twe..."



Conner grew impatient from the nervous breakdown of the private. This makes him drop one of his bags and looks for something in it, while James continuously tries to guess the number, while the private was close in sweating a lot.

"Twelve! Everybody's lucky number for the continent!"


Fortunately, his shouting was cut short when something was shown in front of his face, something no soldier would expect in a battlefield. It was a 9 DP Glessgon Whiskey bottle. This makes the soldier immediately hatch it away, and stares at it profoundly, like a newfound love in his life.

"Just this was twenty one anyways."

James was in disbelief in what was his bodyguard carrying, who then looks at him with a glance of pure of disbelief and shock.

"Whiskey? Really, Conner?"

"Couldn't help, what else needs to matter to drink in times like this you know?"

"If the operation is a success, then I'll forgive you, but otherwise, you kiss your arse goodbye when you-"

But before he could finish his warning, a loud noise could be heard far away, immediately drawing the attention of all troops who now wanted to see where the sound came from.

The private itself...not so much, now that he drank half of the whiskey and could only stare blankly in the sky.

For 10 seconds straight.

James got a hold of his binoculars again, this looking at the eastern side of the region.

After briefly looking for a brief moment, he finally stops looking at random parts of the place and focuses on something, causing him to open his mouth widely. But surprisingly, it wasn't a wide smile...but a confused grimace.

"Did anyone else tampered with the explosives?"

"What do you mean sir?"

"I'm seeing nothing more but a blue ball of fire..."

"But sir, we have been equipped with the necessary explosives that are all normal and functional, there's no word in one kind of explosive with that colour!"

"Then it's probably a joker who did it for stupid laughs. Well, no matter. All troops, the time has arrived to show the Ramians the price of murder by repaying them with their own blood!"

All soldiers shouted back in encouragement, raising their rifles while shouting "All hail glorious Brinja!" and then started to charge towards the city's defenses.

The battle has just begun.

But a war may certainly begin.

Back in the forest, Zat and his team were approaching to the radio base, all burned to the ground, and with most of the people inside death. Their corpses charred to unimaginable levels.

The soldiers in the area couldn't believe what they just saw, many narrowed their eyes with distant looks on their faces. All while feeling their chests tightening. What kind of explosives could carry that type of flame?

"Who is the saboteur who did this?" Nana asked.

"Some magician mercenary perhaps?" Liam replied back.

"Well, it could be just a special type of bomb from a faction unknown to us." Dao said.

"Whatever it is, well should be at least be glad the operation is going on course mates, am I right, Zat?" Nick said.

Zat, however, didn't replied at all. All he could was simply glancing at the burning site with deep frown, and focused eyes straight towards the inferno.

"Zat? You're deaf now?"

"Wait...I think I see why." Dao said.

And for good reason, because deep inside the burning structure, he saw something that for some reason, he felt some familiarity with it. Something close to him that was absent for a long time.

Inside the burning complex, there was faint figure, obscured by the burning blue fire. But he soon gets a closer look, deeper, and more recognizable.

Two pair of red looking lights were seen in the inferno, like if there was something there.

Then, the fire started to disappear, slowly revealing more than the red lights...

But, these weren't red lights at all.

They're bright, burning looking eyes of a peculiar woman, one who had black armor and white hair.

It was Varla Arkham.

All she could do was staring back at Zat as well, silence included. With nothing more but a downcast expression from her face and puffy eyes, she felt like something needed to be done in the conflict, she would likely kill anything that interferes with her mission. And yet...she felt something to Zat, something that she would never expect in what she wanted to do. Could she kill him as well? Or else?

Some soldiers started to point their rifles towards her, but Zat raised his hands, signaling them to stop. They eventually do, albeit with hesitance.

After a moment of silence, something could be heard from her.

"...It's you?"

"Your's so familiar."

At that moment, she suddenly felt the urge to show her uncertainty alone. Now,she then raised her left arm, opening her left hand, then closing both the thumb and baby finger, all while tears dropped from her eyes.

She was then engulfed with a ring of blue flames around her, but before she could vanish away, she asked Zat one more question.

"Do you still love me?"

But before Zat could properly answer, the flames encircled her, and within a second, the flames faded away, and so did Varla.

Never has such event given so many things to know for those who were present in there. Is there truly a third party in this war after all? Or something more captivating even for them? They needed the answers, but not now.

"So, do you still love her Zat? I thought you were on the hots with Luce. Or maybe you just want to love all girls sexually, which isn't surprising at all." One of the officers said.

Dao, pretty much offended by such question, approaches next to him. Then, she raises her hand and swings hit towards him rapidly, hitting him hard enough to make him fall to the ground.

"You don't even know her, what give you such action to insult such a kind man?!"

While trying to get up and picking up to his feet, he remained with a distant stare towards her.

"Zat is just one lucky jerk, you know that already."

"Are you gonna-"

But before Dao could strike him once again, Zat grabbed her arm and snatched her away. She then holds her tightly with his arms, in an attempt to calm her down.

"I know anger is sometimes necessary, but in when it comes to this, rationality is needed instead. And a personal matter for me as well. Just let me handle it dear Dao."

"Aye, Zat."

Zat then approached the soldier, but before he could do anything, the former started to salute in a very jerky and uncontrollable motion, his damped hands and shoulder being tightly closed, all so tightly that he felt a very hyper-sensitive sense of touch and sound. He then rapidly stated.

"I profoundly apologize for my inadequate and rude behavior and requesting that-"

"That's enough, Sergeant Blair. Al personal matters it's to be handled swiftly by the person himself and those who are associated with it. Any further misbehavior...shall be meet with extreme prejudice. Understood?"

Blair, while uncontrollably shaken down to the bones, know what he should do.

"Y-y-yes sir!"

"Excellent. But now, with the post destroyed, our battle has begun. Time to advise General Riowa to inform her."

Zat then takes out from his pocket in the back of the pants a large walkie talkie, black colored, bulky and vertically large. He pulls the antennae and puts it next to his ear.

"General Riowa, this is Zat, mission objective has been accomplished."

"We've seen it but good work anyways! Now, your next objective is to penetrate the enemy forces stationed at the Roslan Arc, nearh. You and the others will prepare a distraction to the soldiers stationed in the arc, doing so will ensure our troops will cross the beach while they're distracted from you. If you do it well, then we'll capture the city in less than two days!"

"Aye aye."

"And Zat, when this is over...better explain those explosives you've just brought in. They were unusual compared to normal ones. Well, then, not much else to say, keep on going for the glory of Brinja!"

With these words, Zat then keeps the walkie talkie in his pocket once more.

Zat then turned to the troops, who while looking a bit exhausted from the events, had a determined look on their faces, and know what should be done.

"Alright men, it's the moment where the Ramians today know the price of killing the innocent of our beloved nation. And every one of you should use whatever skill and bravery you have inside you. And with every courage we use, we take a step closer to victory. And with every step to victory, comes a new way to know yourself. And by knowing yourself more, you gain enough will to become a legend among your own people, who for generations to come, will make your deeds and experiences won't ever fade away in the dark corners. We are Brinjans, we do not yield to any threat, or seek a compromise. We knock every naysayer in our path and turn them into advantages. We push down every piece of work thrown at us and turn it into our trophies. We are the rightful owners of all courage in the world from our very proud nation. All hail King Stefan and the glorious kingdom of Brinja!"

The soldiers then cheered back from such speech and are determined to fight back with all their spirits to use for their own nation. Making the king proud is of course part of being a soldier of the kingdom, and increasing their chance of becoming legends for years to come. At least in their own perspective.

They all rushed forward to the nearest entrance to the city, where the great battle was about to commence.

On the western side, many troops and defense garrisons hold their positions fiercely while at the same time being butchered by the huge gunfire of the Brinjan manpower. Cannons from the tanks and Cavaliers, bullets flying in in every direction, it was a huge mayhem to witness. The buildings and nearby blocks were also started to get razed apart, burning debris falling down or spreading across nearby buildings while other people, soldiers and civilians alike are burned to crisp as result of being engulfed by the surrounding fire.

And soon after, the large barrage of bullets created large puddles of blood that lingered most of the streets on the west side. A full of demonstration of what the Brinjans fully want, not simply vengeance, but to drown every of theirs into their own blood, and erase every generation of them that oppose them until all is said and done.

Never such punishment could reach to atrocious levels in warfare.

On a nearby street, while a Ramian battalion was engaging the Brinjan forces, the leading officer noticed something that caught by surprise as soon his eyes widened and stood still in shock. It was Conner jumping down from a building, ready to unsheathe his sword, turning out to be a large Gallowglass sword, who then swings it vertically to the officer's arm, dismembering it. But as it fell down, it wasn't the end of the horrible pain, as he proceeds to swing his sword back and forth in all direction to the other soldiers while reflecting the bullets, all to a bitter end of dismembered body parts.

Soon after, he rushed forward to another defence post that was also covering fire from other troops, but like before, they all met a bloody quick and swift end.

In the main plaza, most advancing Brinjan forces were being gunned by numerous turret posts stationed by Ramian Civil Guard, preventing them for going any further to the place. Everything seemed hopeless to them until the greater Neo-Cavaliers arrived on the scene, with their titanium armor and industrial yet protective design, provide a large shield for the troops to take cover, and with their giant cannons, they quickly raze the posts to the ground as well. James notices the cleared squared and soon raised his hand to point to the soldiers another main point to take.

The battle in the west side was quickly going into their favor.

On the beachside, large number of amphibian vehicles were getting nearby, opening fire to their cannons to any enemy force they see. Shell to shell, they raze everything to the ground and to the dust, leaving almost no defence mechanism to prevent them from landing.

The vehicles soon on nearby soil, the gates open to reveal many soldiers, full of pride yet thirst to rush forward to battle, getting to cover in nearby asterisk structures.

Riowa took cover in one of the structures as well, while covering fire with her pistol. Generals aren't generally expected to be one formidable fighter to expect on the battlefield, they have grown more accustomed to the roles of tacticians after all in recent years. But not Riowa, with her sharp skills in using the gun quickly rallies most of the group as she handily kills ten soldiers, including a colonel who was leading the defence of the beach. Without a commanding officer to lead them, the Ramian troops withdraw from the post, clearly feeling hopeless if they keep on fighting to the large number of Brinjan troops who landed on the beach. But not many were lucky, as soon many were mercilessly gunned down by many troops as they kept pushing forward to the city.

What could Riowa do at the moment, was to simply spit on the ground and stretching her shoulder. For her, that was simply another exercise to partake in.

On the east side, a large guard post was observing closely the nearby areas for any intruder, especially given the start of the invasion.

Everything seems normal until suddenly, a soldier notices a large bolt approaching from the distance, she barely dodges it, but before she could try to tell the others of a stealthy long-range attack, a beep could be heard from the arrow, as the tip soon blinked red. The other side received something similar as well.

In a state of panic, the soldier used all her force to convince the others to get the hell out of there.


But it was too late, as the arrows exploded to great proportions, engulfing most of the troop from the blast radius. The ones not directly affected by the blast all stood to the ground injured, with most of their arms and legs blown off. One tried to crawl to a safe position, but it was too late as the wounds became too severe to sustain.

Naya did it once more.

But before he could close his eyes, he saw a faint vision of a large group of soldiers rushing towards the gate, soon after, he moves on.

Meanwhile, in one of the main buildings of the port, many sailors and officers were scrambling around the building, either rushing to battle stations or escaping for their lives while the alarm blared in the background.

As this was going on, a particular admiral was walking by in the first floor, he had a dark blue tunic uniform with a large pack of medals on the left side of the chest, black trousers and boots and a visor cap. He had a slight overweight body build but could keep himself calm, with cyan eyes and a pair of glasses.

He was none other than Grand Admiral Selis Garret, leading officer of the Ramian Naval Force. He entered to a room in a very rushed way, meaning that there was something urgent to discuss.

"Now I presume that at this very moment that all of us need your bloody help, isn't it?" He said.

"Help? Couldn't ask for a better service." A familiar voice replied back.

It came from no other than Jules Stephenson himself.

Field Report 6: Disdain is Only as Intense as Similarity

In the Sundenvorg complex, life was going normal as usual, the same noise, same moods, same behaviors, everything felt the same when it came to living in there. The only difference is that it was sunset, nothing else or more. After all, it's been going on peacefully, no trace of war at hand at all.

But in most cases...such things can't be certain for too long.

Back in the tower, Xavier was still in his desk, working patiently with every paper and document he's been given, looking carefully to each one while signing each of them, with varying answers and such. When he needed a brief relaxation with his hands, he will often wiggle his most affected hand in the temple of his head and so forth. It didn't mattered if it was the left or right one, he can handle the two just fine. For him, that was a perfect mantra needed in relaxation.

Uwarika, one his bodyguards, was present with him in the same room like usual until she was given a new order.

But Clover was absent.

It's something unusual from a bodyguard to be absent.

Does it matter though?

After some moments of silent writing, Uwarika leaned near his boss, maybe she needs something.

"They say that a real man can only be a victor if they put aside what's grieving them inside. Without the grievance, every obstacle then becomes a straighter line than it should be."

"Yes indeed."

"And of course you know the other type that shouldn't be trusted or cared for at all. Such presence of these ones in our planet serve nothing more but a catalyst of all that's wrong with everything else, pure profound detriment to what's our progress in this world."

"I may...accept such advice."

Uwarika remained silent this time, with a narrowed an eyesight targeted upon him. Maybe not the wisest action to take.

"Then if you know it...then you're on the path of being a victor."

"But what can fate hold upon the victors though?"

"Hmm, you seem to be apprehensive of who knows to stop you. But I can assure that in the time, the true deciders of fate will eventually come, ready to fulfil a truly fair judgment."

Even with all the supposed menace she's presenting, Xavier keeps his composure focused on what needs to be worked on. A normal guy wouldn't resist even the slight hint of anger from someone. But Xavier is not one the same.

"...It is, truly." He replied back.

Then, a high-pitched noise could be heard near his desk, which he then proceeds to press the button to answer to the guard door.

"Xavier speaking."

"Sir, the philanthropist Benjamin Ford is here now. He seems very prepared in meeting you for his next project."

"Good. He can come in."

The door opened, in which the man came in. Benjamin has a balding hair but without any noticeable wrinkles around him or any sign of aging. He had brown eyes and an average body build. He walked right straightly to his desk, without any sigh of discomfort or something similar.

"Mr Fabriziano."

"Mr Ford."

"Never expected the day I could met the head of this wonderful project you're creating. Millions of lives to rebuild and start anew, truly a chance for a living."

"A mouth like that might be a good reason why you get the payment of everyday's works it seems."

Ford could only chuckle for a bit in a light-heartedly way.

"And I knew you had the touch in guessing well! Well then, as you can see, I've discovered that a new Diamond mine has been discovered near Leonika Island, located near Rami. It holds an estimate amount of three billion diamonds that can be scavenged in large numbers that will help you out in expanding more of this beautiful complex. That is unless you can send out your own private force in helping of the extraction."

"Oh yes, I've heard of it a few days ago. And for you interest, yes, I can guarantee that I'll send my own men to the island, they're pretty capable in guarding any type of action carried out by our group. But of course, given the outbreak of war in the region, it may take a while to be fully extracted with the sufficient numbers."

"Oh yes yes, I knew you're someone to rely upon. Also, from what I read about you, you're usually accompanied by two bodyguards...where's the big one?"

Uwarika then stepped in.

"He's on a special assignment on our behalf, a special type of mission that will help out in the extraction of the diamonds of the island. With his intelligence and sheer brute strength, he could guarantee a big victory for our forces without any major setback whatsoever or just anything. He'll do it, just don't worry for him too much."

"Quite right dear lady, my apologies."

"Apologies may not be need when you think well of the consequences."

"Well...if you say it that way."

Back in Esfra, it's been four days since the battle began. Everything is razed or burned to the ground, corpses in every part of the city. Whatever they were burned, dismembered or filled with bullets, it was one sight no one ever wants to see in any city worthy of beauty like Esfra. What's worse, half of the city has been occupied, with most of the people and soldiers fleeing in masse towards the safer parts of Rami. Panic, conflict and terror dominated the unoccupied territories since starting the evacuation.

Indeed, their chances of holding back the Brinjan assault looks slim at the moment, a miracle may be needed in other to ensure the people regain all the lost territories from the onslaught.

But nothing is certain in war, all you need is to survive and see how it rolls.

Back in the naval base near the port, Selis came in to see if there was any assistance present to help them evacuate the number of people needed. And the answer came in the form of none other than Jules and Nigel themselves.

"Well good, because otherwise you'll be hanging yourself in shame with no clothes for not helping out, got it?"

"Our duty is always in the service of the Republic itself, Admiral Garret. Our enemy is what enables to function properly in the best times."

Selis wasn't having any patience, soon lifting his finger and pointing it towards him while teaching in him in a sterner tone. He doesn't want any possibility, all he seeks is what can lie ahead for the battle at the moment.

"But so can the enemy, and take note that whatever you may try to do, all we need is to evacuate and not try to shed more blood just for the sake of determination. You believe you're a grand hero who can turn the table of each battle in the nick of time? Certainly not, and not even your experience will do otherwise."

"I wasn't referring in fighting back with all of our strengths combined. That's only necessary in the finest hour."

"And what if you die?"

"Then I profoundly apologize."

"Shut it. I may need another great soldier to spare who knows the battle situation instead of an old wannabee philosopher."

Nigel, with a shaky closed fist, tried to approach Selis in a fit of frustration, but Jules handily holds him back quickly.

"Admiral, truly you're a wonderful person to be a pain in every ass."

"Don't rub it to me!

Jules could only chuckle in response with a closed grin on his face.

Selis eventually regained his composure, but still remained cautious in talking to Jules.

"Well, as you already know, you have your own order, but before you continue, allow me to introduce some new recruits for the two of you that will help you gain an edge in future battles."

"Please, I don't want more people around this group. My partner, Nigel is already enough for to be accompanied with."

"I greatly agree, I mean, what better there is to be for two navy swordsmen?"

"Two fine girls with great things in their hands." Selis said as he then snapped his fingers, which lead to two women entering in the room. One has dark skin with cyan eyes, black hair, high nose, two white leis around her neck, a heart-shaped earring and blue Sailor fuku uniform, long coat, flower pin, bracelets, a tied-up jacket near her pleated skirt and lastly a pair of glasses.

She then gently waved at Jules

"Hiya sir! I'm your newest greatest recruit, Cherry Lisa! Graduated from the top class in the military class of the Universal Academy of Rami I'm pretty sure we're going on a great adventure together with my greatest abilities!"

"We hope so, even if it would be unnecessary."

The other woman, however, is very different. She had a tan-skin, green eyes, and a metallic black collar around her neck with a glowing diamond in it and a neck guard around it. She had a blue tube-top and baggy pants and seems to have a normal looking body with her two hands were metallic, almost cybernetic, with her left one having a specialized cybernetic wrist.

And unlike the cheerfully friendly Cherry...She approaches Jules in an erratic, zig-zag way with a very big grin on her face.

"A thousand greetings, you delicious person! I'm Mira Woosa, your top scientific last resort for the team who will be ready to die someday, and that is today!"

Most people except Selis got caught off guard, especially since two large metal claws emerged from her back and nearly attacks Jules, forcing Nigel to sheathe his sword, but luckily, Cherry is able to stop him.

And so did Mira.

"HAHAHAHA!! Did you really expect that I will kill you in this very place where we're allies?! You silly one-faced man!"

"Ah, cool it off Mira, he's not that even interested in enjoying your contradictions in any way, you know?"

"Oh, yes yes yes! Maybe, not sure, but maybe he may, he needs the fun worthy of the greatest men or not!"

"I'm great if there's people who take what's happening as serious as it can get. I don't need your kind after all."

"Oh, don't be a bastard to them, I'm sure they'll impress you in many ways you couldn't imagine, isn't it?"

"Give me a second or two, show me anything worthy of considering you to-"

But before he could finish his request, Cherry then notices something in the window behind him, like there's something out there that might come towards the base. After a brief moment of decision after spotting something that's coming...she pointed the window.

"Mira, Aki Soku!"

"Coming up!"

Mira then raises her metal claws on her back and swings it forward while Jules and Nigel duck from them. The claws then pierces through the windows, which she then controls them to break the surroundings of the window, opening a large gap as debris falls off.

And the thing that Cherry sensed came in sight, a giant missile coming at high speed, heading towards the base.

But before it could reach the base, Cherry steps in just in time, where she starts to close her fingers in each side, which then form into three large blue circled shaped forms of energy, in which she then quickly hurls them away towards the incoming missile. The circles then impact on the missile, causing it to explode massively while briefly knocking Cherry, Nigel and Jules back briefly.

And then, Selis started looking at the sky where it came from. Where the clouds started to clear...revealing a large battleship.

"I've seen that type of missile before...oh dear, it's the Brinjan Air Fleet."

"The what?" Cherry asked.

"The ultimate weapon developed by the Brinjans, the things that could the war in no time if we don't do something in time." Jules replied in an impatient tone.

"Air fleet?! Brinjans would be fine subjects to take care of then, more fleets for everybody to kill! Haha!"

"No time for some torturous fun, we have to start the evacuation or else we'll be finished!" Nigel said.

"I'll handle it, all of you, head to the gates and defend everyone who is evacuating, I'll come to head for an announcement!"

They both agree and start to head off towards the main gate of the port, where most people are evacuating. But with the presence of the air fleet, chaos soon ensued as more people started to push each other to head in to the boats, whether they were on the list or not. This forced the soldiers to become more aggressive and try to keep control of the masses but it was all getting harder and worse at the moment.

But what could be worse than the arrival of one of the air fleets?

Incoming troops.

Zat and his team reunite alongside James and Kara's groups in the center of the city, now ready to make their final strike.

Most of them looked bloody and battered with a few exceptions, but even so, they were determined in continuing the fight.

"We came very far from now, this has to be one of the hardest battles in my whole bloody life, which is something to say the least!" Zat said while he was brushing off some of the blood in his suit.

"Eh, no need for some comparison, dear Zat. After all, this is something to expect from war."

"Also, good thing our dearest gal, Dao hasn't been covered in dirt and blood yet or else this whole ordeal might have been worse." Liam replied as well.

"What's so bad in being covered with these things?"

"Not the right moment to talk right now, Dao we have a mission."

Kara then approached the group right in the middle of the encounter, now facing each side of the same nation. She looked tired but still felt some determination inside.

"Now, all of your bastards might know what's next? Well, right up there is the port of this grand city, if we can capture it then we can provide a new naval checkpoint for our forces, and will soon establish our naval supremacy in the whole front. Barring the air fleet aside, we should continue this operation handily and then victory shall be ours!"

"Now you tell me...we better be quick or most of the enemy forces may escape with a chance of counterattacking any time soon." James said in a worried tone.

"Oh lad, you must be forgetting something eh?"

"Yes, the air fleet."

"Alright then. All troops, mobilize to the port, it's time to establish our superiority to this nation right here and right now!"

This prompted the soldiers to raise the hands


Soon, all troops started to charge forward the port behind most of the mechanized forces, ready to take what's left of the city.

Back in the port, all the ships in the area either sailed off or are holding off the incoming attacks from the air fleet, some succeeded, some only resulted in being sunk into the ocean while the survivors swam to the other ships in other to survive. Burning oil was spreading around the waters, making the evacuation more difficult.

In the port, Jules' team were heading off towards the gate, trying to supervise the people while trying to guard what's left of it.

Lots of panicking civilians are common in there, spewing messages including one of despair...and other of pure vengeance.

"Let me in! I need to survive!"

"Death, I don't want it!"

"If they try to take our own blood, then we'll take their souls!"

"They'll pay dearly for what they did!"

They continued to panic while the others entered the ships while trying to keep a line for all the boats, both non-combat and combat capable.

"How long is this going to last?!" Nigel asked shakily to Jules, who was standing there, all calm and unfazed for what's happening, without any change in his face.

"You can't predict time with war, let it flow as it is, Nigel."

"Yes, but all these poor people want to get out of this mess, and right now, some may die!"

"Nigel, some things are out of our reach in which we can't totally control in what's ahead of us. If you want to be a true soldier, then know that what can happen, then it happens and there's nothing you can do to stop."

Nigel could try and keep on arguing with him, but he had nothing else to say to him. All he can do now is to do a small nod to him.

"I...I understand now..."

Such notion made Cherry step in to comfort him while giving Jules a very annoyed glance.

"But still, even despite everything, we can still try to become something worth to everybody for a greater future, don't you know?"

Jules, however, was still unfazed.

"You still need much to learn as well."

"Ugh, you grumpy old soldier...I wanted more from you."

"You just need to accept it, because otherwise you'll end up not even giving a damn in taking a walk to the world."

Silence is the only answer Cherry could give to him.

But soon after, just as most of the civilians were evacuating, they soon noticed something.

The ships stopped firing at either the port or the ships themselves.

Could it be that the cannons ran out of shells?

Or think there's something worth more targeting.

It couldn't matter any longer for the people, as soon the remaining people started to keep on calmly now as they soon entered the ships.

It all seemed like an act of mercy.

"Something may not be right..." Nigel said quietly.

"You're surely right, because right now there's something more dangerous out there...ready to continue hell."

"What do you mean?"

All what could Jules do now what to lift his finger towards one of the entrances of the port in front of him, he was something that could be a worse nightmare than incoming missile shells.

"There they come."

It was none other than the incoming battalions heading towards the port, ready to raise hell.

And just before things couldn't get any worse, lots of things started to come out from the air fleets, hundreds of them.

Their figures then became crystal clear as they got closer.

There were airplanes...full of payload.

Hell is indeed coming.

Field Report 7 - Come O'er The Sea

A defender always knows what to do to guarantee the future of its people. Peacefully and heroically, this is what to expect for them to do for anything they swore to protect.
Jules is no exception, he knows what should be done to protect the citizens of Rami. He won’t stop at nothing to save his nation, even in doubt.
He proceeds to unsheathe his blade-like weapon from his holster. It had a metallic hilt, with no sight of the blade. Until suddenly, a large blue beam of light emerged from the grip’s hole.
Bright, elegant and bright. The quintessential weapon for a defender like Jules.
Soon, he adopted a battle stance while looking at the incoming Brinjans, the other fighters in his group do the same, while Cherry and Mira start their defense in shooting down the incoming planes.
“Those who pass down tragedy…should expect the shields of hope!”
Soon he rushed into battle, ready to take on the Brinjans alongside his companions.

Surprisingly for an old man, he managed to endure the fighting quite well. Slicing and dicing soldiers after soldiers with his blade, carefully dodging bullets from the soldiers, all while allowing the remaining civilians to escape in the cargo boats.
Cherry and Mira were no exception either, they took position near the rooftop of a nearby tower, and soon prepared abilities like no one has ever encountered before.
Cherry opened and closed her fingers sideways, creating multiple blue discs in equal size, then she hurls them towards the incoming fighters, all 32 of them. All of them have distinct variations, some trail some smoke in the engines, some take some damages in their wings, and a few manage to directly kill the pilots themselves.
As for Mira, she couldn’t any more helpful than ever. Maybe a bit too much. Her tentacles emerged from her back again, as they soon turned into massive Gatling head-sized guns. But not just ordinary Gatling guns filled with lead as most do.
In fact, quite the opposite of what we would normally expect.
They all fired electric bullets, zapping wildly in their surroundings as they flew in the air, like rapid bolts of lightning wielded by gods.
Think this is a bit much like a one-sided match?
Wars can knock that out.
Soon, the flying bolts of electricity make contact with the planes. As soon as they hit, the bolt dissolves into various bolts electricity that surrounds the planes.
And out of nowhere, one loses thrusts and falls down to the ocean, ready to meet an unfortunate end as soon the plane’s windows will crack and shatter apart. 
This leaves nothing more than a warning.
But luckily for the downed pilot, he wouldn’t die in an isolated state, deeply buried in the darkest depths of the ocean.
Mira couldn’t care less, all while cackling at the top of her lungs.
“Sweet little airmen! I bet they found a new way to take a nap in a quarrel like this shithole! OK, maybe not that shit, but at least it’s a relief in a hellish place!”
The combined strength of these two ladies and the warships would ensure an evacuation with larger numbers. Ones with innocent lives, but also with people yearning for another fight.
As for the huge pack of soldiers from Brinja…they probably won’t.
Jules and Naygel continued with their ferocious defense of the evacuation, cutting down and slicing every soldier they encounter.
Soon they stood next to each other, their arms locked fiercely in combat but at the same time, their eyes were normal and mouths were slightly shut.
“Even though I despite conflict, I think I feel something warm everytime I go.” Jules said.
“You mean the lead?”
“No, for my heart.”
“…Didn’t know you’re such a close friend, Jules!”
“More fighting, less expectations, now.”
“Roger that.”
Then they continued with the fighting, almost like two teammates in a casual rugby game.
Soon, there are only a few hundreds planes left in the sky, still determined to fight. One of them eventually notices two girls on the tower. By the press of a button, a missile is launched from the left wing, almost coming at high-speed. Cherry’s eyes widened as she soon noticed the incoming missile.
Her crestfallen expression couldn’t explain anymore.
“Oh shit!”
Luckily, both of them jumped in time before the tower got destroyed violently. Gently using her claws to function as a helicopter rotor, they both landed safely…maybe a bit too much safely with Cherry’s hands below Mira’s breasts. Mira soon noticed with her widened eyes.
“Are you doing…what I think you’re doing, Cherry Sugary?”
“Sorry, but it feels a bit nice…” She said sheeplishly.
“If that’s the case, then I can increase them for extra pleasure, haha, funny isn’t it!?”

Ultimately, the initial assault of both the soldiers and planes seemed like absolute failures, paving way for a secure evacuation from Ramians.
At least most.
As soon as the smoke cleared, Jules and Naygel were in a kneeling position. Heavily panting and sweating from the amount of enemies they killed, it seemed that their training for combat had really paid off.
Now, it seemed everything will go in place as they intended, now ready to evacuate and leave for another day.
However, just as they were about to leave, Jules sensed something he couldn’t expect, as he soon turned around while his fellow protector, Naygel, continued to board to the ship. Naygel eventually stopped as he soon noticed that his fellow companion was not with him.
“What is he up to?” He wonders.
He soon saw why.
Jules was standing there, all alone in front of a group of soldiers that haven’t died yet. The soldiers didn’t even advanced yet, they stood still as he did. All with fixed glances towards them.
Among the soldiers, right in the center, there’s why. It was Zat Evan signaling them to hold their fire.
They steadily walk towards each other, all with a challenging look on Zat’s face.
Someone familiar?
“The hero of Valdka…it’s been 20 years ever since you have proven yourself.” Jules said.
“A lot I could say! And I see that you haven’t changed much at all, dear Jules.”
“Yes…in the most ironic situation.”
“Point taken. Now, you know what brought us right here, right? You know how much your nation tried to make us swallow their own pride to us?”
“That doesn’t matter at all, neither if they were belonging to us or not. This is a war.”
“And I thought Luce couldn’t be any colder…”
“If you ever tried to show in how Brinjans like you declare as the righteous people for the whole continent, for what purpose? Is it for the future of you all? Or is it simply the desire for more space in this wretched world.”
Zat then stomps the ground with his foot while containing his gritted teeth.
“Their future, my future, our future, that’s what the Brinjans always want in their life to move forward!”
“Is this how you want your future then?”
Zat could only stand silently for a moment, only being concentrated in staring at Jules for a moment.
Maybe, at least maybe, Jules may be right in how the future should be created, for something much more than simple vengeance. Or perhaps the Brinjans may know more in what they need, absolute compassion? Or absolute ruthlessness?
So many questions, little time for those to be answered.
After a brief period of internal thinking, Zat could make up for what he can do.
“I’ve fought for Brinja for 20 years, all in the name of pride and justice for the people. Everything we do, is all on what we’ve been told. But if every once in a while, you must try to think outside the box to try to come up with solutions, then we’ll be open to try. And right now, I don’t feel a fucking thing in not trying.”
Zat then grabs the cross guard of his own giant Broadsword, quickly detaching to reveal a second sword that was part of the sword as the fuller. Quickly grabbing it with his left hand, it seems that battle will take a new turn.
General Riowa then stands close to Zat while grabbing his shoulder.
“But Zat, you know what-“Only for Zat to slap the hand, quickly shocking her.
“A warrior always has to partake in any honorable duel with its equal, the battle be damned.” Zat said coldly. 
“Typical. And I thought none one could ask for an equal challenge.” Jules said he smirked while quickly grabbing his energy sword from his holster. Quickly activating it with the blue light being connected to the blade next to it.
Naygel then tries to reach out to him, only to be brushed aside by him. Even in the face of a total evacuation, Jules expects nothing but a good fight between him and Zat.
“Our convictions will be decided here!” Zat said defiantly.
“With pleasure.”

And within the blink of an eye, they all start to clash their own sword, quickly hitting in every direction near their bodies.  
Jules thrusts his sword near Zat’s chest but he parries it with his second sword. Jules almost gets pushed away from a distance from the impact of the parry, but he regains his stance to continue.
The port and ships around were as wide as they can be to fit for the duel.
Zat still keeps on the offensive, striking many blows as much as he can towards Jules, while the latter evades almost every one of them.
Zat then raises his two swords and tries to slice Jules’s elbows.
Jules grabbed his upper arm and pinned him to the ground.
But Zat wasn’t one to be fooled, as he quickly kicks Jules in the chest hard, bringing him in the open while clutching to his injury.
“Is that all?!” Zat asked sarcastically as he gets up.
“Not even close.” Jules then tries to swing his blade in front of Zat’s face.
He was quick to tilt upwards before he restarted his attacks.
Blow after blow, it wasn’t clear who was getting the upper hand in such duel.
But if something is certain, is that it can be one to behold.
Jules then tries to run near one of the ships as they all quickly are about to sail away.
Zat of course then attacks once more by slicing Jules’s back.
He almost kneels, as he heard the sound of his own armor being torn apart.
Zat was almost quick to thrust his sword near Jules’s chest.
Jules then blocks it with his energy blade.
With each quick grip in each of their swords, they were determined as hell in proving what they’re made of.
Jules then uses his blade once more to slash Zat’s fingers once he gives himself in the open.
The light in the blade left some black marks in Zat’s left fingers, wincing in pain.
Jules proceeds to strike Zat’s knee as well.
But he quickly blocks it with his functional right arm.
The sound of the battleground quickly dominated most of their hearings, all while quickly trying to best each other.
Jules makes a run for it near one of the stationed boats.
Zat pursues him as he plunges his sword near Jules while he jumps into one of them.
Jules uses many rapid moves to block them while countering each one.
He strikes once more with his energy blade pointed at Zat’s leg.
It meets the same fate as the left fingers.
“I’m guessing that won’t leave a mark for too long.” Jules taunted.
Zat, in a fit of furious anger, slashes the skin of Jules’s right leg with a quick strike.
He falls near the port once more near Zat’s grasp.
He could certainly feel the smell of rusted iron around him.
Almost surrounded, defenseless, nowhere to run, it must be truly the end of Jules.
“I guess age did slow you down then!” He quipped at his fallen body.
“I must congratulate you though. For all worth, you still provided me enough entertainment and challenge for us to enjoy. It’s a shame that you won’t get to enjoy every ounce of glory that you once wanted to cherish in your life.”
“Glory is not what I want in myself…”
“Oh, the sweet denial I see. Fighting with honor was a great pleasure for all of us, old friend. It showed us the extent of how long we’ve practiced our skills in war and how we used. Well, it’s a shame then even as much as you tried, you couldn’t even put a dent in your old friend’s skills in battle.”
“You’re unbearably…”
“I get it, snobbish, but that can’t be helped for you at all. And as per rules of this duel, you must surrender to us.”
Jules could only stare in defiant anger towards Zat.

But before Riowa could grab him while walking next to Jules, someone jumps from above them, plunging a familiar giant sword to the ground which makes a huge dent in it, Riowa and Naygel are pushed back from it. The troops behind are also astounded from what happened and try to see why.
The answer then came.
Naygel has come for Jules, to save him.
He won’t leave any man behind after all.
“You cheater!” Riowa said as she pulls her gun as shoots towards Naygel.
Naygel then proceeds to deflect it near his head, which then lands on her forehead.
Brain chunks and many red drops could be seen in the ground after that happened.
She then dropped lifelessly near Zat’s leg.
Zat could only then fixed his hostile gaze at them with protruding eyes, all while trying to raise his sword roughly but the injuries he sustained from the scorched marks prevents him to do so.
“You think you may escape from this one…? I don’t think so…” Zat said as then proceeds to raise his hand, wide enough to be seen by the troops behind him.
“He killed one of our generals, open fire!” James said as the other soldiers start to shoot towards both Naygel and Jules.
But before they could hit any of them, 4 large blue discs were hurled near the troops, which then explode massively in front of them, while a crane swings forward between the two men and the bullets, quickly blocking them.
“You know you forgot about companion #3?!” Cherry said.
“What a poor little baby I’m seeing here, but have no fear, for you may be reborn gloriously in the future!” Mira said with a cackling.
They then proceed to carry Jules to safety while trying to hold back all the bullets heading towards them.

Inside in the capital battleship, the BRF122 Rasalhague an officer comes near Luce to oversee what is going in.
The room was a huge with two decks having operators working in each of their own part of the job for the ship, with the main bridge overlooking the grand landscape, allowing the crew to oversee the ground and how to operate in their missions
“Our cannonballs have been low in numbers and we won’t hit enough of these ships to prevent them to escape, what are your orders?”
“What are the reports in the ground?”
“Zat has been reportedly wounded in action.”
Luce could the only stare in silent as her calm expression turned one into shock as she gasped from the news while a her left hand flied near her chest.
And when there was something more to make her doubt her role.
“Also, many ships are reporting to be evacuating from the city. If we can use some of our remaining shells, then we can strike a huge number of their army. But since you’re the captain of this fleet, the order rests on you.”
It is her duty to protect the Brinjans in battle with the air fleet.
But her devotion to his fiancée should not be taken lightly. She’s been away from him for some time, she had her chance in a reunion with him, but the war swept that away.
And now there came the 10th day, he’s already injured.
“Madame, we’re waiting your order. Should be rearm immediately? Or should we continue the attack?”
Still no response.
Should she keep on shedding more blood? Or should she try one act of mercy for once? Neither outcome will be truly safe for her. It’s either more deaths, or reprimanding from the high command.
After some hesitation, she answers with a press of a button in her main console.
“This is something probably you won’t even accept…but for the sake of what’s going on, it must be done. To all ships…halt your attack. We must be on the defensive for now…that’s all.” She said with a regretful yet confident tone.
Around the ship, some murmur could be heard. Some with surprise, some with disappointment…and even a few others in relief.
It may be true that for all the bloodshed that happens around them, there’s always the need for something calm that is needed for a long while.
But even so, the lust of battle in some shouldn’t be underestimated.
The other air battleship located next to the capital ship, the BRF912 Spica has their cannons aim towards the sea where the evacuating ships are located.
They soon open fire, releasing the huge cannon shells towards one of the ships.
They impact, tearing down into pieces.
Luce notices this act of insubordination, and then picks of a radio in a post which says “Spica”.
“Admiral Werner Harden! I’ve told you not to open fire at the evacuating ships, this was a direct order and I told the entire fleet to carry it out!”
“You’re so foolish if you think the enemy deserves clemency. Do you know how much the consequences this will have when command finds out about what you-”
Suddenly, the left wing of the Spica got blown off, by none other by the cannon shells of the Rasalhague herself. Luce ordered while talking to the renegade admiral, she did by raising her left index finger up in the air, then pointed it towards the operating console. This was a signal used in case of insubordinate action.
“My orders are my orders...and so are yours. Next one won’t be a warning shot. Make your choice.”
Some brief silence falls in the whole deck, soldiers are soldiers, and orders are orders, that’s an essence of war.
And breaking a part of them will carry out a heavy price.
“I’ll stand down…” He said bitterly.
Luce then puts down the radio once more, sitting on her chair, her arms crossed, curls a part of her hair and her eyes narrowed.
“Only the second week…only the second week…”

Back on the ground, the remaining Brinjan troops were starting to take over most of the abandoned buildings while planting the flag of Brinja in the main building. Others were marching around the city to look for survivors and make them prisoners, and lastly, others tended the wounded.
Zat was among them, with bandages covering most of his wounds, courtesy of Naya herself, while trying his best to stand still despite some of the pain he has from the wounds.
“I think it’s amazing to see you still standing despite being injured with those kinds of wounds, which from what I’ve heard, they’re just as painful as a cobra bite.”
“But I guess compared to guys like me, the cobra’s the one who bites the dust.”
“Oh if it was the case, then you wouldn’t have got these marks in the first place.”
“But they’re flesh ones!”
“But they fell crusty at the moment.”
“Oh bloody hell! No wonder technology is becoming more of a pain in the ass these days.” He said while punching a nearby barrel with his left hand where the bandage is, which makes him briefly wince in pain.
“Heh. It’s still better than a cobra bite though.”
“Whatever you say, dearly Naya…”
The other part of the platoon then came in to see more of Zat, Nick still had part of his finger bandaged while others were being tended to their own wounds.
“Well, just another greater victory for the cool kingdom!” Liam said.
“No doubt, we’re sure that once most of the continent gets dominated by the sight of the Orange eagle, a new era of peace will be ushered, and truly a bastion for the remaining parts of the world.” Dao said.
“And then what? Get a statue of you? You do like to play god.” Nana said sarcastically as she points at her nose sheepishly.
“Well…if I wanted, then I’ll ask to look like a might goddess.”
“In your dreams anyways, sister!” Liam replied.
“All this huge bantering about some flag and no one truly cares…” Nick pouted.
“Oh sweet Nicky, you need to light up the mood while you can from this victory!” Dao said while hitting him in the shoulder as a sign of confidence.
His only response was a glare, which made her change her glance towards Zat, still thinking about getting better.
“So, what could be next now?” She asked.
“Well that’s a question as hard a pulling your bricks with your bare hands. With Riowa dead, we’ve already lost a major commanding officer in this war. And even though James Kid is in our side, it will bring difficulty in coming up with more of the tactics needed to win the war.”
“So what do you suggest then?” Liam asks.

But before he could answer, a faint jingle could be hear near the port, a bit quiet but still audible enough to catch their attention.
The smoke from the ruins also blocked the source of the jingle.
Then, the jingle got more and more audible and louder, which attracted the attention of other nearby troops who went to check.
Finally, most of the smoke clears, revealing a stylish yacht, with the gold and black stripes around it, and the jingle being a jolly-sounding melody.
And surprisingly, despite the suspicious behavior of the yacht, none of the soldiers try to raise their guns and try to make the yacht rider to identify themselves.
All they could is to stare in utter yet delightful confusion.
After some…awkward arrival from something unexpected, the yacht then stations near one of the ports.
A rope comes out from one of the spray rails, attaching to a nearby tube which attaches most boats when stationing in ports.
The melody then stops.
Coming out of the yacht, someone with a black business suit and blue tie comes out, with some glasses to wear.
And it’s none other than Takumi Ishida himself.
“Great greetings from you all, dear Brinjans! I’m open for your pleasure!”
That statement made some of the troops be taken aback from such unfortunate wording.
“Uhhh…thanks a lot, I guess.” A soldier said.
“Now now, all I’m seeing here, it seems you’ve done job well done for today! You Brinjans surely know how to shine when it comes to joyous victories for yourself!”
“Heh, no need to thank us that much, it’s simply our duty to serve the king and the kingdom, simple as that, mate.” Zat said.
“Well yes, typical response from chivalry. But now, let me ask you, how much time have you spared for today?”
“Today? Maybe enough to proceed for another offensive.”
“Good enough! But alas, I heard that a top general of yours has fallen to an unexpected hostile who appeared to be far more skilled than yours. And the way you look now doesn’t suggest a good preparation for payback.”
“Well, we have enough with the air blockade fleet intact! What else you may suggest, Mr…”
“Ishida. Takumi Ishida. Now, I’ll be gentle with you today and show some marvelous goodies that will help you in the delight of battle, and also to keep on in getting the glory you deserve.”
“You mean…that it’s on that yacht?”
“Precisely! Ladies and gents, what you will see now is a stuff of legend enough to make you feel like a worthy emperor for the damned world…”
He then took the Screaming Wolves inside to his yacht, which inside, showed a huge stack of weapons not seen before, all exotic looking like coming from a distant world. 
Zat and the rest couldn’t savor what they’re just seeing…maybe another good chance of proving themselves in battle?”
“Now gentlemen…how much do you accept my offer in exchange from something else?”