New Adventures

Shortly after my 26 th birthday on September 13. I will be moving to Los Angeles! Not only is this a big move but i will be driving cross country from my current residence in Miami documenting as much as possible (foreshadowing a new lifestyle video?). Miami is a beautiful city , however success belongs to those who take risks. Don't be afraid to fly away from your nest even if it means being alone. Remember, being alone isn't the same as being lonely. Only by breaking your routine and stepping out your comfort zone do you have a chance at success. Hard work and perseverance are a huge factor, embracing all of life's challenges and tackling them one by one is how you grow. If you have a dream, chase it. If you love something, embrace it. Just know that you'll never regret the things you did do (including bad choices provided you learn from them) . You'll only regret the things you didn't do. Tegan.

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Road Trippin Cross Country

About 2 weeks ago, i embarked on a life changing journey, with promise of adventure and growth. I moved to L.A. Packed my bags and car and drove 3000 miles by myself. I had a friend propose to accompany me but i had gotten used to the idea of going myself, considering i was moving to the other side of the country by myself, i figured i might as well get used to it. Plus i needed the space in my car. The drive took me six days, i stopped to see the U.S.S. Alabama and was blown away. the living conditions where poor with common rooms holdingup to 40 beds with 3 bunks each. I'm currently living in a room with 3 bunks and six beds so that had put things in a different perspective. The entire house has 14 guys and 14 girls. Kind of a Real World L.A. ("reality" TV show) but more on that later. I also stopped by the Houston Space center. Saw a real space shuttle and cockpits close to the amount of space i had in my car. Here i was complaining about a couple hours of road all alone in a cramped space when this one astronaut had 32 consecutive hours in this little cockpit circling the Earth. Granted , the views must be incredible but just like the pretty desert after a couple hours of isolation things start looking repetitive and the novelty wears off. The entire experience was about relating different challenges to real life and having to conquer them or simply put "deal with them". Life hands you a deck of cards and you just gotta know how to play your hand. Surf the wave VS Drown scenario. The most reoccurring challenge was keeping myself entertained while covering distance. For most of the desert (Texas/Arizona). I had no cell reception, no pandora music, no radio stations. Saved by 2 old DJ CD pouches i had. Everyday i seemed to find a better solution to each problem so the drive got slightly easier (knowing i was closer to my destination helped). Sitting on my pillow helped my legs and back adjust to the constant gravity. On the last day i even thought about playing playlist off my laptop, and just like that i had gained an extra 3 hours of good music. My last stop on the road was the Grand Canyon. The closer i got, the more i wanted to just drive straight to LA instead of taking a 5 Hour detour. I could not be happier about having decided to take the detour. The Grand Canyon was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. So big and powerful, you could feel an energy emitting from it, almost as if you could achieve anything. The on top of the world feeling was quite literal. Being the adrenaline junky that i am, i ventured down into parts of the canyon that where more secluded. I just sat there, taking it all in, pondering on my new life and the unlimited possibilities of this adventure i'd embarked on. I watched the sun set and waited for the splendid array of colors that where coming my way. The day turned into night and i went on my merry way making it all the way to LA after 8 hours of road. I'm not saying the trip was all rainbows and unicorns, it would have been way funner and entertaining with a friend but the trip wouldn't have had as much meaning. Don't be afraid to do things that scare you because you'll never get the joy of overcoming a fear. The only way to achieve success is overcoming the fear of failure. Tegan

Pushing forward

Moving to LA was a difficult decision, by far one of the hardest I've had to make as an adult. Leaving real friends, family and a loving girlfriend behind were all part of the sacrifices i had to make to chase my dreams. I came to realize that the end of an era just meant the beginning of an adventure. I knew that my difficult decision would soon be minuscule compared to the other difficult challenges life would throw my way and that each challenge would only be a test of strength to see if i had what it takes to reach success. The universes way of saying "if you can't handle this, how are you going to handle the lonely nights in hotel rooms away from loved ones, surrounded by people looking to exploit you and your brand for monetary reasons. How will you be able to be productive and stay healthy when most of your time is spent traveling and DJ-ing and you're exhausted from lack of sleep and jet lag." Many times I'd go back and forth comparing myself to others and asking why is it that I'm not where i feel i should be. Believing everything happens for a reason, i have to step back for a second and tell myself that if i was ready for success, I would have it. Tell myself to keep working hard and that my time will come when I'm ready. Having a little faith goes a long way. My faith comes from experiences collected and knowledge gathered stating that If i work hard enough, i will make it. I must have faith in myself and the universe that if i put forth necessary efforts and set things in motion, the world will respond on its own. The hardest part is maintaining this mindset through the ups and downs of life. No matter how inspired the night before whilst setting my alarm to wake up early and be productive, i can't seem to find reasons not to stay in bed. It takes me getting up and looking at my white board or planner to realize the steps necessary to get back to my true self. Down days seem to be the same, days with an unexplained meh feeling can be hard to shake off until i decide to look at my track record. Words of wisdom from myself such as these, my music, videos and all other accomplishments no matter how small. These are ways i've found helpful to find my true self and shake off that feeling. Thus down days becoming down moments. Thru awareness, i've managed to stop playing the martyr and feel sorry for myself, iv'e changed my depressed mindset and fought anxiety attacks. It's been amazing witnessing my thought process as i change my mood and gain back control of my thoughts and actions.Granted you have to do research and know your true self. I know exactly who i am constantly work on improving those areas i'm not happy about. If you work toward improving yourself, over time, you will. Simple as that.