Coding. Where to start.

The hardest part in learning about the magic of computers, is knowing where to start!

Published by RickC

1. Lost in the Dark

So much of the tech that we use on a day to day basis seems to work like magic.  You may have heard of some programming language names, but you have noidea what is what. This is a situation I found myself in early 2016. Thankfully I ran into a programmer and I paid him to explain to me the magic behind the apps. Mind you no coding was done, I literally paid this man just to get me out of the dark. Allow me to shine the light for you, and free of charge!

1. Understand that there are a million ways to build an app,each with its own style. Each one of these technologies or "stacks" are constantly changing.  Breathe. Everything will be ok

2. Go to right now and  pick either ruby or python. This is not like picking your starter pokemon, just pick one and get on with it. 

3.  Ask yourself how badly do you want it and be honest with yourself with your level of discipline.  It was priceless for me  and I have 0 self discipline , so I paid $10,000 for a full web immersive bootcamp at wyncode academy. It was the greatest decision I ever made.  Other routes include web courses  and bootcamps for those with time constraints, on a budget and have great self discipline.