Branding and Marketing

Branding is Strategic, Marketing is Tactical. Brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. Marketing may contribute to a brand , but the brand is bigger than any marketing. For eg: Apple is a brand, Marketing is done for new product launches of Apple. Brand is built from many things Experience with that brand, Reliability, Quality Standards, Uniqueness, Marketing increases the sales Branding increases the base of Loyal customers( Brand Loyalty). Marketing is a part of Branding.

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Points to remember for the perfect digital marketing strategy

Be visionary 1.Set your goals right.Just make sure that you get a clarity on what do you want to acheive 2.Chalk out the way research is to be done. List down the flow, this is the most important step as it gives us the path to be followed 3.Understand the potential of the market, the Part of the market or the section of people you need to target 4.Research results might vary depending on Time, weather, seasonality etc.Choosing the most appropriate time is very important 5.Select modes of platform through which you want to target the audience 6.Select the right tools to analyze the data 7.Start planning according to the results obtained 8.Replan from step 1 This is more of a cyclic process, because we always try to improve and be better than our yesterday.


AIDAR model A - Awareness I - Interest D - Desire A - Acquisition R - Retention This model defines different stages of marketing. Multiple marketing campaigns are run targeting the audiences. The target audience purely depends on the business you do.