Earth Warriors

It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolution and now are determined to "wake up" everyone to let them know how peace made them "weak". Little by little, planets fell under the hegemony of the warmongering race. On planet Earth, which was in a period of recovery from war, took one of the worst hits from their onslaught. Despite the efforts from various Earthling governments, the Zlocu smashed most of their forces badly that in two weeks, the Zlocu occupied 80% of Earth (Africa, Southern part of South America, Parts of Central America, Parts of Southern Europe, Most of North America, half of Middle East until the Arabian peninsula, all of the Asian part of Russia and most of Asia and the pacific excluding Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand). Everything seems hopeless until a group of celestial beings called "The Guardians" start to intervene in the conflict, and gives Humanity and other unoccupied races extra weapons and supplies to keep up with the Zlocu, even if it's a tied equipment. This gives various planets including Earth a fighting chance against the oppressive Zlocan rule, but their reason lies within the discovery of the four physical incarnations that represent the principles of the Universe itself, all of them found on planet Earth. The hope of victory for Earth lies within 2 factions, the United Earth Forces (UEF) the combined army of all remaining nations of Earth and a guerilla like force called "The Earth Warriors", formed by various survivors of the Zlocu invasion including scientists, cops, workers, and even normal civilians with extraordinary fighting abilities, lead by the chosen four of The Guardians. Now these two factions and other races must work together to defeat the Zlocu Empire and his reign of tyranny before its too late. A tribute to the favorite anime and Science Fiction works of the 80s to the early 21st century, this is one tale to witness.

Published by Luigiman




The universe, a mysterious place full of secrets and wonders, some planets are filled with hope, some are filled with despair. Millions of species exists and living with each other, but some species are living alone because they don't have reached enough technology to travel across the stars, for instance: us.

With the development of science and society, it seems that the universe is a peaceful place, though it might be stretching it saying it. While war has existed in every society on every planet, there has been no conflict that expanded across many planets, and luckily there are those who don't have wars at all, this is thanks to the Intergalactic Committee of Planets, where they use diplomacy to squash wars away and help the ones who became traumatized by war, it seems that everyone in the universe can live in peace for a long time, until now.

In the planet Zlocu, a general called Malgan Tomentradi, who served the army of his family, believed peace is hindering the "natural progress of the universe itself, who in his words, it's a space where the evolution and grow of beings to become strong is their natural step and therefore, softening it up will mean the next step of evolution will be stopped, destroying the purpose of existence as whole. He launched a coup against the royal family, executing all of them. Now, as the new supreme ruler of planet Zlocu, he told his people that the Zlocan race suffered various years of war, strife and poverty, all while "peace " reigned in it and now they became a great civilization, but to prove it, they have to demonstrate their militaristic power to everyone, in other words, declaring war as way to begin the next step of "evolution". 

After months and months of preparations, Malgan finally created the largest army of the universe, the Zlocan Galactic Army. Afterwards, he started the great conquest, which proceeded to conquer many planets at the same time. Many planets and civilizations fell under the grip of the Zlocan army. In response to this, the ICP began the formation of the Coalition of Planets to fight against the Zlocu Empire, unfortunately, the numbers were too great for the Coalition and the ZGA was so powerful that in 3 cycles (2 human years), the Eastern half of the galaxy has been taken over by the Zlocu. With billions of lives at stake, the CP tried to recruit many races not part of their government to stand against the ZGA, but that was not enough to stop them, it only delayed their actions.

On Earth, Humanity was trying to recover from the scars of the 40 month conflict, a "group" of wars that happened around the world that were so significant that it was believed as just one big conflict. The economies were in ruins and various governments tried to establish laws to appease all its citizens to prevent revolutions. However, these were all interrupted when the Zlocu invaded Earth, first in the form of giant meteorites and then in light speed warping battleships. The first wave arrived in Africa, parts of Russia, the Chinese-Mongolian border, East India and Central Asia. The second wave arrived in Southern US, the Falkland Islands, Argentina and Northern Canada.  By 2 weeks, 80% of Earth was occupied, leaving parts of North America, the Northern tip of South America, the Arabian peninsula, the rest of Europe, the European part of Russia, Japan, Korea, East Indonesia, some islands in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand remain to fight against the Zlocu. 

At this point it seems that nothing can stop the Zlocu now, but at the last moment, a shine of hope started to appear in the lonely blue planet...

1 - Rise of the Heroes

Somewhere in the middle of the Stanislaus National Forest located in California, there was a chase, not just an ordinary chase but a hunting chase. Zlocu spaceships were surrounding most of the forest, it seems that even in the face of war, the forest doesn’t look damaged, Zlocu machine walkers were moving in a very fast manner like a Leopard chasing its prey. The “prey” they are chasing is a human who has medium height, with brown eyes, a button nose, Caucasian skinned, brown slicked hair with one spike hair, he was wearing a red T-shirt and green pants, he looked tired and dirty, his face covered with dust and mud, but nonetheless he continued to run as fast as he could.

But he was not alone, on the other side of the forest there was another man running as fast as he could, this time from soldiers. He has medium height like the man in the red shirt, but this he was dark skinned with a lighter tone, with yellow eyes. With a black short spiky hair, a sharp nose with a red scar on his nose bridge, he was wearing glasses, a white lab coat and  a blue shirt, he didn’t look dirty like the other man but he still didn’t look very clean.
Again, neither the man with red shirt nor the scientist looking guy were the only ones running, near the lake, there a humanoid looking creature, not a human but looked human, it has feature of a female being, but her skin looked greyish blue, with droopy ears with a green circular earring. With red eyes, no nose, a yellow little ribbon on her forehead, green wings and light green coloured parted hair. She was wearing a black cape, a light green tooth armor with light green flame shoulders, a miniskirt and light green heavy braces. She looked she was  trying to counterattack an unknown enemy, perhaps a Zlocu foe or an animal, who knows, the forest is too dark to see in the sunset. Alas, she is also not the only one hunted. Near Route 108, there was a girl who is running away from Zlocu drones, trying to capture her. She was Caucasian with a dark tone, with green eyes, wearing a blue hairband, brown long wavy hair with a white sleeveless shirt with the flower pin on the left side of the shirt, she also wore the neckwear of a black dragon. Like the rest, she looked dirty and tired, but likewise, she was also running bravely enough from its enemies. 

They kept running and running until from a split second, they collided with each other face to face. They were briefly unconscious for 2 minutes until they woke up simultaneously and the man with red shirt felt dizzy for moment. Actually, all of them were dizzy.
“Ugh, my head, huh? Woah, Woah!, watch were you goin´!” Said the man with the red shirt.
“Look who is talking!” Said the scientist looking guy,
“No no no no no! Don’t argue in this moment, there is danger around us right now!” Said the girl.
They started to argue with each other in a very aggressively manner, almost bordering to a fight.
The humanoid looking girl was scared for a moment, stepping back from them, thinking they were going to attack her, but to her surprise, when they saw her fear, they stopped arguing and started to comfort her.
*Empire City Night from Sonic Unleashed plays*
“P-p-please, Do-on-on-t hurt me, dear hu-uu-mans” the humanoid girl stuttered nervously.
“There there, don’t be scared, we are not gonna hurt you. I´m just in a hurry, there are some…aliens roaming around here.” Said the man with the red shirt.
“Hey wait a minute, you are an alien too ,right? ” said the human girl.
“Huh?” The alien girl replied confused. “What do you mean by ”Alien”, dear human?”
“Well, an alien is a term we “Earthlings” use to describe beings that are not from our planet, for instance you” said the scientist looking guy.
“Really? Well with that description I think it also fits to you in my world. After all, we are aliens in every way”
“Hahahaha! That’s a pretty statement you got there, tell me, what tricks do you have, do you fly, do you fight, do you fly, do you breathe underwater, anything? ANYTHING?” Said the human girl rapidly like a car engine.
“Well I can fly with these wings…And something else that's amazing but I can’t do it right now”
“Why not?” Said the scientist looking guy
“Because it might attract the attention of the Zlocu.” 
“The Zlocu?” The man with the red shirt asked
“The Zlocu are the most dangerous species you could ever imagine. Ever since the war started, they were quickly conquering planets with their sheer strength and they even conquered my planet. Only me and my brother were able to escape, we thought this planet would be safer to live.”
“Yet they came here, these aliens want power that badly?” The scientist replied.
“Unfortunately yes.”
“Well now, let’s keep the rest of the story for later. By the way, can I know all of your names?” the man with the red shirt asked.
“Yes, I am Amira Dhorian from planet Sorania.” said the humanoid looking girl.
“Seiner Butch” The scientist replied.
“I’m Tania Maestas, but you can call me Tany, nice to meet you all!” The girl said.
“Well, my name is Logan Preaker, at your service.” The man with the red shirt replied.
“Its very enchanting to know you all dear humans, I think maybe you are not as bad as Varris said.”
“Who the heck is Varris?” Seiner asked.
He's my brother, since we arrived here he heard that his uncle crash landed here on Earth on a desert, Roswell to be exact”
“You mean in 1947? I knew the government was hiding that important secret!”
“You know that all along? Well that’s very interesting, well, as I was saying, Varris started to have a grudge against humans when he heard that they made cruel experiments on him”
“Oh my, that’s very dreadful to hear, but surely they knew their mistake right, right? Tania asked.
“I´m afraid I don’t know that, but its very likely that given their nature, they regret nothing”
“Don’t worry Amira, I’m pretty sure they did” Logan replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Well you see…”
Just as he was about to answer the question, Zlocu soldiers and machines popped out of nowhere, surrounding them.

“Oh no! They found us! How can this be possible?!” Seiner shouted.
“Because we heard you all!” One of the soldiers replied.
“Enough talk! Knights, terminate those weaklings in front of me and prove that we are the strongest!” Said one of the generals. 
And just as they were about to fire, a bolt of light rained down across the sky, which suddenly landed on the ground and created a barrier that started to expand not only on the forest, but also on North America and much of Earth and the Western part of the universe. This created a kind of shield that prevents the Zlocu from attacking a territory.
The 4 persons suddenly encountered themselves in a white empty place, as if they are in the afterlife.

“What the?! Where are we?” Logan asked.
“You are in the chamber of the chosen ones. We have waited you after a long wait.” A mysterious voice replied.
“Who said that? Show Yourself!” Seiner demanded.
The voice came from a blue glowing orb, then it was accompanied by a green orb, an orange orb, a red orb and a yellow orb.
“Greetings Humans and dear Soranian. it's a pleasure to meet you here.” The green orb said. 
“Who are you?” Amira asked.
“We are the Guardians, we are the observers of this universe, we are your guiders.” Said the orange orb.
“Guardians, observers? Oh boy this seems like if we are in some sort of catholic school but far more spiritual, so what are you gonna do huh? Teach us the meaning of life, the secrets of the universe, who we are, ANYTHING?” Tania replied again in a fast manner.
“No no, we are here to give you an important power to you dear beings.” Said the red orb.
“If you didn’t know already, this precious universe we created is under the threat of the Zlocu Empire, they want to change the order in this universe, they want to turn it into a totalitarian empire, where the “Weak” are eradicated and only the strong race survives.” Said the yellow orb.
“If you created our universe then why you didn't help us already?!” Seiner said.
“It is because one of the principles in our states that we must not intervene when a great cataclysm starts, we thought that our creations could handle the Zlocu alonw, they even asked for help but we refused. We insisted that they were strong enough to deal with them.” 
“But now as they reached the Central line, it became clear that they alone could not survive to the grip of the Zlocu. So we are now using our last resort. At the same time, we finally found the ones part of the prophecy.”
"Which prophecy?" Logan asked.
"One in which the physical incarnations of the main principles of the Universe, Courage, Justice, Unity and Freedom will appear together, ready to know their destiny."
"Our destiny?"
"Chosen ones...Us? It must be true after all..." Amira said
"You'll find out soon. And yes fellow one, yours alone."
“Speaking of another thing, this last resort is that we will bring you Humans and other species extra weapons and vehicles to fight against the Zlocu, this will give them a fighting chance.”
“But that doesn’t mean that you now have more superiority to the Zlocu, we have to give fair share to both sides in war like this.”
“That’s sounds good, but we have to ask: what do you mean by chamber of the chosen ones?” Logan asked.
“This chamber is the place where the warriors as stated by the prophecy are chosen to defeat a great threat to the galaxy are brought here in case of this event, with our everlasting energy, you will gain powers that you can´t possibly imagine, ones that can symbolize the very meaning of the principles themselves. And By looking at your skills, they'll be manifested in these forms of yours.”
“Show us...We'll ready for anything.”
"We'll do.”

The orbs then started fuse together creating a light of energy that suddenly brings a flow of energy towards the minds of the 4 persons.

“With the power of the everlasting fruits of courage, justice, unity, freedom and peace, we grant the powers of polemistí̱s to you” Suddenly, the four persons are now being covered with a white aura that transforms their bodies.
“To you Logan Preaker, you have a heart of pacifism, the thought of a traveler, and the might of a knight, we grant you, the sword Coraggio and and the armor of the brave one.”
“To you Seiner Butch, your intellect brings a lot of answers to impossible questions and can lead to the greatest creations of the universe, we grant you, the collection of the technologist.”
“To you Amira Dhorian, you have the thoughts of the princess of great peace, you have the words of the kind one and the strength of the thinker, we grant you, the might of the eternal cosmos.”
“To you Tania Maestas, you thoughts and actions are too many and varied, but all of them contain surprises which might enlighten your friends around, we grant you, the power of the thousand wishes and spells.”
“The reunion has ended, the power is now yours but we will grant you greater might than ever, but you will use it on your darkest hour, may the great Guardians guide you.” 

The orbs then disappeared and the white barrier started to vanish. Back on the forest, the confused knights are trying to find out what is happening, not knowing where the four people went.

Suddenly, One of the machines was cut in half, then one of the drones exploded by a laser bolt, the group became more and more confused, the general started to order them to shoot everywhere but before he could finish the order, he and others were levitating in the air with a surrounding green aura, after a brief pause, the group of soldiers are thrown away to a far away place. With the panic increasing as more drones and walkers are being destroyed by slashes and laser fire, the remaining group of soldiers are then pierced with ice arrows, launched at an unknown distance. 
All of the soldiers were killed except for one, he was scared and nervous and not knowing what is happening, just before he could know it, he saw a group of four individuals. He could not see them clearly because of the smoke, he stepped back for from them a bit. Finally, the smoke cleared, and the these ones turned out to be none other than: The same four persons that were running away from them!

Logan Preaker now was wearing a red heavy armor, with a future should, plate gloves, jeweled braces and a green sword.

Seiner Butch still had the same clothes but this time, his waist was full of chrome boxes, as it was the equipment he was given and wielded a golden blaster.

Amira Dhorian looked also the same, but this time she wielded a red light sword and possessed telekinetic powers.

Tania Maestas was now wearing a white vest with yellow lines around her sleeveless shirt, wearing a blue staff with a green orb on it with white bandaged hands, as if to protect her from rough terrain.
The Knight could not believe what he saw and just as he was about to run away, he was grabbed by Amira.

“Ho-ho-how could this be?! We thought you were defenseless!” The Knight asked nervously.
“We were, but not anymore. Now answer me, where is my brother, where did you take him?!”
“You´ll never know, my loyalties will be always with my Kujar (Emperor in Zlocan), my secrets will never be spoken to the likes of you!”
“Oh really, well, let’s see if you can resist this”
Tania then summoned a spell, making the appearance of a fire sword, slowly approaching the panicking Knight.
“Life or death, the choice is yours!” Tania replied.
“No no no NO!!!, I'LL TALK! But please get that thing off me!”
“As you wish, dummy!” Tania then raised her staff and the fire sword disappeared.
“Your brother… Has been taken away to a far away place you´ll never reach that easily.”
“WHERE EXACTLY?!” Amira shouted.
“I'll give you a clue, its on the air, on the sea and on the ground, but you need more than eyes to find him.”
After a brief pause, she let him go, running deep into the forest.

Amira then gives a saddened look on her face, as if she was uncertain about something,
“Something wrong Amira?” Logan asked.
“My brother...if the knight´s words are true, then my journey to rescue him might take years to complete, but otherwise he would have been killed already. I'm supposed to sense him but now I can't...” Amira replied in a saddened tone.
“Don’t worry Amira, with the new power we have in our hands, we will not only find your brother, but save the universe from the Zlocu, isn’t that right guys?” Logan said as he glanced to Seiner and Tania.
“Well, I guess so yes. But we must not get too cocky on this, remember what they said: Our new weapons will give an equal advantage to the Zlocu, but we are not more superior than the Zlocu now, we must be cautious Logan.” Seiner replied.
“But still, I can´t wait to show my powers to my friends! If they were here anyways.” Tania replied.
“Hehe, OK you two, we now know what is true. But the 4 of us can’t be the only ones trying to fight off the Zlocu in this planet, we need to find more, more brave persons who are willing to stand against tyranny, oppression and greed. For now on, we are no longer ordinary people, we are the Earth Warriors.”
“That’s kinda of a ridiculous name you know.” Seiner replied.
“But it fits us Seiner. Anyways, this has been a rough day for all of us, now we take a rest, but tomorrow, our great journey starts.”
“Yep Yep Yep! That is going be the greatest vacation of my life! More than in Paris or Tokyo or Berlin!”
“I don’t think we can call this a “Vacation” Tany, we have enemies in this journey so is not going not to be that easy.” Seiner replied.
“Oh well,” Tania then yawned. “I think I’m becoming sleepy right now.”
“Very well, come on guys lets head to a place where we can sleep.”

The four “Earth Warriors” then departed into the unknown, about to take a good a rest but now about to embark on a journey that will be dangerous but they must do it for the sake of humanity, freedom, peace and the entire universe in general.
The great quest of freedom has begun.

2- New Friends, New Foes

The dark desert of Nevada, a place full of mysteries and tragedies, it was the place where the Nuclear tests were done by the American government during the  second world war and cold war. But that is not the most interesting aspect of said desert. This aspect is the enigmatic Area 51. While official reports say that is actually just a USAF base for prototype planes, many people believe that it is actually a base containing secrets coming from outer space, including extraterrestrial life.
It later turned out to be actually true, because it was occupied by the Zlocu during the invasion, now the base serves as F.O.B for Zlocu activities in North America.

Inside the main room of the base, there was a man wearing a fedora hat, black visor, with robotic-like ears, black armor with a green jewel in the center, black pants, red plate gloves, red heavy brace and two bags on his back, likely containing some sort of technological equipment. His name is Raven, the leader of the Human Inquisitors, a group of Humans who cooperate with the Zlocans, voluntarily or forced.
“Sir, we have someone waiting at the door, he's requesting to talk to you about what happened this evening.” Said someone in the intercom.
“Understood, bring him in” Raven replied.
The door opened behind him while he was sitting on his desk, the man that was waiting is the same knight that escaped the Earth Warriors first attack, he looked traumatized and scared, likely due to his near death experience in the forest.
“I heard that the patrol in California got wiped out by a mysterious force right?” Raven asked.
“Yes sir, it was very unexpected, but very much! The attackers were a huge surprise” The knight replied.
“Who were they? Did you identified them?”
Yes, they we-ee-re, ugh, I don’t think you're going to believe this but, they were the same persons we were hunting!”
“So, the hunted becomes the hunter right? How is that possible? I hope you have a good excuse in why your team was wiped out by these hunted ones.
“I don’t know sir, for a moment we found four fugitives hiding in the woods, but then suddenly a white light appeared and we were blinded for a moment. Afterwards, the light disappeared, and so were they! We tried to find them again, but suddenly, our walkers and drones started to get trashed by something, then the general was levitated by something and he was thrown away, and ice arrows started to kill much of my comrades, it turned out it was them sir! The persons we were looking for! And one of them, likely the sister of the man we captured recently started to interrogate me so she can know where he was!”
“One of the last of the Soranians? I never expected that one of them was going to take revenge against the Zlocu for this. But tell me, did you slipped out our secret?”
“No, but I was forced to give a hint to them but don’t worry, they´ll never find our secret weapon!”
“I see, let’s hope that is the case.”
“Good, can I leave know sir?”
“I'm afraid not, you know the consequences of letting your comrades die and letting the enemy get some information, just like the old saying: Your brothers are your brothers, you must be always with them, even in death.
“No no no! Please! I do like being with my comrades but this is the first time it happens to me! Just please give me another chance, I swear to you that we will find these weak humans for killing my brothers and demonstrate that we-“
As just as he was continuing his rant, he suddenly stopped speaking, as if something affected him, he was stabbed in the chest on the back by a metal claw, coming from a hand, the hand that belongs to Raven himself. After a brief pause, Raven took out his claw out of the knight's chest and later kicked him out of his table. The Zlocu may have the best soldiers, but the consequences of failure are grave.
“Failure is not an option in this empire.” Raven replied callously.
“He´s done, take him out, let’s hope he has time in reuniting with his brothers.” Raven said to the guards standing outside.
The guard did as he said and took the dead Knight out of his room, later, Raven sat on his desk again, crossing his fingers while thinking about what happened.
“This seems really interesting, a group of humans going from weaklings to warriors, they may think that their new founded strength may stop us, but we have our Humans as well, I’m pretty sure they will hesitate into killing one of them. Soon they will witness the power of the four top Inquisitors of the Zlocu.”

Back on the Stanislaus National Forest, it all looked green and shiny. Even with the destruction committed by the Zlocan patrols, the forest still remained quiet like always. On a wood house, there were the four heroes resting well. They may have new powers but there is always a rest after a fight. Tany is the first one to wake up, making a long yawn that awakes the others.

“Good morning sleeping beauties! How was your sleep?”
“Ugh, gimme a break Tany, do we look like beauties in this moment?” Seiner replied
“I had a dream, a dream of being asleep. It’s a good morning though.” Logan replied.
“I'm good, thanks Tany.” Amira replied.
“OK, I like to hear that! Anyway, what’s today's plan?
“Well, we have 2 plans, 1: We must find other people are strong enough to stand against the Zlocu in this area, and if possible: reunite with the remaining armed forces in the country and convince them to let us join .”
“And what’s number 2?” Seiner asked.
“Find some breakfast before we starve.”
“Oh yes indeed Logie, I hope we can eat some delicious pancakes or better yet eggs before we start this beautiful journey! Let’s go find an Ihop or Cracker Barrel!” Tania replied.
“But there just one problem, we don’t have money and there are not restaurants here.”
“Don’t worry, I brought some apples from yesterday.” Seiner replied
“Good job Seiner, that was very nice of your part.” Amira said.
“Heh, no need to thank me Amira, It is always necessary to pick up things before setting up for another day, food included.”
“Well, that was very quick, good job Seiner, objective 2 complete.” Logan said as he grabbed the apple.
“Now it’s time for objective 1 right?” Seiner asked.
“Yes, but first let’s eat our apples, we can’t start a journey without an empty stomach.”

Sometime later, the group went out of the wooden house and proceeded to walk towards a river.
“Logan, I think walking will be hard in finding survivors, I suggest we use a vehicle with radar so could be faster and easier to locate.” Amira suggested.
“You're right Amira, we need to find a transport so we can go faster, but unfortunately I can't see a vehicle nearby.”
“Let me handle this Logan, ever since I gained technological powers, the guardians also gave me this chrome waist.” Seiner said.
“Is that waist containing some sort of transportation? How curious!” Tania said.
“IT IS Tany, but not just one, but many. I think the better choice is to go by air so we can find the survivors easily.”
“Good choice Seiner! But that wouldn't mean that Zlocan airships might find us more easily?” Amira asked.
“Don’t worry, my vehicles are programmed to go invisible if it detects an enemy nearby.”
“So much for gaining intelligence from these gods...Well enough talk, let’s go!” Logan said.
Seiner takes one of his cubic chromes, he presses a button in the center of the cube and a hologram of a helicopter appears.
“CHROME COPTER, ACTIVATE!” Seiner yelled as he launches the cube to the ground.
The cube suddenly starts gaining the form of the helicopter, first in wire-frame, then finally it becomes a fully solid object with chrome painting. This action makes Tania clap.
“Bravo! Que bien! This is absolute genius!”
“Quit it Tany, I know you are fascinated by great things but no need to shout like a cheerleader.”
“Talk later guys, we need to hurry up in our journey to save the universe.” Logan said.
“You´re right Logan, let’s go now!”
The group enters the helicopter. From the inside, it looks big and comfortable to rest and travel, but when it’s in a war zone, serious precautions are needed. Logan, Amira and Tania are the passengers while Seiner is the pilot.
“Hey Seiner, are you sure you can drive this thing?” Logan asked.
“Of course I am.”
“Since when?”
“Since today! You know what? Let’s just go already.” 
The helicopter took off in a gentle manner, traveling into the unknown.

The travel takes minutes and minutes, maybe even hours. Inside, Tany is sleeping while Logan and Amira are awake, waiting for the journey to end.
“Logan.” Amira said.
“Yes Amira?”
“Yesterday, you told me that maybe the scientists who experimented on my uncle likely regretted what they did, tell me, how can you can be sure of that?”
“Well, you see, Humans for years have tried to know the meaning of their actions, thinking if they were for the good or for the worse. Something these actions might take their morality to the limits. The Christmas truce of 1914 and the invention of the atomic bomb were proofs of such behavior. Our curiosity in trying to discover and prove new things has been a good trait for all humans, or it was supposed to be. But still, Humans can know their mistakes before and after, and might know how its curiosity has been driven by its limits.”
“That is so lovely to hear Logan, but, what if they don’t regret it?”
“Maybe they are not pure enough and science consumed them, but we humans want to do good for our most inner heart, maybe in this journey you will learn more about our nature, Amira.”
“Let’s hope so Logan.” Amira then hugged Logan in his shoulder, likely symbolizing a newly founded friendship between a human and an alien.
Not long after, the radar of the helicopter started to blip many times, meaning that life forms has been founded.
“We got signal! Life forms founded!”
“Alright! Finally some more friends to this great group!” Tania exclaimed.
“CHROME COPTER RETURN!” Seiner yelled again, this time the helicopter became wireframe again and later a chrome box again. The 4 heroes land safely on the ground from a surprisingly high altitude.
“OK, now where are these persons?” Seiner asked.
“Maybe these are the ones we are looking for! Wait…” Tania replied in a confused manner.
“Zlocan Knights!” Amira exclaimed. The exclamation, while not loud enough, could attract attention to a nearby patrol. As result, the Zlocu patrol turned to direction of the sound.
“Get down everyone!” Logan yelled to everyone, pointing to a nearby rock. Others followed the order.

*Occult from Samurai Warriors plays*

The Zlocu slowly approached the sound of the voice, slowly coming to Logan´s hiding place. Logan and his team prepare their weapons to attack if they get closer. The Zlocan knights was one step forward in finding them, but as they were about to turn around, 7 gunshots were heard, hitting the Zlocan patrol that was near the heroes. The heroes looked in surprise at what happened, this also meant one thing, they've just found another brave warrior. They get up from the rock to check the corpses until suddenly.

“Are you four OK?” Yelled the man from a distance,
“Yes we are! But who are you? Come here, we are not the enemy!” 
The man who shot the Zlocu was tall, dark skinned, blue eyes, black retro hair, a red scar on his left cheek, black sideburns, a purple buttoned trench and black pants. He's wielding a M9 Beretta on his hand.
“I am Jackson Bairman, you know may not know it, but I'm just one hell of a legend among the military, the Navy SEALs to be exact. Say, you must be the geeky legends I suppose?” The man said.
“Hey Hey, where are not geeks, we are the legends of the universe! We have power that you can’t possibly imagine, not unlike you, you, you legend..of..hunting..Seals right?” Tania said.
“Hahahaha! You obviously have no idea what a Navy SEAL is right?! Heh!”
“Yeah, I heard of them. They are the strongest warriors of the sea for the Yanks, but now, we don’t know if they can stop this war in this planet by themselves. Eh, whatever they feel like” Seiner replied.
“*Sighs* Yes, most of the bravest ones that I know were wiped out during the invasion, but someday, these aliens will know the hard way of messing with a SEAL.”
“Let’s introduce ourselves shall we? I’m Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors, he´s Seiner Butch, the brain of the group, she's Amira Dhorian from planet Sorania and she's Tania Maestas, the girl with crazy ideas.”
“Huh? Me with crazy ideas?” Tania replied.
“Sorania? She is not one of them right?”
“No I'm not. Are you Humans really that judgmental on people you don't know?
“Oh, sorry if I misjudged you Amira. We Humans are mostly skeptical in understanding in new extraterrestrial life-forms, but, it is a pleasure to finally discover that you are not one of them.”
“I wish the same thing could be said for my people.”
“What’s wrong?
“My world was destroyed by the Zlocu, the same ones that are attacking this planet, and now, me and my brother are the last of them. But if he wasn’t for Logan and these kind people, I would feel more alone than I was.”
“I’m sorry to hear that Amira. Anyway, are you trying to look for someone or something?”
“We are finding recruits for our group that is said to be destined to save the universe from the hands of the Zlocu. For what we saw, I think you can be welcomed to join this group where you can feel like a warrior again.” Logan replied.
“I would like to accept that, but under one condition, you must help me to find a friend that has been captured.”
“Who is it?”
“It’s about Lucy Henderson. She was alongside me trying to fight off the Zlocu, but yesterday when we were looking for other survivors, the Zlocu ambushed us and she was captured. Now I need your help, help me rescue her and we can be on your group.”
“OK, deal!” Logan said as he shakes Jackson's hand.
“I’m glad to hear that, but we need to find clues about her whereabouts.”

Amidst the conversation, a Zlocan knight started to crawl to a place while groaning, the group notices this and approaches the knight to interrogate him.
“Now tell me, have you seen a girl with glasses and looks like a reporter?!”
“Ugh, you mean the one we captured recently?! Ha! She is in the north camp, but she will be extracted to Area 51 for Inquisisation! You'll never reach her in time!” the Zlocan said.
“Damn you!” Jackson said as he knocked the Zlocan knight out cold.
“How can we reach the north camp in time?! We can´t do it in foot! There has to be some kind of transportation here.” Jackson exclaimed.
“Take it easy old man, I got this.” Seiner said as he took out one of his chrome boxes.
“What’s that?”
Seiner yelled as he threw the box to ground and transformed into a helicopter.
“Whooie! Did that box just turned into   helicopter? That is pretty damn good for a boy like you!”
“Enough talk, let’s head out to that camp and rescue Lucy Henderson!” Logan said as he and the others boarded the helicopter.

The camp was in fact Beale Air Force Base now turned into a Zlocan base. The famed aircraft stationed on the base have now been replaced by Zlocu walkers, tanks and ships.
The occupation also meant that some nuclear missiles are in possession of the Zlocan forces.
Inside in one of the air fields, there was a chained person in the wall between old planes.
That persons had orange plastered hair with a puffy tail, pink eyes, glasses, a green heart earring, red sharp neck-wear, a camera around its neck, black dress vet, a light yellow long sleeve shirt and blue pants. It was Lucy Henderson, the captured reporter. She looked a bit dirty but she still looked fine.

The gates of the airfield suddenly started to open, revealing four persons entering.

The first person was the sadistic Raven.
The second person, was a human male, with white blue hair with a ponytail, yellow eyes, a black bandana on his forehead, an earring of a red cross, a large orange scarf, a green kung-fu shirt, black vest, green baggy pants, a brown satchel, blue half gloves and an armband on his left arm. He is Dakrin Cavendish, the arrogant swordsman of the Inquisitors.
The third person has yellow skin, purple short hair that covered her green eyes, with highelf like ears, a blue star earring, a cyan layered neckwear, an orange cheongsam with red lines, a red vest, a black dragon armor, black spike shoulders, white gloves, black linked braces, and a black uniform pant. She was Yamja Tomentradi, the daughter of the Zlocan emperor, Malgan.
The final person was a blonde with pulled hair, a black eye patch on her right eye, a crimson pearl neck, a blue metallic ear set on her left hear, likely to communicate with its comrades. She wore a purple shoulder less shirt, black fingerless gloves and brown shorts. She was Jane Worren, the most deadliest female mercenary of the UK. All 4 of them are part of the Human Inquisitors, they are the deadliest of them all.
“So, look what we have here, a lady who tried escape from the righteous ones, an act of absolute cowardice and opposition, a lady who comes from the far away land of Scotland, the land of the brave and yet you tried to escape from us, how ironic. Now tell me young lady, where is the UEF base?” Raven
“Eh, Ye hink ye can break me?! Ah can stain varioos ways ay torture, nae e'en th' aggresife ones can make me gab!” Lucy said in her thick Scottish accent.
Dakrin then punched her in the face two times.
“Yeah right, you may stand fists but I bet you can’t stand mine, the fists of the powerful warrior!”
“I don't think so pretty boy, I think we need something else rough to make this human bitch talk. Let’s see if she can stand my knife!” Yamja said while taking out her knife and slashing her arms, making them bleed extensively, but Lucy still could resist the pain.
“Hahaha, nae e'en blades ay thes kin' can break me. yoo´re aw jist a boorichie fools fa can´t hae standards towards a quine!
“I know that this is something you don’t want to endure, but you need to relent Lucy, sometimes it is for the safety for you to stay alive without suffering too many wounds.” Jane said in a harsh but fair tone. Indeed, she only joined the Zlocu only for money, not for power, but still, she was a deadly mercenary with a heart.
“Ah ken jane, but still, mah loyalty is for the good of mankind an' e'en Ah main die tryin' toresist, nobody can break a good girl like, a great mukker says 'at! nae unlike yer words, ye grottie mercenary.”
Raven then pulled its claws out, proceeding to slash most of Lucy´s chest, she was groaning in pain but she still could withstand it.
“Everyone breaks Lucy, pain is a tool used to solve everything, pain is the tool that makes everyone beg for mercy. It is the feeling that makes you feel that you are becoming a honest person, a person who is willing to sacrifice everything for its own survival, it makes you an absolute warrior, it is the most natural thing for a Human being Lucy.”
“Kiss… me… ass, Raven.” Lucy retorted.

Far away, the chrome copter was approaching from the distance, the rescue is going well at the moment.
“Beale Air Force Base? This's the camp?!” Seiner asked as in shocked manner.
“The Zlocu attacked in large numbers, especially since our armed forces in California started to dwindle, and thus, the Zlocu faced little resistance in the occupation of the Western coast.” Jackson replied.
“Damn, but it's not just that, I watched my home being occupied them, not to mention seeing my family and friends die in that attack, these Zlocan monsters will pay for what they did.” Logan replied.
“Same here, I wish I could squash their heads to oblivion for massacring my school and teammates!” Tania said.
“We´re all desperate for their deaths isn’t it? But you musn't give yourself to such hatred.” Amira asked.
“Enough talk everybody, we´re getting near the enemy zone, it’s time for stealth mode!” Seined as he pressed a button on the cockpit. The helicopter suddenly turned invisible.
“Nice work Seiner...but, how are we supposed to rescue her without being seen while  we land?” Amira asked.
“Watch this.”

Seiner then pressed a button. Although invisible, the chrome copter's wings suddenly transformed into laser guns, machine guns and missiles, ready to fire in combat.
“This is where the fun begins…” Seiner then pressed a button, and the copter´s weapons started to fire in a very wild manner, destroying many vehicles in its path.
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Dakrin shouted.
“An attack, it seems one of your friends brought reinforcements, right?” Raven asked.
“Maybe he didne called them, but surely Jackson will wipe aw ay ye for takin' me away'!
Dakrin then knocked her out cold.
“I suggest we kill this bitch to make sure that they don´t get her in time!”
“No, we will not, we'll settle this in a face to face duel.” Raven responded.
“But Raven!”
“Listen to him Cavendish, He's doing something honorable than killing her, you will obey him just as I do!” Jane interrupted him.
“OK, whatever, if only I was in charge of this...”
The Chrome copter entered the hangar and it became a chrome box again called by Seiner.
“So, the reinforcements just arrived to rescue this escapee, and it seems that one of them is a delicious match in this duel” Yamja said, referring to Amira.
“You… I´ll make you pay for what you did to my family!”
Dakrin noticed Logan's Coraggio sword, then responded: “You sword looks cool young man, but it´s power is not compared to my Dynami!”
“Lets see about that!”
“Enough talk, let’s fight.” Raven said.

A great battle ensued, Logan and Dakrin fought each other with their swords, parrying, blocking and slashing were most of their actions.
Raven fought against Seiner and Jackson with most of their weapons, although none of them managed to hit each other, they proved their skills and abilities to each other.
Yamja and Amira fought each with their laser blades, striking each other furiously, one for revenge and one for obsessions, its like if the Soranians and Zlocans were mortal enemies for a long time.
Tania and Jane fought each other, demonstrating their contrast of magic and technology, they dodged most of each other´s attacks but still prove powerful enough to impress each other.
The battle lasted for too long, until finally, despite some injuries, the heroes proved victorious against the villains.

“Damn you and your team!” Dakrin said.
“It appears that we've just found our match, this will make an interesting turn in this war. Farewell, “Earth Warriors”.”
“Farewell Miss Dhorian, next time, I will be stronger!” Yamja said.
“I may not get the money but at least I´ve made a good match, farewell lads.” Jane said.
“It’s over, but we will meet again, someday.” Logan said in a very tired tone.
“Lucy! She's hurt. Did she managed to not break in the interrogation …?” Jackson said in a shocked tone.
“Let’s hope she resisted, also, she looks badly hurt, she needs a medic now. We need to find a hospital before she dies.” Amira said.

An hour passes by and Lucy awakes in the Chrome copter, surprisingly looking fine and well.
“Whaur... where am I?” She asked.
“Oh Lucy! You're safe now, thank god for the medicine she provided.” Jackson said.
“I did! I'm Tania, the magical school girl who has many powers including healing! She´s Amira the alien, he's Logan the leader, I’m glad that you are OK!”
“An alien, HAUR?! thes is ootstandin'! Ah kent 'at mah fowk was wrang. Anyway, as Ah was askin', who´s drivin' thes?”
“Its Seiner boy, he's in the cockpit, he´ll be glad to see you alive!”
Lucy gets up and went to the cockpit to see Seiner.
“Ye ur pilotin' thes? Ye swatch tae yoong tae drife”
“Yes I am.”
“Sae whit dae ye caa thes hin', anyway?”
“The Chrome copter.”
“‘At is pure queer.”
“Shut up.”
“Awe rite. sae, whit place are we going?
“Some place the Zlocu may not find us. Say, did they got something from you?”
“They tried to find out where th' base was, a base located near th' safe one. But luckily, ye arrived jist in time just as they were about to blow my head off and going bloke in hell afterwards.”
“That’s good to hear, I think you should tell Logan about it, since he´s recruiting people for the group.”
“OK” Lucy then leaves the cockpit and approaches Logan to talk to him.
“Yoo´re recruitin' people right?”
“Yes, I´m looking who are willing to stand the Zlocu. Me, Seiner, Amira and Tania are the first members of this group, we are looking more to gain strength and to prove that we are not weak, would you accept?”
“We do, Logan. After what happened at the Airfield, I knew that you had potential to fight these alien bastards, the one took away most of your families, including mine. But you are also starting to show great potential to become great leader, we had many leaders in the past but you are a new generation of ones in the world, you are in fact becoming the youngest leader known to mankind.”
“Thank you Jackson. But right now, we need to find more survivors, more brave warriors for this war.”
“Like how many?”
“As much as we can find I guess.”
“Well, after that, we later find the UEF base somewhere this region, they'll provide greater help to our quest to save Earth.”
“That’s sounds good! Anyways, time for rest, tomorrow is another day.”
“Yeah, I'm tired now.”
Logan, Jackson and the others started to sleep except for Seiner, who was still driving the Chrome Copter towards a safe zone in the sunset. The journey still continues.

3 - Brotherhood

It was another night in the Nevada desert, Area 51 still looked very patrolled and militarized. A hover ship started to land on the helipad, inside the four inquisitors came out of the hover ship, they looked injured and dirty, all coming from the aftermath of their first battle against the Earth Warriors. On the entrance a person was present, it was Caucasian, bald but with black eyebrows, black dress shirt, brown trench coat and black pants. He was Jason Garreth, the infamous cop of New Mexico.

“I guess your faces and dirt means that you failed?” He asked.
“Why of course Mr Genius! We could had the chance to get the information but these idiots came in and ruined everything!” Yamja replied.
“What kind of idiots you say?”
“Ones that are worth the fight Jason, it seems that Jackson has gathered unexpected allies in his fight against us.” Raven said.
“Hehe, that Negro will later understand that we are people that shouldn’t be messed up with.”
“Now now, no time to get rushed, we must heal ourselves for tomorrow, and you will be needed in this operation Jason.”
“Very much! You must help us to get vengeance agains these idiots for defeating us!” Dakrin said.
“Patience Dak, you just met them recently and yet you look like shit now.”
“Enough talk, our Kujar is waiting for us.” Raven said.

They entered inside the building, where they walked until they settled on a huge computer room, full of screens containing images of Zlocu activities across the universe, including Earth, there was a lot chattering across the room, from operators communicating with their spies or some people having a chit chat.
“The Kujar (Emperor) is waiting for you sire.” A Zlocan knight said.
“Good, onscreen.” Raven said.
One of the screens started to show a face that wore a grey mask with red lines, it was none other than Malgan itself.
“Is everything under control, Raven?” Malgan asked.
“No. On our verge to achieve victory, The Guardians started to intervene in our conquest. Earth and the remaining planets regained their equipment to stand a chance against you, it seems you have unleashed their wrath, they really don’t want you to establish a galaxy under banner.”
“Bah! These Guardians are simply fools who don’t understand who is the righteous ruler of all existence, they may have written the rules but I’m gonna write new ones which they won’t deny!”
“That just sounds too defiant, remember that you are just simple being, not a god, people can’t transform into gods with simple power.” Jane replied.
“Forgive her for that rude answer daddy, she doesn’t know the true potential of your rule, you will soon become a god to everyone!” Yamja said.
“Well said my little doll, but remember, if you want to become my successor, you must prove your skills to your enemies, especially Humans.”
“Yes daddy!”
“Now where was I? Ah yes. Raven, you have to make sure that more humans are recruited in the inquisition if we need to defeat the "traitors. we must drain their numbers to ours."
“Right now, we have 500 inquisitors in our command, isn’t that enough?” 
“Not QUITE! In fact, we need to reach at least thousands if we need enough reserves for the next battles, we need to make sure the CP forces come to halt in our conquest, and we will show them that we are still the strongest even with the intervention of the Guardians!”
“Those are very strong words to hear Kujar, but there is an obstacle in our path, a group called the Earth Warriors. They were initially nobodies, but  now they are warriors that can match us, maybe they gained their powers from the Guardians. Their ideology of uniting survived Humans trapped in the occupied zones may endanger our task.”
“Is that so? Then either they will join us or die. Alas, it’s to early too think about it. We can talk later Raven. Until next time and good luck my little Y.”
“Understood, transmission over.”
The screen later turned black, indicating the broadcasting has ended.

In a far away camp in the wilderness, the Earth Warriors were walking down to a village, hoping they can find something.
“Ugh, we walked haur fur hoors an' yit we cannae fin' someain!”
“Patience Lucy, you should notice that the Zlocu captured or killed most of the people in this area, probably the remaining are hiding somewhere in those buildings.” Jackson said.
“Amira, will your be able to find them?” Logan asked.
“Let me try.”
Amira then put one of her fingers on her forehead, meaning she’s trying to communicate with somebody. After a moment of silence, she later opened her eyes.
“I feel… Something unknown. Not sure if its friend or foe, its on that…cabin over there.”
“Really? Is that all you can get?” Seiner said.
“I’m still too young to use my other powers Seiner, my telepathic powers can only reach beings, not identify them as friend or foe, although it can grow as I grow older, remember that.”
“OK, whatever you say!”
“Let’s hope it’s a friend because I really want to take a good rest after walking and walking for hours, and I don’t to walk thousands of more!” Tania said
The group went towards the cabin, but just as they were about to open the door, a Zlocan airship flews nearby.

“Zlocan ship, take over!!” Jackson yelled as the rest of the team started to hide behind the cabin.
The Zlocan airship then dropped 70 Zlocan knights, 35 Inquisitors and 2 walkers to the ground. The Zlocan airship then fled the scene.
“Damn bastards, jist ruinin' th' perfect chance tae fin' a survivur!”
“Stay calm Lucy, once they reach the cabin, we will strike with our strength.” Jackson said.

“Search around the perimeter of this area, you go to those cabins there, the rest of us will search here, understood?” A Zlocan knight said while he pointed his finger to the south.
“Yes sir, moving on now.” Said one of the inquisitors.
The Zlocan soldiers slowly approached the cabin our heroes were hiding, the tensions slowly rose among them as the enemy approached them.
“Get…Ready…” Logan said quietly.
The heroes started to ready their weapons as the Zlocan knights started to get closer to them.
“Set…NO-’’ But just about as they were going to attack, a window broke, and somebody jumped from there.

Without warning, somebody started to attack some Zlocan knights with a sword, the sword looked Persian with European metal from the 1st century.
“What the he-’’ said a Zlocan knight before he was pushed aside by the door opening from the cabin. Gunshots were heard, killing 9 Zlocan knights, the person came outside. It was a middle aged man with bald hair and grey eyebrows, he was wearing a blue dress shirt, black coat and a golden belt. He was shooting with 2 cyan colored Smith and Wesson Model 28.
The person wielding the Persian sword was a dark skinned lady with blue eyes, black smooth hair, purple light shoulders, black cape, green sharp neck, black stole scarf, purple cheongsam, purple low armor, purple single braces, black baggy pants and cyan colored arrows.
“Who are these guys?!!” Tania yelled.
“No need to speak now, we must attack! CHARGE!” Logan said as the others came out of hiding and started to fight the Zlocan knights.
The battle was a very tough one, as each fighter used every skill they knew, but it was easy to handle.

Logan slashed some of the enemies with his sword, Seiner fought with his laser blades, Amira used her telekinesis and her red light blade against the Zlocan walkers, Tania killed some enemies with fire and wind, Jackson dodges most of the bullets and manages to strike back with some of his weapons, Lucy fought with her yellow knife and her fists which was something she learned in the streets. Some minutes later, the battle ended with all the enemy forces dead or injured.

“Whew, that was a pretty close one.” Jackson said.
“You! Yes, you girl, I… know you.” The middle-aged man said pointing at Tania.
“Oh I know you too, you are…the cop that saved my life!” Tania.
“You know her?” the dark skinned woman said.
“Not quite, I’ve just meet her some days ago, but I remember her face very well, I saved her life from these stupid aliens.”
“You saved her?” Logan asked.
“Of course I did boy! There is a reason why I pointed at her! Or ya think that I'm just senile!?”
“Hey hey! Quit the chatter you two! Anyways, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, I’m Tania Maestas, the magical school girly girl!”
“Magical school girl?! Hahaha! That’s the geekiest title I’ve ever heard!”
“Excuse me??!”
“Oh sorry, it’s just too funny right? Anyways, I’m Eddie Wolfen, the Californian detective with a great sense of Justice.”
“I’m Malak Al-Zadi, the modern female Persian warrior.”
“Modern Persian warrior...that title is kinda stretch from a Muslim lady, especially from Iran.” Seiner said.
“Well now you see that is false now, ever since my country fell to the outsiders from space, I trained my skills with swords so I can regain the respect of my religion.”
“Interesting, well, I’m Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors, he’s Seiner Butch, the scientist of the team and this is Amira Dhorian, one of the last of the Soranians.”
“And the other Soranians you say?” Eddie asked.
“Just my brother, the others died on my planet.”
“Oh my, I’m sorry to hear that doostam (friend), but we’ll make sure that their deaths would not be in vain.” Malak said.
“Thank you so much Malak.”
“Anyway, I have a question: What are you doing here?” Eddie asked.
“We are travelling across the country, trying to find people who have the capabilities to fight against the Zlocan forces, we need at least enough members of this group to later enlist to the UEF armies that are stationed nearby.” Jackson said.
“You’re telling me that you want me and Malak to join this militia group of yours!? To later join the army?! Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh! Especially since you don’t look too professional enough to join the UEF as you say!” 
“Watch it Ed! You need to understand that it doesn’t matter if we look professional or not. What matters is our heroism.” Logan retorted.
“Heroism? Tell me young boy, what heroics did you and your group did?”
“Weel they saved mah life while Ah was bein' tortured.”
“Is that all? That’s just not enough! What I need for heroics is to do something more than rescuing people, something like, destroying important enemy equipment like factories or weapons. Me and Malak where on our way to infiltrate an abandoned factory that has been turned into an experimentation facility. I knew that from an interrogated alien. If me and Malak would join your group, then you need to show yourselves how fit you are to join a professional group by coming to that factory and discover something important. Agreed?”
There was a brief silence between the 2 groups for a moment.
“Those words were not very nice but if that’s true, then we accept the challenge Ed.” Logan said.
“That’s kinda of a stupid deal but I’ll go with it anyway.” Seiner said.
“Oh yay, more adventures to enjoy! More enemies, more friends, this so joyous!” Tania yelled with excitement.
“Now now Tany, no need to get overexcited over everything. You need to understand that this is a fight and fights are no fun.” Amira said to her.
“Fur a reporter 'at went tae a thoosands places, Ah woods agree wi' tany but och weel, Ah guess thes is serioos tae handle.”
“Girls, enough chit chat, let’s go.” Logan said as they began their travel to the factory.

The factory turned facility was located on a hill, inside a lot of activity was taking place, the downstairs chamber was filled with tubes containing test subjects being experimented, some of them looked normal, others not. On the other room, there was the brainwashing room, where captured people experienced torture under the hands of Inquisitors themselves so they can become inquisitors, screaming  and grunting is the sound that was mostly heard and the room, blood is seen anywhere in that room.  In there, Raven and his 4 Inquisitors where present, they approached a guy strapped in a bed, this man had blonde puffy spiked hair, black eyes, black dagger earrings, blue long shirt, black dress vest, orange loose pants and a golden watch on his left wrist, he was Andrei Olegovich, the Russian with a family that lived in the US since the 19th century.
“So how are you sleeping beauty, was your rest well? Well I guess yes, because your charming princes is now here.” Dakrin taunted.
“Как вы думаете, я считаю, что забавно, что вы идиот? (Do you think I find that funny, you idiot?)” Andrei replied in Russian.
“Even if your words are not in our tongue, you still don’t understand how capable we are for this planet stupid Ruskie. Ever since the end of the previous world war, your country has been trying to maintain a fragile union with other countries, but ultimately, that attempt resulted in failure because of the Zlocu, they are not invading us, they making Earth a better place, exterminating the ones that has been polluting this planet with ideals like multiculturalism and diversity, but now with them, we’re gonna restore Earth as it should be.” Jason retorted.
“Humans are different and diverse Jason, having it as only one color is the epitome of the racist ideology, and the extermination of the Slavs and Asians is not good either.” Andrei replied.
“Humans only accept other kind of people for the purpose of their own interests, they only accept other people just to please themselves.” Raven responded.
“And now with you here, we will reformat you to make you an obedient person to us.” Jason replied.
“You think so? You must learn that my spirit will never break for the likes of you, if you want to kill me for not turning on to you, it will be fine by me.”
“Really? Well it seems that you’re gonna eat those words when we inject you this.” Jason then showed a syringe with a pink liquid inside.
“Что это? (What’s that?)”
“Something that will make you into one of us, I heard that this substance can alter the system of the brain, it will erase most of your traits from your original persona, making the process of inquisisation easier.”
“But that’s just not good, trying to erase some of the person’s memories just to serve you? Unacceptable!” Jane protested.
“You reasoning is rather shallow Mrs. Worren, why are you with us here anyway? Money?”
Jane only reply was silence.
“That’s what I thought. Anyway, Andrei, say goodbye to your ideals.”
“YOU WILL NOT WIN!!!” Andrei yelled as Jason injected the substance to him.

Outside the factory, the Earth Warriors, Eddie and Malak were near, ready to infiltrate the place.
“So this is the factory you were talking about? Looks rather easy.” Jackson said.
“No need to get cocky Jack, you haven’t seen the inside of the factory yet.” Eddie replied.
“OK, now the deal is that we must infiltrate the factory to get something important and if we succeed, you will join our group right?” Seiner asked.
“Indeed yes Seiner, but first, we need to find out what’s inside so we can think our plan through. Amira, you and Lucy will go check the place, take this view-enhancing glasses and investigate what’s also beyond OK?” Logan said.
“Understood, Lucy, grab my arm, you’re gonna experience a bird flying.”
Suddenly, Amira started to fly at a high altitude, carrying Lucy with her as she shouted: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Luckily the flight wasn’t that long as the factory was just one minute flying. Amira and Lucy landed on the windshield of the factory where it could be seen from outside.
“Hehehe, sorry about that. Well then, let’s start to check.”
They put on their view-enhancing glasses to see what’s inside.

*Cavern from Metal Gear Solid plays*

“Checking, checking, checking, hmm I see many people working around this factory, Zlocans for most of the part, anything interesting?”
“Lit me see... bide there's somethin' oan 'at office oan th' left side, near th' elevatur, located atween a brig.”
“Scanning… It’s the inquisitors, 5 of them, they are checking something on the computer…Likely reading important documents their allies sent.”
“Guid. now let's check th' other rooms… Och god... tubes containin' humans.”
“Test subjects? That’s despicable to hear, I swear we’ll free those humans from their cruelty. Oh no… A-a-a tortu-re chamber, many humans… suffering…”
“Now that's somethin' interestin' tae see. dornt fash yerse amira, everythin' will be braw tae them. weel, uir wark is dain, time tae gang back tae th' others.”
Amira took Lucy again in her back and flew back to the team to inform them.
“Now that you made it, tell me, what are they doing? Chocolate?” Tania asked with no sense.
“Dumbass girl… DO YOU really think we came here for a chocolate factory?!” Seiner angrily replied.
“No no! I was just asking, I mean, there can be anything on that factory right, right?
“There is Tany, and there’s nothing good on it.” Amira replied.
“What does it have?” Malak asked.
“Death… and cruelty…. These poor souls…” Amira then started to tremble.
“Calm down Amira, whatever there is, we will do anything to save these persons.” Logan said as he consoled her.
“Nae only 'at, thaur is also likely important info located oan a computer upstairs.”
“Info you say Lu? I guess this will be very tricky to do, Eddie we’re ready.” Jackson said.
“Good, if you are worthy of leadership then let’s go!”
“FOR EARTH!” All of them said in unison as they started to wear jetpacks by Seiner and head off to the factory.

Inside, Andrei was lying unconscious on the bed for a moment after the injection by Jason Garreth, he woke up in a dizzy sensation, after a brief pause, he started to touch the metal part of the bed, but suddenly, his whole body starts to become metal after touching that part, he starts to panic for a moment because of the sudden transformation, attracting the attention of Zlocan knights.

But later, he takes advantage of the situation and manages to break free from the bed and punched the Zlocan knight so hard it knocks him out, the other knights notice this and start to shoot at Andrei, but not even the laser rays can make damage to the iron Russian. From the energy of the laser rays, he even creates a type of aura energy which he shoots red beams from his hands, causing further deaths to the Zlocans present in the room before returning back to normal flesh and making the tortured persons cheer. Impressed by his newfound powers, he’s now determined to save other people in the factory from death. He asked one of patients where is the switch that disables all metal locks of the bed, the patient pointed on the east, which is a simple switch. He pressed the switch and all of patients leave their beds on their way to freedom, taking the Zlocan weapons on the ground while running at the door.
“Я думаю, интересное только начинается! (I guess the fun has just begun!)”

Outside the factory, the group started to notice that the inquisitors are hearing the alarm and leave to check out.
“Wait, is that Jason Garreth?! I thought he was out of the day after I uncovered his crimes back in 2025!” Jackson said incredulously.
“Jason Garreth, a disgrace to law and order indeed!” Eddie said.
“Here’s the plan people, we must get to the office and check confidential documents from Zlocan activites and free the prisoners, let’s go!” Logan said as he and others started to break the window and jumped to the platform.
They rushed to the office when they started to check every part of the room, Seiner then started to check the computer.
“Hey, there’s something interesting you need to see!”
“What is it? A message from a computer?” Tania asked.
“Of course, look at this, an email sent by… Kedris Horiq.”
“Kedris Horiq, the general of the Zlocan army, a very dangerous foe you will meet.” Amira said.
“We shall see about that, anyways, we must insert this email in our pen-drive (Takes out pen drive and puts it on the computer.) Let’s hope this is quick.”
“Seiner make it quick! Yamja, Dakrin and Jason Garreth are coming and very fast!” Jackson said.
“Just nearly there! Nearly… DONE!!” Seiner quickly takes the pen-drive from the computer as the 3 Inquisitors break in.
“So, we meet again idiots, ever since my first defeat, I’ve been waiting for the rematch to come and now this my opportunity to do it!” Dakrin taunted.
“That’s what you’re gonna think! Jackson, Lucy, Malak, Eddie hold them off while Amira, Seiner Tania and I go find some survivors to rescue, give everything you got to defeat them!”
“Us? But why young boy?” Eddie asked.
“Because I want to you show that you too can be heroic just as we.”
“OK go!”
Logan and his 3 friends then jump from the office and proceed to go the test chamber.

In there, the group were terrified at the sight of trapped subjects, especially at the ones that has been horrifically modified. Amira is now more shocked.
“Amira, keep your cool, just keep it up fine.” Logan said to her.
“Golly! These persons look very infernal, but at least there are those that remained normal as ever, right, right?” Tania said.
“Why are you even here?” Seiner snarked.
“Keep it cool guys, we need to find the switch that will liberate these poor souls, then we go back to the other 4”

Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard, the door on the right side of the chamber exploded from an explosive. In there, Zlocan knights rushed in, ambushing Logan and his team.
“IT’S A TRAP!!!” Tania yelled.
“No need to fear Tany, you used your powers before, we can use them again to kick those guys asses, lets rock it!” Logan said.
Then the Earth Warriors start to fight off the Zlocan ambushers, they’re doing an impressive work in holding them back. Suddenly, as Logan is slashing some Zlocan soldiers, one Zlocan sneaks behind him and prepares to kill him, only for Andrei to jump off from a platform and knock out the knight. Logan noticed this and asked Andrei.
“Are you an ally or enemy?!”
“Same here comrade.”
“Did you cause the alarm to go off?”
“Yes, I was the one who freed the poor друзья (Friends) from the torture chamber, now I was going to free these one- LOOK OUT!” Andrei yelled as he noticed a Zlocan behind Logan but he manages to slash the knight from behind.
“A close one so you’re an ally after all! Now listen, we must work together to free the test subjects from here, we must find the switch.”
As they were talking, Seiner and the others approached him, surprised at Andrei’s presence.
“Who the heck is this guy?” Seiner asked.
“I’m Andrei Olegovich, the Russian prisoner turned warrior of this place. I assume you are poor souls who turned into warriors too?”
“Absolutely, now we must find that switch to free those persons!” Tania said.
“It must up the balcony in front of you, (points the place) over there”
“Thank you Andrei, you have my gratitude for saving us and leading to us a clue.”
“Нет проблем (No problem), Thank you for showing up in time too.”
Logan and his team later goes to the desk console and proceed to press the switch that holds the subjects captive. The test tubes go empty and the subjects awake from their sleep, now running with the sense of freedom in their minds.
“These souls… finally can now be happy and free at last after a long suffering” Amira said as she puts her head on Logan’s shoulder.
“I’m glad to hear that, now let’s go back to the others.”

Back in the office, everything looked tattered and ruined, the fighters, although having only fought 10 minutes of combat, were showing signs of big injuries, especially Eddie Wolfen and Dakrin Cavendish. Eddie Wolfen was lying on the ground while the other continued to fight, Jason proceeded to come closer to Eddie.
“Your attempts at protecting your friends have failed, in fact, you only make matters worse with the fact that you have a black friend in your team, now is time for you to pay for polluting mankind with the minorities.”

*Safe Recovery from Ace Combat Joint Assault plays*

“No you don’t Jason!” Logan said as he jumped in the air and kicks Jason in the face, the other proceeded to help the other ones who have been injured, fighting off against the Inquisitors. In the end, the heroes are once again victorious.
“Damn you, damn you damn you all!! I think I must improve my power so I can defeat you all!”
“Whatever you say pretty boy! As long as we care for others, we prevail over you! And now we must have a celebration party for this!” Tania said victoriously
“You OK Eddie old man? Some wounds…hang on, here come the magic doctor.” Tania said as she healed Eddie.
“Ughhh, I don’t feel well, huh? Tany is that you? You healed my wounds…”
“She did Ed. This girls has blessing powers for the good of mankind.” Malak said.

“So…I guess was wrong about you after all, Logan, you are worthy leading me and Malak to battle after all.”
“Not just me, the others did well in making this operation a success, including Andrei, the Russian that freed the prisoners. This group is more than an alliance, is a brotherhood, we are together because we share the same ideals of freeing our planet from tyranny, we are together because we have hearts, together because we care for others.”
“That’s some kind words of you Logan, allow me to join to your group as well, these Zlocan ублюдки (bastards) will pay for what they did to this world and the universe, I will be the most useful to you.”
“Brotherhood for the win!” Tania yelled, later Seiner sighed at this.
“Hehe, I understand your excitement of being part of a brotherhood Tany. Now, even if we were supposed to be 10, I guess we have enough manpower to join the UEF cause. Anyone agrees?”
“We aw dae Logan.”
“Yes. Earth Warriors, let’s go! And sorry for the cheesiness!”
Logan and the rest of the team proceeded to leave the factory behind, becoming abandoned again. Little they knew, the Inquisitors were watching from a hill.

“So you must be ask yourselves, why didn’t you stop them when they freed all test subjects?” Yamja demaned.
“That factory was nothing than a decoy to show their level of threat to us, and by looking at it, it seems that my expectations were correct, these “Earth Warriors” are really worth fighting against. But even then, they have yet to see the true potential of the Inquisitors and the Zlocu Empire himself, we have more surprises waiting and I’m pretty sure that none of them will survive those surprises. Also, Jason intentionally lied to Andrei so we could accomplish my plan, and he did rather very well...”

4 - Semper Iunctus

Artist illustration of the battle of San Diego (Original illustration by AnanyaArts)

Two men enter a room which was initially dark, until they turn on the lights, revealing a huge room which contains a huge table with at least 50 chairs and a lamp illuminating every post the table has. Later, a computer screen turns on, revealing a logo with the UN version of Earth but surrounded by six stars. Later, an image of the world map is shown, with two visible colors, blue and red, each marked in certain territories around the world. The blue ones are the territories that are free from Zlocan control, while red shows countries under Zlocan control. Shockingly, the Zlocu controls most of Earth.

One man has grey-white hair with a mustache and glasses with brown eyes, his name is Hans Kaufer, supreme commander of the UEF armies. The other man has slightly tan skin with brown eyes, his name his John M.B Walker, the main commanding officer of the UEF ground troops worldwide.
“They really came this far, for just 2 weeks. That is just too incredible to witness Commander Hans.” John said
“I’m not surprised. War doesn’t surprise anyone, it never does. The only surprise is that somehow, we got most of our destroyed equipment back, perhaps a divine force listened to our call.”
“Whatever it’s a god or aliens, we really appreciate such intervention."
“Yes, but still, even with our equipment back and much stronger than ever, we need something more than weapons to defeat the Zlocans out of this planet. Weapons alone are something that is not guaranteed to go for victory.”
“You have a point Commander, can we find something stronger than a gun to end this war? Appeasement and treaties are no longer options in this conflict.”
“First off John, let’s look at the past. Ever since the first war happened which who the hell cares what it was anyways, a new type of being was born, a warrior. Warriors are people who are willing to show off their skills, courage, loyalty and mentality towards their allies and foes, the strongest type of person ever known to all beings for now. But there is one question that always was with us and nobody answered. Who must have the title of “Warrior”?”
“What do you mean?”
“Because, are soldiers really the only ones to be called warriors? There are people that can also fight with these traits too, but is that enough?”
“Certainly, a warrior is just a warrior just as you say, but how strong they are is what matters. Right now, we are preparing Operation: Home Alone, in which we must recover the city of San Jose in order to open a path towards the liberation of our homeland and Earth. Currently, our troops are just fine, but Commander Askarov recommends that we need special weapons in dealing with the stationed Zlocan forces in San Jose, Mechas are currently in production to fight them off. I’m pretty sure that these good o’l Mechas will be put on good use because it will be vital in defeating these fu-“
And just before he could finish swearing, John was interrupted when a radio transmitter started to rang on Kaufer’s seat. Kaufer pressed the button, stopping the noise.
“What is it?”
“Commander Kaufer! We have good news for the benefit of mankind! British Kingsmen stationed in the occupied zones report that Zlocan presence near border are starting to dwindle.”
“Dwindle? How much is the damage?”
“According to the Kingsmen, Beale Air Force Base which was occupied by the Zlocans is reported to have been destroyed under unknown circumstances. The thermal signals found on the debris retrieved suggests that the attack was carried out with heavy weaponry.”
“How is that even possible?! Not even stolen weaponry scattered across the country could take down that base single handled!”
“It may, however, the evidence is undeniable. But that’s not all. A factory that is rumored to hold test subjects, likely handled by the Zlocans, has been reported to been completely deserted, meaning someone must have freed the subjects and exterminated the Zlocans in the area. It seems that there is a presence of an effective force, this is a great miracle for all of us. If we can find this group, then we can turn the tide of this war!”
“That’s quite good to hear. OK Mr Ortega, if there is anything new related this group, then contact me again”
“What is it Hans?”
“John, I’m assigning you to F.O.B Jefferson, I need you to make sure you find this new group of warriors. We are about to find a new weapon.”

In the forests of California, there is a heavy rain, many drops of water fell on the ground, each one sounding more and more wet. Along the way, the Earth Warriors are walking around the rain, with a strong wind blowing while being covered by a rock umbrella made by Tany, certainly, most of them are not amused.
“Are you sure this is the right path Jackson? We must find a very secure place from this rain.” Logan said.
“I know these paths more than my whole life, both normal and military Logan, you can trust me.”
“Yeah, but at least we can enjoy these beautiful sounds of the drops, right?” Malak said.
“I rather listen to a pop group than this stupid rain. It interrupts my thinking!” Seiner retorted.
“Please Seiner, we are at least not fighting, this rain and the wind is the most relaxing thing we can get for this journey.” Amira said
“It cood be relaxin’, that is unless we are walking in this bloody and blistering rocky umbrella…”
“Ahhh, you complain a lot lot lot! This is best the umbrella I could think for you know! If it wasn’t for this umbrella you could be soaked kittens now!”
“Yeah we appreciate that little gal, but you must know that we’ll be covered in dirt because of this Dang rock ye know!” Eddie complained.

"Well, allow me to sway them away." Amira said as she her telekinesis to throw most of the rocks backwards. It saved most of the annoyance but Eddie and Seiner could still be heard grunting."

“Bu bu hu hu, why nobody likes my magic?! Alright, stand back dummies, I’m gonna stop this rain with the greatest spell I can summon!”
She then goes out of the rock umbrella while the others watch. Tany then makes some movements with her staff, then she lifts it upwards, sending a huge bolt of lightning towards the sky. Suddenly, the rain stopped.
“не может быть!(No way!), how did you manage to change the weather….girl?” Andrei replied flabbergasted.
“Hahaha! Now you see that my magic is not ba-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Tany said as she started to be shocked by the same lightning she sent before. Everyone was shocked, except Seiner, who gave a rather disaproving look.
“Not even your lightning favors you Tany. In other words, you suck.” Seiner said.
“Why?!” Tany yelled with a long sentence no man could think of when it comes to frustration.
“I’m still feeling the strong wind! What’s the meaning of this?” Malak asked.
“The thing is, this wind is like a group of strong people working together, give them a strike will only make them lose one thing belonging them but it doesn’t stop them that easily, they always have a second solution for a problem. It always existed ever since our beginnings, Malak.” Logan remarked.
“Nice lecture boy, now I have one for you: we got rocks flying to our faces like people throwing garbage at us like in poor Woodstock!” Eddie replied.
“Yadda yadda yadda! I need to look nice tomorrow, I want to stay as the magical school girl, not the magical bum girl! And you Seiner man, you offend me again with your tramp and sloppy insults and I will spank you with a hand made out of ice!”
“WHY YOU...“
“No time to talk guys, we have to seek a place to hide now!” Amira said.
They ran away still with the rock umbrella above them while Tany summoned water splashes to wash herself from the lightning.
They ran until they found an abandoned house near the river. They settled there for a night. The reason is so they can rest because they are on a search of the UEF base Jackson said, so they can display their skills to the official authorities, and to demonstrate that there is still hope among people in the occupied zones.

Inside the house, most of the team was sleeping except for Logan and Seiner who were standing outside, Malak who was praying before going to bed and Tany who was taking a shower.
“Seiner, I think that you need to have better manners towards the rest of team, that attitude is not tolerable you know?”
“Why insisting Logan? You need to understand that people with great thoughts need to reserve themselves from such softness in this conflict, and I can’t stand too much softness, especially Tany who is still sounding like a squeaky parrot.”
“I understand that Seiner, but still, would it matter to being a cold person to your allies who are with you, fight with you?”
“I just recently met them, why treat them like if they were people you knew for a long time? You must be too rushed in hanging out with them you know.”
“Is not being rushed Seiner, it’s showing kindness and gratefulness, you should have these two traits, every good soul needs it!”
“But what purpose does these two have in moments like this, slaughter, genocide, killings? Sometimes people need to push their moral limits in order to accomplish something, even if they aren't truly faithful to be part of these ideals.”
“Sometimes, these three actions are not necessary for us in this conflict, in fact, it never will be done by people like us. Seiner, And you know that."
“That isn’t what matters now Logan, what matters is that we have to keep ourselves stable and concentrated in this conflict, our actions are what important in this war, NOT our personalities. Now if you excuse, it’s time to sleep, there no need to further prolong this conversation.”
“Right… Well, good night Seiner.”
“You too.”
The men returned inside the house, being ready to take a nap, because as they know, tomorrow it will be their test of integration towards a higher organization in the war.
“Good night boys.” Malak said.

Dawn passes by, with the sun shinning brightly more than ever. Their rays were reflected brightly into Logan's sword and some of Seiner's boxes. The shinning brightness of these objects were enough to reflect the rays of light in most of the room. Bright enough to awake the people present in the cabin. They looked tired and a bit taken aback from the sunlight. Yet, despite that, they're still pleased in seeing such beautiful sight of any place in the Universe.

Soon they packed up and continued, the group were walking miles and miles from the designated place, they seem tired but they are well determined to reach the base.
After walking for some time, they finally see the sight of a camp, meaning that they have reached the unoccupied zone.
“So this is the place huh?” Seiner asked.
“If my memory of the coordinates served me right, yes.” Jackson said.
“Goody good! Now finally we can  see the remaining jolly people in the world! And then kick the Zlocan sorry butts with their sorry regrets!” Tany said.
“Better yit, we can celebrate by drinkin’ a lot of scotch!”
“Logan, are you sure that these humans we are about to encounter will accept me? What if they think I’m a sp-p-p-py?” Amira said as she stood beside him.
“Don’t worry, we’ll convince them that you are a different alien from the Zlocans.”
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s meet up with the rest of mankind now!” Eddie said as he started to run towards the base.
“Eddie! Wait for us! They might suspect you!” Malak said as she and the others too started to run.
They ran as fast as they could until suddenly, a bullet impacted on the ground, just a few steps from Eddie’s foot, likely coming from a sniper rifle.

"EVENT : MONKEY BUSINESS from Sonic Heroes play"

“DON’T MAKE A QUICK MOVE OR ELSE.” A familiar voice said on the megaphone.
“Wow wow wow! What the flipping hell? Why would anyone shot at me?! Hey asshole! I’M HUMAN! NOT AN EVIL ALIEN, GET IT!? CAN’T YOU SEE DIFFERENCE OF THE SKIN?!!!”
“That voice…hold on, let me handle this!” Jackson said as he stepped Eddie aside. 
“Hey Hey! What did I teach you a long time ago man? About not shooting towards friendly people unadvised?!”
“And that is the one and only greatest army man I ever knew in my whole damn life?!” The one who dragged me and my men from extinction and repaid the favor during the war?!”
“YEAH!!!” Said both men in unison.
“They… know each other? How unexpected.” Seiner said.
“That is unless you are in the armed forces comrade.” Andrei said to him.
“Yes! I know that because these people and I were the ones responsible for it!”
“No sir, he’s telling you the truth! We are the ones you must be looking for! I ‘am Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors, the ones who are willing to the fight the Zlocans and the Inquisitors! He fights with me, and soon we will fight with you!” 
“Definitively not! She’s from another race, destroyed by the Zlocans!”
“Understood. So, see Amira? I convinced them that you are not one of them.”
“Thanks Logan.” Amira said as she caressed Logan’s cheek. This made Logan blush and chuckle for a moment.
“Such love birds I see?” Malak asked rhetorically.
“Love birds…us? Uhmm…….”  Both Logan and Amira said in unison.
“Let’s not waste any more time on this and let’s get moving!” Jackson said.
The group approached the gate of the base, which was the size of the Berlin Wall. After a moment of silence, the gate opened, revealing Walker himself.
“You already heard my name so I’ll keep this brief, I’m the main commanding officer of all ground troops of the United Earth Force, or UEF for short. For the ones who never heard of us let me explain. When the Zlocu managed to conquer must of our planet in 2 weeks, it became clear that having NATO, UNASUR, AU and EAU fighting alone against the aliens would not work, their numbers are too big for us alone to handle it. In response, the remaining governments on Earth decided to unify all military alliances around the world to turn it in the organization we are now.”
“That easily? Even in moments like this, it’s not very easy to convince all of humanity to join forces against them, many people are very suspicious of each other so it’s hard to unite together that quick you know.” Seiner said.
“Keep in mind boy, the events that happened in the previous World War 5 years ago convinced us that spewing more human blood against each other would become unnecessary and barbaric. We convinced ourselves that we must unite now together in case of disasters like. Well, now with that in check, I think it’s time for you to tour with me around this base so you can see the size of the armies that we gathered, the leadership and what are we planning to do with you, everything clear?”
“Yes!” The Earth Warriors said.
“Good, follow me.”
“He he he! This will be most goody tour I’ll have in my entire living life, EVERYONE GET IT?! IF YES THEN THAT MEANS YOU TOO ARE VERY EXCITED TO BECOME PART OF THIS-!” Tania rapidly responded.
“And by that, you'll be quiet during the tour. I don't need some noisy tourists today because if you do, then you'll be as hell something irritating as those Aliens out there.” John said interrupting her.
Tany frowned with a look of disappointment.
The group hopped in a FMTV John owned. John then starts the vehicle.

“OK…Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is the progress mankind is doing to fight off the Zlocans out of this planet. Right now, we are currently in the boot camp where you can see the mighty soldiers training for combat. These sonovabitches are no push-overs like you think, these men come from the most extraordinary armed forces around the world. The USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, you name it!” John said as the truck passed over the training course of the soldiers training for combat, most were running through obstacles to prove their agility, others were testing their fighting abilities, and others stood on guard, observing the practice.
“This is something that will make you drink a lot of caffeine! Behold, the tanks of tomorrow. For years, humanity has created a lot of war machines to use them in conflicts, you got the  American Sherman tanks, the Russian T-34s, the British Churchill tanks, the German Panzers, all of them antique but still formidable tanks of WW2. Now in the recent times, we had the American Abrams, the British Challengers, German Leopards, Russian T90s, Chinese 99s, among others. And now, we have, French AMX40s, American Petraeuses, Mexican Lobos, Spanish Esgrimas, Japanese KX30s and other new strong machines ever created for this war. With these new beasts in our disposal, the Zlocans will taste iron in death!” The group observes the aforementioned tanks being put in practice, with most of them equipped with latest upgrades in modern warfare, like stealth cloaking, missile defense system, changing their track wheels into spider-like legs, etc.
“Oh, and who can forget the fact that one of the most formidable you can encounter in a war is in the skies? Well observe my dear folks! The new planes for the salvation of mankind and the universe. As you heard, ever since the creation of the first fighter plane, the Vickers F.B.5, man started to idealize new designs for new warplanes to make them faster and stronger from time to time. From the British Spitfires, American P-38s, Japanese Zeroes, Russian MIG-23s, French Mirages, German Tornadoes, we now have fighter planes of the next generation that surpasses every generation of planes ever existed, we now have American Razorbacks, European Foxes, Japanese Shindens, Korean FXs, Russian SU-45s Akulas, Brazilian Tormentas, and tons of more incredible planes you can imagine!”
The group saw in awe the new fighter planes in actions, performing maneuvers that surpasses the ones from the fifth-generation of planes, making them formidable force to be dealt with, and in a unexpected moment, a F-35 flies overhead the group, surprising them.
“Now you saw a great creation flying over you! You should be grateful about that!”
“You could say that again dude!” Tany said.
“I said no one word in this tour, so keep it quiet now please!”
“Naughty dog….”
Later, the truck passes to a tunnel under a giant structure that leads to an initially dark room until…
“But all of these 3 forces I’ve mentioned is nothing compared…TO THIS!” The room suddenly lightens on, revealing giant robot walkers standing by, the group are impressed about this.
“Ladies and gentlemen, behold the tip of the iceberg of our military advancement for this war! Robot Walkers, if people say twice is better, then the combat capabilities of these machines are better than normal soldiers. These giant machines will be vital in the upcoming battle in which you will be involved and to see if you are worthy in our ranks.”
The truck later exits the structure and goes driving around the base until they stop at the command building.
“Now, I will show you the ones who are leading this brave group to victory, hop off now!”
“Wow man, these UEF guys surely are really surprising makers, the Zlocans are definitively going rock bottom with these weapons that they have!” Eddie said.
“I rather differ Eddie, there’s always something stronger than a gun in wars, this one is no different.” Amira said
“And is?”
“You already know it.” Logan said while glancing at him.
Eddie paused for a moment, then nodded briefly before moving on.
The group follows Walker in the building where they go to an elevator, after a few minutes waiting, they go inside a room that looks like Walker’s office.
“Well, now let me explain the leadership of the UEF, as you already know, I’m the main commanding officer of all UEF ground troops worldwide, these portraits that you see around the room are my counterparts. (Points towards a portrait) This man is Devin Marlowe, the one who leads all UEF naval forces, hailing from Australia. This man is a veteran of many battles in the previous world war like in the Jakarta strife, the battle of Samoa, you name it, they call him Neo Poseidon for his incredible tactics done at sea. This lady right there is Luana Carreidas, coming from the urban hives of Brazil, she’s the main commanding officer of all air forces of the UEF. Just like me and Marlowe, she’s a veteran of the previous world war, having participated in many air battles in South America, you may not know it but many people around the UEF admire her for jer flying skills, which were vital for the victory in the siege of Rio, giving her the nickname of ‘Swan of the skies’. Now you probably know that in our flag, there the logo of Earth accompanied with 6 stars right in each of the stripesm right?”
The group nodded.
“Well, you know what they mean?”
“The main surviving nations part of it?” Seiner asked.
“Well young boy, yes…and no. It’s not technically referring to the main leading nations but the fighting forces of 6 zones. These ones are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Even if some these countries have fallen upon the Zlocu, there are still surviving formidable soldiers being in active UEF service, ready to take back their homeland someday. And just like the components of the armed forces, the 6 zones also has main commanding officers in coordinating the operations of the zone. The one leading North American forces is Colin Hall from Boston, US, the so called ‘Iron man’. The one of South America is Angela Lopez, from Caracas, Venezuela, the lady that can read the tide of battle. the one of Africa is Iwuno Conteh from Lagos, Nigeria, the man with the fiercest heart known in all mankind. the one in Europe is Elsa Gallo, from Pisa, Italy, the pride of Europe. the one from Middle East is Farid Nazzal, from Beirut, Lebanon, the man with undying faith on all living beings and finally, the one from Asia is Lakshmi Kumar, from Punjabi, India, the lady of great willpower. All of them form the core of all of the UEF, ready to take on everything anything. And how is the leader you presume? Well, the answer is Supreme Commander of all UEF forces: Hans Kaufer, from Frankfurt, Germany. The man with the greatest military mind of all times. Now that you know all about us, we shall now establish contact with Commander Kaufer so he can know what I fou-“And just he was about to finish his sentence, the computer on Walker’s desk started to sound.
“What now?” John then clicked on one of the buttons of the computer, the sound stops and the computer shows on screen a person which is none other than Hans Kaufer.
“Greetings Colonel John.”
“Commander Kaufer, god, did you knew that I was about to call you so I can show it to the folks I found?”
“Why yes I presume. Anyways, have you found the ‘force’ we are looking for?”
“Yes sir, these are the ones.” He pointed at the Earth Warriors, Kaufer gave an incredulous look on his face.
“Are you trying to get a really good promotion Colonel? All that I’m seeing are cosplayers that lost their track.”
“Absolutely not sir, Jackson is part of them, I know him for a long time, which means that THEY are the one we’re looking for.”
“If that’s the case, then show me the leader of such group.”
“I am sir!” Logan said.
“You, young man?”
“Yes, I’m Logan Preaker, and we, the Earth Warriors will be of great support to you all.”
“Earth Warriors? Interesting name. Tell me Logan, who are the other ones accompanying you?”
“Sure, this guy is Seiner Butch, the brains of the team, this one is Amira Dhorian, a friendly alien that comes from planet Sorania, which has been destroyed by the Zlocans, this gal is Tania Maestas, the goofy but formidable magician, you already know Jackson Bairman though, this one is Lucy Henderson, the Scottish reporter but with fists with great pain, this one is Malak Al-Zadi the modern Persian warrior, this one is Eddie Wolfen, the retired cop from California and this guy is Andrei Olegovich, the Cossack shape shifter, Our appearances may not impress you but we hold a lot of potential for you.”
“I see. Well boy, if your group is really the one we’re looking and want to be part of us, then you must past this test. In one day, we start Operation: Home Alone, which will involve the liberation of the first American city under Zlocan control, San Jose. Currently we are preparing a full scale assault involving the army and the Marines, but there’s one catch, our spies report that five anti-air railguns have been established in five buildings. These railguns have a very strong firepower that can reach long distances, even the most farthest planes face real danger from these weapons. Your mission is to destroy these railguns before the main cavalry arrives and if the operation is a great success, you’ll become one of us, albeit as a kind of Special Forces Unit.”
“Special Forces Unit? Commander Kaufer, we’re just ordinary people, not trained commandos!” Seiner protested.
“I was meaning it as something like it, and also, you would also learn how to behave within UEF ranks, understood? Good, well then, you gotta sleep early today, because we’re starting at 05:50 tomorrow in the morning, but surely you can rest easily before going to sleep, because it will be a piece of cake.”
“I rather differ Mr Kaufer.” Amira said.
“What? What do you mean?”
“On the test subject facility we raided a few days ago, we discovered in a stolen email that Kedris Horiq, the general of the Zlocan army, will be stationed in San Jose to be prepared from any attack.”
“What do you mean?”
“Mr, Kedris Horiq is a foe that everyone has hard time winning a battle on his presence, especially with his feared tactic, Rush of the phantoms, in which his troops attack in numbers so big, that the victims don’t have time to react, but also, he’s a man with a good heart, so killing him for that is just senseless. So we have to think of something.”
“Hmm, well lets how it will be turned out tomorrow, dismissed.” The broadcast ended, John then sat on his chair.
“*Sighs*, and just when I thought that this was goin’ to be easy, that Kedris guy is going to make hell among our troops. But still, I have faith that you will prevail after all.”
“John, my man, I assure that this team is ready for anything at anytime, no need to worry about it.”
“I hope so Jack, I hope so...”

In the next morning, the alarm blares off in the base, indicating that everyone should get to their battle stations, the Earth Warriors get out from their barracks, getting their clothes on and head up outside. They meet up with John outside.
“Alright people, this is it, everyone are getting their fighting spirits up to eleven, now I must get to you a transport so you can reach in time.”
“He he he, no need to worry Colonel, I have already a transport in my disposal.” Seiner said as he showed one of chrome cubes.
He threw the chrome box, forming the helicopter, John couldn’t believe what he saw.
“Who gave you this shit?”
“Someone who knows our potential.” Seiner said as he smirked.
“Odd…OK, I have to go, my troops need to see me. I wish to you all the best!”
“Alright, bye bye goodie colonel! Hohoho! We’re going to have a very fun time in San Jose, we’ll make them run for their mommies and do their 50 page punishment of writing “IM A BIG LOSER” Get it, GET IT?”
“Let's think of their punishments for later, but anyways, let’s do it now!” Logan said as he and the others boarded the chopper.
At the same time, soldiers from all around the world were boarding on their transports, land and air, pilots also went to their planes, ready to combat.
“Alright gentlemen, time to unleash the beasts!” John said as he watched the robot walkers being transported to cargo planes, ready for combat, the entire base was preparing for the battle that will change the course of the entire war.

On San Jose,somewhere inside an office building, there were Zlocan soldiers working, likely checking the status of the railguns. Suddenly all of them stand on with the arrival of a Zlocan with green eyes, white groomed hair, short beard, and a mustache. He was wearing a blue cloak, black layered armor, black heavy shoulders, black pants and a big black sword. He was none other than Kedris Horiq, the famous general of the ZGA. He walked in a single line while the Zlocans bowed before him, Raven is present in the room too.
“Well well well, I guess the so called Phantom General has arrived with his grazing reputation among us, any recent inconvenience general?”
“Quite nothing my beloved Raven, except for the recent events that happened with you and your inquisitors, everything is going smooth and well.”
“The smooth status may vanish soon general, our spies are reporting that an attack on this city is going to be carried out today, that’s why we sent you that message on the day the decoy facility was raided by these Earth Warriors.”
“Hmm, Earth Warriors, what a catchy name. Tell me Raven, are these Earth Warriors worthy opponents?”
“Didn’t you heard it already Kedris? Beale Air Force Base and the facility fell because of these warriors, but nonetheless, I think that not even they will be match against your deadly tactic.”
“Could be, but still. For me, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the opponent is still a formidable fighter. The Kujar knows that when he took over the throne. You could have the same views.”
“For me, I don’t consider defeated opponents worthy, they’re just a waste of time.”
“That seems too harsh on your own part Raven. Anyways, would you join me in the defense of the city?”
“Not possible, my inquisitors have other matters to handle in their hands, I do not wish to be part of two operations at the same time. But still, I wish you the best of luck Kedris.”
“Fear not Raven, when we are on the disadvantage and whatever the Humans have, my strategy will make them regret facing me!”

On the far side of the city, the Chrome copter was arriving nearby, ready to commence the assault, while the cavalry was approaching behind them.
“We got a lock on the railguns, first off, I’m gonna cloak this thing.”
Seiner presses a button and the chrome copter becomes invisible.
“Come on Seiner boy! I wanna see some fireworks now of the meanie Zlocans!”
“Cut the chatter, ya noisy girl!” Eddie said to her.
“EAT THIS MOTHER-“ Seiner then pressed a button and a huge barrage of missile started to fire and impact on the railguns, completely obliterating them.

“WOW! It seems that someone took care of the railguns already, this means that we are now ready to kick the Zlocan asses! Are you all ready gentlemen?!” Said one of the pilots of the transport planes.
“YES SIR!!!” The soldiers said.
“Excellent! Now, time to give those bastards a taste of our bravery!”

Back at the Chrome Copter.
“Alright we did it! Now, all we have to do is to annihilate the Zlocan forces in the area, you all ready?” Logan asked fiercely
“Oh...Understood, team, it’s to time teach the Zlocans a lesson, right Seiner?”
The Chrome copter returned to cube form, while the Earth Warriors make a dramatic descent into the ground, landing unharmed.
“Whew, quite a smooth landing isn’t it? Alright, what now?” Andrei said.
“We’re splitting up, Jackson, Lucy, Malak, Eddie and Andrei, regroup with Colonel Walker’ group and provide assistance. The rest us are gonna fend off Zlocan forces coming to your way, agreed?”
“We will do it Logan!” The other members said as they ran off to regroup with Walker.
“OK, now, CHARGE!!”
Logan, Seiner, Amira and Tania then rushed to battle towards an armored battalion in front of them.
The sky is then filled with lots of military planes and helicopters, parachuting soldiers and dropping mechas, while on the ground, armored vehicles were rolling on the streets and soldier charging for battle against the Zlocu.
Many hours passed, and a lot death bodies fill the floors of all San Jose, the good thing is that most of them are dead Zlocan soldiers. The Zlocan vehicles are also destroyed, victory for the UEF seems certain. Meanwhile on the still standing De Anza Hotel, Walker and his troops were holding the line against the Zlocan forces with some of the Earth Warriors assisting them.
“Just like in Miami, eh Walker?!”
“It’s not ‘JUST’, it’s 'ALWAYS'!”
Jackson and the others were shooting around like crazy against Zlocan targets, reaching victory in their hands. Especially Walker, who was shooting without aiming down its sights with his M24 rifle.

However, Kedris has other plans in mind as watches a nearby mecha patrol.
“Humans, brave but naïve, they think that with destroying most our forces will bring them quick victory, but little they know my trump  card that I will use in case of being on the verge of defeat.”
Back at Walker’s position, he contacts one of the soldiers with an earring device.
“Sergeant Chung, is everything fine out there?”
“Yes colonel, these machines are really the shit! We never thought that in war like this, someone would give this to us a presents, it’s like an early Christmas! Now when this is over maybe we can… Hold on a sec, someone killed one of our, huh?! Now they killed another soldier, and another one! WHAT THE HELL IS GOINEARRRRHHHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The soldier made a faint scream on Walker's intercom,
“Sergeant Chung? Chung?! Do you copy?! What the hell just happened?!”
“Whit in the world is happe-“ Lucy said before she saw something else.

To the group’s horror theysaw what killed Sergeant Chung battalion, it was none other than a huge swarm of robotic soldiers, having eradicated completely said battalion, with Kedris Horiq leading  them.
“Hmm, well then, target the enemies troops near the hotel, let’s see if they can resist our attack too.”
“Oh no, is that…Kedris? Maybe he’s responsible for your partner dea-“ Jackson said before…
“EVERYONE INSIDE THE HOTEL!!!” Walker yelled as the rest complied to his orders while the swarm robotic soldiers rush rapidly towards them.
Meanwhile, at a nearby street Logan and his friends finished off clearing a garrison made by the Zlocan while liberating civilians imprisoned by said species.
“Whew, quite a lot of heroism today eh Seiner?”
“You can say that again Logan, in fact, maybe you are right about that night we talked to each other.”
“Really? Well that makes happy to hear it Seiner, well in any case- Wait hold on, I’m getting something, yeah Colonel Walker?”
“Oh dear…”
“What’s wrong Logan?” Amira asked.
“Walker, he’s under attack by Kedris forces! He’s witnessing the Rush of the Phantom as you said!”
“No way way way! That is the worst cheating I’ve saw in my whole life! It’s not like they were using hack to make them OP!”
“Hang on guys, De Anza Hotel is right over there but there are too many robots for us to handle, we have to do something!”
For a moment, the group was feeling hopeless about the situation until…
“Logan! Remember what you said in that day in the rain where the wind still continued even after Tany put a stop to it?” Amira said while deducing something.
“Well, you later said to Malak that the Wind is like a strong group of people working together you know, that their rain was the primary work force and that the wind is the second solution for an obstacle, even if Tany stopped the rain. And not to mention, when I levitated the rocks so it can't annoy us and when our equipment is shiny enought to make it shine with enough force. It's perfect, when can use these unique powers to help them out!
“That’s a great idea Amira, but how are we gonna create our own wind?” Seiner asked.
“Maybe we can do it if we can sufficiently believe in ourselves and use whatever we have, this is the time to show a test of teamwork!” Logan said.
“If you say so, then let’s bring it!” Seiner said.

Seiner then summoned his jetpack while Amira grabbed Logan and Tany and jumped into the air, heading towards the direction of the hotel, Seiner then grabs most of his cubes and throws in the direction of the sun. Logan then points Coraggio towards the direction of the objects, signaling Amira's time to throw Logan to the direction of the objects and then using her telekinesis to grab them.


Tany then summoned a lightning from her staff and launched at Logan's coraggio, in time when the sun started to shine and hit the tip of it. The combined force of the sunlight alongside hte lightning create multiple lightning rays that were multiplied with Seiner's boxes. Amira then used her strength to move the direction of the rays. 
The lightning rays then starts hitting Kedris’s robots, disabling them all and managing to save Walker’s group and the other Earth Warriors stranded in the hotel.
“What?! It can’t be! these Humans could create such attack? Maybe the Guardians really picked their chosen ones well…”
“The blasts, they’ve stopped… Who stop them?” One of the soldiers asked.
“I dunno but let’s check outside, I'm having enough dirty I tell ya!” Eddie said.
One of the blasts from the robots, however, nearly knocks the team out and fall on the ground, Amira manages to pick them with her telekinesis, but they only manage to make a landing that's a bit rough, slightly injuring them.

“Did… we stopped them…?” Logan asked.
“I think so Logan, But, I’m feeling tired…right now.” Amira said.
Suddenly, five Zlocan knights appeared in front of them, taking advantage of the chaos Kedris created.
“Well well, we have easy preys right now.”
“I heard that you caused a lot of trouble for our forces as of recently, now is time to pay up for your trouble upon us! Goodbye, weaklings.”
And just about as they were going to fire, 2 of the knights are shooted by Jackson and Eddie, one is sliced in half by Malak, one is stabbed in the back by Lucy and finally, one has his neck snapped by Andrei. They later start comforting the exhausted warrio.
“Logan, you OK man?” Jackson asked.
“Yes…I think so, did we…stopped them?”
“Hell yes! at was th' most incredible move the world and I has ever knew, newsletters are going to make a great fortune with this!” Lucy said.
“My arms… why am I so very tired now? I want some fun!” Tany said.
“Hehe, you will girl, in celebration for the liberation of our city!”

Kedris looked over them.
“That boy… is that Henry’s son? I cannot believe it...he grew far greater than I could possibly imagine...see ya soon then."
Kedris the marched away with the retreating troops.
Then, other UEF soldiers in the city started to gather around the hotel to see what happened, they couldn’t see a lot because of the smoke.
“Hmm, a lot of broken machinery I see today...hey! Is there anybody who knows who caused the destruction of the railguns and these robots?” A Japanese lieutenant said.
“WE ARE!” Nine voices could be heard.
“Who said that?”
The smoke then started to settle down revealing the nine mighty Earth Warriors.
“Who are you guys?” A soldier asked.
“We… Are…The Earth Warriors, the….. Greatest hope…..You can have.”
After a period of silence, the lieutenant then starts to applaud, which is then followed by the other soldiers doing the same, making a huge compliment upon the Earth Warriors.

“EARTH! WARRIORS!” The soldiers started to chant to the brave heroes who saved the day, the ones who are now worthy of the UEF, the ones who will save the universe from us all…

5 - Faster and Higher

The city of Tijuana, Mexico. A city formerly riddled with crime and human trafficking. In recent years, these problems started to diminish and peace seemed to return to the city. Unfortunately, this all changed when the Zlocu arrived and ravaged everything. But now, the city looks worse than the Zlocan takeover, half of the city is deserted and half of the buildings gone. On the streets, Zlocan knights started to round up civilians and rebels, while the corpses littering in the streets are scavenged by Walkers, it was the aftermath of a failed uprising.

On the far side of the city, a lone injured rebel was crawling around the streets, looking for a safe zone, he kept crawling until he was stopped by a boot. He looked towards a man with blue spiked hair, with freckles around the nose, white leather pants ,white titanium body-armor, red heavy gloves equipped with red spiked braces. He was Vladimir Rokubungi, the Reaper Anarchist.

“Not you…Reaper…” Said the injured rebel. It turned out that Vladimir was accompanied by Raven and his Inquisitors, the rebel looked terrified for a moment until he was grabbed by Yamja and shoved to a brick wall.
“Your people really thought that a strike like this will easily beat us? You poor humans in here are so very naïve and dumb isn’t it? What a shame, I really, really thought that your kind of warriors were competent enough to defeat us, but I guess that was hyperbole after all.” Yamja said.
“We may have been defeated on this day, but I’m pretty sure…you won’t survive the second liberation…”
“Not if Metis is still operational fool.”
“Metis? Is that….”
Vladimir then punched the rebel.
“No one should know a word of our secret “warrior”!”
“Keep it cool Yamja, listen young man, please apologize if they were very rude to you. You at least fought well.” Jane said comforting him.
“Why kindness?! Geez, you should stop acting like a 80s gentlewoman Jane! We the Inquisitors do what we like to do, but kindness is one of the stupidest manners you could ever use! That makes you weak a fool in the battlefield!” Dakrin retored. This statement made Jane slap him.
“Watch it YOUNG man.”
“Enough discussion you two, you do as you like to do, that’s how we roll. Now let’s give this “warrior” a last chance.” Raven said.
“What do you…mean?”
“It means that you have 2 options that will decide your fate. One: You want seek another chance in life and fighting? Then join us, The Inquisitors, we will make you a stronger person more than ever, you will cease to be a weakling and become a god to your own world with us. Or two: You take the path of inferiority and face your last moments of life in your own wretched land with us taking your corpse to our base so it becomes in nothing more but meat for next day’s lunch. Choose… NOW” Yamja said.
There is a moment of silence between the injured rebel and the Inquisitors as they both glare at each other, with Vladimir clenching his fists. After a moment of silence and glaring, the rebel finally answers.
“I rather die as a warrior and hero… than live as a traitor and slave”
“Then so be it.” Yamja said. After this statement, Yamja then lifted her other hand, moving her fingers slightly in a horizontal and vertical manner, the rebel’s head then starts to be covered in a dark purple flow of energy, the rebels then starts groaning in pain. Yamja then closes her hand, forming a fist. The rebel then starts screaming in pain with the purple flow of energy getting closer to him, until suddenly, the rebel’s face explodes in a very bloody way, spilling a lot of blood to the Inquisitors, mostly Yamja, Vladimir and Jane. The former two don’t react anything at all while Jane looks very disturbed at the kill.
“Mother of...Jesus Christ!!”
Yamja, after a moment of silence, user her tongue to lick most of the blood that’s on her face, while Vladimir eats an eyeball of the dead rebel.
“Hmmm, it seems that Human blood is also a great taste of pleasure…So delicious.” Yamja said in a quiet manner.
“Why did I even…”
“No need to worry my dear Jane, actions like this are acceptable within our circle you know, you should be pleased about another coward being killed for not joining our rightful cause.” Jason said to her.
“Inquisitors, it’s time to get moving, let’s just make sure that the city of San Jose is safe, I put my trust oin General Kedris.”
“I’m pretty sure that sonovabitch defended that city very well, I mean, what could go wrong?” Dakrin said.

In the Area 51 base…
“YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!” Said the Inquisitors except for Vladimir, Jane and Raven.
“We picked the wrong day to go for duty!” Dakrin exclaimed.
“Not to mention, THOSE PESKY EARTH WARRIORS RUINED US AGAIN!!” Yamja said in an angrier tone.
“Impressive, it appears that the Warriors just found a way to defeat the Rush of the phantoms, a tactic we thought it was unbeatable. In other words, they found his ‘Achilles’ Veil’.” Raven said.
“Grrrrr! No wonder that the recent events are making us the laughingstock of the Zlocan armies, we’re supposed to be conquerors, not big wussy losers!”
“Calm down my fellow Inquisitors, it’s only a city the Warriors captured. We still have the chance to defend the other cities as well, these ones have better defenses than the ones in San Jose.”
“I hope you’re right boss, but if we meet the Earth Warriors again, how are we gonna defeat them? We’re equal on ground combat, there’s something that we are not even in terms of our skills.” Jason asked.
“Why our planes…of course, next time we meet them, they won’t stand a chance against Lovac Squadron.”
“Yes indeed! These fools will taste the bitterness of death once they face our Squadron!” Yamja exclaimed.

Meanwhile, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Earth Warriors were doing another successful job in helping the UEF forces liberate a city, they were flying around in a Chrome Plane, which had the shape of C-17 Globemaster III, this time equipped with a lot of weaponry on the sides of the plane, inside, Jackson, Eddie, Lucy and Andrei were manning the turrets while Seiner as always is the pilot. They were shooting down the remaining craft of Zlocan forces in the area
“WO-HO! YEAH!! Take this you Zlocan bastards! You surely feeling now a trip to get a lot of money in this place ye heard me!? You will soon become fortune cards for sale!” Eddie exclaimed
“Here's yer dish of lead mother-!” Lucy said.
“Watch it Luce! We must concentrate in shooting down the remaining craft, such words are distracting in such matters.” Jackson said interrupting her.
“Принесите мне больше упавший металл (Bring me more fallen metal) you bastards!”
“Seiner, are all bandits shot down?” Walker said in the intercom.
“Negative, Colonel, just 5 more bandits to destroy.”
“Understood, finish them off and later return to the base for a great toast for your 5th victory in the UEF!”
“Oh yeah!!! Hurry up guys! I can’t wait to wildly celebrate our 5th victory with you fellas! I will take you on in a beer challenge!” Tany exclaimed.
“Hehehe, you can bet on Lucy to defeat you!” Logan said to her.
“You Humans celebrate by drinking a lot? Well… in my planet, me and my people celebrate by washing themselves in the rivers. With only our skin to accompany us.” Amira said.
There was a brief silence in the plane.
“Uhhh, I think you need to take notes on us Amira, our habits are…rather queer.” Seiner said.
“You better keep silence and wait until you see it…” Logan said to her.
After a minute of dogfighting, the Chrome Plane shots down the last Zlocan plane.
“That’s all of ‘em! YEEHAAWWW!!!” Eddie exclaimed
“God shines upon us for making deed a great to man! Everyone would be proud of another victory of humankind!” Malak exclaimed.
“You bet!! WOOHOO! EVERYBODY DANCE!!!” Tany exclaimed, but then...
“Huh? What the?! Another enemy bogey?” Seiner asked
"Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmmmm, I see that you did the best timing for a celebration Warriors, Las Vegas may be now under UEF control. But today, this victory and celebration will be your last.” A familiar voice said in the intercom.

“That...! RAVEN?! YOU?!!” Seiner exclaimed in surprise.
A little distance away from the Chrome plane, 5 planes were approaching towards it, one was a MiG-1.44 ,inside, Raven was piloting.
Another was a F-35 Lightning. Dakrin was inside.
Another was a MiG-31 Foxhound. Yamja was the one piloting.
The other one was a Panavia Tornado. Jane was the one inside.
The other plane was an F-16 Fighting Falcon. Jason was the one piloting it.
The final plane was a Su-37 Terminator. Vladimir was the man inside. These planes have the black and red color scheme and in fact, is the same team, all under the command of Raven.
“Lovac 1 to all craft, time to start fixing the spots in our conquests, down ‘em all.”
“Roger that!” The teammates expect Vladimir replied.

“Not them! Not them at this time!” Tany said.
“You wanna live?! Then get on your battle stations!” Seiner yelled at the teammates. Eddie, Lucy, Jackson and Andrei returned to their positions and proceeded to try to shoot down Lovac Squadron.
“This is Colonel Walker, why are you suddenly firing again? New enemy reinforcements?”
“This is Logan, affirmative, and very deadly ones! Requesting assistance at our current position, 400 KM from FOB Jefferson!”
“Understood, reinforcements will arrive in 40 minutes, just give everything you have and you will survive long enough. Walker out.”
“40 minutes?! We ain’t got 40 minutes!” Jackson exclaimed.
“Jist keep shootin’ and you’ll live Jack!”
It turned out that Lovac Squadron manages to dodge most of the laser blasts of the Chrome Plane, making the Warriors job harder.
“Jesus! The Inquisitors abilities are far from what we expected from them!” Seiner said.
Suddenly, Raven maneuvers downwards, and then turns upwards again, aiming at the engines.
“Goodbye, Warriors.” Raven then pressed a button on the plane’s joystick, releasing a huge pack of missiles. The other planes did the same, But these missiles were fired in a very unusual manner, meaning that the planes are not like normal ones. this makes the missile alarm in the Chrome Plane start sounding at full force.
“INCOMING MISSILES! QUICK!! TAKE THEM OU-’’ Seiner said before the plane started to shake violently.
“DON’T TELL ME WE’VE BEEN HIT!!” Tany exclaimed.
“WE ARE!!! DAMAGE TO ALL ENGINES CRITICAL! PLANE LOSING ENERGY!!” Seiner said as The Chrome plane started to descend to the ground with the engines on flames.
“Mission complete Lovac Squadron, RTB.” 
“OH YES! Finally we can take a rest from these dorks! I can become stronger now!!” Dakrin exclaimed.
“You mean us, idiot.” Yamja said.

Lovac Squadron then flies off towards the east, they may have come too late to defend Las Vegas, but they at least took a toll to our heroes.
Inside the Warriors were panicking, not knowing what to do, either they die on the plane or Seiner returns the plane in its cubic form, risking them from being killed in a free fall.
“Only 500 meters left in altitude!”
“Seiner quick! Call your plane to go back in cubic form!” Amira said to him.
“We do it right now, we might get killed in the fall! Amira,Your flying and power should help!”
“Impossible, I can’t carry too many person when flying! And I can’t use my power to grab the rest of you because I could be carrying others with my hands when flying!”
“No no no! It can’t end like this! We must not let ourselves die and let the universe being consumed by hatred! If there’s a way to save ourselves from this!!” Logan said
“200 meters!”
“SO WHATS THE PLAN BOY?!!” Eddie asked
The Chrome plane then started go back in its cubic form and just as the heroes were about to touch violently the ground, Amira started to use her wings and proceeded to use her telekinesis to grab the others, after a few seconds, Amira and the others descent slowly to the ground, our heroes were safe from harm now.
“Phew! A close one indeed, everyone OK?” Logan said
“Yep! Yep!” Tany
“I sense no damage in you all. We are indeed fine” Amira said.
“Yeah, but.” Logan said with a frowning face.
“What’s wrong Logan?” Amira asked
“Those Inquisitors…they have something that’s making them hard to beat if we ever go to the air again. Those planes, they do not function like normal ones.”
“The Zlocans found a way to make our planes stronger? Impossible. Not even the most recent advances in technology can create such planes.” Jackson said.
“Maybe when we come back to the base, the chain of command may know what to do about it, after all, the Inquisitors traitors have pulled a nasty ambush on us with altered planes” Andrei said.
“Yeah…(Looks at something from afar) hey, at least Las Vegas is safe.” Tany said
“Speaking of Las Vegas, the reinforcements are coming now.” Malak said as she pointed towards to UEF helicopters.

Back at F.O.B Jefferson, The Earth Warriors were sitting in Colonel Walker’s office, where said Colonel was present. John shows a normal yet visible worry on his face.
“So, you just been ambushed by this so called “Inquisitors” right? Like, you know, the traitors of our own race?
“Yes Colonel, they’re lead by a man only known as “Raven”.” Logan said.
“I see, tell me Logan, do you any clue in who is actually Raven? Any relevant source you know?”
“None. Right now it’s impossible to identify him due to his face being covered.”
“Hmm, right. Now, let’s focus on the main topic. You were ambushed by how many planes.”
“They were 6 of them John, 4 of them were planes that are currently on service, a MiG-31, a F-16, a Panavia Tornado and a F-35. But the other 2 were experimental planes, planes that were only given the sole purpose of testing, they were Russian MiG-1.44 and Su-37 present in the ambush, I swear we ain’t messing with you buddy.” Jackson said
“Prototype planes in Zlocan hands?! (Turns away for a moment because of the shock, then turns back to the Earth Warriors) It can’t be that way, we thought that the blueprints of these planes were supposed to be in our hands. Yet, those damn bastards just gained a piece of our huge stored equipment for this war. Can you imagine if the Zlocu gain another piece of this giant structure of weapons? The whole war will be hopeless, our whole damn spirits will not even be enough to defeat them!”
“Spirits are always enough colonel John, my father used to say always to me whether a situation looks very bleak. Also, me, Logan, Seiner and Tany hold a hidden power beneath our brave hearts, which will be unleashed in our darkest hour.”
“Ah, that’s quite one of the most encouraging lecture I ever heard…for an alien.”
“Excuse me?”
“Hold on hold on, I was not being sarcastic, It’s just… ah never mind. Anyways, I think that the best alternative way to counter these acquisition of the experimental planes is to make you pilots.
“WE WHAT??!!!” Said the dubious Earth Warriors.
“‘What’ is not gonna make me change my mind you know!”
“Seriously Colonel, making us pilots? That’s worse than working in a pizzeria filled with haunted animatronics!” Malak said
“Oh, so you are telling me you’re capable of defeat an advanced alien race of this universe in every kind of battle that you participate and yet you whine about piloting?! That’s also cool to learn in this war you know!”
“But we don’t even have experience for this stuff man! It’s not like if I want to pet a wild tiger in a zoo thing place! I rather play my 3DS in the moon than becoming part of this nonesensy risk!” Tany said
“LET ME EXPLAIN WILL YA!!!? The thing is, ever since the UEF was formed and we got most of our equipment back, we realized that even the planes of this generation are not enough to completely defeat the Zlocan threat, so, rather than mass produce new planes, we enacted “Plan Renewal”, which involved in reactivating old experimental planes done in the previous years and bringing 40s to 90s planes back in combat, but this time, we had these planes upgraded so they can be adapted to modern environments. However, a problem arose during the production of the planes. Who might pilot them? Since 60% of the pilots of the UEF Air Force pilot 4th, 5th and 6th generation planes, we needed someone to pilot the 3rd, 2nd and even 1st generation fighter planes, and our answer came by two peoples: Mercenaries and volunteers. Most of them are refugees from the first occupied zones of the war, Africa, Russia, China, Central Asia, India, you name it. And yes, we also did the same with the firearms and vehicles.”
“You…guys really like old school stuff isn’t it?” Amira asked.
“Its bein' nostalgic mah dear Amira.” Lucy said.
“Anyways, considering the circumstances of the recent event and the shortage of UEF pilots in this battle area, It is very recommendable for you to take your skills to the skies, tomorrow, we will depart for Travis Air Force Base in the morning so you can start your training, and if everything goes swift and well, we might give you a mission as test for your skills. Also, I see that all of Seiner’s chrome equipment has been damaged from the recent missions, so that means we have to travel in a helicopter that you might fit in. That is all, you can leave now.”
The Earth Warriors then start to walk away, leaving the room, but as they walk, Logan notices a sad look on Amira’s face. This makes Logan stop walking and turn to her, the others notice it.
“What’s the matter fellas, having many doubts about the subject?” Jackson asked.
“Can you go back to the rooms without us for a moment please? I have to solve something that worries Amira as well as me.”
“……Alright Logan.”

They proceeded to go to their rooms as usual, while Logan touches Amira’s shoulder, as if comforting her.
“Is something wrong Amira? It’s because of the risk of flying”
“No. It’s some-some-something more personal. Logan, remember that promise you made on *sniff* that forest?”
“You mean your brother?”
“Ye-ye-yes, I traveled across many places in this land, in the hopes that I could find Varris. Logan, do you know that feeling when someone who is part of you, who has been with you all your life, who educates you, who looks for you when there’s trouble, *sobs* someone who loves you more than anyone in its whole life in all of the cosmos is not in your presence for too long?” Amira then starts shedding tears.
“*While caressing her face* You mean being worried, isn’t it?
“N-n-no, its... its... loss. Loss of some-someone you care and love. *sniff* Do you know how many family and friends survived on my home, my sweet, peaceful home? None one! Absolutely none! Me and Varris are all what’s left of Sorania now! I saw my family being killed by that Yamja, she made me watch them dying in agony! And now they took Varris away....And not even with the first clue that knight slipped to me, I cannot track him! I can’t even find a trace of him! NOTHING!! When I have the chance to meet Yamja again, I will make sure she eats her own BLOOD FOR BEING A MURDERER!!!” Amira then starts sobbing very hard and puts her head on Logan’s chest, Logan looks shocked and moved by her actions.
“You should have meet Varris when we had the chance, you don’t have *sniff* any idea what a person Varris is. So skillful, so grateful, so smart *sobs*, s-s-s-so…..nice. You should have known Logan, you SHOULD have known. *breathes heavily*I don’t even know, if I still can live with this hope, I don’t what even know what hope is anymore....My heart was supposed to be filled with hope and happiness, but all I can feel, is brokenness and loneliness.” Logan then hugs Amira softly.
“Amira, I understand how I feel about you. Kedris and the Zlocans killed my family and friends too. But, there’s a way that can keep stable and calm for a long time. My father told me: “think everyone around is your family, even your friends, because they give you hope, love, safeness, all that you need to stay alive.” You need be strong and hopeful Amira, sometimes, promises occur very later, they don’t always to arrive earlier, and even if Varris dies, you must keep up hope, because no matter how many family members and friends you lose, they will always watch you, because they know how much you love them. Even if Varris may be dead, you will never lose hope, because everyone is still around you, just in another form. Can you keep hope in you Amira?”
“I-I-I-I Will… Logan……Me nisen (My friend in Soran).” Amira said as she was being embraced by Logan. After a moment of emotional shattering, Amira then kisses Logan in the forehead, Logan responds by caressing her face full of tears.
“Let’s go Amira, our friends are waiting for us.”
Logan and Amira then proceeded to return to their room, where the rest is already asleep. Before they sleep for the day of training, Logan and Amira glance at each other one last time before sleeping.

On the next day, the sun was shinning at his fullest capacity, with a clear sky  and the base kept working as usual for upcoming operations. The Earth Warriors were walking towards a helipad, where an American VTOL craft was waiting them. Nervousness yet braveness were visible on their faces as they know what’s coming for them while boarding the VTOL craft. The VTOL craft then starts to hover up and flies away towards Travis AFB, the flight lasts for at least many minutes until they finally arrive. The base is filled with many planes, most of them on the ground while others are flying, being piloted by trainees. The VTOL craft lands on a helipad nearby, while being awaited by none other than Luana Carreidas, the legendary Brazilian ace. She had light skin with a long light brown hair and purple eyes. She looks rather incredulous yet confident at our heroes.

“Ah, Colonel Walker, it’s nice to see you here. Still counting your alien kill count like always?
“Well, counting is not necessary because what matters is to make sure they’re all dead. And you, still flying like a master?”
“Master? Master is not the title worthy of my skills Colonel Walker, the word you are looking for is: ‘‘Angel”.”
“Okayyyyyyyyyyy….well, on the main topic, here the lucky recruits that will witness the burden of being a pilot.”
“Hmm, their looks are rather too youngish and geeky, but if you what you say is true, then it will be an honor to train them. *Walk towards the heroes* Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Luana Carreidas, I think you already know what my position is so I’ll keep this short. Welcome to your first day of training or rather, your only day of practice because I’m sure as hell that because of the current piloting doctrine, you’ll become in pilots in just one day. Now, would you kindly if you tell me your names.
“Why of course, I’m Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors, and these are my companions: Seiner Butch the scientist, Amira Dhorian, the last of the Soranians, Tania Maestas, the magical school girl, Jackson Bairman, the great SEAL, Lucy Henderson, the brave Scottish reporter, Malak Al-Zadi, the modern Persian warrior, Eddie Wolfen, the Californian cowboy cop and Andrei Olegovich, the Cossack shapeshifter. It will be an honor working alongside you.”
“You can bet on that garoto, many people also said that to me when they come to train in piloting, *sigh*, I guess now I feel the hardships of a general. Well, long things short, let me show the airfield where you pick the training planes, understood?”
“Could you please use the correct phrase in front of me?”
“Ehhh, YES MA’AM!”
“Good, now let’s get moving nuggets!”
“Uhhh, why did she called us nuggets?” Amira asked.
“Because…we look tasty?” Tany said.
“NO, it’s an UEF term of trainee pilots, get it?” John said.
“Oh really? For a moment I thought she was so hungry that she called us nuggets by mistake. But…Oh well, let’s go guys for a super fun training in becoming Superman!” Tany said.
“Ughhhhh.” Seiner groaned while he and the other followed Luana.

On the airfield, there were hundreds of planes, most of them being either F-15s, F-16s or F-5s, while some of them are still on the ground, some of them are flying across the landscape, making some aerobics and maneuvers, most of them leaving strange but interesting looking contrails in the sky as result of the aerobics of the planes, the Warriors entered through a room filled with planes while Luana explained to the heroes.
“As you can see, over 40 000 people came here and instantly became fighter pilots thanks to our new training doctrine called “Soaring Wind” in which the craft’s helmets have connectors that link to your brain, and allows you to feel and see your surroundings beyond your confined plane, impressive isn’t it?”
“And just when I thought that our capabilities could get anymore ludicrous, maybe the Guardians just granted us a lot of lucky gifts for this war. Oh what am I saying?! This just can’t be coherent!” Seiner said annoyed.
“Coherency has reached beyond her normal boundaries you know? You seem to forget that our minds are growing harder, better, faster and stronger at this right moment, oh better yet, we feel them growing right now.”
“Why bother...”
“Anyways, I think you are ready for training in piloting after what I explained to you. But first, you need to get your pilot clothing before boarding you know?”
“Yes Mrs Luanda, whatever you say(whispering while walking to the changing room) cheeky swan….” Eddie said.
They enter the room, they see a lot people, male or female either taking their normal clothes or piloting suit off in their lockers, some of them even watch in disbelief at the heroes.
“I’m feeling rather familiar in this room Logan, you Humans really like to show off their natural body isn’t it?” Amira asked.
“Well, in private places we do it, doing it in public is rather…embarrassing to say the least.”
“Really? Well in my planet, we do it in both ways.” This reply makes Logan and others react…embarrassed.
“Looks like  th' nudists jist foond an ideal vacation spot.” Lucy said.
“Ok Ok! Sheesh!” Seiner said.
After a moment of awkwardness, they get dressed up with their pilot costumes, they look like modern piloting ones but the piloting helmets looked more advanced while bearing a resemblance to the F-35 HMDS, they return to the airfield with Luanna waiting for them.
“Wow, you look really fit for these suits people, in fact, you are so fit you could be a modern art masterpiece, isn’t it?”
“And by masterpiece you mean by looking like fools?” Seiner replied sarcastically.
“Are you asking for a discharge Seiner?”
“Ugh…Lets just start already.”
The Warriors then proceed to board the planes, which were F-16s, all of them sit inside the cockpit, all of them press a button that closes the lid of the canopy, after that, the panel started to turn on, show the altitude meter and other mechanics of the craft.
“Initiate the engines, follow my lead when you are ready.” Luana said in the intercommunicator.
“First, check your throttles and push them slightly.” The warriors do so and the planes start to move but they haven’t taken off yet, all of them follow Luana’s plane in the runway. Luana then accelerates the plane speed, staying on the ground until gaining enough speed to takeoff to the air.
“Alright, now, your turn nuggets.”
The Warriors then proceed to push the throttles of the craft, and soon, they also start to ascend their planes to the air.

“Alright, I’ve got you on radar, coming in loud and clear. Let’s start the training shall we?”
“Hmm, I think that what I said back in Jefferson was indeed whining.”
“We’ll start by checking your aircraft and you will do that by following every move I make OK? Let’s test you descent and ascend capabilities.”
“Now, raise your pitch and ascend.”
The warriors then raise the joystick of the cockpit of the plane upwards, the plane then ascends in altitude.
“Good! Now lower your lower pitch and descent.”
The warriors then move the joystick of the cockpit downwards, descending the plane.
“Excellent! Next up, let’s try turning. Try turning your aircraft to the right.”
The Warriors move the joystick to the right, turning the plane in a vertical shape, then they move it upwards, turning the plane into the other direction.
“Now try turning your aircraft to the left.”
The warriors basically do the same like they did before but this time on the left.
“Well done nuggets!”
“Sheesh, the military is really starting to use some really cool nicknames in this war.” Malak said.
“Just concentrate on the training right Malak?”
“Yeah, sorry about it.”
“Now use your auto-level control to go back to level flight.”
The warriors then press some buttons on the cockpit, and the planes suddenly level back in their normal shape.
“Nicely done! Now use your yaw control to move horizontally right.”
The Warriors then push the pedal on their feet, moving their aircraft to the right without turning.
“Check. Good work! Now do it on the left.”
The Warriors do the same but to the left.
“OK, that wraps up the basics. Next, we’ll test acceleration and deceleration. Increase your throttle to build speed.”
The warriors then raise the throttle upwards again, making the plane accelerate faster.
“Otimo! Now decrease your throttle to lower your speed.”
The Warriors then push the throttle backwards, making the plane go slower.
“Excellent, speed checks complete. You are really being exceptional team, after all, you aren’t named the Earth Warriors for nothing right?”
“Yes ma’am, we fight for the greater good and for greater justice.” Logan said.
“Nice lecture Logan. Now I need you to perform a high-g turn. First descent your throttle and ascend.”
The warriors do so and the planes start go upwards way faster than normal.
“Marvelous! No problem with your aircraft then, everything checks out nice and smooth. Now you followed the basics in controlling your own plane. As you can see, every plane, no matter what they are or how old they are, always holds a great surprise during the combat, use that surprise and you’ll be more likely to survive in battle, keep that in mind OK?”
“Yes Ma’am!” The Warriors said.
“Now, let’s try your combat capabilities, we’ll launch some dummies to the air which will test your standard missiles.”
Suddenly, the HUD of the craft starts showing a square, indicating a nearby target.
“This will be easy…” Jackson.
“Now, approach the dummy target up ahead and lock on to it from standard-missile range.”
The planes then start to approach to their targets, when they get closer, the square suddenly starts beeping and turns red, indicating the missile is ready to fire.
“Alright, you’re in range, fire a missile.”
The Warriors then press a button in their joystick, releasing one of their missile approaching to their respective dummies, the missiles then impact on the dummies, destroying them in the process.
“Target neutralized! Nice work! Next, I need you to check your radar equipment. Use your search radar to find and attack the enemy targets, your search radar can be swapped out for a mid-air or wide-range battle map with your HMDS”                                                                                          

The warriors then check on the radar on their helmets and find the dummy is at 5 O’clock, they turn to the direction, and to their amusement, they do find the dummy. They later fire another missile and destroy it.
“Dummy target 1 destroyed!”
The warriors then enhance the battle map on their helmets with their mind, finding the dummy at 9 O’clock and proceed to do the same.
“Dummy target 2 destroyed! On the next ones, you may use these weapons, machine guns or unguided bombs, we have ground dummies as well, but you’ll need to do it carefully, one foul move and you’re history.”
The warriors then check the radar and find dummies, air and ground, at 12 O’clock and 10 O’clock, the group suddenly splits up in two, Logan, Seiner, Amira and Tania head towards the dummies of the west while Jackson, Lucy, Malak, Eddie and Andrei go to the ones at 12 O’clock.
“So, let’s see how these blimps can handle this order of bullets, ready team?” Logan said.
“READY!” The others said.
The planes suddenly starts firing a machine near the nose, hitting most of the dummies.
“Nice work on the machine guns guys! Now let’s how the ‘bombers’ handle it.”
The other group of planes head toward the ground dummies, most of them being old cars.
“Alright, now the antiques will soon witness the great power of the bombs!” Jackson said.
“LET’S DROM ‘EM TO HELL!” The others yelled.
The planes suddenly release a payload of bombs, impacting the ground and destroying the dummies and their surroundings. It seem that the training was indeed worth it.
“All targets down! Congratulations team, your training is complete, which now mean you can extent your heroism beyond the ground, you could be proud.”
The response was accompanied by cheers of excitement of the Earth Warriors, feeling relieved that they indeed could make it.

“You know guys? I feel bad for not accepting John’s offer at first, but now we just found out that this training was indeed worth of our skills.” Logan said.
“You can said that again Logy!” Tany said.
“Hehehe, you’re happy as my people were in such celebrations.” Amira said.
“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure that if they were still alive, they would be very proud of you.” Seiner said.
“Alright then, let’s get back to the airfield, John can’t wait to see how fast you became into pilots.”
The Warriors then follow Luanda back to the airfield, where they land smoothly, the planes continue to move until they reach the airfield, where John is waiting for them. The sight of the 9 planes coming back safely makes him smile out of proudness, because he knew that the Warriors did have the potential to become pilots. The pilots then station their planes back to their respective posts, and later the plane’s engines are turned off. The Warriors then come out of the planes with a ladder.

*Gateway from Ace Combat 4 plays*

“So, who called it?” John confidently said.
“The great man who really knew how to act.” Logan said.
“Bingo! See now people? Piloting is just as easy as a walk in the park. Now, say Commander Luanna, we could give them a mission as a test for their successful training isn’t it?”
“Damn right John, if these Warriors did really well, then the mission will be proof of the growing power of all living beings fighting for the good of others.”
“Exactly Lua, but not just that, it’s also about in how we really went in training ourselves in occasions like this.”
“A great recommendation indeed John, It seems that Human are being wiser every day right?” Amira asked
“You can bet that it increases right now. Anyway, lets get to the next step before you go to your next mission, and that is naming your squadron.”
“A 9 man squadron you mean sir?” Andrei asked.
“Yes, since you make a very solid team, it will be necessary if all you can work together in the air. Normally, squadrons are usually between 3 and 5 pilots, but since your teamwork is so exceptional, we believe that having a 9 men squadron is the best idea to put you together in air battles. First off, let’s name your squadron, any suggestions.”
“Hmmm, let’s see, Freedom Squadron?” Amira said.
“Connector Squadron!” Seiner said.
“Hipster Squadron!” Tany said
“Relevance Squadron!” Jackson said
“Wallace Squadron!” Lucy said
“Holy Squadron!!!” Malak said
“All of them are stinkers, John Wayne Squadron is the best!” Eddie said.
“No way! The best one is Kickass Squadron!” Andrei said.
“Hold on all of you! Try to think one that is appropriate for this crusade of yours!”
“Hmm, Crusade, a very elegant word… I know! We’ll be called Crusader Squadron!” Logan said.
“Sounds nice at least.” Seiner said.
“Quite appropriate!” The others said.
“Good! Step 1 complete, now for step 2, you’ll need to accompany us to the database room to find out.” 
“Well, let’s go then, can’t wait to see how cool it will be.” Jackson said
They proceed to walk to a door, where they enter a room with a computer screen on.
“This is the Squadron registration console, in here, we’ll register the data entry of a new squadron entering the UEF. First off, let’s put the squadron name and your names.*Types in the required data in the “SQUADRON REGISTRATION” section. After doing it, a screen appears saying “PHASE 2:ENTER PLANE SELECTION”, showing a large gallery of aircraft from the 1st to the 6th generation.*
“Now chose the planes you would like to man in. Remember, each plane holds an unique ability that might be useful to you, Logan you’re first.” Luanna said.
“Alright… Ah the F-14 Tomcat, the plane my father flew while he was on the Air Force, time to pass the torch.” He then presses a button, the screen says “F-14 TOMCAT, REGISTERED. NEXT PLANE”, Seiner was the next one.
“Lets see… Well how about the F-22 Raptor? Its one the planes I admire the most because of his tech.” Seiner registers the plane and now it was Amira’s turn.
“This looks hard…Hmm, the ATD-X Shinshin, it reminds me of one the creatures of my planet.” Amira registers the plane, Tany is next.
“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OH! The Eurofighter Typhoon! I loved that plane ever since that trip on the air show in Madrid!” Tany registers the plane, Jackson is next.
“Hehehe, I guess that the righteous one for me will be the F-15 Strike Eagle, the best American plane in all history.” He registers the plane, Lucy is next.
“Hohoho! Who can forgit th' magnificent Dassault Rafale?!” Lucy registers the plane, Malak is next.
“Could be….Oh the SU-47 Berkut! It reminds of a phoenix, now I want to feel like one”
“Now who can beat the absolutely classical F-4  Phantom II!” Eddie said. Andrei is the last one to register.
“О да! (Oh yeah!), the T-50 PAK FA, the pride of Mother Russia!” Andrei registers, the computer later shows “PHASE 2 COMPLETE. FINAL PHASE: COLOR SCHEME.”
“Now this is one that will require artistic skills, is anyone of you an expert in design or something?”
“I DO!” Tany yelled.
“Ehhh….You better do this quick Tany, everybody’s getting very bored here.” Andrei said.

Sometime later, in the briefing room:

“Good morning gentlemen, here is today's mission. Right now, UEF armies are making good progress in retaking the occupied zones from Zlocan forces, and in a few days, we may retake the major cities of the south. However, there’s currently an obstacle to our progress, and that is of the things we least expect. European NSB agents have detected the presence of a former industrial factory located in Area P3W near the Mojave Desert between California and Nevada. The base holds a huge stockpile of cold war weaponry, where although currently artifacts of history, it holds enough firepower to stand against modern weaponry. According to the report, Zlocan forces are planning a counterattack in our liberated cities in California, the presence of experimental Cold War weaponry would make it worse. Our mission is to neutralize the facility and recover the blueprints of the weapons. Delta team “Iron Widow” will be deployed to the area in order to retrieve said blueprints and after securing them, you will then demolish the facility to hell. Also, we also like you to welcome our new members of the UEF Air Command, they’re all part of the newly formed “Crusader Squadron”. Here’s the emblem. (Said emblem resembles a triangle with two halves, one blue and one white, with each side having a star of the opposite color and green X shape with red borders) At first sight, they may look nothing more like wandering freaks looking for glory, but I can assure that these guys know how a fight can progress, now they will test it on the skies. Crusader Squadron will join up with Vulture and Navaja Squadron to provide air support to Iron Widow, make sure this operation is a success people, we don’t want a setback from some scrapped weaponry. Dismissed!” John said.

Later, in the Mojave Desert, the UEF air fighters were flying the distance, Navaja Squadron was formed of 3 F-20A Tigersharks who had White and blue striped body, with pilots coming from Guatemala. The other, Vulture was a formation of 5 F/A-18 Hornets with their wings covered with blue and yellow stripes, they come from Australia. And last but not least, the newcomer Crusader Squadron, with 9 members flying a F-14 Tomcat, F-22 Rapto, ATD-X Shinshin, Eurofighter Typhoon, F-15 Strike Eagle, Dassault Rafale, Su-47 Berkut, F-4 Phantom II and T-50 PAK-FA, all with a red nose stripe, blue wing stripes with the rest in red and a triangle shape behind the canopy in red scheme. They all fly in a parallel formation, nearly close to each other.
“So, you are the so-called Earth Warriors right? I’m Sophie Wilson, leader of Vulture Squadron, we’ve all heard of you achievements on the battles you participated, I must admit you’re pretty good in combat.”
“Yeah, but you rookies don’t know how to even operate in air battle yet, not with the mighty Vulture Squadron present.” Vulture 2 said.
“Easy there, Vulture 2, give them a chance will ya?” A familiar voice.
“Wait a minute, is that…REALLY?!” Seiner exclaimed. It turned out that Luana Carreidas was accompanying the team as well, albeit as the AWACS flying overhead.
“You seem pretty confused here Crusader 2. I’ll be your mission operator, AWACS SwanEye. All the data, upcoming info you need for a mission you’re operating and incoming dangers, will be handled by me. Come on Seiner, it’s not like I will sing a lot of Samba during the mission you know?
“Ughhh, I rather listen to…”
“Can you cut the chatter Crusader 2?! We came here to defend a spec-ops team, not bitching about professionalism!” Jackson said.
“Yeah, sorry about that, *Whispering* bloody mongrels….”
“Anyway back on the mission, the facility is just 300 kilometers away from our positions, it will give us enough time to clear up the defenses so Iron Widow can land safely. Be careful, the defenses may look old but they can pack enough firepower to destroy you all, so take extreme maneuvers.

“You heard that team? Looks like they’re giving us the appropriate job for a hell of a raid!” Navaja 1 said.
“Facility in sight, all units, commence Operation: Museum Wreck!”
“Navaja team, let’s rock n roll!”
“Vulture 1 to all units, target spotted, commencing attack.”
“Roger that, alright team, remember what you learned, we must prove to the high command that our training was really worthy!”
“Crusader Squad, engaging!” All the members said.
The fighters then thrust their planes to go faster to the facility. In the facility, an Inquisitor notices the plane formation.
“Oh dear, got to alert everyone!” The inquisitor said as he rushes off to sound the alarm.
A large battalion of T-64s and M42 Dusters exit the facility and prepare to battle stations, while Zlocan knight prepare to man the anti-air turrets on the roof. They all proceed to fire at the planes. The planes then dodge most of the firepower being thrown at them.
“Whoa whoa! These fellas surely how to arm themselves to a battle, I think I’m gonna enjoy smacking them!” Eddie said.
“Alright, Crusader 8, FOX 2!” Eddie then presses a button of the joystick, releasing a missile that targets the turrets and proceeds to destroy it in a spectacular fashion.
“AA gun destroyed!” Luanda said.
“Ha ha! Nice shot man!” Malak said.
“Nice try, but I bet you guys can’t try THIS!” Vulture 5 said as he launches four missiles, destroying many T-64s.
“WHOEE! Nice fireworks Luke!” Vulture 3 said.
“Navaja 1 to all units, show these cabrones who have the best lead in the whole damn world!”
Navaja team then proceeds to unleash a huge barrage of machine gun fire in the rooftop of the facility, killing many Knights and Inquisitors.
“That’s gonna bear a mark on life insurance!” Vulture 1 exclaimed.
“In the past enemy soldiers usually eat brave soldiers’ dust. Today, let’s see if they can eat BURNING JUSTICE!!” Logan said
Logan then launches a pack of 8 missiles that strikes many vehicles in land, reducing them into junk.
“Bingo! Tangoes down!”
“Great kid! Don’t get cocky!” Luanda said.
The squadrons continued to wreck the enemy equipment until;
“This is Captain Dawes of Iron Widow, we’re getting nearby to the facility, I see you guys are enjoying a lot in clearing our path huh?
“Why yes Cap, and the enemy is surely getting a good vehicle insurance after this!” Navaja 1 said.
“More like trash insurance Rodrigo! Well then team, ready your weapons, it’s time to recover these blueprints.”
The helicopter then lands in front of the facility, with most of the destroyed vehicles surrounding them.
“Iron Widow has landed! I repeat, Iron Widow has landed. Keep it up flight leads!” Luana shouted.

Far away, the infamous Lovac Squadron was approaching from distance, likely coming to defend the facility.
“Report.” Raven said.
“This is Lovac 2, there’s 17 of ‘hem.”
“Well then, let’s have some fun!” Yamja said.

Meanwhile back to the team
“Hehehe, these Zlockies really really looked a fight like this for ages! And now I bet they will eat the wreckage for breakfast!!” Tany said.
“All by courtesy of the master chefs of Vulture and Crusader!” Vulture 1 said.
“Alright, keep it calm nugget, you gotta keep these gloating for la- Hold on, we’ve just detected 6 incoming bogeys, coming at 10 O’clock, all team stay ready for-HUH?!”
Suddenly, laser bolts came into the distance, shooting down all of Navaja Squadron.
“This is Navaja 1, we’re coming down, requesting back…!” The communication suddenly turned to static.
“All of Navaja team has been shot down! Who are the ones responsible for this?!”
The laser bolts came from none other than…Raven himself.
“You pilots need to learn a lesson from interfering in our attempts at salvation.”
“Raven? IT’S THE INQUISITORS!” Logan shouted.

“You guys still alive? Heh! I experienced this kind of thing before in my lifetime!”
“That plane…OH SHITE! The Reaper is with them!”
“You mean Vladimir?! You can’t be serious! Enemy planes incoming, all units, battle stations!” Luana shouted.
The 3 Squadron then start dogfighting each other, evading and shooting missiles at their respective foes while Iron Widow continued to fight on.
“This is Captain Dawes, we’re getting near to the office room containing the blueprints, are you guys safe?”
“Negative! We have an enemy squadron in our tails, they came to defend the facility and to kill you too! We’re currently trying to hold them of!” Logan said.
“Well do it quick Crusader 1, we are in the process in retrieving the blueprints and we’ll be out of here in 10 minutes!”
“Understood, we will do our best to defend you!”
The planes continued to clash each other fiercely with both sides trying to attack and defend the other planes.
Yamja was chasing Amira on her back.
“Ever since I killed your family, I had gained a lust in tracking you down so I can complete my killstreak of your family don’t you think?! Now once I shot you down, I will track your body and absorb all your energy so I can become stronger!”
“Not on watch you monster!” Then in a surprise move, Amira lowers her throttle and performs a Pugachev Cobra on Yamja, now she’s behind her back.
“What the heck?!”
“Now let’s see if you can handle this!” Amira then starts firing her machine guns on Yamja MiG-31, she tries to dodge it but then, bullets strike on her wing, a huge blow has been sent to Lovac Sqaudron.
“NO! It can’t be! I’ve been hit by an angry pilot, requesting backup!!”
“I also need backup, Negro Jackson just stroke my right wing!” Jason said.
“Same here mates!” Jane said.
“Sheer luck maybe.” Raven said as he was the only who has not been hit.
“Now, start talking you beast! Where’s my brother?!” Amira shouted.
“You think that you can me talk that easily? Give me a break!”
Amira then shots a part of Yamja’s wing, nearly starting to being torn apart.
“Your plane is on the verge of destruction, are you willing to risk your own death?!
“Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Alright, here’s a clue! He’s on Metis!”
“What’s Metis!?
“You will see soon!” Yamja then throttles her plane to withdraw.
Raven was the remaining one undamaged, he was chasing Sophie Wilson.
“This is Vulture 1, I can’t shake this guy off me! Requesting backup immediately!”
“Too late for you my lady, your gate to death shall open now.” But just as he was about to fire, Logan catches him up and fires a missile that destroys the MiG 1.44 left wing.
“Not on my watch Raven!”
“This is getting more difficult…Lovac Squadron, withdraw.”
“Why you!!! We flew in 10 missions with this flight formation and now this?! I-I-I can’t believe it!” Dakrin exclaimed.
“Someday, I will complete my execution on all the Dhorians left on this planet!!!”
Lovac Squadron then retreated on the horizon, as Iron Widow returned outside and stepped on the helicopter.
“This is Captain Dawes, status report.”
“This is Crusader 1, all enemies in the area are secured. Now you can leave safely without trouble.
“Excellent! Congratulation men, we scored another victory for our beloved planet, day by day we grew more stronger and experienced in our battle against the outsiders and the traitors!”
“Good job team, now blow that facility to hell!”
The planes then launch ultra-napalm bombs to facility, causing it to crumble in a huge inferno.
“Excellent work! Operation: Museum Wreck is successful. But special congratulations goes to Crusader Squadron, who were shot down by the enemy squadon before and came back from the ashes to defeat them! Give these nuggets a great applause!”
“Oh come on….” Malak said.

Say guys, how about if we celebrate tonight in a nice competition?” Captain Dawes said.
“Coont me on all this lads.”
“Well excuuuuuuuuuuussseee me princess! I have a better record than you!” Vulture 2 said
“OK OK, let’s settle it when we get back. All units, RTB”
The planes then turned away from the facility and proceeded to head back to the base.
“Logan…I think you were right.” Amira said
“About what?”
“My brother is still out there, somewhere called ‘Metis’, my search for him is getting closer and closer now.”
“I’m glad to hear it. Let’s go back, where John and all of humanity will see that we are gaining more potential in becoming the Universe’s salvation.”

6 - Enter the SHADOW

On the Fort Jerez de los Caballeros, in the province of Badajoz, Southwest Spain on dusk, there were tons of Zlocan knights patrolling around the fortress, drones were put on alert when detecting intruders in the hallways and Zlocan mechs were guarding a precious item kept in the San Bartolome church. Near the entrance, a Zlocan guard was watching every corner to make sure he finds an intruder and shot him. Suddenly, a tree branch started to move, the guard then approaches the tree branch to inspect if there is something suspicious on it. After checking for a moment, he initially shrugs it off, until a shadowy figures grabs his neck and snaps it. The figure then puts the dead guard on the bushes to make sure no one sees the dead figure, but before leaving.
“Have a nice break, pal.” The figure said to him while smugly giggling, then jumping on a wall.

Inside, three guards were patrolling every corner of the tree near the old Templar castle, until…
“Hey idiots! Want a piece of me?” A supposed gunman shouted on the right side of the church, the guards detect him and shoot him, but as they end shooting him, he mysteriously vanished. The guards are confused for a moment. Suddenly, without even the blink of an eye, the guards are then struck with long golden knives in their necks, then the figure puts a device in front of them that cloaks them into a simple floor. 
“Poor devils, we are in modern times and yet they can’t tell from real and illusion.” The figure said.

Near Convento de la Gracia, drones were stationed near the wall to detect the presence of intruders, as they continue to patrol, a mysterious grenade like object is thrown to the ground, the drones then start to scan, but then, just before they knew it, the object was none other than an EMP bomb which detonates, causing the drones to deactivated, and to further add their humiliation, a shadowy figure cuts the drones in half with a sawblade.
“I think you have a visit to the junkyard guys.” The figure said before opening the gate
On Ronquita Street, an Inquisitor AMX-30 tank division were patrolling the streets doing their job, until the tank commander notices something unusual on the street.
“¿Qué diantres es esto? (What the hell is this?)”
He signaled one of the Inquisitors to check out the object. The object turns out none other than a…Playboy magazine, the Inquisitor is aroused by sight of it. The Inquisitor couldn't help but to find such situation an incovinient form of arousal.
“Mirad muchachos, al parecer alguien se le perdió su juguete calientito. (Look guys, apparently someone had lost his hot toy.)”
But before he prepared to share his fun with his comrades, the magazine exploded on his face, causing shock among the Inquisitors, but before they could act, someone throws a sleep gas towards the main group, and they’re incapacitated in at least one minute later. The figure who did it was in fact, a female figure.
“Meninos nos dias de hoje (Boys these days…)” Said the figure in Portuguese before flying off to a rooftop.

Meanwhile on Llano de la cruz street, a Zlocan patrol were rounding up local rebels for attempting to revolt against the occupation, but even in the face of execution, the rebels don’t show signs of fear in front of the execution squad.
“As by order of the great Kujar himself, and the will of all Zlocans, you shall all be terminated for disturbing the great order of peace created by the savior race. Any last words?” The knight recited in the so called ‘Creed of the dishonorable’.
All the rebels did was stare in defiant silence. Their scowls, ones that contain pure contempt and anger, show more than enough that these Knights want to know.
“Is that so? Well, it serves you well at least. Knights, ready your guns of victory, prepare to use it against the unworthy weaklings!”
But just as they were about to shoot the rebels, a shakram swings around like a boomerang and slashes the throats of the executors, the leader is shocked at this but before he can react, a dagger is launched at his forehead, ending him. The rebels looked surprised for a moment, then saw where the blades come from, it came also from a female shadowy figure. She then gives the rebels the peace sign before parting away.
“Quien sea quien fue, de seguro tiene la bendición del señor. (Whoever who was, it surely has the blessing of the Lord).” One rebel said.

On the San Bartolome church, the vigilant mechs are patrolling every corner, all of them equipped with stealth detecting devices to make sure that not every kind of stealthy device comes through. But before the driver could know it, a device suddenly lands at the head of the mech, causing it to malfunction, leaving the pilot trapped, with the other mechs suffering the same. All done by also a female shadowy figure. 

The shadowy figure then prepares a hook and launches it towards the tower of the church, the other shadowy figures do the same from the other sides. Inside the tower, a precious item was being held in a glass box, the item was none other than the golden cross of the old Templar order. Zlocan knights were guarding this precious item, until they were ambushed by the shadowy figures without even the blink of an eye. Finally, after moments of hiding, the shadowy figures reveal themselves, the first one has green medium-length hair with black eyes. An American simply known as S. The second one has yellow spiky hair with a puffy tail with black eyes and was a Canadian known as H. The third one has brown short spiky hair, with orange eyes and an Egyptian known as A. The fourth one had white tomboy hair with cyan eyes and was a Brazilian known as D. The fifth one had black windy hair, with purple eyes and was a Japanese known has O and the final but not least figure has purple, sleek, long hair, with orange eyes and a Russian known only W. But the thing they all had in common was they were the same team, with the same gloves, the same ref shirt, the same trench coat and the same black pants. The differences was that the male figures had neckties while the female figures had bowties, S had a brown trench coat, a red ref shirt, black gloves and a black necktie, H had a black trench coat, a green ref shirt, cyan gloves and a red necktie, A had a white trench coat, a black ref shirt, brown gloves and a white necktie, D had a blue trench coat, an orange ref shirt, purple gloves and yellow bowtie, O had a pink trench coat, green ref shirt, red gloves and white bowtie and W had a light blue trench coat, white ref shirt, yellow gloves and red bowtie. Together, they are the mysterious but deadly SHADOW Unit of the undercover 12th Group. But just as they were about to approach the item, O accidentally stumbles upon some piece of glass, falling on the floor, her teammates were annoyed by this.

“Oh my…Sorry everybody.”
“Sorry?! Lady! That klutziness of yours should be enough to fire you, geez!” S shouted
“Keep it cool fellas, it’s only a matter of time before the foreign armies realize of our actions and regroup at the temple, right now, let’s take the grand prize to our big collection of artifacts. Ohohohoho, the boss is gonna be pleased as hell.” D said.
They proceeded to break the glass containing the cross and grab it. But just before they could know it, a huge battalion of Knights and Inquisitors have surrounded the entire church, perhaps they took notice of the odd activities happening to the patrols and now they mean business.
“Damn them! These foreign slackers are getting more and cleverer in keeping up with our trails. Heh! Well, I guess they are not clever with THIS!” W said as she presses a with a remote control device.

“Alright, now let’s get the hell out of here before the fighters come!” A said.
“How can we do that with these slackers surrounding us? You are a very rushed person Agent A.” S sternly told him
“Enough talk, let’s drop the silence and begin the noise.” D said.
The SHADOWs then prepared to jump on the balcony of the church as the enemy forces breached the room.

The escaping agents then were managing to dodge all bullets and blasts the enemy is firing thanks to their survival skills, they land on the roof of a nearby building, and they proceed to jump on other buildings as they continue to dodge the enemy fire. However, when they trying to jump to another building, Agent A slips on something and nearly falls, H notices this and rushes off to save him.
“Go Agent H! I’m only delaying your survival in this conflict!”
“No way A! I don’t care about anyone’s fate, you will be alive with us no matter what!” H said as he grabs A’s arm and pulls him out the ledge, saving him.
“What are you doing you Blockheads?!!, stop screwing around like those lovers in movies and keep moving!” W shouted as they proceeded to run from the enemy.
Then, not even on the blink of an eye, S noticed something terrible.
“The fighters! They’re coming in a few minutes, if we don’t reach the wall in time, we will turn into crisp!”
“Not if we can help it.” D said as a helicopter appeared near the wall, ready to pick them up.
“The transport! Quick, hop in!” H said as he and the others jumped on the helicopter, nearly felling on the wall.
Later, 3 BAE Replicas fly by on the fortress, releasing their bombs to the ground, reducing the entire place in nothing more than a burning rubble.
The agents then started to relax at the sheer relief that they managed to escape with cross unscratched and the fact that they will have a fine reward for the retrieval of the cross.
Although the only exception in the sense enjoyment of victory is O, who looks at the burning fortress with a saddened look on her face, as if something went wrong on the mission. A notices this.
“Something wrong O? You don’t look happy at the fact that this mission didn’t go as planned?”
“No. It’s not that. It’s….those people.”
“What do you mean? You are not happy that the enemies were killed?”
“I was talking about the ones who deserved a better fate than this, and yet you chose this...Aren’t we supposed to have a code?”

Agent S then stood beside her and puts her hand in her shoulder. It was supposed to be a sign of warmness...but she could only feel coldness in it.

“There is a code Agent O, We can’t leave traces of our activities to no one, regardless of the type of person. Our duty is one where the eminence of privacy is where it's valued the most, and without privacy, everything we stand for is all for nothing. Sacrifces should be done for the good of many and you know it well.” S said.
“But why even the ones not involved?!”
“Because our only interest is the artifact to collect to our boss, not being a protector of the people.”

"You were supposed to be better than that..."

"No can help, lady. In war, anything can be done no matter what you believe." Agent A replied back.
“You agree with him too!? How could you..."

"Now now, please listen to us, young agent." Agent W said.

"I won't...You lack morals! And decency! I only joined because of my belief in that while we collect precious treasures, we could help people, but no! You only care about money and nothing else in this world!”

Agent W couldn't believe the words he heard coming from her mouth. She had no idea who she was dealing with, and soon started to clench her fist tightly.
"You...ungrateful bitch! Let me teach you the concept of obedience in this group!”

But just as she was about to use the fist to break every part of her.

“Quit it all of you! This is not the time to discuss our morals in missions, by now, just let you two mind your own business, we are a team, remember? Our boss says that we must be strong and together unlike any other.” A intervened while shoving W aside to prevent any further conflict.
“Fine, but next time O whines about morals, I’ll swear that I’ll leave her mouthless for the rest of her life.” W said with a cautios and 
They proceeded to return to their posts as usual, but the feeling of anger and resent still remained.

H stood besider her and then gently pat her head. He at least knew what he should do when it comes to missions like that one.
“It’s fine dear girl, it is important to know that there’s always a hard choice someone has to do in difficult times, even if is something that questions morality.” H reassured her.
“Maybe you are right, but still, is there a chance that something like this won’t happen again?”
“Eh…Well if we are quick and swift enough then yes, but maybe if also you are not clumsy enough.”
“Hehehe, yeah, clumsiness always lead to wonders you know.” D said sarcastically.
“Ah, just being my usual self O, no need to be angry, heh.”

The pilot of the cockpit then picked up a radio and said to the agents:
“Fellow agents, I’ve just received an incoming call from Mr Pete, would you like to answer it?”
“Yeah, patch it in.” S said.
A television screen then appeared behind the wall of the cockpit, on screen it showed Mr Pete, a middle-aged man with grey short hair.
“Hello hello, how are my fellow shadows today?”
“Ehh, just a huge unexpected ambush we got in the retrieval of the cross but don’t worry everything just went fine in the end!” S said while showing the glowing cross towards Mr Pete.
“Ohhh, such a lovely piece of ancient knighthood, this will surely will make a great fortune for our great organization! Anyways, the reason I called is because I have news to bring to you.”
“A good and bad one?” W said.
“…….Yes, because if not then it will have been a tea time news and sod off news get it? Of course there is always these two types of news!”
“OK OK...Anyways, can you tell us what these news before we further prolong this nonsense?”
“Oh yes, sorry! Well, the bad one is that currently the 12th Group is having a armament crisis. The thing is, while we have a secretly huge air force in our disposal, the recent operations in many parts around the world have reduced a huge part of our deployment equipment due to huge presence of Zlocan activity, which means that we have to reduce the firepower used in operations against hostile forces, especially aircraft.”
“Oh damn it! That surely will be a huge blow to our operations right? Because if so, we will spend the rest of the days waiting and waiting in getting our chance to get enough equipment, not that if we will be part in some retrievals anyhow.” H said.
“Well, that worry will fixed with the good news Agent H.”
“Oh really, what it is then?” D said.
“Well, I've heard recently that a group of scientists codenamed The Navigators were involved in the development of “Project Horizon”, a project which will start the possibility of the first human Aerial Fleet in all history. They plan to use it to counter the Zlocan aerial fleets present in the occupied zones. The catch is that while on their way to Manchester to unveil the project to many sponsoring corporations, their plane which came flying from a pacific island was shoot down in San Diego and are now held prisoners somewhere in that city. In other words, you will be reassigned to North America to retrieve these scientists and help us in boosting our aerial forces. But for now, you must rest until further notice of the recent location of the scientists that is all and have a good hunting.” The transmission then ended.
“Whoa, getting the heads of the next generation of warships is surely going to make a huge fortune to the group isn’t it Fellas? I'm surely gonna enjoy the payment.” W said
“Yeah! A treasure hunt far greater than the others from past.” D said.
“OK OK, I know you guys are excited as hell for the next mission but you need to be patient and make good use of your rest until the location of the scientists is found. And for you O, you must promise that you will operate the mission as it goes and behave properly on the results, or else…” S said.
“Just let get back to the base, I don’t want to hear more about this, I’ve just suffered enough threats today, I don’t want to receive another one.”
“Whatever you say gal…”
The helicopter then flew back to the hide out in the Spain-Portugal frontier, where they will take their next destination to the United States.

Meanwhile on F.O.B Jefferson, in the shower room, the warriors were taking a bath after the success of another mission, some of them acting normally, some goofing around like no tomorrow. For Amira though, she was just washing her body silently, likely she’s still worried about the location of her brother, her wings were inside her body whether she takes a bath or when is raining, so it wouldn’t affect her wings for flying. She was quietly scrubbing her arms with the soap and thinking at the same time. She was alone…until a curious person accompanies her, which was none other than Malak Al-Zadi herself.

“You seem to need some company, Amira, right?”
“Huh? Oh it’s you Malak. Well maybe a bit, yes.”

Malak then kneeled beside her while grabbing one of the soaps, which then procedeed to be near her back.
“OK. Wouldn’t you mind if I scrub your back?”
“Only if its done gently...maybe not too much...wait do it anyways.”

She then proceeded to exactly as she says, while scrubbing her back, Malak notices the sadness inside Amira, indeed, Malak also faced similar harshness back home, but it wasn’t an invasion, it was the law she faced. Some of her chances to participate in works like being an athlete but she could only do it only with females and not men, most of the works in Iran were segregated  between men and women, and she was among the ones who fought for the equality between the Muslim males and females.
“I know many people that faced harshness in their lives for too long. Wars, crime, discrimination, all sort of things. I faced discrimination solely of gender status when it comes to religious teachings, now we face war. But these two things have something in common, both have, to some extent took love ones from us, whether not seeing them again or being killed. From what I heard, you guys' families are all but gone down towards an new world, no longer being able to return back home, but mine is mostly fine and well.”
“But…why? How is that possible that they’re still alive?”
“Maybe just sheer luck, maybe just that we believe in god very strongly, maybe something else. But one thing for sure is there is hope for your brother, Logan knows it, Tany knows it, I know it.”
“I know, Malak.” She said as Malak started to wash Amira’s chest.
“Apart from that, how did you feel when you left home Ami?”
“I felt…nothing..." She said while most her hands trembled down slightly tears flew down her eyes.

"You have no idea...most of my family were dead as Varris and I left, the others couldn’t make it. It’s very hard for me to carry the burden of being the last of my race.”
“Because there's nothing I can wish for my race, not anymore at least. Not meeting another Soranian in my life, likely not meeting someone with such power my race had for a so long ever again.”
“No worries Ami, it doesn’t even matter about being the only Soranian left. No matter what race you meet, Human or another, all of them share the same trait as the rest: One in which the greatest action lies within understanding and feeling the feelings and need of other individuals.” Malak said as she gets closer to Amira, reaching her back and washing her chest softly.
“Soranians are known for their kindness…so I guess you’re right." Amira then moaned lightly as Malak slightly scrubbed her breasts.

 Oh Malak...maybe Logan, you and the others serve as good parenting figures in this quest.”
“Oh, that’s surely a very sweet thought from you Amira. A thought shared with many other spe-“ But just about as she was about to finish her sentence, a loud yell could be heard, coming from a certain someone.

“GET BACK HERE TANY!!!” Seiner said, as usual.

Seiner was chasing Tany across the room, out of his dislike of being interrupted on a lecture, the others saw this in annoyance or amusement.
“Whoa..! Just chill people, I mean, this ain't the place of cheerleaders now!” Logan said sheeplishly.
“Why bothered? Thes is a real shaw to have some fun!” Lucy said.
“It could be a really good show if only if it wasn’t happening here girl!” Eddie said.
Seiner and Tany continued to chase each other while knocking down some people on their way, some of them even exiting the shower room naked and injured.
“And you Humans are known for wackiness?”
“I…rather not answer it...”
Fortunately, all of the mayhem around the room finished when someone called in speakers.
“Earth Warriors, finish your baths and get dressed, we’re having a reunion in the war room at 5:30 PM for an important task to carry out. This is Colonel Walker signing off.” 
“Phew! At last something of peace.” Logan said.
“I think I’m gonna let you unscratched again Tany. But another hijinks like this again, then I’ll electrify your brains out.”
“Are you asking for an ass full of ice shards?”
“Please guys, we can’t make Colonel Walker wait all day long for this bickering right? Let’s get dressed.” Logan said.
“Aye aye chief!” Tany said.
“Tany, I ain’t no pirate you know that?”
There was a period of silence…
“You don’t get it do you?”
“Oh I’m sorry Loggy, the things that what have seen recently in this crazy-ass war is so big that we can’t distinguish what we are supposed to be, like pirates? Gunslingers? Knights? These dummies are like coming back again to us you know?! You could hear me right for this Loggy as we-“
“Just get dressed in the locker room OK?!”
“Alright alright alright!”

Later, in the conference room, John Walker was awaiting for them. For some reason he had a rather confident face. Some sort of surprise seemed to await them in the most unexpected way.
“You called us John? Something important?” Jackson said.
“Yes it is. Well, the reason I brought you here is because of an emergency mission of the UEF.”
“What’s the emergency comrade Walker?” Andrei said.
“First the background. Recently, reports coming from Japanese MIC, British SNS, American CIA and Venezuelan DGIM agents reveal the huge presence of Zlocan battleships in the deeper territories in South America, Africa, most of Asia and parts of Russia, these battleships carry enough firepower to annihilate an entire expeditionary unit or hell, even a whole fleet, so even if we may be able to free most of territories under Zlocan control in other countries, there’s a chance that trying to push deeper into enemy territory will only lead to futile deaths of our soldiers, something we can’t allow to happen. But fortunately, our solution for this problem came under the name of “Project Horizon””
“Project Horizon? What is that?” Amira asked.
“Never heard of it? Let me explain, in this world, warriors tend to have three types of terrain to fight in, land, sea and air. With time, we could fight with our guns on sea, amphibious vehicles were created to travel across the sea, now the air seems to be the same battleground that will go unchanged. But this project is willing to change that forever.”
“No…You mean?” Seiner asked.
“Yep! The project is about the creation of the first Human Aerial Fleet, a huge next step for warfare of the next generation. But that’s not all, the construction of this project it’s all depended on a group of famed scientists and professors in aeronautics, cybernetics and economics, they are called: The Navigators. The Navigators is composed of 12 people from all around the world. The main head is Frederick Lopez, the famed aeronautics engineer from the University of Seville. The second head is Anton Barzetti who holds a degree in ICT from the University of Pisa. Dingani Morton, winner of the Nobel prize past year from the University of Melbourne. Birgit Martinez, former professor from the Colorado State University, Hannah Moreau, current holder of Bachelor of nanoscience from Massey University, Fahimah Anderson, expert in vehicular engineering from the Northern Illinois University, Vince Peeters, famed biologist from the Liège University. Hassan Senai, the creator of the Quantum Particle Stabilizer from University of East Anglia, Sebastian Gonzales, the man with the title of father of the particle stabilizers created in the North Carolina State University. Jagavi Nagarkar, ICT professor from the ITM University. Siriporn Pradchaphet, creator of the Nano CPU drive from Mahidol University and Caoimhe Reid, main designer of the HAF ships from the University of Glasgow. These people have the power to combine their great intellect to create Airships of the next generation, believe it! Now you will see kickass Star Destroyers in the sky for real!”
“……So, whit diz that have to do with the mission Colonel? Tryin' to distract us with cool but unrelated stories?” Lucy asked.
“Hell no! Do you think I’m being silly at this moment? Think again…Well, as I was saying, The Navigators are in charge of the projects, a few weeks ago they finished the final preparations of the construction of the Airships and planned to fly to Manchester where they will reveal the schematics of the project and the companies that will be part of the construction of the airships. However, that’s when the problem comes to a start. They took off from an unoccupied island in the Pacific, to first land on Denver, later to New York and finally to Manchester, unfortunately, the pilots were not informed of the danger zones in Zlocan occupied California, so they flew the plane to the city of San Diego and as expected, the plane was shot down. For fiv days, they were presumed to be K.I.A and the world leaders started to fear for the worst. However, a spy plane has just found interesting footage on San Diego just yesterday. The footage was so astonishing that two officers who saw it screamed in joy.”
“It seems that The Guardians knew their potential they have to save mankind…My most sincere graciousness Colonel.” Amira said.
“Yes! They're alive and well. However, there’s one catch to their unexpected survival, they have been captured by the Inquisitors and relocated to Qualcomm Stadium. But that’s not even the worst part, the footage found by the plane also revealed that among the Inquisitors, the “retired” Marine major Patrick O’ Dick was present and a handful of Marines too.”
“What?! Marines on the side of Inquisitors?! No no no! This got to be a ridiculous joke!” Andrei said.
“Sadly no, that is no joke. It seems that the Marines found among the Inquisitors may be the same ones that defected from the armed forces after the formation of the UEF, five entire divisions led by that major.”
“But…why did they do this? Why helping them instead of us?” Logan asked.
“That’s a good question Logan. As you know, since the previous world war, although it created a lot of ravage on his path, it also created a great sense of patriotism among the people who fought on it. They felt their sense to serve their country has risen to a whole new level, a level that will make the ancestors beforehand proud. They thought they were victors that they deserved, ready to become the defenders of the next generation. I frankly, don't share such ideals. Any people who is willing to fight for anything is worthy of my respect and help as long is for the good of all Humankind. But when they heard that some of the nations they fought before has allied with his country, they felt nothing but betrayal, that their own nation are now being tricked by the “enemy” which later they plan to betray them and take revenge. I’ve heard many reports of soldiers defecting to the Inquisitors but none of them are as shocking compared to this."

"Never thought these soldiers will be as shameful like a blind herd following anything they think it's good." Eddie said with a dissapointed tone.

 Now, back to the main topic. Your mission is to ensure that The Navigators are rescued fine and well before something happens to them, but this is not simple task. The Marines you are about to face are tough as nails foes, which means that you’ll have to use expert tactics to return The Navigators to safety.”
“Don’t worry Colonel, we’ll handle those nasty wasties as plain paper like we did to the suckers before!”
“You miss the entire point Tany. In fact, your point just contradicted my previous statement, did you know that you are about to face renegade Marines in the mission?”
“Sheesh, you never give us anything easy, naughty dog!”
“Could be. Oh, and that’s not all, alongside the rescue mission, you will be also accompanied by one of the most feared and bloodthirsty platoon of all UEF, one that holds no borders to morality. The ones that have bigger balls than GI JOE themselves, in fact, they can’t even be called balls anymore, and the ones that will produce fear even among the fiercest warriors of all world.”
“Who are they?” Logan asked.
“Their name is one that will even make the devil shit in fear. GOD.”
“Guts Of Doom”
“…..Guts of….You mean, they have like, guts so powerful that it can annihilate you in a matter of seconds?”
“Sort of Logan, but keep also in mind that the 2nd reason of their name of because when they resort to their final resource of their main weapons run out of ammo. They use melee weapons against the enemy. Normally, you would use a knife if you were soldier, but these guys, they can have anything from a sword to even an axe!”
“Seriously man! We are in the 21st century and yet the army is considering to go medieval once again in war? Who the hell came up with that Mickey Mouse shit?” Jackson said.
“Well my dear Jack, the answer could be: Ones that has big balls in daring it. Because in this war, everything kind of warfare generation is now possible, if guys like you and other Aliens out there fight with blades and arrows, then we’ll return the favor on that.”
“Sounds...fine to me then. Also, where are the GOD squad members as you said?” Amira asked.
“Well, they could be anywhere. But I guess that one of them is going on a good trip around a famed military parade, watching a pretty damn good military parade of the UEF, maybe you should meet them in…six days.” 

He said in very sinister manner, and before they could knew it, a shotgun blast was heard, but Amira manages to catch the bullets in time and later drops them to the floor, but also surprising, is that she didn’t delivered back at the attacker, perhaps she knew its purpose. She looked at the direction of the blast, it came from a Winchester shotgun, being held by a man with black short hair and green eyes.
“Hot damn girl! Your sixth sense is sharper than I expected, still not tricky enough to survive in battle.” The man said.
“Ah! Walter Carter, how’s everything my good ol’ pardner?”
“Eh, nothing more than just the usual routine, keeping track of my kill count, sharping up my BGA and keep killing sons of bitches aliens out there.”
“In other words, still acting like a bad heroic sucker!”
But before Logan could speak, he senses someone approaching the gate, and suddenly, a blade is swing towards him but he manages to strike back, he then continues to fight with the swordsman until both clash the tip of their blades to each other. The attacking swordsman had dark skin, light blue eyes, black wavy hair and beard, he was wielding a very long Kilij. Despite the sudden attack, both men held respectful glances at each other.
“The Kilij, a deadly sword used by the bravest of the bravest in all dynasties of Turkish nations.”
“The Katana, wielded by the ones who are worthy with courage and skills, used by not only the Japanese but also the ones who are brave enough to use it.”
Then both men lower their swords and shake their hands.
“Logan Preaker, leader of the Earth Warriors.”
“Berat Sahin, second in command of GOD.”

Walter then chuckled for a bit as puts his hand to Berat's shoulder.

“Don’t act like an honorable swordsman Berry, this ain’t ancient Japan you know, eh.” Walter said.
“Oh Walter, it’s just a test of respect I was doing to Logan, you could at least had done the same.” Berat said while blushing.
Suddenly, one of Seiner’s chrome boxes started to shake, Seiner notices this and throws it away before it turned into a Chrome bike. Clearly, somebody has hacked the chrome belt.
“What the hell?! Getting hacked on my own belt? I’ll smack the hell out of the person who did this!”
Suddenly, a female laugh could be heard across the room, maybe she was the one for the antic made to Seiner.
“Well I guess if this “hacker” is here, then I’ll make her “appear” right now!” Seiner then pulls a device from his wrist, he presses a button which cause a slightly buzzing noise, then, a figure then starts revealing itself, or rather, herself as the cloaking camouflage starts wearing off, revealing the lady herself. She has brown eyes, black hair with a dyed part in green, and cybernetic legs.
“It seems I’ve found an equal part of me right? Or, maybe he’s just cleverer than me.”
“Celina! You just made a good scare on Seiner today, not quite bad for a hacker though.”
“Well good thing you are on our side, because if it wasn’t I’ll shot your skull right now!”
“Stow it young man, this lady may like to play some tricks on you but she is fine lady, get it you sucker?” Walter said while he grabbed him.
“Keep it easy Walty, he just needed a warm up from an expert of hacking like Celina Galat, you know.” Berat said to him while grabbing Walter's arm and putting it aside in his knee.
But before they could respond to them, a figure grabs Jackson from behind, holding its hand his throat while the other one grabbed his arm behind him, but luckily Jackson managed to strike back by grabbing onto the figure's left arm and knocking them to the ground. It later turned to be a woman with dark brown wavy hair and auburn eyes. Despite this, the woman responded with a smile and laugh.
“You’re pretty good! I’m very sorry if I attacked you man, I was just simply asking you if you know how to do those sick moves of CQC, well I guess I’ve just found my answer in the most strange way I couldn't expect. Anyways, Valentina Silva at your service Mr..”
“Bairman, Jackson Bairman señora Silva, you have quite some good moves, enough to even impress a SEAL like me.”
And yet again, someone comes rushing to the door, a dark-skinned man with a yellow Mohawk and moustache, with a light blue eye on his right and an eyepatch on the left, he was screaming fiercely while wielding a giant halberd, rushing towards the team, Malak quickly noticed this and parries the man’s halberd with her sword. The man then begins to laugh.
“Hahaha! I have never seen such person managing to strike a halberd twice my size, well, at least for a lady, no offense by the way. BUT ANYWAYS! I’m Mehdi Kateb, your explosive solution to a problem, if you ever needed to crack a door or want to get through a wall, then you just need a BOOMING excitement!”
But without warning, two huge chakrams come out flying towards the entrance of the room flying in circles, they fly around the room, scaring the people inside and wrecking some stuff, Tany manages to stop it by using her staff to contain the chakrams and drops them to the floor. Then, a person rushed to the room, it was a girl with pink soaked hair and green eyes.
“Oh come on! You just ruined my best attack trick that I pulled off! You have any idea how it’s very annoying to pick these weapons with such weight if they fall off?! I bet this smacking of mine will make you remember the lesson of never interrupting my trick ever again bitch!”
“Stop it Ji-ae! There’s no need to go apeshit on the simple fact that your chakrams fell off, not to mention the fact that you nearly shredded the hell out of this glorious room!” John said.
“Well... Maybe she could have been a spy. BUT WHO CARES ANYWAYS! Ah, Ji-ae Gang at your service guys, if you ever need a very nice victory in the battlefield, then you can call me to rip the hell out of the aliens’ scrotums and chew bubblegum, unless I’m out of bubblegum.”
“So this is GOD squad together right Colonel? I knew that there was something suspicious when you said six days…” Logan said.
“Well, those six days are these guys right here Logan, but I’m glad that you saw it coming. I told them about you guys and we’ve been wondering if you are capable in being even with GOD squad. Today results prove that I didn’t even made a slight miscalculation of the meeting, expect for maybe the wrecked room.”
“Seriously! These wasters nearly killed us without even caring for our own safety! Are you being a joker with us or what?!” Eddie yelled.
“Neither, which you should be quite gracious with it because otherwise, you're gonna be in deep hassle. Alright, now that you both showed up, is time for you to learn the mission you are about to carry out with them.”

At the same time, in a 12th group hideout.

“Alright team, we will deploy tomorrow at 9:00 AM to San Diego, I’ve just got word that The Navigators are being held hostage at Qualcomm Stadium, where they will be guarded until they broadcast the execution live on TV at 12:00 PM. That sounds uglier than Roman executions though. However, we must first clear the security forces stationed near the stadium, afterwards we’ll infiltrate through the parking lot to reach the game field, where The Navigators are being held. As usual, the organization demands that our presence in this mission must be kept at absolute secrecy, and any attempt at revealing our presence to us will result in a “cleanup". However, unlike previous events, this one will not involve carpet bombing at the surrounding areas, instead, the Watchers will be sent to clear it up. The reason is either because of a recent incident I had with Agent O or because of the safety of the Navigators. This mission will be hard fellow SHADOWS, but I’m pretty sure that your skills will provide the momentum in this, understood?” Agent S said.
“We’ll do it! For the eternal balance of all!” The rest said.
“Good, now let’s rest for tomorrow and wait for the great prize awaiting for us all.”
All of them proceeded to leave, but suddenly Agent S grabbed O’s arm.
“Also Agent O, remember what we talked about days ago, this time, you’ll do it as we do, understand?”
“Yes, leader…” O said bluntly.

Back at the F.O.B Jefferson.

“Remember, all of you need the combined effort to achieve success in this mission, failure of this mission will bring unpleasant consequences not only for the war effort, but also the fate of the universe as well, dismissed!”
“Heard that kiddo? You are about to witness how good we are in handling rescues, unlike a bunch of low-rate warriors like you.” Walter insulted Logan.
“Not very wise to say Walter, do you have any idea what we did before we meet?” Logan said sternly.
“Please guys, right now we must keep strong bonds between all of us, otherwise, we’re doomed to die because of it.”
“Fine Colonel, but you should know something important, these GOD guys, I just…don’t like them much, and that’s it.”
“Feeling's mutual kiddo.”
“I’m an adult Walter, so please shut up.”
They proceeded to leave Walker’s room, it was clear that despite being both powerful warriors, their clashing ideologies will put the extent of cooperation between soldiers in the UEF to the extremes.

On the city of San Diego, the city look desolated and ripped apart, likely coming from the resulting bombardment of THOR and Zlocan invasion, many buildings torn apart, ships patrolling the skies and many knights guarding the streets, it seemed that this was a city only populated by the occupiers. The whole stadium was now converted into a fortress, filled with AA guns capable of detecting stealth aircraft, even the most advanced ones, it is for that reasons the Chrome copter landed on Rio Bonito Way, which is off limits of the AA guns radar range.
“Alright team here’s the plan, we’ll pave way for GOD squad to infiltrate the enemy defense forces, and then afterwards we’ll let them disable the AA guns and the security systems on the stadium, from there we’ll plan the ambush on the fields, pick up The Navigators and evacuate them on the Chrome copter and if possible, Kill or capture Patrick O’ Dick, got it?”
“Yes, but first let’s contact Walter about it. GOD 1, do you read me?” Jackson said.
“GOD 1 here, we’re just in the woods approaching Qualcomm Way, we’ve just checked that there are 100 enemies the patrolling in the western part of Qualcomm Way, so we should clear out both sections of enemies and start the main course so we can get the precious jackpot of glory.” Walter said.
“Understood Walter, but you should know that they are innocent people we are looking for. They are not prizes at all.”
“Whatever, Walter out.”
Jack the groaned for a moment.
“Ah guess ye don’t like him either, pity.”
“I never thought that these Humans would be just as selfish as the Zlocans are, but maybe there may be some good left in them right?”
“Maybe, but sometimes it can be hard to tell.” Malak said.
“Let’s keep that aside for a moment guys, Seiner, you have type of transportation that can get us through the road?”
“Given that we are a few meter from the stadium, I think that a huge truck may be the answer, CHROME TRUCK GO!”
Seiner then summoned said truck and signaled the team to hop in, while GOD squad awaits them.

Meanwhile in the stadium, The Navigators were being transported to the field, having just 2 hours before being executed on live TV, they were rounded up while the Inquisitors and Patrick O’ Dick approached them, even if they were to face death, most showed no sign of fear.
“Well well well, look what we have here, many look at you as people that will change the world, bring people hope and victory, that even you could become famous for your efforts in the construction of these warships. But what I’m really seeing are nothing more than a group of people who are nothing but traitors to this beloved nation, the glorious America. The nation that lived for many years being a superior state compared to others, but now the leaders made the mistake of allying with the hostile nations in the previous world war, this event will be proof of how our leader will pay for allying with the back-stabbing Eurasians, wouldn’t be?”
“Why are you so blinded by your own ideals Patrick, you were the best the US had and yet you dare killing us for being part of the UEF?” Lopez said.
“The UEF are nothing more than a bunch of misguided fools trapped in the foolish ideal of cooperation, of unity between all nations, they think that their showcase of “Courage and Freedom” can make Humanity band together, but they don’t have even the slightest idea about the mistake of including the enemies in their side. They are treacherous by nature, always were!"
“Your bigotry will only bring more problems than solutions Patrick, and yet you deny it. You don’t get the point of why the UEF was formed in the first place. We were united because the Zlocans were taking away our lands and people and had enough of squabbling between ourselves.”
“I know, but I will be glad if they just turn the Eurasians to dust.”
“They also plan to turn America and the others into dust!”
“Don’t listen to the lies of that old man Patrick, they have no idea of how big the reward is for joining the ones who have the right ideal for this conflict.” Raven said.
“I pretty much know they’re all lies, lies of traitors willing to sell out their people to the enemy.”
“A bit of touchy irony I see.” Sebastian said.
“Shut up you stupid liar!” Dakrin yelled.
“Says the clueless boy!” Hannah said.
“Kept it at ease people, listen to me dear Navigators, your work is something that bents on creating fear than creating hope, creations of hate and oppression, nothing more for benefit of your contractors than all of Humanity, we the Inquisitors is a group of right will who knows the ally and the enemy, you chose the enemy, so that’s why you deserve to be executed.” Raven said
“Only if they are used in the wrong hands and you are full of wrong ideals, we know the right kind of people who can use our creations.” Lopez said.
“Again with such wasteful words who somebody who was a drunkard, and as they say; once a drunkard, always a drunkard, maybe you’re being drunk right now isn’t it?” Yamja said.
“And joined by a former cocaine addict, a gambler addict and a former womanizer. What a bunch of sad-looking famed “saviours”, you just became in shadows of your former sins.” Jason taunted.
“Sins that can be swept away with goodwill.” Fahima said.
“No matter, we’ll leave you here chained until the time comes for your righteous execution, not let’s leave these poor sad men to have a conversation with-’’

But just about Patrick was about to continue insulting The Navigators, the AA guns located at the roof suddenly started to explode while sparks flew around them, it appeared that the heroes managed to disable them and paved way to victory, however…
“Huh?! How it did…Did you just...” Amira said.
“Hell no! We’ve just arrived here and now it exploded?! You, you cheated on the objective do you?!” Ji-ae angrily demanded.
“Stop it all of you! This is not the time to argue nor is the time to pin the blame on one of us, what’s important now that the AA guns have been disabled we’ll proceed with the main target. Walter, you go to the southern half of the stadium while we go towards the western part of the stadium, you’ll also provide cover fire for us alright?” Logan said.
“Understood kiddo, you heard that guys, let’s show ‘em what we are capable of, Heh.” Walter said while reloading his giant M16.
“Alright, let’s roll out.”
They proceeded to go to their respective objectives in retrieving The Navigators, the Earth Warriors then stop and hide in a corner, they’ve just spotted two guards in one of the parking slots.
“GOD 1, this is Jackson, we have two hostiles in front of us, can you help us clear it up?”
“I’ll deal with it.” Valentina said. 
Suddenly, the guards then got struck by a bullet in their skulls, causing them to drop dead.
“Whoa, nice firing girl.”
“Courtesy of the silent lady.”
“Good, let’s keep moving.” Logan said.
They continued to push advance towards the entrance, where Amira sensed a huge presence of guards inside.
“Hold, I feel a huge of herd of enemies inside there, we must be precautious on them.”
“Right. GOD platoon, do you have eyes on the enemies on the west?”
“This is GOD 4, I’m moving in towards the targets. Alright, targets in sight.”
Suddenly, all enemies standing on guard near the electric stairs are struck down.
“Bullseye! Quite the best shot Vale!” Jackson exclaimed.
“But, I didn’t even loaded the weapon yet. Did you shot them or what?”
“Neither. Hmm, I wonder where that shot came from.”
But before they could continue their mission, a familiar figure appeared near the entrance, it was none other than Agent D herself.
“What the…Who is that…girl? An UEF agent? Oh great, more unexpected surprises from base command!”
“This is Celina, let me identify her for a moment, maybe we’ll get the answers we need. Oh my.”
“What is it Cely?”
“There’s no data on that mysterious warrior, which means that she’s not one of us. Wait! We got two more of them, it looks like that they are part of the same team, did base command even knew this?”
“Beats me, but first off, let’s see whatever they are friends or foes.” Logan said as he started to approach Agent D, H and W.
“Logan wait! No need to play the diplomat yet!” Seiner said.
“Just let me do it my friend.”
“It might be a trap!”

Logan didn't listen too much, he knew what he should do, consequences be damned.

“Alright then, the other group just managed to take out the AA guns and we took out the guards, now is the chance to gain…Hold on, we have company!” W said.
“Hey! Can you tell me who you are, are you fighting for them or us?”
W then takes out her sword.
“That does not matter in this conflict, we fight against any obstacle in our mission, and you are an obstacle! Prepare to be silenced in the name of the Group!” She then clashes her sword with Logan’s, starting a fierce swordfight between the 2 of them.

“Quick, get The Navigators out of here before I spank the hell out of you!” W said
“Team, don’t let them approach The Navigators!”
The Warriors and GOD squad then rushed to the stairs chasing Agent H and D, trying to prevent them from capturing The Navigators.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the stadium, Agent S, A and O where regrouping after disabling the AA guns, now they were planning their surprise attack on the Knights and Marines present and snatch The Navigators away.
“Alright agents, we’ve managed to put the AA guns out of commission, now all we have to do is to plan our “unexpected surprise” which will be so unexpected, that the idiots around here will not even have a figment of memory of us, sounds great right?” Agent S said.
“What kind of surprise do you mean S? Another joke with your gadgets?” Agent A asked.
“Something that I’ll do if you keep your foolish mouth shut, you understand?”
“*Groans*, then let’s get going already…”
“Yeah! Get going to get your asses kicked!” Mehdi yelled from behind, GOD squad just appeared to reach behind them, maybe they too managed to infiltrate unharmed.
“Oh shit, they spotted us…” O whispered.
“Now now, can you tell us why are you here you Sherlock Holmes wannabes? You looking for the jackpot too, or for your tickets to hell?”
Walter asked.
“Said tickets will be delivered to you for daring to interfere in our mission!” S said while taking out his whip.
“Then it’s plan B then?!” O asked.
“Do it, we would have been discovered anyways.”
“….OK.” O then pressed a button in a remote control, supposedly to give the signal to the Watchers.
“What have you done?” Berat said.
“We just called your own doom.” A said while preparing to stun the rest of GOD squad.
This encounter along with the battle on the other side of the stadium between the rest of the Warriors and Agents H, D and W alarms the whole enemy presence.

“As expected, you’re so needed that the UEF even is willing to bring “traitors” to continue to wreck your minds with lies, but know I think that the best solution to it…*cocks gun* is to set you free from this world who lost the reason to see the truth.” Patrick said while he and the others pointed their guns to The Navigators.

But just about as they fired, explosions rocketed behind them, killing most of Marines and Knights in the area, it turned to be missiles coming from Indian HAL LCHs while 5 KAI KUH-1 Surion flew by, the dreaded Watchers have arrived.
“It’s them…the one and only Watchers, now you will see the might of the 12th Group!” Agent D said.
“Jesus, yoo're sae exaggerated! Lucy said while striking her dagger towards H, while Jackson fights hand to hand combat against D and the rest proceeded to reach the field to rescue The Navigators.
“You think that’s more absurd? Just look at them! They look straight out of a freaking comic book!” Patrick yelled.
“Well at least we are ones that will kill you for real!” Seiner replied while he kicks Patrick on the face.
The agents followed them too, causing a huge mayhem in the stadium, all for a group of intelligent scientists, a three way brawl indeed!

Back outside, Logan and Agent W are still having a fierce swordfight, all of them look tired but it appeared that Logan was strong enough to keep going.
“You really believe that you’re gonna snatch away our key to victory in this war? And you treat this as a great prize.” Logan said while clashing upwards.
“They are also beneficial for our war cause!”
“But not for the people!”
They continued clashing and parrying their swords, eventually, Logan knee strike W in the chest, causing her great pain, giving him an advantage to reunite with his allies.

“Whatever you are or belong to, I’m sorry to see that I’ll have to fight Humans not part of the Inquisitors, if you and the others could have known better of the situation, then this would not happened. Now I must get back to my friends and finish the job, you will stay here for your selfishness, if you could ever call that for your group.”
Logan then ran away, proceeding in reuniting with his comrades. Agent W slowly rose up, while she didn’t run to chase Logan, she give him a look of something he wouldn't expect from such person he initially meets, pure discord and scorn towards him. Such feeling where anger is one of pure determination and willing to kill without hesitation.

“My spirit of determination was a burden ever since I was born, all the days of suffering and rejection, are gone ever since I joined them, they were the ones to give me hope, to give me a reason why to fight, why I should not trust anyone but in The group itself, because their actions and views are nothing but distractions to our goal, to achieve total balance in global power, and yet you dare interfere with us in this war, war holds no  principles to follow, survival is only what matters. And now your ideals of fighting for others is corrupting that view of all war, for whatever step and action you to take, you risk further the balance of war. Now, our only fate between the two of us will be the consequence of the balance itself. You may have won this fight against me young man, but that doesn’t mean we’ll back down forever from you, this fight is only the beginning of our quarrel, a quarrel of a deserved fate.”

Two days later, the Operation was ultimately a success for the UEF and The Navigators were rescued safely, Patrick O’ Dick was ultimately killed by one of The Navigators, which is quite an unexpected achievement. At F.O.B Jefferson, a huge party was being held at the celebration of The Navigators announcement of their plans. The Earth Warriors and GOD squad were present, though not much enthusiastic.
In the hideout, the Agents look disappointed, as if their efforts in retrieving The Navigators were all in vain, and now they have to wait which company will sponsor the construction of the HAF, they were very upset and disappointed.
The news was now transmitting the following:
“After being hostage for at least a week, The Navigators were rescued successfully from rogue Marines with their leader Patrick O’ Dick deceased, and now we watch as the lead scientist Frederik Lopez and the others reveal who will fund Project Horizon.”
“Fellow citizens, it is our gracious duty for the sake of all nations who are either at war or fell in battle against the invaders and for our brave rescuers who we uphold great gratitude, we will like to announce the name of the generous businessmen who are willing to help us in the construction of ships that will the change the perspective of war forever. They are:”
“Cyberfrot Corp.”
The people in F.O.B Jefferson cheered, the company was one of their most outspoken supporters of the UEF and they were glad that they’ll help them in the war effort.
“Keep forward, your fate is ahead of you.” Celina said
“Company slogan uh?” Seiner asked.
“ADV N.T Inc”
They too cheered for the name.
“Now that will be hell of a construction am I right Jack?” John asked.
“Heh, you can count the bills for it.”
“United Services of Seoul.”
They also cheered at the statement.
“My country surely knows how to create corporations for our killing machines of salvation!” Ji-ae said.
“That’s not gracious to say you klutz!” Tany said.
“Integration Computer Shipping”
The Agents were waiting patiently at the announcement of the name of a company that secretly supports the 12th Group.
“If we don’t hear one of our beneficial shareholders, then Mr Pete will surely give us hell for our failure.” Agent S said.
“One hell for not being quick enough S.” A said.
“Dawson Logistics”
Then S and the Agents grab some beer bottles and open it.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it was a gratitude serving for all of us.”
“And last but not least: Blackburn Dynotech.”
Suddenly, all of the Agents then spit all of the beer they drank, Blackburn Dynotech was a company that secretly sympathized  with the 12th Group, not to mention that they were one of the biggest companies to emerge after the 40 month conflict, after all, despite their failure, it appears that their war efforts will recover after all.
“Hooray! Thank goodness for all this statement, you Mr Lopez won my admiration!” Agent H yelled happily
“Ehhh, did you just drank the latest Brewmeister beer? Because I think you are too drunk to talk.” A asked.
“Well just shut up and celebrate!”
The other Agents cheered for their eventual semi-victory, all except Agent W.
“What’s wrong lady W, you don’t seem cheerful at all, I thought you cared about having a vital war effort in the organization right?” O asked.
“No, not that.”
“A new enemy you just found?”
“An enemy that will test what we fight for, what this group fights for, what everybody fights for.”
“You mean…someone from the UEF?”
“Exactly, but not just him, but his allies as well.”
“And what do you want us to do lady W?” Agent S said.
“S, now our main goal is not only collect artifacts, but challenge the UEF in the deepest nations in all Earth, to decide the balance of power. The balance of Humanity itself.”

7 - Free Angels

In a dark corridor on a closed room, a person was running carefully while avoiding the closed spaces of the room, he came close tripping when he stepped on a stairs down below, he briefly recovered from the fall and kept going until it found another door. He opens the door, revealing a bright sunset in a slightly destroyed balcony of a building, the figure is none other than Logan Preaker himself.
“NOOOOO!” He screamed as he watched his own parents, Henry and Jenny Preaker lying lifeless on the floor with a figure looking upon them. The figure turns around, revealing the killer’s identity: Kedris Horiq himself.
“Murderer…Murderer! MURDERER!!!”

Suddenly, after screaming these words, Logan then awakes, flinging himself from the bed. He did not screamed but he was ventilating very heavily. It turned out it was a nightmare, or a flashback to be more exact, the day when he saw on his own eyes his parents’ death at the hands of Kedris Horiq, he started to calm down but he was still visibly shaken of what he just witnessed, he then tries to sleep again but has trouble doing it.
“You look troubled Logan” Amira said…while she looked at him without opening her mouth and it could only be heard by Logan itself, perhaps a comfort with the center of the mind.
“Let’s talk it later Amira.” Logan whispered before he could go back to sleep, Amira too listened to him and did the same.

5 hours later at 8:00 AM, the Warriors and GOD squad were on the cafeteria, having a good breakfast before they can hear news of the next battle, however Logan was still disturbed by the flashback, he had a rather uncomfortable look on his face. The others noticed this.
“What’s wrong dear Logan? Something unpleasant happened to you?” Lucy asked.
“He just had a bad memory, the time before he encountered me and us.”
“Which memory? The moment in which he realized he was a lonely virgin? Haha! Kiddos these days always suffer from that misfortune!” Walter callously said, this caused the rest to glare at him.
“Quite a jerk you are, actually, you make normal jerks look nice compared to you.” Jackson said.
“Ohhhhhh, ye got Jackowned!”
“Just…just be quiet people, I’m trying to be calm at the moment.” 
“What is it Logan, can you at least tell us?” Berat asked.
“I’ve just had dreamed of the day my parents died at the hands of the Zlocu, killed by…by…”
“Someone you hate?” Valentina asked.
“A general, Kedris Horiq. But I don’t know about if I have hatred on him.”
“Well, it looks like you could have learned hatred with your parents right? Hehehe!” Ji-ae said.
Then, Logan suddenly gets up from the chair and aggressively grabs Ji-ae with his hands, the rest notice this.
But luckily for the sake of stability, Captain Dawes of Iron Widow notices the squabbling and steps in to stop it.
“Either you will calm down or say your ass goodbye in the UEF! We’re supposed to work together at the moment, so please, keep it cool or else!”
“Fine fine fine! Just make sure that this loser doesn’t come closer to me again!”
Logan then hesitantly let’s go of Ji-ae, he sits down again but his anger still loomed over him.
“Keep it cool Logan, people usually make wrong assumptions on someone past, you should have at least explained-’’
“Not now Amira, NOT…now.” Logan interrupted her.
“But Logan…”
“Let him cool down Amira, it’s for the best of him. Better talk to him later OK?” Malak said to her.

30 minutes later, Logan was watching the lonely blue sky in a tower just near the entrance, he was wondering in the events that was unfolding around him and his friends, he was calming down, but he still felt uncertainty in him and his friends. He’s wondering that if killing Kedris Horiq will be worth it, could be? Revenge can have different significant outcomes, whether is it good or bad by the avenger, he saw him killing his parents, but he did it out of malice, by orders of High Command or just an accident? These possibilities are as endless as a circle or ocean itself. He never stops thinking, very solemnly in fact. Amira then approaches Logan and now she can speak to him.
“Logan, I have something to ask. Do people like you had such response like you did to Ji-ae? Such anger?”
“I can’t really tell Amira, as you can know…we are usually told that we should be graceful and kind to our families, because they are the closest thing they have as a master. Well, actually family love can depend on how healthy the relationship is, my guess is that given Ji-ae’s behavior on the recent days, her family love is not healthy at all.”
“But still, is your anger justifiable at all?
“My family…Is all I had in my life, even as a teacher back in high school, I still felt lonely without them. That was until of course you three came. But still, nobody SHOULD talk about my family LIKE that.”
“It could be. But she’s not part of the enemy, she doesn’t serve Malgan himself, Even with that personality of hers, are you sure that beneath all her violence, she may have a decent part of what you call, humanity?”
“Didn’t I just you told how difficult it is to notice it?”
“Yes. But still, you need to have faith in that, just as you teached me to have faith in my brother. Faith is always and always will be vital in having happiness right dear Logan?”
“Yeah, I guess so Amira.”
“Hmmm.” Amira then got closer to Logan, and looks at the sky just as he does.
“This blue sky, a true beauty of nature just like my planet.”
“Yours was as green as ours?”
“Not just Sorania, others as well.”
“Really? Eh, it seemed that the universe has places beautiful as this planet.”
“But not in war.”
“Right. But sometimes, this sky would not succumb to the fears of warfare, because this one for now is the purest in perhaps all worlds.”
“Are you saying that you don’t believe the same for the other planets?”
“Not…uhhhhh, not quite exact Amira, maybe they could have but I’m not so sure at the moment!”

This made Amira giggle happily yet lovely for a moment.

“*Don’t worry, soon you’ll see it with your own eyes once this is over.”
“You’re maybe right Amira, just maybe.”
Then he notices Amira holding his hand before she notices it too, she puts away her hand from Logan’s, maybe she was shy in showing her affections to her but at least Logan would not mind it.
“Mind if I interrupt your sweetie talk?” Jackson said, recently coming in from behind.
“Huh?! Jack! Uhh, we weren’t having a sweetie talk you know!”

Jackson didn't bought any word of it.

“Quite a denial I see. Alright, I’ve just received orders of reuniting you guys and the others to the briefing room, we have an important message to receive.”
“What is the message Jack?” Amira asked.
“Just go there and you’ll know OK. Oh, and one last thing, Colonel Walker is currently attending a military reunion in Chicago where other generals of the UEF will decide in how they will deal with the current course of battle that it’s starting.”
“So our next battle is?” Logan asked.
“Just go there and you’ll know.”
Logan looked worried for a moment, but regains his confidence, he and Amira then followed Jack to the briefing room.

Amira then held Logan's hand one more time. And communicated with him telephatically one more time.

"'re quite special to me, and the others as well. Maybe my brother will be one whose graciousness will be enjoyed a lot more with you."

Meanwhile, in the Area 51 base, the personnel around the base were increasing their production of weaponry and recruitment of possible Inquisitors, inside, the main Inquisitors were relaxing, doing their usual stuff, but at the same time, they were preparing themselves for their next encounter of the Warriors. Particularly; Dakrin, Yamja and Jason were impatient enough to face against Logan, Amira and Jack once again.
“The Guardians were far smarter than expected…Giving our enemies the power to stand our large army, but still, they would never know the capacity Metis has on them.” Raven said.
“Yet they still have the wits to uncover even our deepest weapons, unlike the other species we encountered and fought, Humanity is the most unexpected of them all.” Kedris said.
“But still, even if they manage to uncover it, they will know our ultimate trump card, one that will beat all others.”
“Quite underestimating my dear Raven, even though the core is very tightly protected-’’
“Our defenses are very most effective with these kinds of assaults general. Not even a huge combined of all airforces and navies can make a stand against Metis.”
“But still! Even if they don’t manage to penetrate the core, the UEF will find a way to destroy Metis if they catch the details of the it.”
“You’re just very nervous about it Kedris, ever since your first defeat at San Jose, you seem more quiet and nervous, why that?”
“Is just the memories of Logan, but I cannot tell you why at the moment.”
“You share a connection with him? *He releases his claws from his gloves and point at him* Unless is a justified reason to let him live, I’m afraid that I must cut you in pieces right now.”
“I told you not now! Not even with your threats in front of me!”
This caught the attention of the others. 
“What’s this squabbling about? Ahhhh, it will be stupid anyways!” Dakrin said.
“Silence Dakrin. As I was saying, you have a reason or not?”
“As I was saying, not now! And perhaps, not ever in front of you!”

A brief silence emerged from the confrontation. Nobody was sure if it will unlikely end with a truce...or the most likely end of a bloodbath. After a moment, the decision came, from Raven himself.

“You are brave enough to resist general. For now, I’ll let you minding your own business to yourself.”
“Quite wise my dear Raven.”
He then walked away to a different room, even he settled the tension between him and Kedris, and it seemed that he has something planned for him.
“Quite nobility in front of that man right?” Jane asked.
“I’m just making sure that he doesn’t find out my weakness.”
“Same here…but I must follow him until the time is right.”
“You plan to-’’
“Shush! No need to speak of it at the moment.”
“I see.”
“By the way General Kedris, do you know information of the UEF next move?”
“Our nano-drones just recorded a conversation on a military conference, they decided that the next major offensive in their war against us is a combined assault in the cities of Los Angeles, Naples, Quito and Jakarta. If they manage to capture those cities, it will significantly reduce our war effort in Earth and might open a way to penetrate our defenses in the remaining areas in the Americas, Europe and Asia.”
“Hmmm, you people have any backup plan in case Los Angeles falls?”
“Yes, we’ll use Metis to cripple most of their defenses or use it as shield for our territories in South America. With these options, we hope that we can turn the tide of war.”
“Yes that will do, but…aren’t you forgetting the most important weapon stored beneath Metis?”
“No I haven’t, nothing at all.”
“Good to hear.”
“Tell me Jane, if you encounter these Earth Warriors again, what would you do?”
“Fight them like always, but I would not care if we triumph or lose, our efforts are what matters in this fight.”
“So, you hold no grudge against them? Just like me it seems.”
“Yeah, well some of them like Tania and Lucy are absolute screwballs but otherwise formidable to fight against. And Logan…Oh the warrior of felicity.”
“He’s quite a gentleman, like a knight from the 12th century, right?”
“Yeah yeah, yet so callow in dire situations, let’s hope that this battle in he won’t be.”
“Then get ready for tomorrow now, deadly mercenary…”
Meanwhile at the UEF briefing room.

“This is it people, the day we will recover our pride. As you can see, our next city within our range is none other than Los Angeles, one of the first cities to fall in the invasion. Right now, we’re planning an all-out assault on the city with armies of the US, Britain, Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia joining the battle, alongside similar operations in Quito, Naples and Jakarta. We will strike in five groups and each one with different role in the battle. Rodent group which consists in commandos from Delta Force, JTF2 and SAS will breach into Santa Monica to disable a jammer which affects the signals in the whole area between Los Angeles and Long Beach. After they manage to disable it, Icarus group, consisting of eight fighter squadrons will then try to nullify the enemy defenses in Pasadena, San Bernardino and South L.A, all full with AA Cannons, mechas and other vehicles at Zlocan disposal. This is to make sure that the amphibian assault of Kraken group goes without trouble. With the support of naval forces, Japanese, Korean and Australian troops will establish a beachhead in Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach while Werewolf and Achilles groups start their assaults in Pasadena and San Bernardino. Not only this will catch the Zlocan forces off guard but will also make sure that this victory will be quick and swift for us all. In addition, after nullifying the defenses, Crusader Squadron must then rendezvous with Werewolf group to liberate the rest of the city and destroy any remaining Zlocan forces. Remember, you must give everything you have within you to make this operation a success, failure will not only demoralize our armies but the people as well, we must not let that happen, understood? Dismissed!”

On the next day, a huge flight formation was getting near Los Angeles as they waiting for a response from Rodent Group if the jammers were disabled on the time they arrive. They were formed by Crusader, Vulture, Boomstick, Avalon, Occult, Crossbow, Aoi and Galgo Squadron. AWACS Swan Eye was leading them.
“Los Angeles. I never expected to come back home like this.” Logan said.
“There are times when the best way to reach back home is to fight for it. I tried it once and I’ve failed. But I hope this will be a good chance to prove it.” Jackson said.
“Yeah. But these morons out there will be very though to deal with.” Seiner said.
“Well, our courage of us all will make them not so tough!” Sophie said.
“Keep it quiet guys, who knows how we will do well in this mission.” Avalon 1 said.
“This is Captain Dawes of Rodent Group, the jammer located 6th street has been disabled. The rest is up to you.”

“Good job! Alright guys you heard him, now we must disable the enemy defenses to make way for the main strike forces. Crusader, Vulture, take out the main force at South L.A. Aoi, Galgo, reduce the enemy numbers at Hollywood. Occult, Crossbow, secure the airspace at Pasadena. Boomstick, Avalon, eliminate the enemy posts at San Bernardino. FOR EARTH!” Luana said.
“ROGER THAT!” The pilots said.
Crusader and Vulture squadron then fly over towards Long Beach, where a huge herd of Zlocans was guarding the zone. Vulture proceeds to shot down the enemy fighters near Lakewood and Westminster while Crusader takes care of the ground and sea units stationed on the beaches, they had to do it quickly before Kraken Group could arrive.
The Inquisitors too also tried to help the Zlocan troops in defending the line in the area, but they too were crushed by the might of the air force.
In at least just 20 minutes, the main defense has been reduced by 60%, now it was the time for Kraken, Achilles and Werewolf to enter the battle, the liberation has begun.
Meanwhile, near the Pacific Ocean, Kraken Group was now approaching South L.A with their landing team preparing for battle. Lots of battleships and carriers were taking part of the group with helicopters carrying thousands of soldiers and commandos ready to fight to the death.
“This is Admiral Marlowe of the UEF 3rd Pacific Fleet, is this what I’m supposed to see?”
“Swan Eye here, affirmative! The beaches are cleared for your troops to land!”
“Excellent, attention all troops, you have greenlight to engage! I repeat, greenlight to engage!”
Then, landing crafts started to leave the landing ships and sailed towards the beaches, where the liberation was about to begin.
“This is Werewolf Group, we are starting our assault in Pasadena!” Colonel Walker.
“This is Achiles Group, let’s start some ass kicking here San Bernardino!” Walter said.
“Alright! We have done our part. Now, it’s time for my own home to shine again once more!”
“Crusader Squad, now let the rest of Icarus do their work, we need you here at Pasadena to-’’
But just as they were about to receive the message, two shots were seen, likely coming from a huge weapon, which then explodes in an electromagnetic shockwave in midair on Pasadena.

“What’s that?” Occult 1 asked as she watched from the distance..

Suddenly all of Occult and Crossbow squadron perished from the blast. All UEF troops were horrified at this.
“Oh my…what kind of weapon the Zlocans just created now?” Malak asked.
“We’re not sure but you have to rendezvous immediately before that thing strikes again!” John shouted.
“All air units, lower your altitude to 300, avoid the weapon at all cost!” Luana said.
Soon Crusader Squadron then started to head over to Pasadena where Colonel Walker is located, while the other squadron started to descend from the air. However, a second strike from the weapon appeared again, striking the airspace of Pasadena again.
“Quick! Lower your altitude!” Aoi 1 said.
“Here it comes again! Team, descend your-AHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRAAAAAGGG!!!” Avalon 1 shouted.
“Aoi and Avalon squadron has been shot down!”
“This is Galgo 1, my squadron and Boomstick are heading off to the direction of the weapon, requesting permission Swan Eye!”
“Negative Galgo lead, we must not allow any further losses on our planes, maintain air superiority but keep your altitude low and stay alert!”
“Understood. Team, let’s keep those beasts off radar!”
Crusader then flies over Pasadena curiously without any trouble, it seemed that the munitions of the weapon has depleted but they were not sure about it.
“Sir, how will Crusader reunite with us if they’re airborne?” A soldier asked.
“Don’t worry son, these pilots are no ordinary ones.”

And in a surprising move, all of Crusader squad ejected from their planes in midair, their planes went on auto-pilot mode and flew back to base. The heroes then took their pilots suits off, revealing their normal battle uniforms, they land in front of the soldiers without even a scratch.
“Pretty cool huh?” Tany asked.
“I can’t even tell how I feel right now…” Jackson said.
“Alright, quit the fun, now all we have to is to secure this part of the city and advance to central L.A where will show our determination in taking back our home!”
The soldiers and the Warriors then shouted a mighty war cry, letting the Zlocans know how much they want to take back their lost home.

Meanwhile, at San Bernardino, GOD squad was engaging in a battle against Zlocans in Rialto while UEF troops advanced with them.
“Quick you suckers, let’s push these morons out of our turf!” Walter yelled.
“Yeah!!! GIVE ‘EM LEAD! LOTS OF LEAD!” Ji-ae yelled too.
They were running in the street, shooting all they can. Then, an M1 Abrams is destroyed by a laser cannon. But GOD didn’t mind, as they were rushing to battle, mowing down many enemies in their path. Walter then cuts down the enemy cannon in half with a chainsaw attached to his M16. The watching Zlocans were terrified at this.
“Wanna met this lady here?” Walter asked at the nervous Zlocans.
But Zlocans were not cowardly fools, most don’t care about a death in the battlefield, as long whether they have the upper hand or not, they rushed bravely towards Walter with their lightblades, while the others members of GOD watched in amusement. Of course, Walter mowed them down to pieces, but at the least they were brave enough to fight.
“Are you done yet Walty? Our allies need our help immediately.” Celina said.
“Yes…so very much! GET GOING MY COMRADES!!”
Then he and his companions moved towards south Rialto where a large battalion was engaging a defensive Zlocan position. The soldiers were trying to hold their ground as soon as possible, but the Zlocan mechs and tanks were making their job harder, along with two Zlocan hovercraft up ahead. GOD manages to reach in time to defend the UEF soldiers.
“Captain Carter, go to see you here!” said the Lieutenant of the group.
“Yeah yeah I get it. Need some help buddy?”
“Of course you jerk! Don’t you see that herd of fuckin’ ugly aliens?!”
“Ugly? I don’t see any in them, bud.” Berat said.
“I WAS BEING RHETORICAL! Anyways, you guys have something to help us out?”
“Our skills might be of good use Lieutenant, watch and learn. Ready guys?” Valentina said.
“As always my dear Valy!” Celina said.
Then, they ran towards a house so they can take cover for their surprise attack while the troops continued covering fire. They seemed to be badly outnumbered by the troops and they were about to reach their end until…
“Knock knock!” Mehdi shouted.
“Who’s there?!” A knight asked.
Suddenly, Mehdi jumped out of the house’s window carrying two large rocket launchers.
“Here’s your package gentlemen!!!”
Then he fired the rockets at the Knights standing there, blowing them to smithereens
“Damn him! Automas! Destroy them!” A Zlocan colonel yelled at the machines.
But before they could fire at Mehdi, they stopped moving and were deactivated for a moment.
“What the hell?! How could they have been disabled so easily?!”
But they weren’t disabled for too long because as soon they stopped moving, they suddenly get mobile again, but they were now aiming their guns at the Zlocan knights! Then, the mechas started shoot their blaster turrets to the Zlocan platoon, annihilating them completely. What made the Automas aim at their own troops? It was none other than the hacking of Celina herself, with her device attached to the wrist.
“Such pity, if only their systems were more resistant.”
Then he pressed buttons on her device and the Automas suddenly became disabled again, but this time they were auto-detonated.
But still the danger wasn’t over as the hover-craft came in to aid the remaining Zlocan knights pinned down.
“Does any of you have any remaining tricks?!” The Lieutenant said.
But just about as the hovercraft were approaching, Valentina suddenly came out from the house and started to shoot at the hovercraft. She manages to take them down with three perfect shots at the cockpits without aiming down her sights. Everybody was astonished at this amazing feat of bravery and skill, this is also caused the main Zlocan battalion to retreat.
“OH YEAH BABY! That’s gonna leave a REALLY big mark on them!”
“You enjoyed the fun gentlemen? Good, now all we have to do is to clear out the remaining forces in this zone and then regroup with Achilles group, got it?” Walter said.
“Understood. Alright team, is time to push forward once more, go!”
GOD squad and the platoon then rushed to Fontana where the last Zlocan defenses of San Bernardino were stationed, however as soon as they were running to the zone, they stopped moving because something in the wreckage of the Zlocan forces in Rialto started to emerge. It was a figure walking in the fire and smoke of the destroyed vehicles.
“There’s still one more?!” Berat said.

The figure in the smoke continues walking and finally it was none other than Kedris Horiq himself.
“Quite exceptional skills you demonstrated today dear Humans.”
“It’s a Zlocan! FIRE!!!” GOD squad and the platoon started to fire at Kedris, but Kedris is not a fool, he takes his sword called: Onore and swings it in circles to block the bullets. GOD and the platoon kept shooting until they ran out of bullets.
“Yet you use the dirtiest solution in the book. A warrior always has to end a fight honorably with a blade, not with a gun, that’s is my family’s motto in battle. Do you have any blade to face me? Any of you?”
“So you mean you want us to fight like true men? Heh! I guess you got 6 lucky candidates in front of you right now. Alright guys, is time for melee!” 
Walter and the other members then dropped their guns and each took out their own blade. Walter had his giant axe, Berat his sword, Celina her two sais, Valentina her double-katana, Mehdi his halberd and Ji-ae her two chakrams. They were now ready to demonstrate their honor in duel.
“Step back boys. Let me and the others handle this.”
“But Captain! It may be an opportunistic chance to kill us!” The lieutenant said.
“We were fighting dirty kid. Now it’s time for a clean fight.”
The soldiers stepped back to let GOD fight against Kedris.
“Now, let the great one go first,HRAAAAAAAAAAH!!”
Walter was the first to rush towards Kedris, as he swings his axe to strike him, but Kedris dodges many of his strikes and counterattacks him, they both clash their blades near each other while at the same dodging the big attacks. Then Kedris knocks out Walter with his sword slash, leaving him vulnerable. But Celina and Valentina come to the rescue and parries Kedris’s slash.
“Courage and unity, vital in the survival of a warrior.”
“Yet you are alone…” Valentina said before rushing at him along with Celina. They swung their blades at Kedris’s Onore but he was quick enough to block the attacks. Celina tries to pierce her sais to Kedris’s face but he quickly knocks her out cold with the back of his sword. Valentina then strikes Kedris furiously due to her friend being knocked out. But as she was trying to knock down Kedris, Mehdi runs forward and starts screaming fiercely at him and jumps to attack him. Kedris however, quickly grabs the tip of the halberd and throws him away before knocking Valentina away by kicking her in the chest. Ji-ae and Berat then fiercely attack Kedris in all sides while Walter tries to get up and rejoin the fight. Ji-ae wild moves nearly catches Kedris off-guard, and for a moment she was nearly going to kill him but Kedris manages to strike back by grabbing her two shakrams and throws her away. Berat was the only one left standing in the fight.
“You Humans quite showed some skills in combat. I would like to say that I’m impressed, but it appears it may not be necessary to you.”
“Quite understandable for your complain, but now I will show you abilities far beyond your imagination.”
He then proceeded to attack Kedris with his sword. It turned out however that Berat’s attack forms are rather very quick and swift when dealing with Kedris, due to curved shape of the Kilij and while Kedris does most of the attacks against Berat, the latter still manages to outwit him with his sword technique, feeling that victory is near, Berat quickly clashes with Kedris’s Onore but the quick strike of the Kilij manages to break Onore apart, Kedris was now defenseless! And for the coup de grace, he slashes Kedris horizontally in the chest, breaking a part of his armor. After a long and deadly battle, GOD managed to prove their might to one of the best generals of the ZGA.
“So we were worth the challenge isn’t it?”
“Not only that...You also showed me how important is unity to you, maybe even stronger than all Zlocans combined.”
“Nicely done Berry my man, now finish him off that slacker out of our faces!” Walter said.
“He only was asking for a challenge, not a duel to the death my dear Walty.”
“But he might take the advantage and lead take command of the remaining troops and kill you all.”
“That doesn’t matter now Human, you have beaten us before in San Jose, maybe you can have same luck here on L.A but this time my forces are holding surprise for you all. Oh well, now is my time to leave. Thanks for such a wonderful duel…Oh and you, what’s your name great warrior?”
“Berat Sahin. Yours?”
“Kedris Horiq. Now remember this Berat, you owe me a sword, my next one may not be as merciful as the previous...”
“We shall see. Until next time, Mr Horiq.”
Kedris then walked away from the group. He may have lost his personal battle, but he will have a chance again in facing not only GOD squad, but also Logan.
“Quite a gentleman isn’t it?” Celina asked as she regained consciousness.
“Yet a good target to kill.” Ji-ae said.
“Enough chit-chat for now guys. Lieutenant, you can come out now!”
The nervous Lieutenant came out of hiding and rejoined GOD squad.

One day later, the battle for L.A has been raging on. There were heavy casualties on both sides, the streets and various cars on the streets filled with wreckage of vehicles and corpses or limbs of fallen soldiers, most of the buildings ravaged or intact. Gunshots and explosions could be heard from all corners of the city, either near or close. The civilians were now facing 3 fates, either dying as an innocent bystander, taking arms against the Zlocans or serve the Zlocans.
Despite the horrific scenery and massive loss of soldiers, one thing was certain, liberation of the city was getting near.
Meanwhile, Werewolf and Rodent group were hiding in a building at Jackson Street, where they are planning to defeat the remaining forces at the financial district of L.A when Kraken group arrives in just in time to launch the final strike.
“Incredible, it has been 26 hours ever since the battle started and now we’re getting close to our victory. Never has warfare progressed in many years from this day.” Captain Dawes said.
“It is indeed mate. And our bravery here will put an end to these Muppets around here.” Lucy said.
“Yeah, but first we need to wait for Kraken group to hit the call. We need both groups to easily flank the remaining forces. Doing so early might cause many casualties.” John said.
“We’ve been waiting for five of them to show up. Why don’t we do it now? My home needs to flourish once again and get rid of these killers!” Logan said.
“I understand how much you want your home to be normal like it was, but you must know how important is having patience in events like this, in fact, doing it by yourself earlier would have get you killed out of desperation.”
“You’re right John, forgive my impatience.”
“No worries Logan, many good people have impatience on their side.”
“Heh, my mom always used to say that.”
Then the whole room turned to silence once more, waiting for the moment to come. All of their faces were visibly channeling two thoughts: Fear and pride. They think that the last offensive might be a suicidal one but at the same time, it may show how capable Humanity in taking back an important piece for them. They remained silent hearing the gunshots and explosions outside until…
“This is Lieutenant colonel Yuria Saito of Kraken group, we are approaching to Downtown L.A to flank the remaining Zlocan troops, mind if you can give us a hand?”
“This is Colonel John Walker, understood, we’ll meet up at St Spring street where will plan our final offensive, glad you arrived in time to end this.”

“No problem Colonel, my men and the others are born in situations like this.”
“Let’s hope you are damn right! Colonel Walker out. Alright guys, Kraken just entered downtown, now let’s move out to victory!”
“About time! I was anxious in kicking глупый (Foolish) asses!” Andrei said.
“Same here boy! Let’s wipe these naughty nibblers out of own good ol’ world!” Eddie yelled.
All of Rodent and Werewolf soldiers then left the building they were hiding and rushed to battle where the final minutes of were about to begin. The soldiers were now being transported on the trucks and armored cars while the Earth Warriors were now in Seiner’s chrome truck and they drive off to the financial district.
“Strange…Most of the streets seem to be empty. Did the Zlocans just retreated?” Seiner asked.
“Quite impossible, not even sight of a big army won’t scare them off.” John said.
“How can you be sure about it Colonel?”
“I’ve experienced it before. The enemy sometimes might withdraw to a single area and focus the remaining firepower there, to hold off the adversary.”
“Seems interesting…If so, then tell them I have a big surprise for them.”
“What kind of surprise?”
“Take a guess.”
But as the convoy was driving at 1st street, the ground suddenly started to shake heavily, causing many vehicles to either run off the road or to crash to another vehicle.
“What happened?! What made the ground shake like this?! Was it a quake?” A soldier asked.
“Could it be? Maybe it was part of a Zlocan plan to slow us down! They must have known it before us…” John said.
“Impossible Colonel!” Seiner shouted.
“What do you mean Seiner?”
“My advanced Seismometer just detected that although there was a quake, it wasn’t a natural one, and it appeared that it came from an artificial movement underground, even the nearest fault could only cause a bit shaking!”
“Are you serious? Then where did it came from then?!”
“According to my device, its epicenter was at the national forest to the north. It must be a secret weapon that could have caused the quake.”
“No matter. Everyone, continue the assault! We must not let them take the advantage from us!”
“Swan Eye here. We have detected a large group of battalions guarding all of the Financial District, they seem to hold the last bulk of their forces in California. You may let Icarus take care of them before you go. It seems to be dangerous to go even with your whole tank battalion because of the unexpected ‘quake’.”
“Don’t worry, I have something for them, courtesy of The Guardians.” Seiner said
“Watch and you’ll know.”
He then drove the Chrome truck towards Broadway Street where just up ahead, a large defensive barrier of Zlocan troops were stationed. The Zlocans and Inquisitors notice the truck and start firing at it. But the bullets, laser bolts and even rockets ricochet at the truck. And for their horror, the Chrome Truck then started to unleash its inner arsenal, annihilating the guarding post near 4th Street.
The rest of Werewolf notice the ensuing chaos.
“Quite a gift…” John said
“Think he can tell us the secrets of that thing?” A soldier asked.
“Ask The Guardians when they arrive here.”
“Ask the ones in the truck.”
“OK…..So can we get goin’?”
“Yes! CHARGE!!!”
He then ordered his troops to move on, since now half of the defenses surrounding the financial district were destroyed. The other half was destroyed by Boomstick squadron and the other one by a nearby platoon of Kraken group.

A huge firefight starts for the control of the Financial district, although both sides are giving fierce firepower to each other, it seems that the UEF has superior tactics and soldiers, which is about to bring the ZGA in the West Coast of the USA to its knees. Or so it seemed.
Inside of a spaceship bridge-like room, Kedris was standing there. His chest was bandaged from his confrontation with GOD squad yesterday. The room was full of Zlocan operatives, working on machines and going from room to room. He watches a monitor turning on, revealing Raven and the Inquisitors at the top of the US Bank tower.
“It seemed not even your hidden ‘quake’ could scare them off general Kedris. But they are as stubborn as a chasing lion.”
“But they are winning because love for their land. Something we couldn’t even think of.”
“Is that so? Fighting for love was always a meaningless reason of fighting in combat and today they will witness our ultimate weapon in its purest form, one that will make them escape from their delusion of love.”
“You mean?”
“Yes…Activate the Grakoi artillery. Target: The financial district.”
“The. The financial district Raven? But there are many of our knights stationed in there. We’d be killing our own men in this battle! Not to mention innocent civilians living in there.”
“Are you letting your own moral compass get ahead of you? Is your blind caring of troops more important than victory itself? Then surely you know what awaits to you for not obeying direct orders from me.”
"...Understood Raven, if only you could have more humanity in you. Men! New orders from the Inquisitors, target the Grakoi artillery towards the financial district!”

But after he relayed the order, he suddenly got teleported from the bridge to the top of the bank tower where the other Inquisitors were present.
Then a more shocking surprise appeared, a large fortress like structure appeared in National Forest in the mountains, 3 giant cannons emerged from inside the fortress, likely the Grakoi artillery. They fire their weapons, revealing yellow laser bolts that when impact on the ground, causes a huge explosion. At least 12 shots are fired from the Grakoi artillery, killing hundreds of Zlocans and UEF troops.
“What the hell?! What kind of laser bolts were that!?” John shouted.
“They were… too strong… too destructive…Was that…” A soldier said before succumbing to his injuries.
“We’re lucky enough to be alive from that surprise! Once my team found where did it came from, we’ll smash it to hell!” Dawes shouted.
“Bad news to all units. Casualties rate very high as result from the attack, and we’re detecting multiple Zloca transport ships, reinforcements perhaps. All units, retreat from the district and regroup.” Luana said.
“This is Crusader 1, negative Swan Eye. We’ll not fall back in a moment like this, because our devotion to our homeland means that no matter what happens, we will always find a way to prevail.”

“But are you planning to take the transports by yourself? You’re crazy Logan, fall back and regroup.”
“No general, I’m not being the crazy guy who thinks who can do it himself. Because mine are crazy too. But we are also heroes!”
“Logan! Don’t you dare to stay there by yourself, you might get yourself killed, all because you only care about being heroes! Get down now!” John yelled.
“No John, these are NOT my orders. *takes out his sword*This is OUR orders!”
Logan and the others the jumped from the top of a building where they were hiding, and proceeded to destroy the incoming transport ships, all done while jumping from ship to ship, slashing it or destroying it apart in midair. Both the Inquisitors and the watching officials couldn’t believe what they saw.

“Such strength, such determination. I never expected how much you love freedom Logan.” Luana said.
“Me neither. But you should also thank my friends for it, they too love freedom as much as I do.”
“You called that an act of freedom? Bah! Such an amateurish heroism!” Walter said.
“Captain Carter! You just reached in time for the battle zone!” John said.
“Yeah. Just saw the mess the frickin’ aliens caused and decided to give a bit of hand to you.”

Walter was on board on a KAI KUH-1 Surion along with the others, it was being accompanied by a large air group of helicopters coming from Achilles group. This force, combined with the fact that Kraken group suffered less losses than Werewolf, were about to launch a decisive counterattack against the Zlocan forces. Walter then grabs a heavy machine gun and opens the door in the passenger side of the helicopter and starts shooting a lot of Zlocan in his path.
“Hahaha! None can stand the power of this 400 000 $ machinegun!”

Meanwhile Logan and his the Earth Warriors land on the top of the bank tower where the Inquisitors was waiting for them.
“Quite a spectacle you pulled off. I’m quite impressed.” Kedris said.
“Thanks Kedris. But now it is my upholding duty of stopping the force that keeps my home under your control, and that is you, are you ready?” Logan said.
“This time, I’ll cut you up now!” Dakrin said.

The Earth Warriors and the Inquisitors then charged at each other, starting a battle which will decide the fate of Los Angeles.
Logan and Malak were engaging a swordfight against Dakrin and Kedris which now fights with a lightblade, Seiner was fighting with his gadgets against Raven and two XOCMAS mechas, Amira as always was fighting Yamja the killer, Tany was engaged in a magic vs technology battle against Jane with Lucy fighting alongside the former, Jackson and Eddie were fighting hand to hand combat against Jason and Andrei was fighting against Vladimir itself. The fight is long and brutal, as each side attack each other fiercely.
Raven attacks Seiner with his burst blade which pins him down to the floor, he points his blade at him.
“Your efforts here will be left unfulfilled, if you could been a more decent boy and joined us, your life could be a happier one.”
“RHAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Seiner yelled in rage as he suddenly started to brutally punch Raven with his mega gloves, the XOCMAS try to defend Rave but they end being destroyed by Seiner himself, the first one by being ripped in half while the other gets its head mutilated.
“Bastard, I’ll swear that I will make you choke on your own words!!!”
Logan was clashing his sword with Dakrin, causing a deadlock between the two warriors.
“You think you are a warrior? Give me a break, love is one the weakest reasons to fight, that’s why you are going to lose this time Logan!”
“This is my HOME, so fighting for something you love is one reason to win a fight.”
“And all for your dead parents. Hmph! I can assure that Kedris was really enjoying killing your parents, one being an Apache scum who tainted American history for ages, not to mention, he said that he could be have killed you with that whore your mother was!”
Logan then furiously breaks the deadlock and slashes Dakrin’s arm off, expelling a lot of blood while he screams in pain. Kedris notices it and tries to calm Logan down by clashing with his lightblade.
“Logan, this is not what you believe. His thoughts of me are pure lies!”
“You think I'm not bright enough?! I SAW YOU THERE!”
“I know but is not what you think it is!”
“You done it on your own will!? UNFORGIVABLE!”
He then fiercely attacks Kedris but he’s put down by him when he pins him to the floor.
Yamja was engaging a taunting battle against Amira.
“Poor child. You don’t understand that those around you are using you for their own ends, don’t you remember how your brother hates Humans so much? Well you should, because loving them will mean betrayal for him.”
“You’re wrong, Humanity is not what my brother thought and he will know when I return for him!”
“Hahaha! Such naïveté in you. Maybe when we win, I’ll put you in the same agony as he is right now!”
“You are trying to make feed my vengeance against you, but that won’t happen!”
She then pushed her with her telekinesis towards Vladimir and Jason which were beating Seiner for attacking Raven.
Tany was clashing a flame blade against Jane’s knife which surprisingly can stand on its own.
“Quite admirable tricks you have Tania. Yet you don’t know how to use them.”
“Don’t? DON’T?!”
She then summons two blocks of metal and throws them at Jane, Jane dodges it, Tany then summons two rock hands and catch Jane. Tany approaches to Jane…So she can slap her for the insult.
“Who doesn’t know now meanie?!”
Then she summons a water hand to slap her again. Then she throws her at Raven who was getting up from Seiner’s attack.
“You naughty twat! Let me show you how to be a proper warrior!”
“Quite enough for now gentlemen…Better next time.” Raven said.
“Hell no!! We can still beat these suckers to pulp!” Dakrin said.
“Don’t you see you moron?! All of our forces have been defeated in the city! It’s over! The Zlocans are finished now here!” Jason yelled
“Grrrr!!!! I’ll make you suffer more next time!” Yamja said
“So…Love indeed triumphed in this one. But now you will see the consequence of resisting us.” Raven said.
Raven and the other then teleported back at the bridge, where a medical team was now approaching them.
Logan goes to the edge of the tower and raises his sword in the air and shouts.
“EVERYBODY!!! Los Angeles shines again with the winds of victory and freedom”

The soldiers hear this and start cheering at their victory.
“We did it…Los Angeles is finally back to us…” John said.
“And when you thought they couldn’t do it, well they did! I have never saw some great warriors like that in my life. If it wasn’t for them, this would never happened, right?” Dawes said.
“Not just them, ours as well.” Yuria said.
“So…Anyone up for a great party?” Walter said.
“I DO!!!” GOD said.
An helicopter then came to the tower to pick up the Warriors. The Warriors looked very exhausted and injured but at least they knew that their efforts were meaningful and now they were ready to receive a heroes welcome.
“What is that…thing?” Amira asked, sawing the fortress at the mountain, but as they were about to look, it mysteriously vanished.
“There’s nothing in there Amira, maybe you are too injured to think right now. Once we return, we can have a sweet rest right?” Malak said.
“I hope so Malak.”
But what was that consequence Raven was talking about?

Later, at the same fortress which is now under ocean. A person with grey skin, green mullet hair, without a nose, droopy ears and red eyes was being taken to a room where a lot of computers were present and a huge screen.
That person is none other than Varris Dhorian himself and he was being shown something in front of the Inquisitors.
“Slept well Soranian boy?” Yamja taunted.
“Do not mock with such words murderer, provoking me with that doesn’t work on me.”
“Have you heard the news, the Humans just recaptured their beloved city, maybe you should happy right?”
“How can I? Celebrating with my uncle’s killers? No way…If necessary, I can show them my pure rage if they have done something to Amira.”
“So you don’t care about Humans at all? Well, if it’s true then you wouldn’t mind if we are about to launch a weapon more deadly than we showed today, which will make them regret winning…”
“You want me to think that showing this will make me happy? No way! I might not like Humans, but don’t you dare make me share your feelings as well!”
“Are you truly sure about it Varris? We’ll prevent the launch unless you admit that joining us is a better choice than joining your killers.”
Varris replied with nothing but silence, he may held a grudge against Humans, but joining the Inquisitors was something Amira never wanted, he doesn’t know where she is but he was sure that she was alright so, his silence showed where his loyalty belonged.
“So you insisted…Command, commence launch on the Masak missile, targets: Honolulu, Caracas, Paris, Warsaw, Jakarta and Doha.
“Initiating countdown…1 minute and counting........50 seconds and counting……40 seconds and counting….30 seconds and counting……20 seconds and counting…….start ignition….10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. LAUNCH!”
A hatch opens, revealing the large missile launching from the fortress, it emerges from the sea and ignites the rocket.
Meanwhile, at Honolulu, in the secondary GHQ of the UEF at Kaka’ako, everything was normal and quiet, with no interruption whatsoever. Until a guard detects something in the sky.
“Sir, we have an unidentified object in the sky, can you see it?” The guard.
“Hold on, let’s check the radar” The colonel at the base said.
“Sir! Incoming missile at our position! Quick tell the men to activate the turrets!” A soldier
“What?! All men, activate the defense turrets! Obliterate that missile!”
“Too late! There’s not time to act! The missile is coming too fast!
“It can’t be! Everyone take cover-’’
Before he could finish the order, the missile impacted the base, creating a huge fireball that ravages all of Oahu, the buildings demolished like fragile papers and the people trying to take cover are burned alive by the explosion, the screams of the dying people could be heard from all Hawaii.

Soon, the other cities fall with the same fate.

The Zlocans now showed what could happen if they face enough opposition, the ultimate terror of Metis has begun.

8 - Revelations

The Earth Warriors and GOD were partying a lot in Colonel Walker’s office, Logan, Seiner and Amira were having a normal chit-chat while drinking. Tany, Lucy, Jackson and Andrei were playing true or dare. Malak was simply enjoying Jim Doe’s “I want an Angel” on the Ipod. Eddie was doing shots with Walter and the other members of GOD and John was having a toast with other commanding officers.  Another great success for not only the UEF but for the universe as well.
“Ha ha ha! Oh wow! I've ne'er felt sae guid in mah whole life!”
“You should let it loose girl. Really let it loooooooooooooseeeee.” Andrei said.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh I won’t be so sureeeee boy, because I only wanteeeed a big pile of thisssssssssss*hic*. You reaaaaaaaaalllllllyyy dare to beat meeeeeeeeeeeeee??????” Eddie said.
“I do mothersuckeeeeeeeerrrrrrr! One mooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Walter said.
“Shut up! The only real drinker here is the great Walker! Why?! Because I went through to hell many times that drinks is all I need!”
“Oh so you’re saying that by being a great war veteran means that you have to drink a lot? Just as a typical retired veteran!” Luana said.
“Hahaha! Better yet when they’re angry!”
“Hehehe, what a funny atmosphere I’m feeling today.” Amira said.
“Uhmm, you serious Amira?” Logan said.
“What? Didn’t you Humans enjoy this kind of party?”
“Well not quite! I mean, not this hard!”
“Ah? Logan, I think and you others…are very unexpected.”
“You mean like we are spontaneous constantly? Come on Amira, you're just simply confused how big parties can be.” Seiner said.
“Well…who cares anyway, let’s keep enjoying this right?”
“Right on Ami.” Logan said.
“Hehehehehehe! Yeah, right all along Logan, it doesn’t matter which kind of party is this, it is always certain that fun is always present and makes sure it doesn’t ruin your mood for the rest of the goddamn day!”
Suddenly, the phone rang.
“Ah shit, not Kaufer! He will ruin the goddamn day!”
“Answer the phone you slob! It’s not like if he’s gonna fire you now for this right? Besides, perhaps he’s having fun a lot too.” Luana said.
“Let’s hope you’re right Lui. Yes? ------- What do you mean an emergency meeting?! -------- No…no you can’t be serious…We’ll be there in a moment! People! Stop the music and drinks, something has happened to one of our HQs!”
“Why now? Maybe it was just a simple prank done by a jerk.” Walter said.
“Shut up and sober up Walter, this is serious!”

Meanwhile, at the meeting room, everybody had worried looks on their faces and couldn’t stop murmuring, the news of the recent attack in the six cities was a shocking blow to the UEF defense network. John walked in to the room, he stomped his foot so he can get everybody to stand up and follow his words.
“Alright listen up people! Now, We all know that we were partying for another major victory of the UEF, which it’s of course very miraculous for us all so yes, we have right to celebrate for every miracle that happens. However, sometimes, our deadliest foes sometimes don’t take those miracles very well, for example; The Zlocans. Recently, I’ve just got word that three of our secondary GHQs, Honolulu, Caracas and Paris, alongside three more has been wiped out by, as the witnesses told the authorities, perhaps  nuclear missiles of 15 megatons.”
The audience then starts gasping in shock, any attack made by a Zlocan against Humanity would be at least done in conventional ways, but the use of a missile was nothing to be expected among the UEF.
“Now now, I know that this is a very horrendous action done by them, although some suspect it was missile launched by a backstabbing country. But that rumor is pure bullshit, why? Well, first; we don’t know the trajectory of the missile YET. Second; the treaty of loyalty established the abolishing of Nukes between NATO and the EAU, which will make it impossible that it was nuke launched by Russia or China. And THIRDLY; even if one our nations even tried to stockpile their nukes in defiance to the treaty, they would have been destroyed the Zlocans, but yet it would produce large amount of radiation to the surrounding areas in the whole Eurasian continent, which can be ruled out. Right now, a NBC team will be deployed to the area to determine the radiation level of the impacted zone and prove whether it’s a nuke or not. And the technical team would try to use the satellites to determine the trajectory of the missile. Now we are on a level 3 alert, which means that every trooper must patrol all the West Coast to check for any remaining enemy presence or any suspicious activity regarding the Zlocans. Dismissed!”
The people in the room then started to leave, all of them with worried and vengeful looking faces, anxious to wait the location of the missile.
“Logan, you and the others have a special mission regarding this, but it will not start until the root of the problem is found, understood?”
“Yes John!”
They left the room, but not without having doubts in how they will handle the situation, but surely they will know how to solve it.

Back at Metis, Raven was having a holographic conversation with the Kujar himself, Malgan, regarding the destruction of the GHQs and the other cities.
“So, you managed to show what is this ultimate weapon capable to do when it’s deployed right?”
“Of course my lord, losing Los Angeles was bad enough, but this will keep them in their place.”
“Superb Raven! Very superb! Now the punny Humans are more scared than ever before! All thanks to your backup plan! Maybe when this is over. I will make you: GOVERNOR OF EARTH! HAHA!”
“Politics is no business of mine my lord, I rather stay as a hunter.”
“But your genius mind is far stronger than anyone else Raven, don’t you see that?!”
“I know my lord, but you must understand that the war is not over yet, and whatever the Human retaliation may be, it will not be very nice.”
“True! Those stubborn Humans always try to march with courage, even with their tail between their legs! This is making me sick along with the reports of the CP counterattacks!”
“But no need to fear Kujar Malgan, right now, the number of Inquisitors have increased for the last month, even if Humanity is gaining ground in this war, there are more who want power and fame for this world and will seek us for guidance.”
“HA! So, apparently it is power and dominion that ties Humans together, not that freedom and love nonsense, Am I right?”
“Indeed, these two ideals are far more powerful than any other. Because when you become a wolf, you become a master, and you are wolf if you want power, and if you want power, you have to cease to be a sheep and understand what really matters in all life here.”
“Excellent lecture Raven! One that will put the CP to shame! Anothen thing Raven, what are the status of the remaining Soranians? Have they-’’
“The younger one is with the Human, her brother is currently in captivity here.”
“Hmmm, I never expected that only two Soranians would have escaped the destruction of their planet. No matter, clever people are always existent in every corner of the universe.”
“But no worries my lord, we have something planned for the brother when they come here.”
“You expect the Humans to come to METIS!?! Hold on...are you thinking what I do?”
“Of course my lord.”
“Yesss!, A great family reunion, on the day they realized their true allegiance in this conflict!”
“You are quite understanding, now, we can have a dwindling species under our control for this war, and maybe more will follow.”
“Exactly! More species for us! More help in the reconstruction of this universe! But, are you sure that his sister will not affect the infiltration in some way?”
“Don’t worry my lord, there’s always backup for anything.”
“Let’s hope you’re right. With great power?”
“Comes great victory.”
After saying those words, the transmission ended. Now it was certain that the Zlocans will do anything necessary to make anything harder for the UEF, especially the Earth Warriors. Raven then activates the intercom.
“Yamja, I need you to do a favor for me OK?”
“What kind of favor….Master Raven?”

Later, back at F.O.B Jefferson, the Earth Warriors, were waiting at John’s office, waiting for news about the location of Metis. Seiner was clearly shaken up by the recent news, moving back and forth in the same room while holding his hands below his chin, thinking with too much to bear from the recent events.

“Great, a nuclear explosion and now every nation is becoming suspicious of each other, all because the radars couldn’t detect even a goddamn blip! What kind of technology did that missile possess anyway!?” Seiner said angrily
“Must be some sort of stealth missile perhaps.” Andrei said.
“WORSE YET! If there’s more of those kind of nukes, then all of our efforts in this war would have been meaningless ever since the beginning!!”
“Seiner, calm down, we don’t even know if it was a nuke or not. Did you forgot that-’’ Logan said.
“Forgot my arse! I always keep your teaching in check but this one doesn’t work on this MESS WE have RIGHT now! Face it, the Zlocans are doing anything to stop our quest! And this one will make it stop!”
“Don’t you tell me you’re giving up now Seiner! Because we fought a lot of hard times together in this war and we managed to prevail over them, we don’t the location of the missile yet and you act like everything is lost! IT'S not lost Seiner!” Jackson said
“Shut up! Your talk of optimism is making me sick! Are you even being realistic?! Because I am! And you should be too!”
“Seiner, please stop it! We all know that there are events that can cause grief to everyone, and briefly cause you to lose hope. But it is not lost, I mean, look at us, we are because we managed to go through to hard times you know?” Amira said.
“I already told you-’’
“Seiner, The fact we haven’t found the trajectory of the missile yet doesn’t mean it can’t be found, don’t you see that? Listen, I never saw such anger from you in this journey, especially since what you did yesterday. But it is time to clear your mind out of anger, it’s no good when you stay angry all time, all the matters is to focus what is the high command doing right now. So please Seiner, stay calm, we are your friends, we don’t want to be split apart all because of your temper, your spirit for Mankind is needed as all of us.”
“…I’m sorry. Maybe I was very lost in myself.”
“It’s fine Seiner.”
Then, after managing to solve the squabbling, John suddenly came rushing to the door.
“People, what are you are about to hear will amaze the hell out of you!”
“What, you found the trajectory of the missile? Let’s hope it’s not a fricking joke of yours!” Tany said.
“I’ll talk about that later, but first heard this out. The NBC teams that were just deployed to the cities to check the radiation levels, they found out there was none of it.”
“What? You mean that despite having a force of a 15 megaton bomb, no radiation was ever found?! Not even the strongest FOAB could have a power level of that size!” Jackson said.
“That’s why it’s a very interesting discovery Jack, whatever kind of weapon they possess, it’s one of unimaginable levels”
“Out of this planet I see…”
“Yes Jack. Also, regarding the missile: We found the location.”
Everybody then gasped in surprise at the announcement, they never expected that the search would be that quick, but it was.
“Where is it?! WHERE?!” Seiner asked.
“It’s approximately located in the pacific ocean, near Baja California. Now, this is the mission you will perform,  one of you will be deployed to the area where the missile was last seen. In there, you must take photographic evidence of the vehicle that launched the missile, either with an underwater drone or a camera attached to one of your planes, we need somebody with good reflection and sighting skills, does any have the right job to do it?”
“Heh! ye ur talkin' to the right person haur!” Lucy said.
“What? You, Lucy?”
“Didne ye know? Ah was a reporter frae th' guardian wi' a lot experience in capturin' important evidence for the people, ur sae mah boss said. Ah who cares! With mah pilotin' skills an' th' equipment involved, thes will a great coverage fur thes war!”
“Eh, sure Luce, well guaranteed for your part I guess.”
“An' a denial will result in a huge smackin'!”
“No no no! I’m serious, yeah go ahead its yours!”
“Good! But wait, if mah plane will not carry weapons, then who main defend me in case of an attack?”
“Exxon squadron and boat patrol 5 will act as your bodyguards for the mission in case of hostiles present in land and sea, understood?”
“Reit on John! See ye guys, ah got a war tae cowre!”
“Keep it quiet already you crazy Scot!”
She exited the room while they continued to bicker around.
“Hehehe, what a great gal she is.” Jackson said.
“Pure honesty at his finest…” Malak said.

Meanwhile, back at Metis, Varris was tied down between two metal poles in dark chamber and a collar attached to his head with only four lights present, he was looking bruised and injured, likely from the aftermath of a torturous session with the Inquisitors, likely as gain to break his mind and force him to join them. But none that worked, as he hasn’t shown signs of being corrupted…yet.
A door opens, revealing a bright light that nearly blinds Varris. Someone enters the room, it is none other than Yamja herself, ready for the torture of a lifetime.
“Hello cutie boy, slept well for the past night boy?”
“Errgh, don’t make me laugh you vixen, don’t expect that I will fall to your charms.”
“Ohhhhhh isn’t that correct? Just as a typical Soranian, am I right?”
“Keep that opinion to yourself Zlocan scum.”
“Whatever. Now, where to start? Ahhhh, I know. Tell me precious Varris, when you arrived to Earth, what was your first thought of the whole planet?”
“I…I was surprised. Because the fauna, the geography, the sky, everything else…was like Sorania….even the air was breathable like my home...I couldn’t resist watching such beauty...and I thought that I have chosen the right second home…Urggh…but…”
“You found out about that somebody killed a relative of yours, right?”
“Yes…My uncle. My father always told of how a great man…he was, looking for him always, a funny person, the gentlest of all beings existent on all the Universe. But he never told me about his fate…all he told me that was lost…But when I arrived…I found a common Soranian trail, I managed to track the remains of my uncle , and I thought he was alive…But I was wrong…Errgh…he was dead all along…killed by those SAVAGES… THE Humans.”
“As it is indeed my dear, the Humans did horrible things to your uncle, all because they want to find secrets of a new lifeform, all done in the same place as our main HQ, ironic right? Well, another question, when you were captured, what thoughts you had about your sister Amira.”
“I…I was desperate to find her, IF YOU ONLY…let me go to find her.”
“You think? What pity of yours, everybody knows in a war, the necessary action for the survival of you and your loved ones, is to pick a side, but it must be a wise choice, choose the right side. And you, you must be now in the right side.”
“The same ones that DESTROYED…my planet…GHHRRRRRRRRR…Only in your sickest fantasies daughter of the Kujar.”
“Then you want to side with the Humans?”
“Ohhhhhhhh, want to become the lone wolf I see. But if you want to be on your own…how about your…sister?”
“Hahaha, absolutely not. Not all, she is alive and well…or was alive.”
“What? What…do you mean?” Varris then started to tear up.
“It seemed that you were the only one to care for her. I saw…terrible things done to your sister by the Humans. I saw her being raped and beaten constantly by her Human “guardians”.”
I also watched her, being called an Alien scum, by a certain fellow known as Logan Preaker,  a former criminal who joined the enemy just for fame. He was the one who hated her the most.”
“No…you’re lying…Just a ploy to make me join you, a bunch a MURDERERS!
“You call me a liar? Tell me, dear Varris, does this look like a lie to you?” Yamja said as she picked something in her pocket, revealing Amira’s tiara broken in half.
“Is that…No…Don’t tell me it is…”
“I’m sorry…But I’m afraid fate took a difficult choice for your species. Amira couldn’t no longer handle her suffering…she tried to abandon her “guardians” but this Logan couldn’t allow that to happen. So he killed her…with extreme prejudice.”
“Amira…my sister…HOW…Could I’ve failed you…” Varris then started to shed more tears, out of despair. Then, in a fit of rage, he screams intensively as he breaks free the chains while being surrounded by a green aura.
“IF YOU COULD ONLY HAVE LET ME GO FREE!!!” He then rushed to attack Yamja, but she was quick enough and pinned Varris to the ground, later stomping his chest, causing him great pain.
“Utter rage is quite noticeable from winning a battle for a Soranian, now look at you, alone, beaten, broken, being the sole Soranian now. Now, as I showed you, Humans believe that they are the superior species, backstabbers, cruel, arrogant beings. They pretend to help the rest of galaxy to defeat the so called tyranny of us, but they actually want to use their power to conquer the rest of it, something that will create a dictatorship that will only benefit the Humans. We are actually trying to save you from these kinds of species, scheming on total domination. Humans want you to believe that they are fighting in the name of freedom, justice and love, but these are nothing more than pure propaganda to attract naïve followers to their cause. One that is actually of conquest and hate. But you must be wondering: why we destroyed your home planet? It was a necessary measure to make sure that none obstacle should stand in our path, something done in many wars, especially here on Earth. Now you see why you must join us, Humans out will kill anyone who is not them. They first slaughtered your uncle, then your sister, and you want to risk your own life to become a lone wolf? Think again. Now, I have two choices to you. One: grab my sword to swear allegiance to the faction that wants to seek justice for all species, ensuring the elimination of any threat that plunges the Universe in trouble, your life will find again a purpose to live. Do it, and we will promise to restore your race in a new planet. Two: refuse the allegiance, and you know what happens next. Now: CHOOSE."

They both stared at each for minutes, thinking about what they are going to do.
And then, Varris made the fateful choice:
He picked the sword.
“Now repeat after me: I’ve been living with lies for too long, but now I have found the salvation for my life, my brotherhood, my family, my home, I shall be an inquisitor that will bring justice to all being oppressed, to show truth to the poor souls, to give freedom to those who have been denied. I am an inquisitor, I am the savior of all existence.”
Both said the Inquisitors oath, although for Varris he could hide his profound grief for his sister’s “death”, now with Raven’s ploy being successful, it will be a matter of time before he can be redeemed.
“I am proud in how you knew the right path my friend. Now, stay here for a moment, I will find your new armor for war.”
She then started to leave the room while Varris simply sat down, still grieving.
Raven was waiting Yamja outside.
“Did you break him?”
“Why shouldn’t I? Look for yourself master.”
“Hmhmhmhm, now I see why they call you the maximum trickster of all.”
“Indeed, Raven. Indeed….”

Meanwhile, at the Pacific Ocean, Lucy was piloting her customized Rafale while being accompanied by four F-16s of Exxon squad and 8 Cyclone class boats were patrolling the sea. In order to seek out Metis.
“*yawn* Its thes thing harder tae fin' than th' loch ness monster?”
“Well, the difference is rather clear Crusader 6, you know?” Exxon 1 said.
“But hey, it will be guid as provin' its existence!”
“Tell that to big foot gal.” A crewmember of one of the boats replied.
“Remember, all you need is patience in finding the origin of the weapon that fired the missile, and in case if the weapon doesn’t emerge from the water, then use the underwater drone to find it. Got that Crusader 6?” John said.
“Rogeeeer 'at! But let's hope I won’t be waitin' fur lang hoors coz Ah main die out of boringness.”
“It all depends on the appearance of the weapon, so keep your cool and keep watching the seas.”
“Understuid...if ye are right.”

They continued to watch over the seas as the planes turned to each side to find Metis. 10 minutes pass and still no sign of Metis.
“It’s turning 3:30 PM now, if it reaches 4 O’ clock, launch the underwater drone OK?” Exxon 1 said.
“Ye swear it?!”
“Yeah I do!”
“This is Octopus 4, guys, turn on your left, I think we found the object you’ve been looking for!”
The planes turn, he was right, Metis was far away but very visible in sight.
“Crusader 6 haur, we’ve just detected th' elusife weapon yoo've bin findin'!”
“Good work Crusader 6, now take the picture and we will finally discover the elusive weapon.”
Exxon squadron then takes a defensive position around Lucy, in case of incoming enemy fighters.
“Quickly Crusader 6, take the picture of the weapon before any enemy plane comes in!”
“This is Octopus 3, we have detected incoming torpedo missile heading straight at us. We will now…Wait, it seems that the torpedo just stopped, how could that- What?! 5 more appeared!”

Before they could know it, six of the eight boats then were destroyed in a brutal way, as the ships were torn apart by the strength of the torpedo that launched more.
“Oh no! six boats down! Commencing withdrawal!”
“You two go we’ll take care of the evidence. Crusader 6! Take the picture now!”
And then, Lucy notices something terrible and lower her plane.
“Quick! aw ay ye descent!”
“What do you mean descent?!”
But before they could knew it, Metis fired the anti-air cannons to Exxon Squadron, killing them all.
“Exxon Squadron is doon!”
“What?! How could they…No matter, withdraw for now and regroup!” John said.
“Nae! aam nae gonnae withit th' evidence!”
“Don’t you see?! They wiped out half of the group and they might kill you right now!”
“Tay late, took th' picture! leavin' noo!”
Jane accelerated the plane while she was on low altitude to make sure Metis doesn’t fire on her. Luckily for her, the guns stopped firing but it seemed that the Inquisitors have a plan in check.

Back at F.O.B Jefferson, Lucy came back with the picture as she uploads the photo on John’s computer.
“Now, let’s see what is this elusive weapon the Zlocans are hiding from us?” John said.
The download finally ended, revealing the picture of the enigmatic but enormous Metis.
“Well, the bigger it is, the bigger the destruction right?”
“Ur mebbe a big re-encoonter.”
“What do you mean Luce?” Jackson said.
“Exxon was destroyed by th' sam kin' ay aa gin we saw at los angeles remember?”
“Ahh, yeah we did. Are you implying that what you saw is the same thing that causes all the disaster that happened in Los Angeles?” Logan asked.
“Ay coorse! an' what's mair incredible, is 'at given 'at it attacked baith oan air an' oan sea, it micht be a guid shapeshiftin' weapon fur thes war, thes zlocans pure ur clever beings fur sure!”
“Wait, shapeshifting you say?” Amira asked.
“Yeah whit abit it mah dear?”
Amira then started to think profoundly about what she heard today and saw yesterday.
“I think I saw that figure before…back in L.A…”
Amira then gasped in shocked as she came into a big revelation.

She started to remember the words the injured Knight told her of her brother’s location, about being both on land, air and sea but not being a both places at the same time, at least not being easily identified with the simple eye. Then she recalled the attacks she experienced at Los Angeles, The air attack, the quake attack and the artillery attack likely coming from the same weapon, then she also thinks of the destruction of Honolulu caused by the same weapon, and finally, she remembers Yamja’s words back at the Mojave Desert. Putting these puzzles together in her mind, she finally found out the truth. She finally found her brother.
“John, are you planning a mission to infiltrate in there?”
“Yeah, why shouldn’t I? But it needs to be done tomorrow.”
“No. Let’s do it today. There is something in Metis that is part of me, and I need it back now.”
John was clearly intimidated by the words of Amira as it sounded collected yet resentful, like from a vengeful person.
“But aren’t you sure that-’’
“As…as you wish.”
John then left the room as he proceeded to call for a meeting with the troops stationed in the base.
“Amira, what is happening to you?” Logan asked.
Amira mood suddenly turned from anger to relief as she holds Logan’s hand.
“You were right after all Logan. You were right.”
“About your brother?”
Amira nodded, making Logan smile
“Quite a mood swing.” Seiner said.
“Yeah but still cute!” Tany said.
“Shut up...”

Meanwhile back at Metis, the Inquisitors were all reunited in one room, Dakrin now has a cybernetic arm as result of being cut off while Yamja brings Varris with them.
“Welcome Varris, now I see that you truly understand what Humanity is and you have become part of the true way for the Universe.” Raven said.
“My only purpose is to kill everyone who wronged my family here, nothing more. Do you understand?”
“But if you also fight in other planets and end the war, we promise that we’ll build a new breed of Soranians for you to preserve. And also become the new king, right?”
“Let me do my job and we’ll see. What is my first mission…Raven?”
“Your first mission will be right here. Against an incoming Human task force coming to destroy us. Also, maybe that “killer” Logan might be present among them.”
“It will be my pleasure to kill him. After all what these Humans did, I will repay my blood to theirs.”
“Indeed. Your perfect chance at avenging your family you had.”
“At last! With you in our side, we’ll kick a lot of ass and teach those idiots a lesson for beating us a lot.” Dakrin said.
“Patience Dakrin, this new one has yet to master our ways in this group.”
“Heh, as you say so Raven.”
“Excuse me, can I talk with Raven alone for a while?”
“If you say so Yamja.” Raven then turned away from the group and approached Yamja to speak alone.
“Master Raven, don’t you think that Amira will also come here and make her brother know the truth? It will jeopardize all of our plans”
“Don’t worry dear Yamja, as everybody ones, everything has a backup plan. This has one too. If Amira is part of the group coming here, then we have the deadliest assassin waiting for her.”
“Yes! The Jeoka assassins I presume, not even the deadliest knights can beat them for sure! Oh, I almost forgot, in case for that screwball Tany to come...I have a present for her too.”
She then snapped her fingers, the sound attracting a group of three persons.
One had a black mullet while blindfolded, equipped with a warglaive on his hand, his name was Ted Ranseck.

The other was a blonde girl with adventurer hair, a red collar on her neck with red eyes, equipped with a blue lightblade. Her name was Amelia Gonzales

The other male had red gel hair with a small tail and red eyes too. His name was Freddie Rossi.
What they have in common is their pale blue skin...and being Tania former best friends in high school.

“What is thy bidding, master Yamja?” Ted said.
“I’m here to inform that a special guest will this night for a special reunion. And that guest is a friend of yours...”

9 - Brotherly Love

In a brightly lighted room, it was full of Knights checking the area, the floor filled with a lot of blood while lockers contained decapitated corpses. There was a recent experiment on the table which contained a test subject, a headless test subject, but the blood was covered in greenish fluid instead of red.
There were two persons witnessing the aftermath of the test, one had a very zombie like appearance with red ghastly eyes, and sharping teeth covered in blood. He also had metallic legs and one hand with red claws.
The other person was none other than Seiner Butch himself, with a horrified look on his face because the test subject was none other than his brother.
“No…no!” Seiner said.
“Why the despair!? You accepted to do this, you should be proud of it!” The creature said.
“PROUD OF IT!?! You just made me a killer today! I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL MORE FOR THIS VENRA!!!”
“Silence! You don’t get it at all, this is a step-forward for the salvation of this world, a world free of defiant people like him!
He then grabbed him on the throat.
“And since you showed defiance, how about if I can show you what fate awaits you for rejecting my compliment?”
He then ordered the knights to hold him, while he proceeds to leave Seiner a scar for life. He uses his clawed hands to slash the bridge of Seiner’s nose in a slow but painful way, marking the “X” there while Seiner screamed in agony.
“Yes…Yessssss, I like how you scream. Scream some more! MORE! MORE!!!”
He then finally stopped slashing Seiner, but he was left in an agonized state as he kneels down.
“Very good! An incredible display of courage! What a good boy you are Seiner!”

Seiner shouted at the top of his lungs as he suddenly woke up. It was nothing more but a horrible memory he had. He was on a helicopter with the rest of the group and they notice him after he screamed.
“Oh Seiner, something wrong my friend?” Tany asked.
“No, nothing at all. And don’t call me ‘friend’, OK?”
“Whatever you say...just why...?”

The helicopter was approaching to a heliport near the Port of Los Angeles, which was surprisingly unscratched in the aftermath of the battle. In there, the Earth Warriors were ready to begin their search on Metis, which is located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
The helicopter lands and the Warriors hop off, along with John himself following suit.
They go to one of the docks, where they will begin their search of Metis.
“People, here’s the mission: This structure we’ve just found is holding the fate of the war at hand. The high-command decided that this will not only be a rescue mission, but also a reconnaissance one. They want to know what will the Zlocans plan on their next move, and surely we can get answers from there, and if possible, launch a pre-emptive strike against it to show them that not even big tools like Metis can crush the might of Humanity himself, but only if there’s a visible weak spot. Alright, we’ll maintain contact to each for the next hours, we’ve just put trackers on Seiner’s belt to know where are you currently located, if Metis moves out of its position then we advise to the nearest forces in the Pacific or in the Atlantic to keep track of your current location, understood?”
“Yes John. We will do anything to make this possible.” Logan
“Hmhm, let’s hope you keep your word Logan. And remember, your talents are what keeps hope to everybody, don’t let us down.”
“We know.”
“Good. From now, it’s all up to you. Good luck.”

He then walked off, returning to the chopper.
“Alright team, you heard him. It’s time to expose the darkest secrets of all secrets. Seiner, ready with the vehicle?”
“As it is always. Keep in mind though, that we might take stealth with carefulness, the enemy is currently growing smarter and cunning, so we’ll use a lot of backup equipment for the mission.”
“I see.”
He shouted as he threw one of the cubes to the sea, forming a giant chrome boat.
“The chrome boat, perfect for both in the surface and underwater. Hop on now!”
“Wow, more genius creations coming! What else you have in your-’’
“Hey now dear Tany, you already know how long can his patience last OK?” Malak interrupted.
“Oh….O…OK.” Tany said as she noticed Seiner glaring at her.
“As I said…HOP IN!”
As they entered the boat, the heroes something curious on it. Outside, it looked like a small yacht, but inside in the cockpit, it was a huge room with radars and computers, similar to that of a submarine.
“Shoot! I never expected that illusions could get better everyday!” Eddie said.
“There are better things to expect nowadays Ed.  Who knows what could be the cherry top of this?” Malak said.
“Ah, true that dear Mally.”
“Alright, so, time to find this “elusive” fortress that has been haunting us since yesterday. You all ready?” Seiner said.
“Yeah!” Everyone said.
“Alright. Closing doors. *the doors outside the room closes down* Now, Let’s begin the search.”
Unknown to them, as the Chrome boat started to submerge, a tracker was placed beside the combustion engines. Who did it? It was none other than the SHADOW agents who did the ordeal as they watch the boat submerge.
“You think this is the right objective?” Agent S asked.
“Of course I do. Keeping track on them this time will let us uncover more great treasures for Mr Pete.” Agent W said.
“Alright, more possible locations of precious treasures to catch, this is going to be cool!” Agent H said.
“Patience Agent H, who knows what surprise are keeping us to uncover.” Agent A said.
“It will be…IT will be.” Agent W said.
However, maybe the treasure may not be money or gold, but the prized possession of Metis, all fueled by W’s zealous ideology.

 One hour later, the Chrome Boat has reached the designated area of Baja California, where Metis is supposedly located.
“Hmm, still no sight off Metis, strange.” Malak said.
“Patience Malak, remember that Metis is always in movement but there is no guarantee that they will expect us to come.” Seiner said.
“I wouldn’t say the same thing if I was you Seiner, Zlocans can be prepared of anything.” Amira said.
“Hmph! We too CAN be prepared for anything Ami, that’s how heroes win!”
“Keep it quiet people.” Logan said sternly.
After some moment of silence, Seiner spotted the unthinkable.
“Jesus, of all weapons that have been created…” Eddie said.
“Not even gods could create things like this.” Malak said.
“So this is Metis…Finding your brother might take a lot of time my dear Ami.” Logan said regarding Metis size.
“I hope not Logan.”
“Alright, now we have to find a way to enter Metis without these morons detecting us.” Seiner said.

Inside Metis, in the bridge, Raven and the Inquisitors were watching the whole landscape of the ocean, waiting for news on the war until…
“Sir, we’ve just detected something on radar, approaching from 300km at our current position!” A zlocan said.
“An UEF commando group it seems…” Raven said.
“The Humans found us? If so, allow me to give them my welcoming.” Varris said.
“Not quite Varris, as you know, we can’t take the risk of letting the enemy inside, as thus, I shall carry your revenge on behalf of me.”
“I want to kill him!”
“Trust me. Orders: Send in the Termites and change to sky form, we’re going to New York.”
“Roger that. New orders from Raven: we’re changing to New York, moving to Sky Form, release the Termites to stop the incoming intruders.” The technician said.

Back at the boat, the team was preparing their infiltration on Metis, but not before they notice the incoming Termites.
“NO WAY IN HELLISH HELL!” Tany yelled.
“Heh! Let’s see if these machines can stand the firepower of this boat!” 
Seiner then pressed a button, which revealed a huge blaster turret on the deck, and started to shoot at the nine pursuing termites. He manages to destroy 4 of them but the others are very agile in dodging the laser blasts, they keep following the boat while Metis began to ascend.
“Damn, these guys really mean business!” Seiner yelled.
“Hurry up man, we don’t have much time to get in!” Jackson said.
“What?! You mean Metis is taking off ? Alright…LET’S SHOW THESE GUYS TRUE HELL!!!”
He then accelerated the boat to maximum speed to reach Metis as the turret continues to fire at the Termites. It manages to destroy 3 more, but at the same time, Metis was starting to reach the surface, Seiner knew it and had to finish them quickly.
“Guys, on the count of three we jump!” 
“Seiner, you crazy boy!? Ye think we can get through at that thing?!” Eddie said.
“Trust me, because you will now experience an entrance of a lifetime! Now, get ready!”
As Metis and the Chrome Boat approach the surface, Seiner proceeds to lock some missiles in the lower station of Metis.
The termites get closer.
Both weapons manage to reach the surface but just before Metis starts hovering completely.
“THREE!!!” He then fired some missiles at the wall, breaking apart while he calls back his boat, successfully entering inside Metis.
“Oh no! INTRUDERS!!” A zlocan yelled at the Earth Warriors.
But just before anyone could act, they all got injured or killed by the heroes as they bravely clear out the room. In the end, only person was left alive, cowering beneath a table. Jackson grabs the man and points his gun at him.
“No no! Please don’t hurt me!” Said the man.
“First, answer this question; do you have any map of this fortress?”
“Here, its in this chip!”
“Give it to me!” Seiner said as he yanked the chip out of the man’s hand and started to insert the information on his pad. The transferring ended and threw the chip away.
“Are you…going to leave me alone now?”
“Yes.” Jackson said before knocking him out with the pistol.
“John, this is Logan, we’re inside the fortress.”
“Excellent work! One step closer to a great discovery. Alright, you know your next move, right?”
Seiner shows Logan the pad with the map on it.
“Currently we have to move to the control room on the 3rd floor. From there we can get information on the Zlocan activities here on Earth. Also, we are in the sky now.”
“Hmm, which direction is Metis going now?”
“I don’t know, that’s why we are heading to the 3rd floor.”
“I see. Keep moving Logan, we can’t let the Zlocans get far away from us.”
“Understood, Logan out.”
“Hey guys look.” Seiner said as he showed everyone the tracker from the agents he just found.
“A tracker? What the hell?” Jackson said.
“I never knew the Zlocans could be everywhere, this may be the reason they have spotted us already!” Malak said.
“No. It’s unlikely that they could have done it in Los Angeles, it would have been too dangerous to come.” Logan said.
“So if it wasn’t the Zlocans, then who?” Malak said.
“….Let’s keep moving.”

Back at the bridge, the Zlocans were shocked at the boldness of the heroes in getting through the fortress.
“A fortress capable of annihilating entire cities and can’t even crush a small boat to submission!?!” Dakrin said.
“That’s because they are not to be fooled with dear Dakrin, or so you think.” Jason said while smirking.
“That’s right! We have little gift awaiting for them. But I think our new friend Varris will like it the most.” Yamja said.
“It will my pleasure to greet that Logan, Yamja. I will make sure their pain will be bigger than mine.” Varris said with a “gleeful” smile.
“Now now people. Emergency 11: Initiate complete deployment of all troops in Metis, any suspicious activity; fire at will.”

Meanwhile, the Heroes were entering an empty elevator while the alarm was blaring in the background. Unsurprisingly, the elevator was huge because of the size of Metis.
“At thes point we feel loch uninvited guests.” 
“Nah, busting parties is sure hell of a hobby!” Eddie said.
“And you are supposed to be a cop?” Seiner said.
“This ain’t joking time people, this is danger time and you know it! If anything, brace yourselves to attack.” Logan said.
“It’s time for them to feel the strenght of brotherhood!” Amira said.
Outside the door in the 3rd floor, many Zlocans where pointing their guns to the elevator door in case if they encountered the intruders. All  of were very steady, ready to protect their info at all costs.
The door then opened, but before they could react, the Zlocans were greeted by Amira’s telekinetic powers as they were hurled away like ragdolls. The others tried to shoot at the heroes but they were slain by slashes or bullets. They started to check the main computer but they had to do it quickly before more reinforcements could find them.
“Check info regarding the fortress, and make it quick.” Logan said.
“Let’s see…Hmm. Wait, look at this!” Jackson said.
“What is it WHAT is it?” Tany said.
“Calm down gal. Now, it says: “New destination: New York, East Coast. New orders from high command suggest that in case of intrusion inside Metis, the fortress itself should relocate to the East Coast to launch a siege at one of the main UEF GHQs. In case of further damage to Metis, suggest use of Masak missile for retaliation. ETA: 3 hours, 3 minutes.” "Oh no. We must advice high command immediately! John, this is Jack, I need you to send the best troops you have to New York!”
“What do you mean by that?!”
“Metis is heading towards New York, they’re planning an attack in response for our infiltration! This is no bullshit joke I’m telling you right now, hurry the hell up before we get screwed!”
“…I swear to god that if those bastards ever make any harm to my beloved home, I will make sure that even their successors will feel our outrage. Make it QUICK. John out.”
“John really wants everyone on this place dead.”
“Well let’s keep him patient before it’s too late.” Logan said.
“Now what’s the plan boy? Go to all floors until we kill the main commander?” Eddie said.
“No. We must split up. Right now we have to take care of important things that might affect things to come when we arrive to the East Coast. Well, we have 1 obstacle, and that is the giant AA turrets, which may cause a lot of trouble if we try to attack Metis before they can destroy New York. But since there are other important matters to do, I think we must split in three group. Seiner, Tany and I will find a way to go to the control room so we can discover a way to destroy this thing. Jack, Lucy and Eddie must go to the 10th floor to disable the AA turrets in order so the UEF attack goes without trouble. And lastly; Andrei and Malak, you two accompany Amira in finding her brother.”
“But Logan, you-’’ Amira said in a worried tone.
“Ami, he knows what he’s doing.” Malak said while holding her shoulder.
“I know you can do it Ami. I really do, when you meet him again, tell him that we Humanity was the reason you stayed alive.” Logan reassured her.
“I will. But also promise me to stay alive when I find him.”
“Don’t worry. Everything we fight for is what keep us alive. Good luck to you all!”
“But what’s the meeting point?!” Jackson asked.
“Hangar 32! I’ll give you the coordinates later, let’s go!” Seiner said.

Raven was watching the whole thing and clenched his fist very hard.
“Where are they heading?” Raven said.
“Given the current location and the surrounding sectors, it seems that some of them are heading for Area F03 and the other one is heading to the Felek Cannons.” A technician said.
“No way, we can’t let these fools reach these areas!” Dakrin said.
“Hmm, Yamja, you, Dakrin, Vladimir, Varris and the three of you take care of Logan and these two, make sure they feel our wrath in right proportions.”
“Yesssss, revenge. Amira, I will make sure that your soul will rest when Logan is no more!”
“It will my pleasure in giving Tany suffering beyond her pain.” Amelia said.
“Yes! Come people, it’s to show these fools that we are the rightful victors of this world!”
She then teleported herself and the others to another place, ready to ambush Logan’s group.
“Jeoka, come here.” Raven said as the Jeoka assassins approached him
“Your mission: Eliminate Amira and the others before they reach the cells, make sure you don’t leave any trace of them in this place intact.”
“It will be an honor to fulfil your orders, lord Raven.” Said the main assassin as he and the others teleported to Amira’s location.
“And us Mr Raven, nothing at all?” Jason asked.
“We must keep an eye on the Felek cannons. You and Jane, follow me.”
“How boring, but still nice in keeping us from seeing some bloodshed.” Jane said.
Raven and the others then went away from the main room to one of the teleporters which will take them to the operating room of the Felek cannons.

Logan and the others were running from some guards, as they were fighting them off, they notice a shortcut for the room, so Tany distracts the guards by summoning a giant rock and blocks the door. For a moment they felt safe from the enemy, as the room they just entered was empty with an overlooking bridge on the right side of the room.
“Phew! That was close.” Tany said.
“And all thanks to the great magician.” Logan said.
“Hehehe, very cutie thing to say Logy!”
“Dear lord, not that talkie again!” Seiner said.
“Cheer it up man, people like her can be very vital in solving these kinds of missions.”
“You mean her magic?”
“Oh, for crying out loud Logan, start being serious!”
But before they could continue to action, a familiar laughter could be heard.

“Huh? That laughter…It can’t!” Logan said.
“It’s been a long time my dear friends, day by day, you are becoming formidable warriors in this world. But not just you, us as well.” Yamja said while she descended from the bridge with her wings.
“Yamja, not pleased at all.”
“Pretty obvious for you all, you never seem pleased.”
“Well listen you meanie, all we want if you would like to stay out our business and carry on with your childishly magic! If you refuse, you may already know the answer.” Tany said.
“Is that so? Well maybe the “guests” may take the pleasure of correcting such illogical words.” She then snapped her finger loudly. And seconds later, Varris descended with nothing more than pure rage upon seeing his sister’s “killer”. Even though he never meet him personally, Logan was able to identify him.
“Varris?! You're with her?!”
“That’s because she showed me the truth, the truth of all Humanity. The universe was supposed to be a place of peace, of love, and truth. But you lack all these virtues, nothing but hatred. I lost my uncle…and now my SISTER, all because of your HATRED.”
“What, Amira?! You mean-’’
“Death…BY your hand! And now, it’s time to end your hatred once and for all!”
“You can’t be serious Varris, Yamja is using you, nothing more than a pawn!”
“Liar! LIAR!!!”
Varris rage was one never seen before, as he violently flinngs Logan across the room, all while he tries to stay on his feet.
“Logan, no!” Seiner said.
“Let him have his fun while I make yours!” Dakrin said as he pointed his sword at him.
“Is that the best you can do Yamja!?” Tany yelled.
And for more tension for our heroes, her former friends appear in front of her, turning her expression of fierce courage into disbelieving fear.
“Fellas? You too?”

Back at Amira, she and the rest were running to a door, but before they could reach it, the Jeoka Assassins appeared in front of them.
“Courtesy from Lord Raven.” Said the leader before launching his attack.
Amira then started to defend herself by trying to telepathically grab him, but the armor was magic-resistant, giving her a hard time to counterattack, especially from the assassins’s skills.
Malak also tries to fight them off with her skills, but ends getting parried a lot, while the assassin slashes her armor.
Not even Andrei fared it better, as the assassins were also trained to combat even the most powerful bodies in the universe. He tries to clobber him with his bare hands in his iron form but even then, the assassinsmanages to resist the attacks and pins him down on the floor.
“Now allow me to make sure you don’t waste my time again.” Said the female assassin before pulling out a knife to finish off Andrei.
Andrei then uses his material body to hold it off, they kept struggling in the deadlock until Andrei started to roar massively as his hands start glow, unleashing a big energy blast that vaporized her forever.
While Malak was on the verge of defeat by the other assassin, she notices Andrei coming from behind, making the assassin to turn away from her, giving her enough to grab her sword and cut the assassin’s head off.
As for Amira, she was bravely trying to hold back the assassin as he was about to kill her with a sword.
“Giving up already little girl? What folly, weaklings have always been nuisance to me, but now it’s time to finish this nuisance of yours.”
“Not so fast moron!” Andrei said.
The assassin then turned his head, watching Andrei and Malak standing bravely, then he notices the other dead assassins. Outraged, he then started to viciously attack them. This gave Amira enough time to stand and finishes him off by impaling her lightblade through the throat. The first obstacle was cleared out, but now they have to prepare for more challenges as they leave the room.

Back at Logan’s group, things looked pretty bad. Seiner was getting exhausted by the strikes of Dakrin and Yamja, Logan is extremely injured by Varris’s attacks and Tania is very demoralized at the fact that she’s now fighting her 3 former best friends, in fact, she’s not even trying to fight them off, only dodging as best as she can.
“Come on Tany, you have to admit that joining these dudes is fun too!” Freddie said.
“You are very lost in yourself Tany, open your eyes!” Ted said.
“Please guys, you-you are not what you think you are, you are not killers, you are my friends, please snap out of it guys, wake up from this now!”
“Sorry, but we are not these kind of people adapted to liars.” Amelia said coldly.
“No please! Listen to your hearts! You know you are not you!”
“We have hearts Tany, and they tell us that you must join us or die.”
“I…can’t! Don’t make me do it!”
She was becoming more and more emotional, to the point of a breakdown.
Logan was crawling on the floor, trying to retrieve his sword, but Varris kicks his arm, agonizing him a lot.
“Varris…What are you doing?”
“You think you can trick me that?! I do not listen the words of the impure!”
“But…Amira lives! She lives because of us!”
“Enough!" Varris said as he roughly kicked Logan in the chest, making him spit some blood.

"You Humans have done nothing but to murder and cheat, willing to lie to save your own skin! And you cannot turn me in to those killers, my family have endured enough bloodshed. Now, for all of your crimes you did, will all end here, and now."

Varris then grabs his light blade and prepares to impale Logan, seemingly killing one of Earth's hopes forever...

"Farewell Logan!”


A familiar voice started to echo the room, shifting everybody attention’s to said voice. Yamja confidence then started to become horror and Varris’s rage turned into surprise
“No…NO! Impossible!”
The last Soranians have finally reunited, both separated because of the war, living with great fear of loss. But now, Amira did it, she finally found the only family she has left. She glomps him to the ground, all while both weep tears of joy.
“It’s you brother! It’s you! You don’t know how much you worried me!”
“Amira! My fellow sis! You don’t know how much I have been waiting for this!”
They kept hugging each other, all while clearing each other’s tears. Logan was relieved to finally see both brothers reunited at last.

“We are Soranians! And we will punish you!” Said the redeemed Varris as he uses his telekinesis to attack the Inquisitors alongside Amira. Logan gets up but he’s too injured to walk normally, but luckily, thanks to Varris attack, Tany is able to reach and heals him with her magic.
“Your lies have caused me to misjudge who the enemy is, all by lying for my sister! In the name of the king and queen, it’s time to punish you!” Varris said.
“Don’t you think this is over Varris! That’s a clone! Used by the Humans to lure you to their side!”
“No! I will not fall to your tricks again!”
“Then so be it! You have chosen the path of defeat, and now you will suffer because of it!” Yamja then withdrew alongside Dakrin and the others, she was now afraid of what could Raven do to her after finding out that Amira managed to find her brother.
“So, no hard feelings right?”
“If you are the one who looked after my sister, then yes. Also, how did you survived for these days Ami?”
“Humanity? They?”
“They are not as bad as you thought. Humanity became my second family, especially with Logan and his friends.”
“But is Logan a criminal?”
“Hell no! I… I was just a simple explorer and teacher before this began.”
“Damn me...I’m sorry if I nearly killed you by blind rage, Logan.”

"No need to worry, anything done at your hand was not under your control, it was all because of false asssumptions. But for all that happened, someone was always there to bring you the light under the darkness of lies."

“Doesn’t matter anyway. Name’s Seiner Butch, nice to meet you.”
“I’m Tany girlie with all your service, and it’s my great pleasure in seeing you in person!”
“Heh, thanks.”
“Malak Al-Zadi at your service.”
“I’m Andrei.”
“So, I’m pleased to see that you Humans were not all evil all along.”
“Well, some for your interest.” Seiner said.
“Just ignore it Varris, he usually has a grumpy demeanor when it comes to battles. Alright, now we have to find a way to enter the control room to find a weakness for this fortress.”
“Actually, I can give you the details.”
“Huh?! You mean that you’ve studied this fortress?”
“Yes, back when I was imprisoned, I learned much of the secrets of this fortress. I will be of great help in stopping this war machine that tears worlds apart.”
“I see. Thanks Varris. Jackson, two objectives accomplished, what’s your status?”
“This is Jack, we’re getting near the Cannons, but there’s a hell lot of troops stationed in there!”
“Is Raven there?”
“…No. But lots of armed guards.”
“Shit. Keep your cool…find a way to get through while we go to Hangar 32. Good luck!”
“Understood, Jackson out.”
“Damn, now where the hellish fuck are we going to get through those rotten suckers?!”
“Guys, min' if we use th' best trick ay th' book?” Lucy said.
“And what could that be Luce?”

In the room, everyone were inspecting every corner of the room, as they were watching for the huge generators that give energy to the Felek cannons.
Suddenly, three injured guards came through and one yelled.
“People, we have found the intruders but they have already killed many of our men and they are hitting us hard, we need more reinforcements so we need you to go to sector 4 and hold them off alongside Master Raven  while I tend to my fellow comrades here!”
“Hmm, it seems true. Everyone, let’s give the others a hand to our comrades. Follow me!” The main captain said.
So everybody left the room except for the three guards who proceeded to tend each other’s wounds…Or so it seemed. They suddenly started walking normally and then take off their masks, they were none other than Jackson, Lucy and Eddie themselves!
“Shoot! I never expected you could nail off that trick!”
“Great tactic used for war you know. All thanks to Luce. Now, let’s blow this shit sky high!”
“Hehehe, I wanna see the look on their faces when they find out they were tricked!”
They started to plant 6 bombs to each generator, but they had to do it quick before they find out about the ruse. They finish planting the bombs and run away back to the other room.
“Now, before we go, I want to see how these dudes can handle the fireworks.”
“Hold iiitttttt, hold iiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt.”
The Zlocans returned to room, with noticeable anger in their faces, they want to find the fakers who lured them out. However,soon they saw Raven giving chase as well alongside Jane and Jason.
“Wait, those sounds I’m hearing.”
“What do you mean?” Jane asked.
“It could be? No, let’s get out of here.
“But what about-’’
“LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!!!” Jason yelled.
“Peek-a-BOOM!!!” Eddie said as he pressed the switch, causing a huge that nearly kills everybody in the room. Now with the Felek cannons out of the picture, the UEF can now prepare an attack without much trouble.
“‘At was fur th' ones in Los Angeles and Baja California ye bitches!”
“Their big trump card has now been out of commission, now it’s our chance to strike. John this is Jack, Objectives completed.”
“Excellent work! Now, get the hell out of there and regroup at McGuire AFB, the best pilots have been reunited in the base and now they are awaiting for you guys. Now, show these S.O.Bs who are REALLY dealing with!”
“Roger that! Logan, coming now to Hangar 32!”
Make it quick Jack, in a few minutes they’re gonna send all the battalions in Mets to kill us, watch your back and run as fast you can!”
“Right! Quickly people, time to get out of this mess of a fortress!”
Then, Raven kicked the door open, preying his eyes on Jack and the others.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Run!!!” Eddie said.
They started to run away from the Inquisitors as they ran into one of the nearest transporters. They quickly started to press the button that will take them to Hangar 32, luckily they were able to escape from the wrath of the Inquisitors.
“Bloody hell! Bloodshed did happened anyways!”

At Hangar 32, Logan and his team are being overrun by thousands of Zlocan troops, all while waiting for Jack, Lucy and Eddie to show up.
“Damn it! Looks like we underestimated the importance of this fortress to the Zlocans!”
“Everything the Zlocan owns is HUGELY important, remember that to your deepest thoughts!” Varris said.
“Guys, I can’t keep up, I’m running low on arrows!” Malak said.
“Too tired for my magic…” 
“Watch this!” Seiner said as he throws a metallic object near the launching pad, creating a huge defensive shield.
“That shield will hold them off for a short amount of time. Now, get in my back, it’s time to leave in style.”
“Hold it. Before we leave…Jack, this is Logan, your exit will appear in the form of the Chrome plane.”
“Oh hell yes! But make it quick, we’re getting pinned down and low on bullets!”
“Understood, Logan out. Alright, let’s do it!”
“On the count of three we jump, ready?”
They started to run to the launching pad, and before they jump off, Seiner manages to grab the shield.
And just as they are about to be gunned down, The Chrome manages to be formed, with Seiner piloting and the others use the turrets to wipe out the rest of the enemies.
“Is that what I’m hearing boys?!”
“Yes…The mother of all salvations!”
The Chrome Plane flew in gunning down enemies when they saw Seiner piloting it. They stop its course and opens the door, allowing Jackson and the others to get in.
“Surely this is the biggest infiltration I’ve ever experienced in my whole damn life!”
“Glad you made it Jack, now allow me to-’’

*Hurry up from Marvel Vs Capcom plays.*

“Look out! XOCMAS incoming!” Varris interrupted Logan by pointing his finger to the incoming XOCMAS robot as it flies inside the plane.
“A mecha?! SHIT!” Jackson said.
“Let me handle this!” Varris said as he uses his power to disable the mecha. The mecha suddenly falls limp, meaning it has been completely disabled.
“Phew, close one.” Logan said.
“Good, now time to get out of this infernal machine!”
The chrome then fired some missiles at the hangar door, creating a hole which allows our Heroes to escape from the fortress.
“Yahoo! We did it! Now all of the Zlocans can go back home and chew bitterness of shame!” Logan yelled. This attracts the attention of the group, as he usually keeps his cool in the aftermaths from missions.
“Eh, sorry guys, maybe I just got a little overexcited for this.”
“Come on Ed! What I said is not that big!”
They started to banter to a whole new degree, which is better used in the aftermath of a battle, making many of the heroes to have a great laugh at the absurdity of the arguing.
“Hehehe, Humans can be quite funny too.”
“Very much brother, very much.”
“Say guys, now we have anything necessary to launch our next attack on the Zlocan bastards, but there’s something I need to ask. What should we do with that mecha there?” Jackson asked.
“Hmm, I heard tales of XOCMAS being also suitable in transmitting important info for their faction, if anything, maybe you guys can do me the favor in changing the programming of the XOCMAS we have here right now. Accept? Or not?”
“Right now, we have other issues to deal with, but yeah, it could be possible.”
“Hmm. Doubtful but optimistic, just like the Okers and Glevins.”
“Life-forms you mean?”
“The universe is indeed full of surprises after all.”

10 - Fall of the Giant

McGuire AFB, Southwestern from New York. In there, Colonel John, alongside the high command, managed to assemble there with the best pilots and troops of the UEF, who are given temporary orders to deploy to the East Coast in order to stop Metis from causing enough destruction to one of the main GHQs.
General Kaufer was present too.
“A weapon twice the size of a fortress in the middle ages, I have never expected that war in times like this could ask for more firepower, which in turn ask us for more courage and unity.” Hans said.
“And in turn, the Zlocans are asking for more power and vengeance. A clear contrast indeed.” John said.
“Only because it’s the everlasting dream of every overlord that has existed in all eternity.”
“But the best part is that there is always a nightmare that comes to reject said dream. Remember when you said that the only weakness of a warrior is only found within it? A powerful tactic, used by the Persians, the Japanese, the Latin Americans, the Brits, the Nazis, the Russians and even America used it. That’s how we call it the nightmare.”
“But also you must remember that we are not the only ones that acts as nightmares, the enemy is no different from what we used recently.”
“Hmm, true.”
“But no need to worry Colonel John, our nightmares are ones of pure justice and freedom for us, for the people, for the universe. Our nightmares only serve to harm the designated enemy, but the enemy uses it to harm all beings.”
“I wouldn’t think the same if you knew of the cold war.”
“I do John, I do. Now, how long is Logan and his allies taking to reach here?”
“Perhaps in a few minutes, 30 minutes I think?”
“Then we must wait then.”

In the chrome plane, Seiner was busy reprogramming the XOCMAS Mecha while the plane was on autopilot. Despite the hard time in reprogramming the mecha, Seiner at least shares some good snark with Varris.
“So I heard stories from Amira that you are quite the smartest person in the group correct?”
“Why shouldn’t I?  Technology, Physics, Biology and Chemistry were always my hobbies ever since my childhood. Success after success, I was the biggest prodigy ever witnessed in the educational society. In fact, my academics was so big that the best universities in Europe and America fought each other to receive my precious knowledge.”
“Fighting for a prodigy? I never guessed that Academics was serious business in Earth, my world used to have instant prodigies after finishing kindergarten.”
“The bloody hell are you saying?! Excuse me, I would have tolerated it more if you were more realistic.”
“Naturally, I was being realistic.”
“Could you be more polite?”
“I am.”
“Well that’s good. If anything, you can kindly pilot the plane while I’m fixing this trash here.”
“Then allow to take Mr Autopilot out for a night.”
“Hell no salty man!”
“…Say again.”
“Could you be angrier?
“Grrrrrrrrr, get back you!”
“Hehehe, you Humans really like be to be moody and happy at the same time.”
“Just forget it! Now, help me get the final adjustments.”
“Hmm, voice chip, what kind of voice could fit this beauty here?”
“We need something smart sounding, if these mechas can be capable of transmitting important info, then it needs to be one fitting.”
“You know…Most of the time, I usually hear this trash as a menacing male.”
“Wait you mean…”
“Oh screw me.”

Back at the base, the people was still waiting anxiously at the heroes, continuing in looking the skies until…
“Hey, is that plane up there one of ours?” Sophie asked.
“Hold on…” John said as he grabbed his binoculars to see what’s in the sky. He then started smiling confidently.
“Hehehe, Sophie, you deserve a medal for good guessing.”
“It is? Then who’s on board on that plane then?”
“You already know.”
The chrome plane got closer to the base as it started to descend. After staying course for landing, it was about to ram the pilots and commanding officers standing there, they were about to run but luckily Seiner returned the plane into his chrome form again, much to everybody’s relief.
“Damn son! For a moment, we thought that you guys had your brains on a psychedelic journey on that plane!” John said.
“If we were, then it could have been with ludicrous speed.” Logan said.
“Oh you got me man!” Surely that was…*notices the rest glaring at him*Oh sorry, well done coming back safely Logan, for a moment everybody thought that you and your team couldn’t make off that monstrosity.”
“But we did John. We came through.”
“Not unlike the heroes of previous generations.” Kaufer said approaching him.
“General Kaufer, it’s an honor to finally meet you in person, John told me how big your free spirit is in fighting these wars.”
“Free spirits has existed ever since the creation of mankind Logan, these beings are the very reason why we are still here today, and what you’re going to do today will further prove it right.”
“Let’s hope so sir.”
“So you are the one leading Humanity in this war right? I’m Varris Dhorian, one of the last Soranians in the Universe.” He said while shaking Kaufer’s hand.
“So is your sister. General Hans Kaufer, pleased to meet you.”
“When I came to this world, my only feeling for you all was hatred, out of my uncle’s death. But once I saw Amira alive after days in being alone, I realized how Humans are actually willing to protect others.”
“Simple tricks of misanthropists to recruit people, but there’s always a light to follow beyond such trickery, and we are glad that you followed such light.”
“Hmm? I never expected that you could also be a good philosopher here in this war.”
“But I am. You must also understand this: In every army; there’s always a philosopher involved.”
“And more thing, what’s that machine over there? It’s a Zlocan one?”
“Greetings General Hans Kaufer, I’am XOCMAS GN-21858 Unit-K, but if you want it short: call me Salty. My current service will be from now on with the United Earth Force in providing Intel of Zlocan activities around Earth. If you want any more information regarding my specifications or other roles, just ask around 10 minutes.” Salty said with a deep female voice, this makes some of the pilots blush.
“Alright, if any of you have a desire for this machine here, then just leave.”
“Sorry Herr General!” Said the pilots as they ran off to their barracks.
“People these days...”
“Heh, Humanity…”
“Well, in the meantime, let’s head to the command room so we can know how to destroy Metis.”
“We’ll be ready for anything sir!” The Warriors said.

Back at Metis, the Inquisitors were having a conversation with Malgan himself regarding the current events that happened, given how it went, it’s easy to know that Malgan is far from happy.
“It wasn’t our fault sir! All we did was defending this fortress from our enemy! THEY JUST CHEATED THEIR WAY TO VICTORY!!” Dakrin yelled.
“But wait my Kujar! Just give us another chance! Just another please!” Jason said
“And me, father?”
“No worries my little J! At least I know you tried your best!”
“Oh no, not the favoritism again!” Dakrin said. 
“My lord, there’s no need to reprimand us for the earlier incident yet, we still have our trump card in check, even if the enemy has managed to uncover our secrets, we still have the best of the best pilots in this war, especially ourselves. Even with the Felek cannons offline, this fortress still has the capability to cripple air forces around the world. What’s more, we are about to show the Warriors the prize for stealing Metis’s secrets to the UEF.” Raven said.
“Yesss! The Masak missiles! Always used when teaching someone a lesson for wronging us!”
“As it is indeed my Kujar. Tell me, what are the current activities in the other planets?”
“From what I’ve heard, the rebellions in the Crux sector are causing havoc to our forces, CP forces are pushing forward in planet Kelso and last but not least, the famed Wrakler Fleet has been destroyed near the Serpens sector, I never expected that The Guardians were getting serious in reestablishing order to protect one of their creations! But if anything, I will make sure they regret defying us!”
“Of course my lord, as history as shown before, the one who gets the rightful power it’s the one who emerges victorious from a war.”
“Yessss. Considering that, I might reconsider your punishment regarding the safety of Metis.”
“What, why?” Jane asked.
“I have the last resort. The one used to end the foolishness in Vateoo and Sorania. Earth might be next to witness it.”
“Hehehehe, good choice father.”
“Yesss. A third end will make the CP reconsider their actions and force to handle their rule to us. Now: With great power?”
“Comes great victory.” The rest said.
The transmission ended, the final statement of Malgan before he ended the conversation left few of the Inquisitors puzzled.
“What kind of last resort did he meant?”
“You will see my dear Jane, but when the day arrives, you may not complain at all.” Yamja said.
“But, why that?”
“Just wait…Just wait…”

In the briefing room.
“Everyone here? Good. Now, this needs to be brief regarding the next operation. An enemy fortress called Metis, responsible for some of the attacks in Los Angeles and Honolulu is now heading towards New York. Given the kind of firepower we’ve witnessed in these cities, it’s gonna be assured that we must give everything we have against it. We will deploy a force of 400 fighter planes from 60 fighter squadrons in the battle against Metis. According to the latest intel supplied by the Earth Warriors, Metis holds a type of missile with the power of 15 megatons nukes, which is going to bring a lot of destruction to one our main GHQs. The loss of the one of the main GHQs will be not only devastating to the war morale, but also for the morale of the rest of the universe. There’s no time to further explain the mission, head out and stop the terror of Metis!”

In the city of New York, all of the citizens were rushing towards the safety bunkers, the MPs were blocking the streets and guiding the remaining civilians to the safety bunkers. The naval fleet of New York started to form a defensive position around New York Bight. The sky was now filled with planes of all generations, there were so many that it nearly darkens the sky. They were all flying in the offensive position, ready to take on Metis, never has an air battle like the one in Britain on WW2 been that huge. Luana was the one leading the flight of planes.
“All aircraft report in.”
“Crusader Squadron on standby.”
“Vulture Squadron on standby.”
“Boomstick Squadron on standby.”
“Galgo Squadron on standby.”
“Cyan Squadron on standby.”
“Reaper Squadron on standby.”
“Mask Squadron on standby.”
“Gold Falcon Squadron on standby.”
“Devilflare Squadron on standby.”
“Plague Squadron on standby.”
All of the fighter pilots keep reporting on their status until the last call came in.
“Preparations complete, all aircraft ready to fight. Here’s how we’re gonna destroy Metis according to the Intel; Metis has in operation six generators located in the upper deck and lower deck of the fortress, these generators contain the main energy source which supplies Metis with enough power to keep the main systems active. disabling the generators will cause the gates near the missile zone to open. Metis’s destruction doesn’t depend on the bridge as it functions in an omnisequential system, which means that our only way to destroy its going through the tunnels that leads to the missile silo, travel all the way inside Metis until you find the Masak missile. Destroying the missile will make it unleash his destructive firepower inside, thus, ending Metis for good. We will also get information of the countdown of the missile launch. That’s all.”

Meanwhile, Metis defense squadrons then began taking off from the hangers as they prepare to take the defensive on Metis, they begin heading towards the main offensive squadron. Metis had 500 fighter planes compared to the UEF’s 400, but it didn’t matter, what really matters what that the fate of New York depends on the outcome of the largest air battle ever witnessed on the story of Humankind.
“Enemy fighters approaching at 12 O’ clock. This is gonna be one hell of a fight, all fighters, get ready!”
“For Courage, Justice, Unity and Freedom!”
The pilots shouted the UEF motto as they began their dogfight against the Zlocan and Inquisitor fighters, the battle for New York has begun!
The fighters began fire missiles at each other, some of them manage to dodge with flares, others not so much. Logan was pursuing 5 planes that was chasing a friendly.
“Fox 3! Fox 3!” Logan shouted as he fired the missiles and destroyed the planes.
“Thanks bud!” The ally pilot said.
“This is Crusader 2, heading towards Metis!”
“Careful! Enemy on your 6!” Luana said as she noticed some enemy planes towards him.
“Don’t worry, I have THIS! SHOCK TRAILS!!!”
He then pressed the missile button, but instead of launching a missile, it deployed 1 electro bomb in the air, it explodes, causing the enemy’s plane to be disabled.
“Haha! They never counted on that!”
“Crusader 2, wait for your teammates to come and assist you! 2 minutes left!”
“Vulture leader here, we’ll take care of the enemy planes, Crusader can take care of the generators!”
“Understood, Crusader Squadron, let’s take care of Metis!”
They started to regroup after destroying dozens of fighters and prepare to destroy the generators.
“These guys are one of the best of the best we have on this alliance, we’ll make sure that they’ll make it alive!”
The firefight in the skies continued as plane by plane are shot down in the skies, the huge quantity of planes made the sky filled the sky with dazzling cuntrails. It was clear that both sides are trying their hardest to ensure victory for their side.
On Metis, The Warriors were meeting heavy resistance from the defenses. Rockets and bullets tried to shot the heroes but their amazing maneuvers allowed them to dodge their death and keep on the mission.
“Crusader 1 here, found the generators on the upper deck!”
“Crusader 5, Found the ones in the lower deck!”
“Good! Now, finish them and get inside, but do it fast!”
“Understood. Alright team, let’s show these monsters what we are made off.”
Logan, Amira and Tany got into position to fire against the upper generations while Jackson, Lucy and Eddie take care of the lower ones.
“Here it goes! METAL RAIN!!!” Logan yelled, firing an insane amount of missiles to the generators and turrets.
“SKY DAZZLER!!!” Amira yelled as she unleashes huge laser beams, cutting down many turrets and the generators.
“INFERNO DROPS!!!” Tany yelled as she fired flammable missiles, causing the ensuing flames to spread across the fortress.
“TERROR COMMAND!!!”  Jackson yelled as he fires 2 giant missiles, causing huge explosions.
“ENRAGE BOLTS!!!” Lucy yelled as she fires with giant cannons to the deck.
“LEAD BERSERKER!!!” Eddie yelled as he fired a huge amount of machinegun fire to the deck.
Those were the special weapons made for the Warriors and other fighter squadrons.
Then, a hangar bay opened.
“Hey, it looks like they’re bringing reinforcements to the fight.”
“Leave it us! ILLUSIONAL ARROWS!!!” Malak yelled as she fires 4 large missiles, which then splits apart, launching a huge barrage of missiles.
“ULTRA TSAR!!!” Andrei yelled as he launches a bomb to the hangar, causing a large explosion.
“FOCUS RAY!!!” Varris yelled as he fires huge lasers bolts in a concentrated path to the hangar.
These attacks were enough to decommission the hangar.
“Whoeeee! They surely felt that! Alright, generators offline, time to…Wait, incoming transmission. Warning, unknown planes approaching at high speed on 3’O clock! What could they be?”

“Remember us дурак(fool)?” A familiar voice said.
“What? Who is this?!”
“No it can’t be…It’s you!” Logan said.
“You memory served you well, Logan. Now witness the maximum strength of THE GROUP!”
It was none other than Agent W herself, flying an F-15 MTD alongside the other agents, they were Anguis Squadron, and they flew with a group of experimental planes that were part of the flight. They start attacking both sides at once.
“Oh hell! I never expected that this furball could get any worse!” Vulture 2 said.
“What’s worse, we have only 1 minute left!” Luana said.
“Oh no! Hurry up team!” Logan said as he and his squadron fly on the gates leading to the missile silo.

“Don’t you dare!” Agent W said.
“What you’re doing? We trying to stop a catastrophe here!”
“Your actions are interfering the moral balance established years ago, not allowing the destruction of both will further endanger such balance of war, and it is our duty to stop you!”
“That means you are fine with innocent people being killed!?!”
“It happens in a war, sometimes both wishes need to become true with a cost.”
“To hell with your philosophy! We will stop Metis and his terror, no matter what!”
“50 seconds!”
They flew through the gate, ready to attack the missile.
“They got in! STOP THEM!!” Yamja said as she and the rest of Lovac Squdron regrouped to chase them, but Anguis Squadron started to attack them.
“Urghhh! This planes are making me sick!” Dakrin
“Let us take care of the scum.” Amelia said as she, Ted and Freddie fly chase our heroes and Agent W.
“40 seconds remaining! Hurry up Logan!”
“We’re nearly there!”
“What a perfect time to keep the balance!” Agent W said.
She fired her guns to Logan and his friends to keep him from reaching the silo, while the three lost friends take chase.
“30 seconds!”
“Just a bit more!”
When they reach the 3rd tunnel. The gate suddenly closed as Crusader Squadron entered, causing Agent W to turn around alongside the Inquisitors.
“Huh?! It closed down?!” Amira said.
“My connection with Zlocan facilities allows to connect with most of the systems.” Salty said.
“Man, I never expected machines-’’
“20 seconds!”
They kept flying from 2 other tunnels when they finally spot the missile, in mere second before it takes off.
“10 SECONDS!!”
“Lock on! FOX 2!!!” The heroes said as they target the nuke and launch their missiles. They impact the nuke with enough force that makes it burn in flames, the heroes also manage to exit through the open hatch, flying as fast they could.
“Target destroyed! All planes, get to a safe zone!”
Both sides notice the smoke and they all proceed to withdraw.
“Dammit! The pride of the ZGA is now history! Now we’re in deep trouble now!” Dakrin said
“Don’t you worry dear Dak. There’s always a plan B.” Yamja said.
“All planes, regroup at Africa. We must rethink our strategy for our war.” Raven said.
As the planes get more and more far away from Metis, explosions continued to rock inside, until suddenly; the masak missile explodes inside, engulfing Metis within it,creating a bright blinding flashing light that last for 40 seconds.

“Well done Warriors! Well done! You managed to save us from danger once again!” Luana said as the other pilots and citizens cheered for their victory.
“My home! Is safe! OH YEAH!!!” John said.
“I have never felt very heroic before, but now, this proves how much we have in what it takes to save everyone.” Logan said.
“Our loved ones are going to be proud for this miraculous day, all thanks to you.” Malak said.
“Father, mother, if you can hear us, we have saved an entire city from the claws of evil, all thanks to our spirits of freedom and justice. Your teachings will further bring us not only to victory, but also love and peace.” Varris said.
“They will be dear sister. They will be...”
They all fly back to base, where they will expect a great hero’s welcome.
From squabbling each other in a forest, to saving an entire city from doom. Our heroes are getting closer and closer in becoming legends of peace and freedom, but it was not over yet. There are still many unfought challenges, but when they face them, their love for the planet will allow them to prevail. That is their destiny.

11 - Let Forever Be

It has been five months ever since the destruction of Metis, the Zlocans have taken a huge blow from their morale on Earth, not to mention the other successful campaigns the CP has launched in the other quadrants of the Galaxy, the forces of goodness has never taken an advantage in any kind war like never before. But still, the Zlocans know when to act, they have other surprises that can alter the course of the war, one that might make The Guardians doubt their intervention.

On Earth, all of the United States was taken back from Zlocan hands, alongside many parts of Southern Europe, South America, most of Russia and the Philippines. Now the UEF and other CP factions are regrouping their forces to start the counterattack against the remaining forces left on Earth, but they need to more careful this time as the defenses in the first occupied zones are more tougher than the other ones, but luckily the expansion of Earth Armies with the Air Fleets and Mechas will ensure a quicker victory.

On the Battlecruiser IEN Benevolence, the Earth Warriors were redeployed in there to fight off the remaining Zlocan forces located in Africa, the Mediterranean and most of East Asia. John Walker and GOD squad were also stationed in there too. They were training hard to face the new foes, but also to show how much they can give to save the Universe and show the ultimate example of courage ever done.
The Warriors were having a rest in the quarters, after the battle in New York, the Warriors participated in a total of 400 successful operations against Zlocan, 12th Group and other hostile forces in the battle of Earth, this achievement made them the symbols of heroism and freedom to all Humankind. Of course, their pride doesn’t lie on their successful record of mission, but for their love of all good life on Earth and the Universe.
Logan was sitting on his bed alongside Amira, as their affection to each other was made more apparent while the others were doing having their usual business
“*yawns* Man, 5 months has passed, and we’re feeling like the top of the world.” Logan said.
“It is, Logan. But don’t you think that this feeling could belong to others?” Amira said.
“Yes. We may have done many things to reach here, but it’s not only us that this happened, but to our fellows who fought for every inch of soul there is in this world.”
“Yes. In fact, my father used to say; “For every kindness you give to one who has the same, miracles are more bound to happen. Our love for innocent living beings is what mattered here."
“I would like to see more of that sis, it will continue to live up to our family’s code.”
“Could be, Varris. But I have one doubt, even if the war ends, will the Zlocans become peaceful again?”
“I doubt it sis. Sometimes when the people begin to admire their leader, they would be so stuck to its ideals that they will make sure that their name lives on forever.”
“I wouldn’t say that if I was you. Monsters like Hitler and Mussolini from Earth were extremely popular leaders in their times, yet people knew in the end how unfit they were for their countries’ future. That’s why our world has found ways to regain the voice of the people Varris.”
“Really? That’s really comforting of you Logan.”  
“Yeah yeah, whatever you’re saying Legolas.” Seiner said.
“Mind your own filthiness Seiner.” Varris said.
“My filthiness?!”
“Yep! We’ve been here for pretty long time of all eternity and you haven't yet switched the jerky jerk button off on your back!” Tany said.
“Would you stop it already?!”
“Hehe. Love it when you get so hairy like that Seiner, one of the reasons why this adventure is so full of fun.” Jackson said.
“WHY YOU?!!”
“Cool it down Seiner. That’s part of having a good time with friends, it’s teasing and nothing more.” Amira said.
“Seriously! You don’t consider this a misfortune at all Ami?! Curse the culture of our times!”
“Hey now, cursin' isnae bringin' a solution tae yer misfortune, ye jist simply relax.”
“You-how-WHY DID-you?!!-GRRRAA!!”
Everyone kept laughing at Seiner’s teasing, but as he was about to completely explode, the room and the others except Logan,Seiner, Amira and Tania suddenly vanished.
“Huh!?! What’s going on?!”

Suddenly, the chamber stopped looking empty and now they were on a familiar white chamber.
“You have done well protecting the goodwill of all, heroes.” Said one of the Guardians.
“You again!” Logan said.
“It’s been a long time dear Guardians, many miracles happened thanks for your support.” Amira said.
“No, you are the only ones who should be thankful that all of us are still here. We’ve just simply gave the resource of battle, nothing more.”
“You’re right.” Logan said.
“But dear Guardians, why bring us here when we were having the great rest of our whole golly lifetime?” Tany said.
“Because there’s something you need to do to end this once and for all.” One Guardian said.
“You mean, the last path to defeat him?” Seiner asked.
“Yes. Although you just destroyed their latest monstrosity, Malgan still holds enough terror among us enough to submit fear, he has another weapon far worse than Metis itself, but there’s a solution. When the time the prophecy was around before the start of the war, it was said the one to start it contained the artifact of evil called the “Blood of the Warmonger”, the blood which contains the remains of an ancient entity which held great power compared to many beings, but at the same time, it’s only ideal was nothing but war, when someone possessed said blood, war will be the only thing the being will think. No ordinary weapons can defeat it, not even the most advanced creations of our order. But then, we discovered that if war can be defeated by peace, then it needed the 4 principles to achieve it; courage, justice, unity and freedom. We stored the purity of these principles into the Great Gems of Peace which will awaken the power of the chosen ones to defeat the warmonger and restore stability to the Universe. But in order to keep the gems secure, we stored them in four secret places on this planet.”
“Why ours?”
“We’ll answer that later. But in order to make sure the gems’ power is truly awoken, you need to search them in the indicated order, because as the prophecy states: the manifestation of ultimate peace will appear if the principles are found as they are written. The Gem of Courage is located in an underground altar in the Northern Desert, the Gem of Justice is in an ancient temple located on the Grand Sea of the little Land, the Gem of Unity is on a cave of the Great Land of the East and the Gem of Freedom is on the Great Pyramids of the Gods of the New Land.”
“Northern Desert? Grand Sea of the Little Land? Is that the only information you have to say?” Logan said.
“Names can change within the flow of time, and the species can know what they are named now. But what you really need is a guide, someone who has great knowledge of the prophecy, the one who will guide you to the salvation of all.”
“I see. What’s the name?”
“Biora Aulari. One of the remnant members of planet Vateeo.”
“Where is she?”
“No need for such question Logan. It’s closer than you think.” A Guardian said.
“Now good luck Warriors, your destiny is now close to fulfilment.”
The Guardians then disappeared, and then the chamber started to vanish too, now the Warriors had to embark on the greatest mission yet, one that may prove their extent of how much they fight for the good of the world. They return back to their room, they were briefly stunned but later regained consciousness in quick-time.

“Guys? What’s wrong?” Malak asked.
“This war…we know is not over yet. But there’s one mission that will end it all.” Logan said.
“Really?! We never knew how much clever you could become at this moment!” Andrei shouted.
“No, we didn’t discovered it ourselves. Greater entities did.”
“Greater entities? You mean gods?! Shoot boy, for a moment I thought these religious numbnuts were very screwed with their crazy talk but now I see they weren’t after all!” Eddie said
“Not exactly Ed. Just listen to us and be quiet of your bullshit.” Seiner said.
“Oh you little rascal.”
The warriors then exited the room to head to John’s office. 

John’s new office, was nearly bigger than his original one in Jefferson with more monitors to communicate with the high command, he was there sitting on his chair while talking to a female alien who was green-skinned, with cyan eyes, long pointy ears, yellowish short spiky-hair with an upswept tail, and was wearing an armor combined of gold and bronze. It seemed that she was a high asset to the CP forces on Earth, being one of many volunteers. There was also a Czech and a Basque officer in the room too, their names were Lady Ivana and Sir Oton.
“So, any new report regarding Zlocan activities on Siberia dear lady?”
“Strike teams just detected 12 bases in the East Siberian Economic Region, mostly in Tuva and Khakassia. Firebombing is the most required option Colonel.” Said the lady.
“Asking for an entrance to hell…good girl.” Sir Oton said.
Then, Logan and his friend burst in to the room.
“Hey Logan, everything fine?”
“Sorry for the interruption John, we have an urgent discussion at the moment.”
“Really? Well, Biora, can you wait outside the room until we finish this conversation?”
“Wait! Her name…is Biora Aulari?” Seiner asked.
“You know me? But how?”
“You’re probably not going to believe it.”
“Well I may know how you found out, you spied her on the locker room right?!” John said.
“Why should we even do that crazy crappy-do poopo!? The only ones who would that are the ones who simply want less virginity out of her body and go play in hiding the Zucchini which will make your body go jelly as hell!” Tany rambled.
“Whoa whoa! Listen up gal, I would tolerate that explanation except when you go around talking shit like that, give at least some coherency for Christ sake!” Lady Ivana said.
“You guys really are creeping me out.”
“Sorry for that Biora. But listen, do you have any knowledge of the Greater Gems?” Logan said.
“Huh? That legend where it states it will unleash the power to defeat the Warmonger in this war?”
“That’s the point.”
“I see. Well, my name is Biora Aulari, I’ve been a great follower of the legends of the Ser’ma religion that spawned across 100 planets, for years we have waited for the prophecy to come to life when the Warmonger returned, but now it appears that it’s time right?”
“Yes. But first off, do you have map of the supposed locations?”
“Hmm, John, allow me to use your computer for a moment.”
“Why yes?”
She then started to press on the keyboard some commands, later a screen later shows the map of the globe.
“The Gems are scattered in four locations around this world, but they must activated in sequential order in to awaken the true power.”
“Just tell us where are these locations, please?"
“If my knowledge is correct, the first Gem is located in there.”*points at the map, which indicates the location is at the Nubian Desert in Sudan."
“So the first one is located in the great Nubian Desert? I see, what about the other ones?” John said.
“Hmm, Justice seems to be just beneath Sicily, Unity in the Longyou Caves in China and Freedom seems to be somewhere in Yucatan, Mexico, what a curious combination.” Seiner said.
“Correct young Human.” Biora said.
“The name’s Seiner lady.”
“Ah, I see. As far as I know, the Gems contain huge power like never seen before, but because of the possibility that preying hands could get a hand of it, the Guardians created the GemTectors in order to secure the Gems, but there’s a problem, since their only command is to secure the Gems, they will attack anyone who dares to approach the Gem, that is unless the Gem is attached to its indicated physical manifestation.”
“In other words, four of us.”
“As far as the legend goes.”
“Hmm, do you expect me that we can carry out an operation in order to find some mystical objects that we don’t know if they exist or not? What folly.” Lady Ivana said.
“If you see it in your own eyes, then you will witness power beyond your deepest imagination." Amira said.
“You said it lady, you may be right.” 
“Don’t worry ma’am, these guys are one of the best of the best, so fearless and deadly that the first sight of them can cause massive panic to the enemy, just way too incredible to witness!”
“If you insist Colonel John…”
“John, I think we must continue the topic of the Gems privately, there must be some spies around here.”
“Don’t worry Logan, this alliance is completely loyal to the ideals of all we stand for, it is very ludicrous that someone might dare deceive us and sell our deepest secrets to the enemy, right guys?”
“Absolutely Colonel, very much absolutely.” Sir Oton said.
“Alright, now I think it’s time for a meeting for all the personnel here, we must let them know of the final victory that will come at the hands of you.”
Then, Lady Ivana’s pocket started to vibrate, she picked it off and it was the phone ringing.
“Oh. Excuse me, but I have an urgent call with…my husband, yes my husband.”
“You sure?” John asked.
“Of course you moron!”
“Oh. Well, get going then. OK, time to rally up!”

John and the rest left the room and now started to gather the other commanding officers so they can reunite everyone to let them of the important mission. But strangely, Lady Ivana didn’t follow them like Sir Oton, instead, she just stood still beside a corner.
“Agent Uvnitr here, got you on signal Mr Pete. ********* Yes, I have discovered the existence of some sort of extraterrestrial gems, they say that it can unleash a greater power that might change the war forever, could you have an interest in such gems? ********** Use it to their advantage of course. ********** Yes, every side is worth of their ideals as long as they don’t endanger the principle that holds Humanity together; balance. ******** Balance of greater powers is the only way to ensure true peace in all beings. Without balance, there will be no understanding. Without understanding, there’s only chaos. ********* Yes, the UEF will only endanger the possibility of the power of balance, creating nothing but a phony peace. ********** Indeed, the SHADOWs are the best keepers in precious treasure but also the ultimate wielders of balance, they will make sure that the Gems are in safer hands, and also make a great fortune to our clients. ********* Affirmative Mr. Pete, I’m quite alone at the moment.”

While she was talking, the speech was also taking place, the charisma and the passion could not describe the words uttered by Logan for his final mission on the war, the whole Universe knew it, victory is at hand and only the Chosen Ones can fulfil it, the soldiers were full of spirit and courage, knowing that helping them in this mission will ensure the final victory of Earth and the rest of the Universe, it was the time, the time to end the tyranny of the Zlocu.

Later, in the hangar, the Warriors were getting ready to take off to head off to the Nubian Desert, GOD squad was also coming in the mission, though most looked unamused.
“Do we really have follow this on behalf of them? No way, no such shit exists in this world, I’m outta here.” Walter said.
“Enough grumps dear Walter, take it as a new way to prove your courage in battle unlike any other.” Berat replied.
“Perhaps you should let your rivalry for the Warriors fade, Walter. No need for provocation.” John said.
“The area near the possible location of the gem is guarded by a hostile Zlocan camp, full of AA guns, anti-stealth equipment and strong weaponry enough to turn us into crisp when attempting a direct attack.” Biora said.
“So that means we’ll have to find the safest zone for cover, but we must also make sure that the Zlocans don’t quickly find out about the Gem of Courage being hidden there.” John said.
“From what I’ve heard, the Zlocu, at least under Malgan, had the philosophy of rejecting the general legends of the Universal community, claiming that they’re nothing more but outdated and bashful towards the “greater rule”. Instead they only follow theirs. If possible, they will be unaware of their doom.” Amira said.
“Heh! Poor suckers unaware of everything!” Walter said.
“Keep calm dear people, just until now, the Zlocans may be unaware of the Gems, but…today will change all of that.” Sir Oton said.
“True. But whatever they may do, we’ll do anything possible to keep the Gems away from them.”
“Let’s hope its true dear Amira.”
“All aboard you all!  We don’t all time in the world for this!” Seiner shouted.
They all got aboard the Chrome Plane, getting ready to search for the next gem.
“Remember, if anything starts going downhill, we’ll send them our “compliments” to deal with the situation!” John said.
“You bet!” Logan said.
Later, then hangar slowly opened, paving way for the Chrome plane to take off, after a brief checks in the controls, Seiner lift off from the hangar and flies down from the Benevolence, ready to find the Courage Gem.
“Heroes these days, finding new horizons in surprising us but also to save us.” Sir Oton said.
“Real heroes don’t come to search new horizons, even new horizons arrive looking for them.” John said.

The Chrome Plane started descending at a high speed, but at the same time maintaining stability for the crew inside the plane, at first the flight was normal and smooth, but the camp was still not in sight. They also needed to be careful at incoming radar detection.
“So far so good, no camp in sight, no problem at all.” Seiner said.
“Still, no need to be reckless Seiner, in a moment, the Zlocans might spot us without the blink of an eye.” Malak said.
“Always so worried Malak. Do you have any idea of the new upgraded tech this baby has?!”
“Well, the only new tech I’m seeing is that it looks chromier than usual, getting too much fashion? Come on.”
But as they continued to descend to the desert, three planes fly by, a MiG-29, a F-16XL and a Mirage 2000D, all with red and black color scheme.
Their presence triggers the plane’s radar.
“Hold on, the radar just picked up something, gonna check it for a moment.”
Suddenly, the intercom started to sound static, as if there was an incoming call from someone…
“This day will be your last one ever, superior tech isn’t saving you now.”
“Raven?! How did you…!?” Seiner exclaimed surprised.
“Do you honestly believe that the UEF is a group with people completely loyal to their ideals, fighting for it until the bitter end? Consider thinking twice as much you need it to understand the circumstances.”
“No…you mean?”
“Exactly. And now it’s for you to learn the most important lesson ever told; enough screwing around!” Ted said.
He, alongside Amelia and Freddie were the ones piloting the planes, heading towards the Chrome plane.

A trap.
A trap planned from an unknown lead.
“How could we have not seen this coming!?” Jackson shouted.
“Less talking, more gung ho!”
Walter, Valentina, Berat, Lucy, Eddie and Tania go to the turrets, ready the calibrations of it and as the the 3 planes get near the right side, the three GOD crewmen start fire at them, but like the rest of Lovac Squadron in the first encounter, they dodge most of the laser blast with complicated maneuvers. At the same time, the plane also started taking evasive actions to make sure the Zlocans doesn’t find their locations.
“FORTUNE RAYS!!!” Amelia yelled as she activates her Ultimate Plane Strike, launches a huge barrage of lasers that move very twistedly. But just as they approach the Chrome plane at huge speed, the plane’s wings starts to emit deflective waves of energy, causing the lasers to divert from the plane and nearly hits one of the planes.
“What the hell?! The lasers…just reflected?!” Amelia said.
“It’s called an upgrade lady!” Seiner replied
“Lucky ones these days…Curse them!” Freddie said as he starts shooting the right wing of the plane, Walter tries to deflect the bullets, but only manages to briefly deflect some of them.
“If these guys ask for fun, then sure as hell they’ll love this!” Walter said as he continues to fire at Lovac Squadron.
In spite of all the determination that both factions are showing, Tania seems the only unsure of the situation. She indeed is fighting her former friends, but can they be turned back to the former selves? A burning question indeed, she was not firing her turret at all.
Freddie then was about to approach at the left wing, ready to smash it into pieces, but Jackson is not letting it happen, so he prepares to give him some death wish before death.
But Tany’s feelings are still strong, her fondness for her pals causes her to notice Jack pointing his turret at Freddie.
So she did something she would never think of, she yanks Jack’s arm away from the turret and tries to restrain him.
“Tany?! What in the hell are you doing?!”
“These are my friends out there! I must find an answer to turn them back as they were, and I will not let you put any harm on them you meanie!”
“Knock it off Tany! You’re going to get us all killed!” Logan yelled.
But before they could know it, some bullets impacted on the right side of the plane on the turret section, injuring Berat’s right arm.
“Shit! I never wanted something to hurt this much!”
“Bad news team, the right wing now is getting fried up, and because of the hijinks of that CHICK, the turrets are fried up too! Now, this is our only option left if we must survive long enough.” Seiner said.
“What option you mean?” Varris said.
“THIS!” Seiner then pressed a button on the cockpit, unleashing a massive electromagnetic wave as the Lovac planes suddenly are paralyzed in mid-air as electric sparks spread around the planes. Meanwhile, the Chrome plane cloaks itself to make sure the Zlocans don’t follow the direction of their hideout. The Lovac planes regain control, but to their misfortune, their target has now gone off radar.
“Damn it! DAMN IT! Why are idiots like them getting smarter everyday?!” Amelia said.
“Why call them idiots anyways, they’ll learn their place anyways.” Ted said.
“Our boss will show ours before theirs after this.” Freddie said as they fly off back to base, waiting for their imminent punishment.

*Razgriz Theme from Ace Combat 5 plays*

Back on the plane, the situation was no better than the combat between Lovac Squadron, Tany’s actions and beliefs nearly led the death of the entire crew and it wasn’t until Seiner unleashed his trump card to save day. Still, he, as always is the one to deal a problem involving Tany, but this time, it was one of a serious matter.
Seiner approaches Tany quietly, but everyone can see the anger present on Seiner’s face, it's obvious that he's not the most pleasant person in making him mad, especially in a life threatening situation.
“Now…can you explain why IN THE BLOODY hell you nearly killed all of us?!”
“This is supposed to be a group that gives people second chances in lives! The Guardians granted us that chance, why we can’t we do the same for my old fellas?!”
“These “fellas” of yours are now nothing more but mindless murderers devoid of any pity from everything and anyone! So if you believe you can redeem them back as they were, then you're very damn wrong as hell!”
Tany didn’t took these words well, so in a fit of anger and frustration, she slapped Seiner in the face very hard and started screaming at him uncontrollably.
This makes Seiner even angrier as he roughly grabs her.
“You two, enough of this already!” Amira shouted as she tries to regain control of the situation
“THAT'S ENOUGH!!!” Logan shouted as he pierces the sword to the ground, causing a loud noise that makes them both stop arguing now.
“Seiner, come with me at once.”
“But she-’’
“Are you trying to disobey me, mister?”
“Logan, let me handle Tany for a moment too.” Eddie said as he grabs Tany and walk to a corner of the plane, Seiner does the same with Logan. It was at this moment that Tany’s anger becomes in pure grief.
“Now now, we know that many of us have wishes that we want to make it true, something like peace or fortune. But life itself knows that some of them are impossible to achieve, as it will only make it lose more of its meaning in keeping up with us. Freaking Hitler wished to rule us but that didn’t happen, Good Ol’ Lenin wished global communism but that didn’t happen, hell, even war wished to destroy us completely but that didn’t even happen! I too had my wishes in quitting my job and get what I always wanted, but the situation here forced me to think again. That’s it’s the reason why you’re still here, alive and well. Always moving forward because not everything lasts forever”
“But…my friends.”
“Are you forgetting about us as well?”
“No…It’s just…”
“Now listen up my dear Tany, life is made to make us advance further not only in progress of society, but also in understanding more of us. You can’t keep your things when you first have them, like your house or car. There are times with your things  may be over and replaced with new ones. But I’m not saying you must forget them forever, quite the opposite. This is something you must do with these three from now on, the Zlocans deprived them of any goodness they once possessed. Life is not keeping up to the past forever, but to find new, better ways in keeping to your future. And to this day, we are clearly achieving a great future for us all. You know what I mean?”
“…..I’m so sorry Eddie!”
She then started sobbing and embraces Eddie out of grief but also relief, she continued to sob on his chest while he strokes her hair softly.
“Sadness is something you may understand as well.” Eddie said softly.
She never expected that a guy who likes to shots in R&R situations and being a typical cowboy could knew so much of life as well, he was right. Her friends have been turned, nothing will change that. But with her new friends, she will ensure a bigger future for not just her, but them as well. 
“Your actions not only effect you, but the others as well. From now on, learn patience with Tany, that’s the best in staying together for a long time, remember that Seiner.”
“…Sorry for the mess Logan, I just…”
“I understand Seiner, no need to apologize.”
Tany then returned to the group with Seiner as well, it would been very hard in keeping things together with Seiner and Tany, but it is now certain that maybe, there can be an understanding between the 2 of them.
“Jack, I’m very sorry for getting you-’’
“I understand my dear girl, I know you were trying to do the right thing.”
“We all do.” Logan said

Afterwards, Seiner manages to find a landing zone, not too far away from the Zlocan base. Deserts are usually known to be hot and dry, which can force many individuals to use most of the spare parts when camping. Luckily, it was sunset, so the warriors would enjoy a nice, though cold night. Seiner returns the plane back to his chrome form, now everyone needs to rest up for the night and get ready to start the mission on the next day.
“Even if we managed to lose their track on us, that doesn’t mean they won’t start looking for us. We need defenses to detect any Zlocan intruders coming near our perimeter.” Logan said
“Don’t worry, my little babies can handle that.” Seiner said as he deploys some mobile turrets, capable of detecting even the most far away targets.
“Allow me as well Seiner.” Valentina said.
“Wait, a simple sniper like you on this?”
“She’s a pretty good spotter and guard too you know. For a sniper like ehr, she can do it like no other, so let her do the job or I’ll smack ya to pieces.” Walter said.
“OK Ok...sheesh. But are you sure that-’’
“Oh don’t worry, I never slept in Jakarta, so I’ll be fine.” Valentina said as she carries her M93 in her back and moved alongside the turrets to guard the sleeping tent.
“For soldiers like this, I never expected them to become far daring than usual.” Amira said.
“Dare is also important in winning a war Ami, you’ll learn more soon.” Jackson said.

Meanwhile, at the base, the Zlocans were patrolling every corner of it, while some walkers patrolled the streets and buildings, some drones were also deployed to detect any nearby hostile, as result from the air battle between Lovac and Crusader. Some were adjusting their battle vehicles to check if they function properly, while Zlocans are also instructing some recruiting Inquisitors in learning their philosophy and combat creed in fighting against “Traitors”. At first all seemed calm and uninterruptible, with no trace of UEF attackers, with the exception of the EW in sight. A Zlocan Knight was patrolling in the base quietly, inspecting every safe tent there is, Zlocans need to make sure that the Zlocans are well rested to fight another day, so they need at least one Knight to inspect most of them a day. Suddenly, as the Knight was inspecting another normal tent, an object starts falling from the sky at high speed, ending crash landing to the ground, startling the Knight. The Knight then starts the cylindrical object that landed, but then, it starts to open, releasing a large amount green gas that at first seems like a joke, until the Knight starts coughing up, then he throws his mask away and starts vomiting blood, while the eyes start bleeding up and the skin becomes more scale. It was a biochemical gas all along, as the Knight collapses to the floor, weakly begging for help before succumbing to the poison. But he was not the only one affected, the same canisters fall of from the sky too, and start unleashing large amount of biochemical gas to the whole base, killing most of the personnel outside the buildings with the exception of the Mechas present on the streets. But the Mechas were also too slow to act, as bullets come raining down from the sky, completely demolishing them. The bullets came none other from four British W-231 Windmill VTOLs, as they descend from the sky. The engines start clearing up most of the gas, but still the effects remaining there. They land on four different parts of the base. One of the VTOLs open their door, revealing a large group of heavily armored gas-masked soldiers with red glowing eyes.

Equipped with either MSBS rifles or KF5 submachine guns. They depart from the VTOL and start checking every corner of the base to check if there’s any survivor from the initial attack. The other VTOLs also deploy some combat drones with the same functions as the soldiers.
But who are these mysterious forces? Why attack the place? In the same VTOL where the soldiers were deployed, comes six figures with a rather familiar set up. They have gas-masks indeed, but their berets are unmistakable.

SHADOW has arrived.

12 - Burnin' Star

The surprise attack of the 12th group on the desert base has taken the entire Zlocan regiment by surprise. Lady Ivana’s directions and ruse really set up a very effective attack on Zlocan forces, all for the search of one important gems of the entire universe. What’s worse, the Knights and Inquisitors who were stationed outside where not the only to perish in the attack. Watchers also started to infiltrate the main quarters, slaughtering even the unarmed personnel. The 12th Group would not normally engage in such heinous crimes, but if they want to complete their mission, they need all necessary measures to accomplish it. Bloodshed and panic filled the entire building as Watchers continued their slaughter.

The main command room, in there, the main Inquisitors are startled by the recent raid but they will demonstrate every ability they have to get through all this.
“Looks like someone has been playing the spying game too well.” Jason said.
“I wouldn’t call it a game if I was you. Cleverness and deception is what arrived here.” Raven said.
“How poetic. But can’t you see this whole madness it’s killing our own men?!” Dakrin said.
“Human determination only brings those who seek their most fulfilling purposes, doing everything to seek it. Sometimes, madness can end with determination too if you are strong enough to know it.”
“Your shit talk of determination cannot compare to everything in here!”
Suddenly, the door was slammed open as a Watcher entered, but Dakrin was quick in taking out his sword and beheads the watcher. Yamja was at least impressed by the swift attack
“See what I mean?”
“Yes…” Yamja said suggestively.
“Now what?  How are we supposed to get off this place if there too many of these killers?” Ted said.
“Follow me.” Raven said.

All Inquisitors then grabbed their weapons as they leave the room. They had to stick together if they’re looking to survive the madness. As they walk to the left corridor of the floor, they spot a group of watcher gunning down wounded Inquisitors and Watchers. Even with their most ruthlessness, most Knights could have a shed of sympathy for any living being they can meet, the Watchers don’t.
Vladimir then takes out his Pecheng machine gun and mows down the Watchers, pressing the trigger while loads of bullets are unleahsed towards a large barrage of enemies, avenging the fallen comrades of their faction.
“You quite improved my dear Vlad, but I guess your killing sense needs to be more developed.” Yamja said. Vlad only responded by glancing a smirk at her.
“Less compliments, more survival. Go.” Raven said as he and other Inquisitors proceeded to escape the building. As they ran, the sounds of bullets and screams filled the entire building. Though the Inquisitors are feeling with determination as they escape, some of them also feel the pity of their lost “brothers”, who while they may have occupied Earth, it also made them feel like a new life for most of them, a life out of suffering and shame. But now, these hopes has been swept away by the arrival of the 12th Group, now lying on a pool of their own blood, all in the name of balance.
As the Inquisitors approach a nearby window, Yamja detects the presence of the SHADOW Team nearby, as a door is blasted out in the open. Agent W comes out first and notices the fledging Inquisitors.
“Trying to flee I presume, Inquisitor scum?” Agent W gloated.
“This is not fleeing.” Yamja said as she unleashes one of her dark spells, shitting her fist to the ground, causing a massive quake that cracks much floor around them, while also sending the Agents flying off from the blast. This gives the Inquisitors enough to escape from the building, but before she leaves:
“This is being prepared for another day.”
She later finally jumped off, giving the Agents a clear warning. This attack would be the last straw in the standoff between the Inquisitors and the 12th Group, and probably the UEF as well.
The way down was rather short, as most of them land unharmed. But know they must still run, as they can’t keep up with the numerous troops deployed everywhere.

“I must wonder, are these gems really that important to the world?” Jason asked.
“They were forged for a good reason, Jason. Forged to last for eternities.” Raven replied.
“In other words, indestructible. If that’s so, then why are we here?”
“The earth idiots are said to be the physical representations of the four principles of the Universe, the so-called laws that The Guardians believes is the reason why are we here today. The fusion between the gems and four of them will, as they state, bring the balance of all cosmos and existence as whole. If we manage to kill one of them, then the fusion will be undone forever. Of course, that’s nothing more but bluff of foolish deities that understand nothing more that peace is gained by thought. Though, this is nothing but a typical nonsense in times like this.” Yamja replied.
“Quite true, lady Yamja. Only the ones with the ideals of power can surpass all others. If my fellow countrymen could have followed that principle, then the United States would have been on our side.”
“Exactly! Why couldn’t those morons seen the big picture of the treachery of the others, and hired strong people like…me?!” Dakrin said.
“Either way Dakrin, you’re only here if you wanted to be the strongest as you wanted in your whole life. So for now, keep talking or say goodbye to your tongue.”
“Go screw-’’ But before he could finish insulting him, Jason pointed his gun towards him while clicking it.
“Say it, say it, I dare you! I double dare you!”
Raven then raised his hand upwards, as if to signal to be very quiet. A stupid move on Dakrin’s part in letting his ego attract the attention of the SHADOW team, now all they need is to find somewhere to hide
“I’ll save it this time, but there will be no forgiveness the next time you don’t behave properly.”
“Shut up already!”
“So, what now?!” Ted asked.
“I’ll contact Kedris for reinforcements, the rest of you, look for the gem and prevent it’s capture.”
“Yes sir!” Everybody said.
The tables have turned, it’s now up to Raven to call for more forces on behalf of Kedris if they need to survive the rest of day. The battle is now deciding who will survive for most of the day.

Three hours later, at the heroes camp, Logan wakes up after a long but surprisingly calm sleep, even if they were in the middle of the most deadly mission they’re carrying out. Warriors like him and the rest carry nerves that no ordinary people have. Calm is always the most secure way in keeping up with a mission, even the most life-threatening ones.
He notices Valentine in her usual position, a hunter waiting on her prey, or in this case, a hunter protecting her home. He notices something odd regarding the lack of usual enemy recon, so he approaches her.
“Good morning Logan.”
“Good morning Valy. Say, surely you wouldn’t mind if you stay and sleep here while we find on the gem right? A break is always necessary when finishing a long, strenuous work.”
“Heh, no need to worry at all my friend. My whole life has been almost sleepless ever since I’ve started hunting with a rifle. If I ever need a break from hunting, then it’s when it doesn’t last that long. That’s the way of the sniper.” He only answered by slightly chuckling at such remark. A sniper like her is no stranger for such activities after all.
“People like those, always finding something to benefit from their hobbies.”
“Sure. But as a hunter myself, I rather call it a job.” Logan then nodded in agreement.
“Now I must ask, aren’t you feeling something odd around here?”
“Yes. No enemy came nearby our camp, even if our plane has been detected. And to be honest, the lack of enemies made me sleep, it was just so boring.”
“Whatever happened, it likely paralyzed them for good.”
“Or maybe it’s just a petty trap awaiting us like before.”
“Better wake up the rest of the crew, there’s something wrong going on.”
“Don’t try it.”
“Still, we need to be sure if it’s true.”
Logan then walked back to the sleeping tents while Valentina groans in frustration. Nonetheless, she listened to his orders and packs up her rifle.
Inside the tent, Logan prepares his roll call.

“Good morning fellas. Face the new sunshine ahead of you!”
“Yay yeah! I love shiny suns!” Tania yelled as she gets off her sleeping bag.
“Only if it’s worth the day to kill, then it will be a shiny blockhead.” Ji-ae replied.
“Eh, sure thing!...Bitch…”
“So Logan, did Valy brought any corpses for our body-count? I was planning a special dinner for her experience in the desert as a reward.” Walter said.
“I’m afraid that is not the case today Walter.”
“The hell you’re saying?! Don’t mess with our combat records kid or else I’ll bite your head off!”
“He’s telling the truth, as much I refuse to believe it too.”
“Sadly no, it’s the truth Walter, come on now.”
“…If it wasn’t for this shit assignment…”
“Keep it cool Walty. At least there will more foes to kill far ahead near the gem we’re looking for.” Berat said while comforting him.
“Gem my ass!”
There was a brief silence for a moment, likely because of the unfortunate angry response from Walter.
“You really want to be the king of punny assholes right?” Seiner snarked.
“Hmph! Enough talk. What’s the plan kid?
“Find out what is happening in the camp, there must be a reason for lack of enemy presence during the night.”
“Ur ye serious,logan? And whit if they're want to lure us into a trap?!”
“Then let Amira, Seiner and Salty do the job.”
“Even with that, our chance to survive is pretty low.” Mehdi replied.
“Mehdi, it will be worth a try. Come on, for the sake of everyone, we must check it out.” Berat reassured him.
“…Let us pray then.”
“Let us continue then.” Logan replied as he signaled the others to grab their gear and continue their search.
But before they can start travelling…
“Salty.” Varris said.
“Yes, Mr Varris.”
“What’s the chance of going through from our tent to the base unharmed?”
“Calculating…Around 89.9% chance to come out alive, I recommend extreme precaution when advancing. Be cautious in detecting upcoming enemy presence.”
“I see. All right Logan, we’re on the clear.”
“Thanks for the order, Varris.”
“Don’t mind it. Salty can follow anyone’s orders…”
“Really?! Well, dear Salty roboto, MAKE FOR US A LOT OF ICE CREAM!” Tany interrupted.
“Denied. I would be frozen today.”
“…Except for the Zlocu and dimwitted individuals.”
“Keep it cool dear Tany. We’ll have some after we finish this OK?” Malak said.
“Fine fine fine! But next time, make that machine less…machine!”
“Hehehe, nice…” Varris said in a very silent but snarky tone.
“Ehhhh, can we move now?” Logan asked.
“Now, now!”

After the brief bickering, Logan and the team finally start to march onto the camp.
Even with the arid desert and warm sun around them, they kept going forward. Apart from a few drops of sweat in some of them, everything was going smoothly in their walk to the camp. They knew that if they took the fastest approach, it would have increased larger suspicion upon them. 19 minutes have passed, and the Warriors are now nearly close to the camp.
But as they continue advancing, Logan starts raising his hand, signaling the team to stop. It turned out that Logan has spotted someone. A survivor.
But not a Human one, a Zlocan one.
It was a female Zlocan knight who have been crawling away from the base because her legs were blown off, leaving a huge trail of orange blood behind.
“A survivor…Now we may know what happened.” Logan said as he approaches her. Eddie, Jack, Walter and Ji-ae try to point their guns towards the survivor, but Logan raises his hand again. This time, it’s pretty meaningless to attack a defenseless being, even if it’s someone from the enemy faction.
Logan then held his right hand to turn the Zlocan to his side while she contained an exposed part of her skin with her hand.
“I’m not the only one around here.”
“Don’t think…you may…stay here…for too long…”
“What do you mean? Why are you in such state?
“We… were guarding the base…which by orders of command…can let us concentrate in…in searching the gems…”
“The gem…That’s why maybe they raided the base?”
“Yes…This morning…we were under heavy attack…by unknown masked…soldiers…they started to kill anyone they could see except themselves…even the unarmed.”
“Masked soldiers…SHADOW.”
But before Logan could answer, Ji-ae comes walking by and started to kick the exposed part of the Zlocan, causing intense pain to her.
“Quit your bullshit, at least you have the dignity in dying like this!”
“Enough of this, Ji-ae!”
“Screw you Logan, this rotten bitch has a price to pay for what she did to us!”
“Hold up! Or else I’ll make you have an unpleasant night today.” Walter ordered back
“Fine…” Ji-ae said while gritting her teeth.
“You better…leave…”
“No. We have a gem to find.”
“Fool…there’s no such thing as a gem here…it’s better not to waste…more lives for a legend that isn’t true…”
“We know it exists. But whatever happens here, your actions will serve a greater impact for this.”
“Such kind words…yet very naïve…just leave…now…it’s for the best…”

Not long after, the Zlocan succumbed to her wounds. Logan then drops her to the ground, and slowly turns his head towards the team.
“Of all living beings that I’ve seen in my life…this is the first that didn’t show fear to me.”
“Everyone can be afraid, Logan. But fear can be understood.” Amira said while comforting Logan.
“For all the killings that existed in this world, there are ones who endured long enough to deliver at least a decent shed of peace.” Jackson said.
“I don’t find this death filled with peace. It’s only hollow for a such race that follows on a foolish belief of becoming the strongest.” Seiner said.
“Are you really that judgmental? There were decent people among the Colonials, Fascists, Communists, and even the rogue partisans in the Middle East. If we’ve let the belief of other to become ours as and believed that all factions in history are or were completely black and white, then neither the UEF nor us would have been formed.” Malak retorted back.
“So you mean we have some evil persons working with us as well? Then this whole matter is completely pointless.”
“No, Seiner. Even though some of them may have committed atrocities in the past, there’s always the ray of light that allows them to reform themselves into better people. Perhaps more than before.”
“There’s no such thing as a ray of light on us. There’s only blood and glory, nothing more and nothing less. Besides we are such a filthy race anyways.” Ji-ae replied back.
“Guys, the gems will prove if we are truly fighting for the best of everyone. Keeping on like this will only further stymie it back. Regardless of what you all try to say, everyone is here for the same reason; to survive. Let’s get moving.” Logan said.

By this command, the other proceeded and continued to their tracks on the base. Though this time, they were meet with doubt when they approached it. Were the majority of the Zlocans who perished in their hands actually good people as they were? Could their deaths been, at least, dignified? There can be no dignity if neither side can have a clear view of their own goals.

As they approach the camp, they notice a large group of Watchers patrolling every area in the camp. In a situation like this, the heroes would normally go the direct action approach. But the recent encounter with the Knight might reconsider their actions.
“Halt.” Logan said.
“What now? We’re almost there!” Eddie said.
“There are too many of them. And our most recent encounter might suggest that we will not shed more blood until we can witness the actions of said individual.”
“But didn’t you saw what they did to the poor Zlocan?!”
“Yes. But we need to think for the rest as well.”
“Think for the rest my ass!”
“Ed, please calm down. I know that you are keen to kill the enemy with their own blood, but there’s a moment where we have to spare them for sake of making us a truly understandable and peaceful species.” Malak said.
“I understand that, but what they did was not human at all!”
“Whatever they did, if we manage to win the war after this, then maybe they’ll rethink their ways and start anew afterwards, agree?”
“We need something for a distraction. Anyone with ideas?”
Seiner and Celina were about to raise their hands, but as they were about to speak, they’ve noticed each other and backed down slowly. Even with a great team like this, it appears that they must have at least one genius.
“Allow me, Mister Logan” Salty said.
“Why is ‘she’ doing the work today?” Seiner asked annoyed.
“She’s progress my friend, everyone knows that.” Varris said in a very joking way.
“Everyone that is right up your arse!”
“Heh, will be quite a pleasure.”
“Boys.” Lucy said sternly.
“Ugh, whatever ma’am.”
Salty then started to scan the whole camp in search for lifeforms present in there. After a few scans in every corner and sector, she comes up with the results, which Logan and others might find it predictable.
“110 heavily armed fighters detected. Equipment ranging from light gunfire to heavy weaponry.”
“Did you scanned their psychological profiles as well?” Logan asked.
“Scanning…50% of the group has the mental order of restraining any form of emotional obstruction in every mission and operation they’re taking. Indication; There’s little chance of showing any sign of emotion that might spare any being, whether they’re armed or not.”
“God…The training they receive…”
“So, what is the main course of action now?”
“Salty, what are the options in being able to get through the base without any form of detection?”
“The blinding and sonar equipment of my disposal will allow enough time to lead you to the main location of the gem. But beware; once the effects wear off, the group will start a swift search to your location and stop your efforts in retrieving the gems.”
“I see. In fact, this could be more relaxing for me if my Eagle pendant is with me.”
“Eagle pendant?” Amira asked.
“I’ll talk about it later.”
“Salty, you ready?” Varris asked.
“Affirmative. Launching in 3, 2, 1.”
Salty’s chest opens, revealing a set of diminutive projectiles. While this happens, a group of Watchers starts rounding up some of the survivors and puts them near a tent. All of them are left with no other choice. Either they die like an animal if they try to run away or die like a victim in front of oppression. Both ways bring absolute shame to them.
“Watchers! Prepare to fire at the fools who willingly go to battle in the name of injustice and butchery!” One of the commanding officers ordered.
But as they were about to fire, they notice some strange contrail in the sky, like if there’s a missile launched from a faraway place. Soon after, more contrails appear. Could they be some sort of missile launched by the Zlocu? Or perhaps…
“Are we going to end their butchery now Captain?”
“Do it at once. No need for distractions!”

Suddenly, the objects in the sky started to burst, causing bright flashes of light, and a cacophonic sound that brings extreme pain to everyone’s hears. All of them start covering their ears while kneeling down in pain from the sound while others cover their eyes from the flashing lights.
The Warriors’ act has begun. All of them are wearing dark optics and audio communicators that are resistant to loud sounds at the same time. The perfect distraction. They were as they could, evading the paralyzed soldiers from the distraction.
“Almost there, keep it up guys!” Logan yelled as he and the others continued to run.
Finally, they have reached the other side of the camp and none one bated an eye on them. Now their search for the gems can continue without trouble…or could. One shall not forget the Inquisitors that have escaped as well.
Not to mention, the Agents as well, as they were inside the building and now spotted the warriors in the run.
“They’re here…the fool and his cohorts that misjudge this world.” Agent W said.
“Can we…Just go home…now?” Agent O said.
“Shut up! We are here to recover some gems from preying hands! Do you want to fall into said hands that might endanger the world?!” Agent S yelled.
“Good. Everyone, let’s go. Now we have some double cleanup in the path for these gems.”
“Please make it quick S, these criminals must be stopped at once.”
“You think that W became a bit more overzealous in the ideology of our group?” O said while whispering to H.
“Dunno. If she is, then it’s better to just pretend to be one of these wackos instead of leaving here.”
“I see…”
“There are lives more important than these missions. Maybe when all of this ends, we can continue with the lives we wanted to have.” Agent A said.
“Let’s hope so…or not. Let’s get moving” Agent D said.

*City of Steel - Dusk from Transformers Devastation plays*

Meanwhile, Logan and the team were now walking in the supposed location of the gem. The legend states that the gems can only be activated if they’re near to their nearby physical virtue. In this case, it can be Logan’s courage. But for now, all they can see is nothing but sand. Sand full of emptiness.
“Are you sure this is the right place Biora?” Varris asked.
“My studies indicate so. Remember that in order to make sure the altar containing the gem to appear, it must activated first by some sort of mechanism, one connected to the ability of the physical form of one of the principles of the Universe. In this case, it could be a sword.”
“A sword…Just like Logan’s?”
“Could be.”
“Believe me Biora, if kid’s little pointy sword is really the key, then these gods must be hell out of our common senses. Altars aren’t buried with sand you know.” Walter said.
“Walter, you always keep disrespecting the truth of the erudite.” Celina said.
“But you call this some erudite truth!?”
“Well, maybe I can agree you on this Walty, we aren’t seeing that hidden key lock that might unlock the Altar. Ahhh, all just mumbo jumbo after all.” Berat said
“I just can how an ignorant Human like you can be that skeptical of legends you never heard from the outer civilizations. Just because it’s the first you heard doesn’t mean that you must treat it like a myth.”
“Exactly Varris. If the chosen ones were told by The Guardians of these gems then it should be true.”
“Right…but we can’t still find that lock for the altar. Just where in the world is it?” Jackson said.
“You know,I think I’ve found the solution.” Seiner said.
“You do?”
“Yes. I just checked some of the ground in this perimeter and I’ve realized something. It’s not natural soil. This one feels harder than it should be from the other soil. Just watch this and learn.” Seiner then crouched a bit and used his hand to tap the soil many times to prove the difference between a natural and artificial one. After a few taps, he manages to tap rapidly to the ground to a nearby spot, indicating the difference. 
“See? This ground is less solid than the one were in.”
“So were in the place after all…but where is that lock?” Andrei said.
“Fellas.” Malak said while pointing to the ground. She found it.
“It shaped in a straight line like a sword…Logan.”
“Could it fit mine?”
“You better find out.”
Logan then took out the sword out of his sheath and then cautiously pointed it to the ground where the lock was located. While a bit nervous, he knew the miracle that could concur if his action will ensure the salvation of all beings. Ultimately, the tip of the sword is inserted to the lock.

Then, something happened.

Red lines started to form around the lock, then started to form a line just north of the position the heroes are currently in. The line then splits in two and starts forming a large red circle in a surrounding area.
Then, the ground around the area started to crumble, with a metal tip emerging from the sands.
A pyramid-like structure was in fact emerging, with nearly the size of a house. Inside, there nothing. Until suddenly, a capsule started to open, revealing a glowing red gem.
The gem of courage.
The first step to victory of all beings.
The beginning of hope.
“A glowing light…It’s the gem of courage.” Biora said.
“Well, that was easy.” Logan said.
“Not anymore.” A sinister voice said. Said voice belonged to none other than Raven himself. He and the Inquisitors where holding him at gunpoint.
“Dammit, not you!”
“Quite an unfortunate timing to say the least. Sometimes, not even the best hunters can get their most valuable treasure in the simplest way.” Kedris said while standing beside Raven.
“Whatever the case, I’ll make sure that you’ll feel our valiance for this!”
“What valiance? The one in which you stand in front of death? Hah, how encouraging yet worthless.” Yamja retorted.”
“Now, it’s up to us in making sure the gems will be kept in our hands to ensure the empire regains its stance in the war, and soon everything you fought for will be gone and forgotten for all eternity.”
“Acts of freedom and courage are never forgotten for people like us!” Jackson said.
“Yes, but we’ll make sure that your “people” will not exist from now on. Knights, round those traitors to make sure they understand-’’
“Stay where you are!” Another voice said while a gun cocked. This time from Agent S himself alongside his teammates and some Watchers.

A real Mexican standoff it seems.

“Of all adversaries to expect in a mission like this…” Logan muttered
“Whatever you people may do, your mischievous actions will come to an immediate end today.”
“You guys know about it too?!” Dakrin said in a surprised toe
“Why yes indeed young man, we know thanks to our infiltrated spies in the UEF.”
“Heh! At least you guys are the ones to have trouble with moles!”
“We have some in your ranks as well, dumbass.”
“Enough talk. Now, drop the weapons and you shall not be harmed. Our duty is to make sure the gem is in safe from the likes of you.” 
“Over our dead bodies, shithead!” 
“Your insolent words will only further give us the reason to accomplish our cause and eradicate every person like you!”
“Your skewered views of this world is the whole reason for this butchery!”
“Necessary casualties!”
“Unwarranted coldness!”
As they continue to argue, Logan and the others take advantage of the squabbling and slowly approach the altar. But as they stepped on of the stepstones, it started to descend. And just afterwards, the ground started to shake heavily.

“What the?!” Seiner exclaimed.
“Did…you guys forgot what the Guardians told you about the gems…right?” Biora nervously asked.
“Oh no…It’s…”
Then, the ground to burst violently from the east side, and suddenly starts to sink. As it continues to sink, a metallic structure shaped similar to a leg emerges from the crater, then another leg appears…and four more. It then starts crawling up to the surface, the creature turns out to be a disjointed, metallic and rusty beast shaped similar to a spider.
What. The. Hell?” Malak asked in a terrified manner.
At first, the creature appears calm to the nervous fighters, but then, the eyes start to glow with a reddish tone. Then, with a final piece of horror, starts to emit a loud and metallic screech from its wide mouth towards the persons present in the area. This of course makes most of the combatants cover their eyes and/or step back in fear.

“The Fear! It’s The Fear!” Biora said in a terrified tone.
“The first Gemtector?!” Logan asked.
“INCOMING!!!” Varris yelled as The Fear started to rush aggressively towards the combatants. As its namesake indicated, it spread the sense of fear to everyone present in the area, as they either run or shoot The Fear to no avail. Those who were caught by the Fear’s rampage either were impaled by the metallic shaped leg or being devoured alive by the Fear, or when it doesn’t feel enough satisfaction, does both of these things. Soon the entire area became a massive bloodbath of two sides, all trying to escape the wrath of Fear itself. But getting the Gem wasn’t easy either, The Fear also has support of the Nixns, small life-form similar to the former, smaller in scale but no less deadly.
“Easy you say, Logan? These mothersuckers would be here regardless!” Walter yelled.
“It could been worse, if only these Guardians could told them who they should strike!”
“They’re dumbasses anyways!”
“Well, double-dumbass on you!”
“You know what guys?! Time for plan B!” Jack said he switches his communicator on.
“John, this is Jack, our cover is blown, requesting assistance at our current coordinates!”
“What? But I thought you were able to-’’
“Come here immediately! No time for chit-chat! Jack out!”

In the command room aboard the IEN Benevolence.
“Something’s not right…All troops, initiate backup plan! Head towards Area G5L!

Back in the war zone.
“So what now? Wait for reinforcements?” Andrei asked
“Wanna guess already?”
“So start fighting then!”
So they started to disperse. One group started to fight off most of the Watchers and Inquisitors while the rest tried to get near to the gem of courage. But as Logan and Amira approaches the altar, they’re suddenly attacked by Raven with electric pulses.
“Quite a shocker, isn’t it?”
“I’ll bring some water for extra measure then!” Logan retorted as swings his sword towards Raven, who dodges it at every turn. He then activates his claws and starts to fight Logan.
“Quick Amira!” Logan yelled while holding back Raven at the same time.
Amira proceeded to run at the altar so she can retrieve the gem. With the rest fighting against the fear and their nixns, it seemed like an easy job. However, the fear has very sharp senses as it immediately notices Amiras and jumps to her position. Amira, feeling caught off-guard, tries to escape but one of the metallic legs grabs and holds her to the ground. The Fear orders the remaining to attack the rest while it proceeds to devour Amira. Amira tried to fight back but she’s very tied up to the ground.
Logan, still locking his sword against Raven, starts getting to the altar and appears that he’s about to get the upper hand.
“Think you can pull something off Raven?!”
“Nothing else, just my will to crush every piece of you and your ideals.”
“Mines are unbreakable!”

Suddenly, he hears a fainting sound similar to a scream. He shifts his eyes to the direction of the scream, it came from none other than Amira, being ready to be devoured.
Logan then was faced with the most difficult task in his life. Would he ensure the success of a mission that will ensure more victories for the side hope at the cost of losing his loved ones? Or he’s going to risk into jeopardizing the mission and let the enemy get the upper hand but at least his friends will be safe? Logan is afraid of the consequences. What could be the most important thing for him in the war? Respect? Or friendship? Logan started to think deeply for his next action, letting his conscience decide what to do.
“What’s with that silence? Are you afraid of losing your enigmatic treasure? Or is it someone else that you are holding too much?” Raven asked in a threatening tone.
Logan is still being quiet with his eyes closes.
“Just admit it. You’re afraid, afraid of losing your beloved ones, or maybe just one. Could it be? Your... “Amira”?"
Logan then suddenly snapped his eyes back open.

“NEVER!!!” Logan let out a fierce growl at Raven, impaling his sword to his chest, incapacitating him, at least briefly.
But instead of rushing towards the altar, he instead turns away from it and rushes towards Amira.
He knew it already. He may get reprimanded and even shunned by his superiors for jeopardizing his mission in the pursuit of the gem. Even if he believed that the dead would watch over him for all of his deeds, he can’t afford losing another loved one again.
He loves Amira, perhaps more than even his own family, and he would not let anything come to harm her. 
“Get away from her, you beast!” Logan said as he sliced the Fear’s legs apart ,temporarily disabling it.
“Logan? You came back for me? But…the gem.”
“You are the most important on this war for me, we have suffered long enough, but I will not let it continue for too long!”
“Oh…Logan!” Amira then tenderly embraced Logan, but not before he noticed Raven getting closer to the gem.
“Why am I not surprised for emotional foolishness?” Raven said as he prepared to grab the gem. However, as soon as he grabbed the gem, an arrow comes flying around, hitting his right hand containing the gem, dropping into the floor.
The arrow was launched by none other than Malak herself. Malak then nods at Logan in grabbing the gem, which he immediately does so.
“I’ll keep up with the Fear, just hold on a little longer, Logan!” Amira said as the Fear started to reactivate.
Raven at the same time tries to get the gem first. He jumped from the altar, but before he was about to land for the gem, Logan quickly snatches the gem with his hands. Suddenly, Logan feels something strange, the gem has vanished out of nowhere. Later, his eyes started to flash red briefly.
The Fear even started to stop its rampage and looked towards Logan, but surprisingly, it didn’t start to attack him, the fear just stood there, watching him.
“The gem...It fused? I guess that makes the job messier than I expected.” Raven then started to detach his claws, but as he soon begins to strike. Logan then raises his hand and Raven is levitated in the air.

“What…What’s this?!” Raven asked surprised.
“The essence of courage.” Logan replied as he soon tosses Raven back to his group.
Biora couldn’t believe it with her own eyes, a seemingly normal Human being actually the incarnation of courage itself. Never has the prophecy of the Guardians being so unexpected.
Of course, the Fear started to shift its attention to the warriors, but its stopped in time when Logan uses one of his powers to command the Fear one simple order:
“Rest, protector of the gem, spare the innocence of those close to your ideal.”
As soon as Logan emitted his command, the Fear then sunk back to the ground, this time, resting for a very long time.
This demonstration of power was big enough to make the Inquisitors and Agents to retreat and fight for another day, especially with the arrival of the UEF reinforcements. Even so, they will do everything in their power to achieve their goals.
“The Guardians are far cleverer that we could possibly imagine.” Raven said.
“With double the power, double our chances. We’ll sure that your inner corruption vanish from Earth!” Agent W said.

Six Blackhawk helicopters arrive in the area, some soldier hop off from the helicopters. A group decide to secure most of the remaining sections of the ruined military base while others secure the current perimeter of the Heroes. John, Oton and Ivana came as well.
“Are you alright Logan? Where’s the gem?”
“I’m fine, so it’s the gem inside me.”
“Inside you!?”
“Yes, colonel. It’s said that when the gem is touched by it correspondent incarnation, in this case*pointing at Logan*, courage. The gem fusion with its physical incarnation ensures the possibility of achieving a higher power to eradicate all evil from the warmonger.”
“In other words, a demi-god. How can this be even real?” Ivana said.
“Quite an astounding observation my dear Biora. Indeed, what this man holds as you say is surely the closest thing for a gift of god.” Oton said.
“A god of courage, heh, I expected nothing less from you Logan.”
“No need to call me a god John, it’s not a position that I deserve for this.”
“God or not, you’re still making a damn fine example of having a virtue far higher than anyone else. Come on, let's head back.”
“Colonel John, may I have a moment with Logan please?” Amira asked.
“Certainly, but make it quick.”
Logan then stood beside Amira in order to engage the conversation that she wants to have.
“Logan, what was that Eagle pendant that you talked about?”
“…It’s something I call a closest thing for a memento. My mother made it for my father just before he went to the Gulf, she said that whoever has that pendant and has someone who loves so much will be granted luck, just to make sure you can come back your loved one. My father survived despite all odds. He later made good use of it again when he went to Afghanistan in 2001. I was a still-born baby back then, I even barely knew my father for 5 years. But the moment I finally met him, I felt the presence of tenderness in him, but it was all possible because of the love he had for me and my mother. That’s part of my family’s motto; “No Love, No Life.” But I think that the pendant’s essence was so strong in my family that its spirit was carried out inside me. The last time I saw the pendant was when Kedris killed my parents…I’m not sure if my pendant survived either, but yet, I’m still here. I never knew how much courage I could have in all these years to become like my father did, but it turns out, that I’m that courage because I care for the lives of my loved ones, like you and the others. If I never meet you, I could have lost my family’s courage forever.”
“Same here Logan. Initially, I only felt alive in this world because of my brother, but when I meet your kindness for the first time, I found another reason to be alive here.”
“Now if you may wonder, what could be keeping Humanity alive despite all these years of bloodshed? Mo matter how hard the situation can be, the reason why the Human race is still here despite all the hardships that we endured. Because of the determination fighting for something and someone that we hold dear, something that it's part of ourselves as much as we are to them. An empathy to them.”
“Not just Humanity, but the Universe as well.”
Logan then gently caressed Amira’s cheek for her tender words. Amira did the same.
“Now, shall we go?”
“I go as you go, because I feel life with you all.”

13 - Believe

“BE AS GOOD AS YOU CAN ALWAYS BE SEINER!!!” Venra shouted at Seiner as he was performing hideous experiments on the subjects.

Seiner then woke up from his sleep in early morning terrified. He’s trying to regain his focus and control from his nightmare. His friends who already woke up noticed the panic on him and rushed to comfort him.
“Seiner! What’s wrong man?” Jack said.
“No! No….Nothing. It was nothing.”
“You really sure?”
“But are you-“Tania tried to reply but was cutoff.
“No Tany, I’m not OK!”
“Then that means something’s bothering you. Just tell us Seiner, there’s no point in hiding your insecurity to us.”
“It’s…it’s just my past before I met you, one which I prefer not to talk at all.”
“Hm-hmm. Better not waste time here, John will wait us at any moment but not for long, let’s go.”
The team started to dress up and they all proceeded to reach the command center, but before Seiner could leave, he’s approached by Tany who has a disgruntled look on her face.
“When will you stop, Seiner? Your friends, they’re all that you need now.”
“No bother, Johnny is waiting for us.”

Seiner then stood silently for a moment, thinking about what she said, does he need to keep with his sardonic behavior even though he’s fighting for the good? Or it’s something else that he doesn’t need anymore? Only he knows when to stop, but Tany might make him change his mind soon. He finally ends his doubts and proceeds to reunite with the rest.

At the reunion;
“So, according to the coordinates given by Biora, the next gem, said to represent justice is hidden somewhere in the ocean near Sicily. Our recent reports state that even though the liberation of Italy is going smoothly, heavy resistance in Sicily is causing lots of trouble for our troops and we’re doing anything to help.” John said in a worried tone.
“Which means…”  Jackson adds.
“You must use extreme caution when you explore the waters, Zlocan activity is reportedly high and there’re no pushovers either.”
“Damn. We could have assisted the troops as well, but orders are orders then.”
“No need to worry Jack, your actions already inspired lots of people to fight on for their own freedom and justice until it all ends, they can do it themselves. I promise ya that.”
“Yeah…Thanks man.”
“Now now, if there’s anything to advice, it’s said there are numerous stories related to lost expeditions done in Sicilian waters, divers and submarines try to pass through the deepest waters in it but they all end up disappearing. If any indication.” Sir Oton said.
“Nobody knows the circumstances of the missing ships, but given the information, we believe it all relates to some sort of mysterious force that can related to the gem. Gonna be a bit doozy trying to get through.” Lady Ivana added more.
“Could be the Gemtector of the area.” Biora replied.
“If so, then we’ll give you the best of luck for us all dear friends. Hope keeps everyone alive, without hope, there’s no life at all.”
“Right. Same methods as always, understood?” John asked.
“Yes sir!” Everyone said in unison.
“Good. You’re dismissed Warriors.”

The reunion was over and now everybody were getting ready for the next mission, GOD Squad will accompany them as well, though it will still be an uneasy with Walter and Ji-ae around.
While heading towards the hangar, Varris approaches Biora, it seems that he wants to know something that he shares with her.
“Biora, it’s must be wonderful in miraculously surviving that deadly attack in your planet, but what could have the reason? Your wits? Or your wisdom?”
“Probably both Varris, Vateeans can know the tide of war very well. Especially from me.”
“Yet only hundreds of people survived the onslaught.”
Biora fell silent for a moment. A sad look on her face was noticeable and Varris felt responsible, maybe from his retort.
“Look, I know that something that you wanted the best-’’
“You’re right, I don’t even have a fellow Vateean who knows me well, don’t you think?”
“Getting upset will get you nowhere, look at us, we’ve managed to gain victories not just for the people, but for us as well. You should start looking for us as well.”
“But what good can that bring?”
“You must see it long enough to understand.”
“If you insist...I’ll wait long enough.”

In the hangar bay, the warriors were standing in front of one of the gates, but there’s the question, how they can reach down to the ocean without raising any suspicion? Quite simple;
“So, you’re telling me that I’ll use one of my cargo planes to drop that submarine of yours? Daredevil much?” A pilot said.
“It’s quite simple officer, you’ll drop us at the highest attitude in the designated zone and we’ll quickly land there safely without detection of Zlocan forces.” Logan replied.
“You’re one reckless sonovabitch sir, but if you insist then it shall be done.”
“Heh make it so. Seiner, you’re up.”
“CHORME BOAT GO!” Seiner said as he summoned the Chrome boat inside the hangar, they’ll proceed to enter, albeit awkwardly of course.
“Of all the places to enter on a boat, this one is beyond bad comedy…” Walter said.
“But probably worthy for Evel Knievel to perform my dear Walty.” Berat said.
“Yeah, one in which he could puke a lot.”
“Why you gotta be so rude? We’re gonna ride it anyway. Ride that boat, no matter what you say!” Tany retorted.
“Hmph, fine…”
They all finished entering the boat, they all went to their seats while getting ready to be picked by a VTOL.

“This is Gaur-1, is everybody in the clear?” Said the aforementioned pilot. 
“Loud and clear, all preparative equipment checked and ready to kick ass.” Seiner said.
“Heh, understood. Starting engines now.” 
The VTOL then started to ignite its engines and starts to take off from the landing pad. Then it uses one of the cables and then it starts lifting the Chrome boat away. They got of the Benevolence and start descending slowly.
“800 meters below, we’re nearly there Gaur-1.” Logan said.
“Copy that.”
It continued to descend slowly, making sure they get a blip in their radars.
“Hang on tight guys, this is gonna be one hell of a fall...”
A silence spreads around the giant boat, while the VTOL hovers in the air, it seems it could take an eternity until…
Then all of a sudden, the cable from the VTOL stopped holding the Chrome boat, as it now falls at incredible speed. Later, the VTOL pilot returns once again to the Benevolence.
The fall is very shaky inside, though most of the nervousness is reserved, not having any fears or doubts of what will happen.
“Activating stealth!” Seiner shouted as he pressed a button.
The Chrome boat then turned blind from a normal eye, exactly in the moment where they start reaching the ocean.
“Get ready!” Logan said as he and the other hanged tightly for the impact.
Ultimately, the Chrome boat makes a deep landing underwater but surprisingly without a scratch in any of them.
“Sensors all stable, motor engines active, ready to go.”
“Good job my boy!” Eddie exclaimed.
Seiner response, however, was one of unfriendliness, he turned towards Eddie with a very disapproving scowl in his face while starting to breath heavily.
“What is it?”
“TRY TO SAY THAT AGAIN OLD MAN, I FUCKING DARE YOU.” Seiner said with a fierce growl.
“Seiner...chill out, that’s an order.” Logan retorted with a very stern tone.

Seiner then proceeded to push one of the pedals and the boat started to push forward. The quest for the gem of justice has begun.
In the search, they navigated in every route of the ma. It’s said that the secret underwater temple containing the gem must be only found if they follow the “path of the illusion”, as if, when you believe that you’re navigating through nowhere and in circles, but in reality, the truth is far more complex.
At first, it seems that the crew indeed is travelling in circles with no sight of the temple. That is until they noticed something. The ship graveyard that they’ve been told. Lots of submarines and other kinds of vehicles pierced apart, likely coming from the chain- like mechanism coming from both sides. The heroes couldn’t believe what they saw.
“Are these…the ships we’ve been told about?” Amira asked.
“It appears so, lots of submarines and divers smashed apart, maybe to prevent any of them to get any closer. The Guardians really want the protection of the gems ensured, sacred for the ones are in need of salvation” Biora said.
“And yet they’ll attack us like usual, isn’t the Guardians to dogmatic with their practices? Using them at the needed moment.” Seiner said.
“But there’s a way to pass in there. The next step of the path of illusion is to prove that we are ones worthy to pass, only if we know the way of the chosen ones.”
“Like what?”
“Something which can symbolize the resurgence of anything from any distinct timeline. The Guardians evolved from time to time, changing many of their traits but also downplay their other ones, all to maintain a perfect balance to uphold the main principles. Without said practice, these principles would’ve been useless long ago.”
“So, you mean…?” Seiner asked.
“Yes, the passage that indicates said practice of the Guardians.”
“Resurgence and downfall…One goes up and one goes down. That’s right! Up and down you mean!”
“Just try it, think you do get it?”
“Watch and learn, words like these can lead to the most wonderful discoveries.”
“If so, then give us lots of bags, we ain’t standing a chance against gravity in this one at all!” Eddie said
“Silly old man…”
Seiner then stirred the wheel downwards in a slow way, likely to make sure that their movements are well noticed by the traps. The traps are identified by their glowing yellow lights, likely stemming from the gem’s power. So far, their traveling is going smoothly, no sign of the chains being activated. Of course, the same can’t be said for some of the crew.
Tany was obviously feeling very sick.
“I rode better rollercoasters than this…!”
“Now you tell me, my papa could have never feel so sick with the vodka around.” Andrei replied.
“As if being bound and gagged wasn’t enough…Just kidding!” Malak said.
“Moving ON…now!” Logan sheepishly said. 
After some moment of dizzying traveling up and down, Seiner is now about to reach the last defense chain before getting through.
“Please…MAKE THIS THE LAST ONEeeeee!” Walter yelled.

“OH! Finally…I was nearly getting sick for one of the worst puzzles ever made. Seriously, I wish I could strangle the idiot who made the mechanism!”
“Too bad my dear Walty, he’s long gone and he’s probably taking a good laugh from your misfortune.” Berat teased.
“Ah screw it!”
“Heh, threatening the dead is always amusing. Seiner, notice something?”
“Hmm, I think so, I something…like a structure, far away…”
“Are you sure?”
“Would it help?”
“It could.”
After a brief period of silence, Logan started to feel something near which made him turn his head on the side of the window.
“Seiner…try to go left.”
“What for?”
“I think…I feel the gem nearby….”
“You sure?”
“I have one inside me, do want to expect more than that?”
“Just tell me already.”
“It’s over there.”
And when Seiner turned back, the crew suddenly took a turn for surprise. A large platform made of huge structures like some sort of subterranean base, and a highly advanced looking aesthetic for it.
They did it.
The next temple has been found.
“So this is the “Great Altar of Justice” I’ve been in the stories back home…” Varris said surprised.
“And after many doubts…It indeed was a reality in front us.”
“Heh! Thes will make a heel ay a story fur newspapers!”
“Yeah! Creepypastas can suck it all day, this is one thing to contemplate for once!” Valentina replied back.
“Better keep it as secret guys, no one knows how much people would react to such secret location.” Jack said.
“Yeah, but if some others…” Malak said.
“Enough talk, let’s get into it and find that darn gem for once!” Eddie interrupted at the sudden.
“Right…Let’s find the entrance now.”
Seiner then starts to approach to the Giant Altar, trying to find an entrance. They approached closer and closer, at first believing that the entrance was at another part of the Altar until suddenly, one of the wall suddenly opened by itself, revealing large gateway inside.
“….Seriously?” Malak asked in a dumbfounded manner.
“Well, never saw some easy puzzles in your life?” Eddie replied back.
“Hold it guys, we’re getting somewhere.” Logan talked back.
They approached inside, slowly but securely inside it. The wall then closed itself again. 
It was at this moment where the crew realized something, it’s getting very easy for them in getting through the pathway for the next gem. For what reason? A trap? A simple gathering? Many things to imagine, but nothing certain yet.
After some minutes navigating through the gateway and stopping for a minute at a supposed dead-end. Then, the door in front opened in an oval way, revealing some sort of hangars for ships but abandoned.
“All this…And there’s probably none for us to attend? What a waste.” Walter complained.
“It’s something from millions of years old guy, what did you expect, some immortal greetings?” Varris replied back.
“Oh shut up.”
“This is guys, the destination at hand.”
“Yes, it can all start now.”

Seiner then landed the boat in one of the decks, looking unattended for a long time. The Chrome boat went back in its cubic form.
“Now, where to go now mates?” Mehdi asked.
“I think you should follow me.” Logan said.
“I can feel the gem’s trajectory…To the right.”
They do as Logan says, finding a door.
“Well lets going lads, can’t wait to test the gem.” Seiner said as they started to walk.
The door opened by itself, likely as something automatic, or something else.
Turning left, all they see it’s a long, seemingly, endless passage to somewhere. It was a very dark corridor, except for dim-lit lights on the floors and the end of the passage where a small piece of yellow light can be seen.
“Go straight.”

They walked towards the direction pointed by Logan.
In situations like this, one could expect the most thinkable element of surprise and ambush they can expect. The doors are probably large enough to carry some defenders ready to strike at any time. From one single step, the fear could be felt. But surprisingly, nothing happens other than the walking. No mysterious footsteps, no secretive sounds in the dark, no piece of aforementioned bloodshed. Nothing. Just pure darkness in the path.
Step by step, they seem closer, but at the same time, they seem more insecure of their surroundings.
“John…If you can hear this…then you will never believe of the many wonders that can be seen…” Jack whispered himself.
After a seemingly endless walk in the large pathway. The light got brighter and brighter.
The gem.
A step of justice.
The altar was a similar one to the one in Sudan, but this one was seemingly opened the time Logan got the gem inside him.
For a great battle, it seems that the taking of this gem would be rather simple unless they faced the gemtector.
“The time of truth…” Seiner then started to walk up to the altar, but as soon he does the 4th step, an oddity starts to occur.
A red dot appeared in his head perhaps out of nowhere.
Then, another red dot appeared in his torso. Then one in his arm, then on the whole team.
Something seemed wrong. It’s the defense mechanism doing it? The Gemtector?

Or it could be….

“You have done well in your quest for freedom of all living beings young one.” An ominous voice could be heard likely from afar.
“But you have yet to see the progress of power for us.”
The room’s light then started to light on, with the most terrible shock ever thought for. A large number of Zlocan knights aiming their blasters, ready to kill, and the Inquisitors leading them.
Another trap, but one of deadlier proportions than before.
“Because your quest is nothing but a sham, one founded on misguidance in how the universe is supposed to work.” Raven said.
“And now, it’s time to finally settle this meaningless quarrel!” Yamja said.
Then as some Knights started to apprehend the heroes, Biora started to grab something in her waist. Suddenly, she dropped the items in the floor, drooping a large quantity of smoke in every direction.
Then most of the heroes started run away from the smoke, evading most of the Zlocan knights in the process.
Unfortunately, not all of them managed to escape, and they were the main Earth Warriors who were incapacitated electrically by specialized troops.
At his last breath, what only could Seiner see what’s the sight of Raven and the others looking down on him.
“We will soon make use of our techniques to make you realize the rightful of the war, and you’ll be back…As a good boy for once.”
But Seiner then passed out, with the stun of the electricity having consumed him.
Could the Inquisitors finally do it? Defeat the Earth Warriors once and for all?

14 - Something About Us

The rest of the Warriors are now on the run, being chased around by the Zlocans now looking for them. The main leaders now captured. It all seemed dark and hopeless for all the Universe, paving way for Malgan to rebuild under his own image.
The team decides to hide in one of the rooms, where most of the knights lose them, at least for now.
Most of them were tired and worse, demoralized by the capture. The main four were in the eyes of many as the symbols of hope and freedom for those in need of help, the biggest inspiration that anyone can exist in the entire story of humanity and probably the universe itself. Now that they’re captured, they started to fear for the worst. How will John take the news? What if it spreads to the rest of the world? Will they start to lose their hope and fearing for the death? So much worse to exepct.

“I can’t believe it. All these months of victories and courage, and we lose them in the exact time for the last battle. Why again in moments like this for us all?” Jackson angrily said.
“Quite obvious sir, we are a race of losers anyways.”

Those words were enough to make Varris turn his attention towards her, and with a great scowl on his face.

“Keep your mouth shut girl, I’ve endured a long time harboring a hatred to you but now with my encounter with all of you,I forbid you to badmouth humanity in front of me or the rest! Mistakes can happen and we all can surpass them, got it?!”
“What the?! Don’t talk to me like that you moronic alien, we know our story more than you do and you don’t know jack-shit about us!”
“Enough of this Ji, leave them be with their views and such, but you will shut up with your broken faith! Perfection may not exist, but a chance is still there for us!” Berat then yelled back at her.
Ji-ae only scoffed at the reply, obviously not giving a thing or two of what the others think of Humanity.
“Still, what can we do now? What about our friends? They need our help, anyone with a plan now?” Andrei said.
“Got one, getting the hell out of here.” Walter callously said.
This response was only meet with shock and surprise by most of their teammates, it’s true that he treats Logan and the others with contempt because he’s not fond in getting an equal, but daring to leave them without any chance? Such words can tick off even the best people. Jack lets him know it when he suddenly decked him hard to the ground. Even his “Friend”, Berat, looked to him in contempt for what he said.
“You…What the hell was that for?!”
“For what you say? Let me ask you lad, do you know what it means to be a warrior?” Eddie said.
“Of course, kicking lots of asses and getting the price of victory!”
“You’re dead wrong Walty, a warrior is one who is fights to keep his ideals intact and prove their worth to anyone, but most especially, the will to care and defend those around them. Warriors will do anything to ensure anyone close to them will achieve survival and happiness, because it demonstrates how strong they can be in achieving their goals of the life. You on the other hand, would be qualified with the most filthiest and shameful word ever known to every species; A coward. A pathetic being who seeks to rescue himself and not daring to achieve their goals because they’re too weak to do it.” Malak said.
“Because you only care to survive and for the others to perish. I’m absolutely surprised in the fact that the UEF would have picked you as the leader of the platoon. You may have won lots of battles in your days, but you only did it for fame and respect for yourself. Such shame, when we complete this mission, we’ll make sure this will be your last. But if you want some mercy, then you’ll promise us that you will follow our methods, ones that gives the rest the feeling of victory not by trying to kill for fun, but to defend those in need.” Andrei replied back as well.
“If I accept to do it then…Never mind.”
“Goodie good, my dear Walty! That’s how it should be done as it should be.” Berat said as he helped him to get up.
“Shut it.”
“Alright, now, what kind of plan there can be to distract the suckers in this temple?” Celina asked.
Valentina then noticed the monitors and the console in a corner, pointing at them.
“You looking for these?”
“Ah, quite unexpected my dear Valy.”
They approached the computer and checked some of the fee they’re seeing.
“Lots of activities in this sector, lots of Zlocan knights dispersing to find us.” Celina said
“And the others?” Valentina asked.
“Hold on, let me change each transmission…Over there.”
She pointed at one wall that contained 4 rooms separately, on screen it showed the main warriors tied to chairs, looking unconscious and beaten up.
“Jesus Christ…If we don’t come up with anything fast…” Eddie muttered
“We’ll save them. Don’t let negativity flow through you.”

In the first room, Logan and Amira were tied up together, with lots of bleeding coming out of their mouth and some injuries in their faces.
Yamja and Dakrin were present.
“Well, well, well. We have quite the most expected couple in all history. The knight and the princess, the ones who are expected to be together for a long time, doing whatever they liked for good. But I must remind you, this is one moment you’ll enjoy in this tale.” Dakrin said.
“You think I’ll buy your words for this? I’m no knight, just a man who serves the goodwill of the people.” Logan retorted.
“Goodwill? You mean in the name of the filthy race who committed long years of murders and betrayals? Bah! You are so funny, blinded by ideals like “justice” and “honor”. Well, let me tell you, these things doesn’t deserve to exist, it’s not even meant to. All you Humans need is power, that’s what you are meant to be ever since your conception. And regardless of what they may do, they’ll never change and retain their viciousness, and even if you try to save them many times…They’ll eventually betray just for their own gain. That’s the real cycle of life, not that trash of the Guardians!” Yamja retorted.
“You…don’t get it do you? Uncontrollable power can corrupt minds, distorting their views of the world. Yours is not different from these monsters.” Amira retorted as well.
“Really? Then tell me…will “this” make a difference?”
Yamja then extended her two hands pointing at the two, suddenly releasing a high amount of lightning from the hands. This starts to electrocute the two warriors while they scream painfully from the shock they’re been given. 30 seconds, Yamja puts her hands down again, unnaturally being amused at the pain Logan and Amira endured, and even giggling sadistically.
“Poor fools, a matter of discipline is what’s needed to let you understand how the world really is.”

In the other room, Seiner was being held captive, placed in the same position as Logan, Amira and probably Tania. But compared the former two, he looks more battered and bruised than ever, with many blood marks in his face. He’s breathing heavily, trying to calm down the pressure in the wounds.
Raven was there.
“So what do we have here? Quite the quintessential example of someone who can’t even hide from his demons in every time and moment. I know it all very well. Every move, word, and thought of yours that you do in your whole life, all because of your own lies to yourself and the rest. Look at you, for all the actions in your “quest” of freedom, isn’t it unusual for a person like you to be part of it?”
“SHUT…UP. Blokes like you is what motivates me in doing anything I can do for everyone, I do what I must do, and that’s all. My own inner thoughts can’t be even involved at all.”
“Poor boy…”
Raven then started to grab Seiner’s neck, likely having anticipated another rage attack from him.
“Insisting as always. Are you really sure that you are being you? The true one? Or is it just a curtain? That curtain of yours seems stronger than ever, but today, it will cease to exist and the world will witness who you really are.”

In the final room, Tany was whimpering and crying from pain, like committed by a Zlocan torturer who was hitting her with a metal baton at least four times. 
“None of your concern bitch!” The torturer said as he swings the bat at Tany again, causing her to let out an agonizing scream and a much saddening weeping.
No amount of horror couldn’t describe what the others saw at that moment.
If they make them feel pain, then they’ll bring theirs.
“They will pay…the bastards will pay.” Malak said with a calm yet angry tone.
“Alright, now, all we need to do is to split up between the two corridors and halls. We’ll use every stealth tactic there is to elude them as far as we can, you’ll secure the path for the gem and we liberate our friends in these rooms, understood?” Jackson said.
“Yes!” The rest replied.
“For the freedom of the people!” Jackson shouted back as the rest started to split up. GoD Squad went to the right side while the warriors went to the left. It’s only a matter before they could rescue the main ones in time.
Little did they know, however, was that one of monitors was detecting the presence of an underwater fleet, it belongs to neither the Zlocu nor the UEF.
They have arrived.
“Now, let’s if you can hold on to this one, brat!”
“Enough of this, knight, you’re dismissed!” Jane said as she came in to the room, being displeased by the torturer’s behavior.
“But ma’am…”
“Enough is enough!”
“Wait for 5fiveminutes now.”
Said Knight proceeded to wait outside.
“Oh my Tany, I’ve witnessed and endured these kinds of physical torture before, but nothing like this one.”
“Now now, I know that you’re very upset about it, but if you’re lucky, you may go from this cursed place anyways. After all, most heroes manage to make it alive right?”
“...Hold on, I going to get some pills-’’
“You mean the three of them that are now part of us?”
“…Sadly, I must inform one unfortunate detail that you may not like very much.”

“The three persons that you think they’re your resurrected friends right now…are not the originals ones, ergo, they’re a batch of clones created from their original DNA.”
“Clones? So all this time…my anger and obsession…” Tany tone suddenly turned into a somber one.
“Yes, it was a plan hatched by us. Knowing how much you can be attached to people you can love, we knew that the best way to disorient you out of combat was to replicate the images of one of their former loved ones. And for quite a time, it was a successful one, the battle in the Nubian Desert being the textbook example.”
“All of this rage…For clones?”

Back in Seiner’s room, Seiner was letting more ventilation to his body than usual, likely out of torture from Raven.
“You’re despicable Seiner. You are defeated, but you have no shame. You are stubborn, but have no pride. You endure but you have no courage. A total disgrace to your race you are Seiner. Refusing and keeping on in refusing who you are inside. You think this is a matter of breaking you apart but it’s not.”
Raven then punched Seiner in the chest, causing him to spit some blood at Raven.
“It’s a matter of accepting who you really are.”
In the room with Logan and Amira.
“No home, no family, no chance, and no rescue, quite the most tragic fate you can have in this mission. And indeed, all in finally gaining my wish to kill any remaining Soranian there is in the Universe. It’s all over. Once we take care you, the surviving friends will be next, and finally, the Earth Warriors will be no more. Do you get it now fools?”

Amira and Logan were very tired and bruised, all coming from the hits and electricity given by Dakrin and Yamja respectively.
“Do you really want to know now?” Raven said.
“In how will you acknowledge the facts…” Jane said.
“Of your failure?” All four said in unison.

After a brief period of silence, Logan and Amira raised their heads to give their answers.
“Why yes of course. We know what kind of failure we have done, it was the failure of pleasing people. Not all may share what we do, but the people we protect are also much stronger, something you don’t really understand at all.” Logan said.
“No matter how dark a situation can get, hope will always reach out anywhere and to anyone. And we give hope to people, they exchange their hope back, creating a cycle of survival that helps all living beings to survive…” Amira retorted as well.
While this was happening, most of the guards surrounding the areas of the gem has been taken out, now all they need is for the other group to accomplish their job.
“A gift of kindness can help people build their future, their destiny. This is known if we can look it up closer. Common people knows how much kindness and hope can mean for anyone, they distribute back and forth, all endlessly like of multitude of drops in a huge ocean. By chosing power over these quality, you’re being denied of seeing the truth.”
“And denial will turn into ignorance, ignorance turns into apathy, apathy turns into hate and hate will lead to suffering. What are you right now, are the architects of many’s sufferings, a cycle of death. The only ones who can prosper in this universe are the ones who knows how to follow the cycle of survival, because they’ll know that they will never betray eachother.”

“…You’re right, all of these days from being a doormat to my captors, it only led to suffering and the death of my loved ones and allowed me to create a façade that could fool anyone unless being looked upon closely, and I must admit that even I feel its one hell of a horseshit façade. But know this Raven, whatever your say, it will not make me submit to you.”
“You dare?”
“I’m not daring, I’m justifying. I’m may be an ass, a loathsome jerk in the eyes of many and even an insufferable human being. But at least many knew what I was inside, a man seeking the best of Humanity, curtain or not, I still served what I believed in my heart. I may no longer be part of the Earth Warriors after this but I will no longer cause pains and lies to anyone.” Seiner said.

“I already learned what I’m really comfortable with. In these months, while I was thinking of my partners, I too was thinking fondly of my teammates, a new home for me, a new family. An old man told me of how much there thing we want but sometimes we don’t get them at all, one example of it was bringing my friends back, but that’s no longer the case anymore.”
“What are you implying?”
“One thing that is crystal clear, you actually failed the whole time. I didn’t even cared if my old friends were fake or not since the Nubian Desert, all I cared was being together by my teammates. Your plan was only thought of, but not felt at all. Excellent planners also need to feel of the consequences yet you didn’t. And right now, the upcoming rescue come from people who can feel why we are needed.”
“And that’s how it will be!” All four of them said triumphantly in unison.
“This next shock will be your last then!” Yamja said angrily.
“I guess it’s a shame in not being able to reeducate you enough.” Raven said as he detaches his claws from his hands.
“May I continue with the fun?” The torturer said as he entered back to the room.

But before any of them could do anything, a huge trembling started to shake the base highly, disorienting the Knights and the Inquisitors alike. Then, a large blast was heard from the other side, then gunshots started to be heard. Yamja went to check the camera for the answer. A bunch of infiltrators just breached the base, and it was not the UEF, but the agents and the watchers.
“It’s them again. Follow me Dakrin, you two, execute these pests.”
“Understood my lady.”
The two guards then started to point their guns towards the two heroes, but as soon as they were about to shoot, one gets shot in the head while the other has her head sliced off. They were none other than Jackson and Varris themselves.
Then they rushed to the two captive heroes, freeing them while trying to tend their wounds.
“My sister…you’re OK, you’re OK.”
“I am brother.”
“Jack, man, I thought you guys would never showed up in time!”
“When you give us hope, we exchange it back to you, that’s the way of Humanity as you lectured us these last months.” 
“Eh…I guess I’m still a good teacher then.”
“Alright, let’s go call for backup and get the hell out of this place.”
In Seiner’s room.
“I guess I can save the execution this one. You, terminate him.”
“As you wish my lord.” The zlocan knight said as he entered the room but as he was about to cut Seiner’s head off, he gets impaled by a sword, coming from none other than Malak herself.
“Seiner! You’re alive!”
“I guess not for long…”
“Don’t give me that, heroes never die and you’re no exception!”
“I see…”
“Come on, we have to find Tany.”
“Tany? Tany…Let’s get her…”
As the torturer was to give Tany a brutal beatdown to death, he suddenly gets shot in the chest 4 times while loud bangs could be heard. It was none other than Eddie himself.
“Ed! It’s you!” Tany said while tears started to flow in her eyes.
“Tany, I’m so glad you’re still here! Don’t worry, Ed is here to clear you from the baddies!”
“And the others?”
“I think they’ll be here soon. Here, grab your staff and let’s kick some ass!”
“Right on Ed!”

In the other side, The Agents were shooting at every foe they could find left and right. Agent D takes one of her two Berettas and starts to mow down some of the Zlocan knights she encounters while most of the base was starting to get flooded. One particular knight starts crawling and begs for Agent O for mercy, she tries to get him up only in being shot by Agent S himself.
“Don’t give me that damn look again, we fight, you fight, quit being a chicken today!”
“These people…”
Meanwhile, back at the other side, Tany used her staff to first tend to Logan and Amira’s wounds.
“Ahhhhh, so much better now.”
“Now, where’s that Seiner boy?”
Tany then noticed a very limping Seiner, likely not being able to survive for too long.
“Hold on, I’m will do some healing now!”
Tany then used her magic to cure Seiner’s wounds, now he’s back on track again.
“So gentle…”
“Huh? Seiner, did you said something off?”
“Talk later, get the gem first!”
“Let’s go guys, we can’t let the gem get in the wrong hands!” Logan shouted.
They all proceeded to the gem’s location, but as soon they get near with the squad defending it, a voice suddenly could be heard from around the complex.

Then, coming from the gem’s altar, a shadowy figure started to emerge, resembling a mediaeval knight.
“The Oppression…We’re doomed!” Biora said while stating the Gemtector’s name.
The Opression started to spread across the base rapidly, using its shadow blade to cut down most of the foes around the base. Seiner, noticing the time left between the Oppression’s rampage and the velocity to get the gem, proceeds to rush in to get the gem.
The gemtector, of course quickly notices the presence of Seiner and starts to return to his place.
Luckily, Seiner manages to grab the gem, and like Logan, absorbs it. The gemtector then stops his position, staring only at Seiner. After a brief moment of silence between the three sides, Seiner finally regained consciousness, his eyes being brighter more yellow than ever. 
“You will sleep now, the danger is over now. And so are the days of your protection, it was an honor in defending the Universe.” Seiner with an imposing voice to the oppressor.
“THY WISH SHALL BE COMPLIED THY JUSTICE LORD. FAREWELL!” The Opressor then vanished back into nothingness, this time forever.
“Well…that was sorta anticlimactic.” Walter quipped.
“What’s more anticlimactic is that we don’t leave this base in time, it’s getting flooded!” Mehdi shouted back.
“Right! Follow me!”
Seiner and the others then started to rush back to the exit while ignoring the other enemy soldiers in the path, they were also too scared to react at anything.
While the Agents escaped, Agent W could only think with thick fury inside her mind, having failed once again a mission for the Group.
“You’ll be damned…” the agent said as she ran away.
But things weren’t looking very good as most of the damage has already flooded most of the hangar.
“Damn it, how we will be supposed to get out of this one?!” Jackson said.
“Stand by at my signal!”
“Just do it!”
After a minute trying to hold together in the collapsing base, Seiner then finally grabbed one of his chrome cubes and turned it into the Chrome Boat.
“Come on, come on!”

The rest followed suit as they boarded the boat and started to get carried away by the waves of water. They then proceeded to go to the nearest exit. After dodging some of the debris, they finally made it out. But they weren’t sure about the surface, not knowing if the Zlocans alerted the navy’s activity to them. As soon they arrived back to the surface, they noticed a surprise, instead of Zlocan ships, European navy vessels were now present, meaning that UEF started to invade the southern part of Sicily. John was one of the battlecruisers and noticed the boat, so he signaled at them.
“Heh, these bastards always know what to do best!”
“Then hope indeed can spring in every kind, what a wonderful joy there John.” Sir Oton said.
“Orders are orders, time to pick them up.” Lady Ivana said.

Later on, back at the Benevolence, Logan was discussing the results of the mission with John and the chain of command.
“Another damn for all of you guys, step by step, you’ll be sure in becoming the true legends of the Universe as whole. Beyond the impossible, you’re probably the most damn fine heroes I’ve ever meet in my whole life. Your loved ones would be proud.”
“Thanks for these gentle words John.” Amira said.
“Now then, you’ll take a short but satisfactory rest from this, next stop we head to Asia. Get ready for it. Dismissed!”
“Yes sir!” The group led by Logan said as they started to leave the room. God Squad obviously stayed with them.
“And did you learned something new Walty?”
“Perhaps a fine conscience?”
“If it is, then you’ll be as hell as proud for yourself as much as the rest.”
Back in the quarters, the warriors were having a chit-chat in what they did today, most of them being happy, but with one strange exception, Seiner. He gained the gem and came out alive yet he still doesn’t look satisfied. He then approached Tany.
“Tany…Can I talk to you in private?”
“Oh? What for?”
“Just…hear me out.”
“Oh, hey guys, gonna be out for a moment, gonna talk with Seiner!”
“Take your time, we’re having a rest after all.” Logan said.
Seiner and Tany went outside of the quarters, now being alone.

“Tany…if there’s one thing you could understand well of me then you could. But the thing is that for all the months in which we fought together, do you believed that the man you saw in me was the true me or not?”
“True? As if, being a legitimate jerk? Sure, but at least one for the right place!”
“Well…All I have to say…is that you are wrong. The me that you saw in these moments…is nothing more but a façade, a sham.”
“Seiner, what are you saying?”
“Before I met you…The one who was supposed to me was a kind man, willing to obey every order because it could for the best of all. That was another reason why I was respected in Havard. Then the Zlocu came in…And I did all sort of terrible things to my companions and even my own brother, all because I thought it could work out fine in following orders, but much later, it wasn’t, it made me into a relentless monster. Venra then was slain by my own hands, but I still felt the unsatisfaction inside me, feeling that the one who I was is a disaster, a complete doormat for life. The insults, the anger, the apathy, the arrogance…Was all because I didn’t wanted to look weak anymore, no sight of any insecurity I could have. Even if I saved a lot of lives later on, that wasn’t even a part of what my façade could ask for. Now, because of it…I think I’ll leave the UEF and you guys for good.”
“What?! But…Seiner!”
“It doesn’t matter anymore if I’m acting as the real deal or not, I’ve caused grief with both of them. It’s better now if you could go on without a despicable being like me. I’m sorry for this, but I guess I don’t have place for anything at all. Goodbye. And please tell the others of this.”
Seiner then started to walk away from the quarters and likely was about to reach to John to tell his retirement as well, but as soon he made his 4th step, Tany grabbed his arm and pulled him over.
“Tany? What are you doing?”
“Are you even thinking of what you’re doing? Trying to leave because you feel you’re nothing but a worthless being?”
“But, I am worthless and a fake.”
“No! You weren’t, never at all. Seiner, do you even know why Logan has the gem inside? Because he represents what courage means to the universe. The gem you had is said to be the one of justice, you even know what that means? It means you have contributed the greatest part of the team just like anyone else. Even if you didn’t acted like yourself, your true self still managed to get through by following our actions, our heroism. Dropping heroism away means that you’re giving on Humanity, the worst choice in this war. Seiner, for all the abuse and snark you gave at us, we still believed the best in you, and you know what? You’re showed it. Maybe from now on, you’ll retain a part of your true self while retaining your independent behavior, it’s the best you can think of!”
Seiner was speechless in what Tany said to him, never did he witnessed such a comforting speech coming from anyone other than Tany.
“Seiner, you are part of a pinnacle that built this universe, you are one reason why Humanity is making progress and prospering right now. It’s stronger when all principles are together, divided we never achieve anything, but with unity, anything will be achieved. And Seiner, whatever happens to you now, I’ll be on your side my lovely Seiner, always.”
Seiner, never felt such kindness coming from her. Of all people who brings comfort, it was none other than the goffball of Tany. After a brief moment of silence, tears started to flow down in Seiner’s eyes.

“Tany…I'm so sorry...TANY!” Seiner yelled as he started to hug her while crying in joy for what he heard. Tany hugged him back.
“I was a fool…for a longtime…I guess…it’s finally over…”
“There there Seiner, I still love you…And now they’ll accept you as well.”
All what Seiner could now was whimpering in sadness while being caressed by Tany.
Human action can only be defined by one’s decision rather than looks, regardless of one’s behavior, one thing that remains in the mentality is their vision, achieving them in their own way, regardless of it may look for anyone else.
Tany then carried Seiner’s arm, ready to show the rest the new Seiner, one with determination for mankind and the kind justice he had.

15 - Swoon

In a dark chamber from an unknown location, presumably in a ship, Yamja was entering from one of the doors, approaching at one of the circular steps of it. She later kneels down with one of her knees while mechanical sounds could be heard. Then, the image of her father himself, appeared in front of her.
“The Kujar calls in front of the promised race, what is thy doubt, father?” Yamja said.
“The fools…they are beginning to grow stronger than we could possibly imagine. Our ignorance for the many legends of the Guardians leads us to the terrible decay of the greater empire.”
“Yes…and I bid forgiveness for not making progress for your expected vision of triumph.”
“A way to get the triumph, is to eradicate all living being who opposes it, especially the gem wielders.”
“The threat…one that must be destroyed.”
“But even they would realize their mistake in getting all the gems, because when they do, then it’s the time to cut the throats of the UEF. And when they stop us from cutting them down, then we will cut down their heart if we can, and soon all remaining systems will learn once again why they shouldn’t oppose us. But I’ll rest assure that their necks wouldn’t survive long enough but you will.”
“I would do anything to survive…but even if I don’t, victory will still be achieved for the rest of you.”
“The heiress of the empire will remain alive, because your survival means a lot to us…And if they strip yours away…Then there will be severe consequences for our enemies…”
“Hehehehe…Maybe I’ll be willing to die for you….”
“We shall see…Remember: With great power…”
“Comes great victory.”
“Rest well for your next battle…this one will be your finest…”
With these words, Malgan’s physical projection vanishes away. Yamja then gets up, and starts thinking about the thoughts of his father for a moment. Yamja is the authentic pride of the Zlocu Empire, one that can surpass any limit, whether she dies, then Malgan will unleash his ultimate fury to the species that killed her. Her last thought of it made her smile wickedly, and started to chuckle for a bit, maybe she knows of how “great” the punishment will be for her possible killers.
Then, Raven entered the room, likely ready to escort her out.
“Did the reunion went well?”
“It was…with the biggest possibilities ever thought of…”

Meanwhile, in the shower room of the Benevolence, Tany was taking a lovely bath as she washes with soap all across her body, feeling a sense of pleasure all around her mature body. Then, out of nowhere, someone opens the door and approaches her. Tany then starts sensing its presence and starts thinking for something until…
“Lay down that arm Tany, it’s absolutely me.” A familiar voice said.
“Oh! My Seiner! You’re here!”
Tany said as she hugged Seiner while he started to blush from the delicate body he was feeling with Tany.
“Say, do you want to have some good time now?”
“Oh! Well, I was starting to get a shower, but sure! I loved shared ones!”
“Heh, well then…pass me the soap…”
She did so. Soon, Seiner started to gently wash her back while putting his head beside her.
“Ain’t you quite the “clownsiest” of the bunch? Even so you can still be the best of the best.”
“How clown you are Seiner! *Giggles*, Ahhhh, for a tough guy like you, you can be quite the charm after all.”
“Indeed, amada Tany.” Seiner kissed Tany’s left cheek while he started to wash Tany’s chest. He gently washed Tany’s belly while still cuddling her head.
“With a delicate tongue like yours, then you can be guaranteed a massive fluency for many species.”
“How about over 6 million of languages?”
Seiner, likely wanting of a delicate feeling with Tany, puts his finger on her navel and starts washing it as well, making her feel very pleased.
“Oh Seiner…I’m feeling in paradise right now…”
“Actually, I can count more paradises than you can possibly imagine.”
“Really? Oh…yes…yes…keep it on Seiny…So very nice…”
“Mm-Hmm…The touch of paradise indeed.”
“Keep washing me Seiny…Make me STAY In paradise.”
He did with the most chivalrous yet pleasing way as possible. Some minutes later, they switch off the shower in the room, and come out getting themselves dry.
“Of all baths that I’ve had, this one is probably the best of the best!”
“For sure my dearest Tany.”
Seiner patted Tany’s head as he continued to get cleaned. Suddenly, a voice could be heard in the speakers, coming from John himself.
“Calling the Earth Warriors to my office immediately, we have a talk!”
“Call of action then?” Seiner asked.
“Rightie ON!”

Later on, in the command room, John now is ready to deliver the new mission for the team, one could just assume it’s the one of the gem as always, however…
“So, you’re pretty damn lucky in getting all the first gems, that could be the best compliment I could give to people like you actually. Of course, maybe lucky can be much of a stretch, so maybe the word “bold” can be more appropriate.”
“Quite indeed Mr John, those with those achievements are truly one of a kind, though it can be unknowingly an inhuman feat for many.” Sir Oton said.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s something Human or not sir, all that matters is that it’s done by living beings.”
“Is that so? Alright, John?”
“Oh right, the mission! Well, as you may already know, it’s said that the next gem that can be found it’s the one of Unity, which I must admit it could be the best principle necessary for the universe. According to the coordinates given by Biora, it’s located right here. *Points at a place in Southeastern China.*”
“The Quzhou province in China? Then that means…” Jackson muttered.
“Yep, the Longyou Caves! Probably th' most interestin' caves tae ever exist in uir warld, an' at th' sam time, th' a body wi' th' most unknoon origins.”
“Hehehe, quite a notebook you are Luce, but the truth is far more interesting than the caves themselves.”
“Are you saying…?” Jackson asked.
“The gem? Why yes, the man-made structure in China…could be actually a hidden place for the gem of unity. Heh! I bet conspiracy theorists wouldn’t be that nutty enough to have guessed such a secret!”
“Oh yes they could.” Seiner muttered.
“Anyways, I know your objective is the gem, but first, we have a special favor for you.”
“What is it then John?” Logan said.
“As you can know, the caves are located in the Zhenjiang province, which in turn, it’s close to the city of Shanghai near the South East China sea. We’re talking about Operation: Dragon Shot, the beginning of the end of Zlocan rule of China, and probably, the start of the reunification of the two Chinas.”
“So you mean you want us to participate on that operation?”
“Of course, it’s quite an opportunity for your service coming to handy to our forces in need. Our intelligence units has reported a large number of dangerous of weapons being held in position in the city. Given the magnitude of said weapons, it’s more thinkable in having you guys take part of it, you’re the only kind of persons being able to pull those kinds of impossible feats.”
“So, clearing some defenses and helping out of the troops then, this will be quite an interesting task. OK then John, we accept, but know that we must be quick enough to get the gems before it falls into wrong hands.”
“It all depends on you but you’re still clearly needed for the operation. More information will come in a briefing for 30 minutes. Meet us at the briefing room later on. Dismissed!”
“Yes John!” The warriors said as they left the room.
As they headed back to the quarters to get dressed, Varris and Amira noticed Biora still looking distant like most of the time.
“Hey there, don’t you think this could be another perfect chance for heroism?”
“For you only. This is only a matter in following the orders to ensure that you can survive by yourself without relying on others, I can clearly do this out on my own so any assistance from you it’s unguaranteed.”
“Why the scorn with others? That’s the reason why we are doing the right for us all. It’s for the sake in helping out the defenseless.”
“You’re more defenseless when it’s with a group of companion, losing every bit of them would make you weaker every second that counts. Without anyone around you, then you’ll guarantee to survive, learn, naïve girl.”
“She’s not that naïve Biora, and you shouldn’t be that bitter either.”
“Don’t you understand how much the death of my partners mean to me?”
“It can mean a lot to you, but I can’t be a catalyst for making you alone.”
“Then shut up, let’s get ready for the mission.”
She then proceeded to walk away back to the quarters. Amira and Varris stood still for a moment.
“Such a high pain, enough to cause her to be isolated?” Amira asked.
“No everyone can have their idealism retained, sometimes they’re too fragile to be handled and hard to fix.”
“But if she…”
“It may be hard, but we will do anything to restore her former faith.”
“OK brother, let’s hope so that it will.”
In the briefing room...

“Now it’s the time for the big game. A Task Force consisting of American, Japanese, Korean, Australian, New Zealandia, Colombian and Taiwanese units will form part of Operation: Dragon Shot, the first phase of the liberation of China. Right on, there are that can endanger the mobilization of the troops, both on the sea and air. 7 types of mechanism identified as “Alloys”, have the capabilities of creating a strong jamming signal around the city, and it even includes a defense system that can activated when a target approaches it. Intelligence suggests that the only we can take out these Alloys is by sending a fighter division to them; Crusader squadron. They have the capability to pull off this kind of operation, so they will be sent first to the city. They’ll be equipped with counter-jamming measures to make the job easier. Once half of the Alloys are gone, then the main amphibious force can be mobilized for the operation, being escorted by Vulture Squadron themselves. Another tip, once the Alloys are eliminated, the air drop can also begin, and as for Crusader Squadron, you’ll head the Longyou Caves and retrieve the gem from there. The success of this operation will depend on you all. Dismissed!”

Meanwhile, at dawn, Crusader Squadron was flying by, ready to start the mission.
“SwanEye here, is everything clear for you Crusader lead?”
“Sure thing, All set to go!”
“Good! Alright, the first Alloy is spotted in Daijinshan Island. Proceed to engage.”
The fighters then apply full thrust to their planes and move forward against the target at the designated spot, but as soon they get closer, the alloy starts firing wild bolts of electricity everywhere.
“Oh damn! Tesla is going to sue the hell out of the Zlocans for this!” Eddie exclaimed
“Forget about it, just shot! FOX 2!” Malak said as she and the others starts firing the missiles, the Alloy shots most of them down but luckily they manage to hit the alloy, destroying it in pieces.
“Whoooie! One down, six to go!” Tany yelled back.
“Next one, Lixicun!”
They all proceeded to the zone, but in their way, they also find some Zlocan AA Guns but they manage mowing them down as well. In Lixicun, the Alloys was protected by a few troops and as soon they noticed the fighters, they started to get in their battle positions. However, Biora, in her personalized V-A12 SOD launched two Ultra-Spears at the battalions and the Alloy, creating gigantic explosions that destroys them both.
“Splash one, Biora!!” Jackson yelled.
Biora only response was silence though.
“Next targets destinations, Guojitang and Qianjia bridge!”
They all proceeded for the next destination, where an air division was awaiting them. They try to shot down the squadron by Seiner’s special plane attack.
“That was a quick one!” Jackson said
“Could say that again, a phrase of million bucks!”
They noticed one of the Alloys being hidden inside a warehouse, which meant the perfect job for a certain Russian.
“Get ready for this one guys! ULTRA-TSAR BOMBA!!!” Andrei yelled as he drops one of the bombs to the warehouse, completely annihilating it while the Alloy even not having enough time to counterattack.
“Not sure if I can make a joke of this but OK!”
“You can do one anytime!”  Varris yelled back.
Then they went for Qinjia Bridge, where it was located near a plant and guarded by Walkers. They of course, were torn down by the fighters.
“Four down! Alright Marlowe, the coast is clear, the main assault can start now!”
“Acknowledged, all units, start the draft!”
Far away, a large naval fleet could be seen from the distance, ready to liberate China.
“Alright, last three located in Waitan, approximately at Binjiang Park, Jin Mao Tower and the SICC. Take them out and your way for the gem is now clear!”
“Copy that. Team, let’s make this one quick and reach out the gem before someone else does, go!”
All fighters, applied full speed to the thrusters, now ready to take down the last three Alloys.
In the main zone of the city, ships were surrounding the area, they’ll make sure that the Alloys are very much protected.
Or so they thought, as the ship captain noticed an incredible sight, a large shower of missile heading to specified places.
They were none other than the combined powers of Logan, Malak, and Jackson’s special plane attacks.
“Let’s see how much dust they can eat after this!!!” Logan yelled.
Soon, a large wave of fireball engulfed the areas of the remaining alloys while surprisingly reducing some collateral damage.
“ALL ALLOYS DOWN!! Operation Dragon Shot can start now!”
“Great work team! Let’s go get that gem!” Logan yelled back as he prepared to search for the gem.
The ships tried to send their fighters to chase the warriors but before they could do something, they were struck down by the cannon barrage of the recently arrived Airfleet of the UEF, disappearing into huge husks of fire balls.
Never was a liberation that good in many years, especially from D-Day.
Soon the fighters started heading towards Longyuo, were the gem of unity was to be found.

16 - Human After All

It was a cloudy day, all that could be seen was the ruins of Quzhou city, all ravaged by the Zlocan forces. Curiously, at the same time, there was also a lack of activity from Zlocan forces in the area, could it be that the start of Operation Dragon Shot have diverted the attention the amphibious troops? Or something else entirely?
One thing can be only certain, the gem is nearby and the Warriors are on their way to get it.
“The caves are in the north west, only 20 minutes left team.”
From afar, however, a group of fighters were flying by. 9 of them actually, but they’re very familiar. They’re colored with red and black painting, led by a MiG 1.44 MFI.
The Inquisitors were awaiting.
“This is Lovac 4, the Crusaders are entering the designated zone.”
“Let’s begin the hunt then.”
They applied full thrust to their planes, ready to launch their surprise attack to the group of planes.

“Incoming targets at 3’O Clock, 9 of them and coming at high speed. Wait, is it…?” Malak said.
“Lovac Squadron!” Logan said.
“Hold on, another hits on radar, coming at 10’O clock, 6 of them.”

At the west, came six Ferris camouflaged and yellow striped F-15 S/MTDs, also coming at high velocity. These kinds of planes are rarely nowadays, but given their nature, only one certain group could get a hold of these kind of planes, more than the Inquisitors themselves.
“Anguis Squadron to all units, begin the operation. Let the victor, be justice.” Agent S said as he and the other members applied full thrust to their planes.
“You really thought that we could let you walk away while the altar sank do you? Your clash of power will cause great damage to this world if we don’t take the gems away from you. This will be your last chance to walk away from the gems and reconsider your ways in this war.”
“If you want that then you’ll have to get through us first you skewered creeps!” Tany yelled.
“One shall stand, two shall fall, the perfect match indeed.”
Suddenly, all the planes started to fire their missiles while some dodged them, it then started to evolve into massive dogfight that will decide the fate of the Universe forever.
Agent W was chasing Logan, firing her guns towards the latter’s F-14. However, he was continuously dodging them by doing some Aileron Roll and twisting the plane around. Logan eventually distracts her by releasing some high powered bombs in the back of the plane, scaring her off and eventually turning away from the chase. Now Logan was ready to chase her down and proceeds to fire his gun at her. His movements, however, are more flexible and fast enough to keep on track with her, eventually trailing smoke from the damage caused.
“Now you see more of why I can do in what could take to do the right thing, let’s hope this can serve as a lesson for you!”
Meanwhile, Seiner and Tany were having a duel with Agent O, D, Jason and Dakrin, they were having a rough time trying to shake all 4 of them, dodging missile through missile until…
“Got any ideas Seiner?”
“I say we start fusing our special plane attacks shall we?”
Then, they start in combining their attack to damage the planes of each one.
“BULLSHIT!” Jason yelled.
“Ughhhh, got us good then!”
Then they all proceeded to withdraw from the area, knowing that they have to fix up their plane somewhere else. It will be only temporary however, they are ensured to come back for later.
“YAHOO! Splash four!”
“Hell yes my girl!”
Lastly, there was Biora, being pursued by Raven and Yamja, who in turn were being chased down by Agent S and A. They were relentlessly pursuing each of them while trying to evade them off.
Amira, Varris and Salty noticed the attack and proceeded to come to her aid.
“Salty, got any tactics in handling this formation?” Varris asked.
“I recommend in luring out the fighters of the 12th group, creating a diversion in which we will use it to make them clash again, only this time both groups of fighters will be focused in chasing each other instead of the other girl.”
“In other words, trying to make all of them being wrecked apart…”
“That sounds a bit rudimentary to me but we’ll do it anyways.” Amira said.
“Right, alright fools, get a load of this!”
The warriors then applied full thrusting, proceeding to encounter Agent S and A.
“More fighters? Heh, maybe these ones will be good target practice before taking out these fools out!”
“This isn’t something good to get anyways…” Agent A said before following the lead plane.
At the same time, Biora was attempting to stall the continuous enemy attack behind her, while her plane has many wonders, she can still risk in being shot down because of the enemy’s position.
She felt hopeless, for a moment, unable to shake off her enemies behind her despite her best tactics, maybe her bitterness could indeed had an effect on battle after all.
However, before anything could be lost for her, she then heard something.
“Biora, if you can hear this, then you must follow my instructions.” Varris said.
“Why should I?”
“It doesn’t matter, remember that regardless of anything that happened anyone close to you, there’s always ones who are willing to help out no matter what, so do as we will tell you.”
“…OK, what is the plan.”
“On the count on three, turn your plane back and the enemies will be facing another direction, that’s your chance to strike.”
“Are you sure about it?!”
“You decide! Alright, here it goes. One…two…THREE!”
At all the sudden, Varris, Amira and Salty perform a Pulgachev maneuver that briefly distracts the agents for a while but later gain their focus towards the two Inquisitors. They fire their missiles, shooting down but managing to bail out beforehand.
But before they could know it, Biora has pulled a 180 maneuver, firing her blaster guns that heavily damages the Agent’s planes.
“It…it worked! Thanks for this Varris!”
“Thank the lady robot as well!”
Soon enough, the rest of the fighter were either bailed out or shot down by most of the heroes, another swift victory for the heroes yet again.
The warriors soon get back into formation and now they seem to be near the cave now.

“Are these the coordinates?” Logan asked.
“100% positive.” Biora said.
“Good, now, time for a change of pace.”
Logan then pressed one of the switches of the plane, the team then proceeded to do the rest. Then, he pulls of a lever, causing the plane windshield to open and eventually jumping out with a parachute. The others do the same and the planes suddenly starts to mobilize automatically.
They landed on the ground and take off their pilots suits, revealing their normal combat attires. Now they’re looking at the entrance of the cave itself, looking gigantic enough to be considered as a lost city by many.
“So this is the Luyoung caves everyone was talking about. Shot, never expected a world beauty to come out of this world in times like this!” Eddie exclaimed.
“Well, you can be guaranteed for more of it as well when we enter Ed.”Malak replied
“Man, if this war is over, maybe I’ll take my lovely Luce for this place to hang out with.”
“Ohhh, sure thing my man.”
“And I can make a magic show there!”
“Uhm…What for Tany?” Amira asked.
“It’s so mysterious that it can contain some magic, like mine!”
“Heh. A science and magic exposition can be more likely.”
“That’s an impossible task: Occupation insufficient, a wider space more likely to be considered.”
“Not now Salty, is not for sure if it can be done, just a rhetoric statement that’s all.”
“Apologies for the query.”
“Hehehe, some nice statements in there guys, but remember that we have a mission to do. Let’s go.”
“Be aware of the ancient gemtector though, he can be anywhere at any time.” Biora said
“We know…” Amira replied.
They all went inside the caves. Lots of pillars and structures could be seen inside of many shaped and forms. For a common eye, one can simply say that the caves were built by some sort of ancient Chinese civilization, many say it a prehistoric Chinese civilization, other say it’s a secret base built by the Communist government, some even say it could be an ancient alien structure, but they were debunked by the higher-ups of science. Of course little did they know in what other secrets the caves could hold for a long time.
Biora, although feeling grateful of having her life saved, still has doubts in relating to others, could it still be the greatest time to open herself again? Or she still deserved her isolation to everyone else?
“You still OK Biora?” Varris asked as he approached her.
“Y…yes I do, I think.”
“Now now, I know you may be still afraid in losing people again, but many of us are still here for a reason, fighting for the unity of all.” Amira reassured her.
“But, how can one feel alive with too much unity?”
“It doesn’t matter, all it matters that whatever your deceased loved ones are, they’re always watching, always.”
“*Whimpering*, Just like a good Soranian might say…”
“It’s OK, as a telepath, we can know why.”
“But, if was unable to protect the others, then are you sure you’ll be able to protect me as well?”
“Anything can be possible with all of us, trust in it as well as my sister can say.”
“I’ll see soon enough…”
They continued their walk through the cave. Still watching lots of ancient wonders around. Maybe, in ancient times, the Guardians created an altar so special for the travelers so it can divert some suspicion of it.
It can be quite a miracle for such structures to survive for a long period of time, even more when it holds the fate of the Universe at stake.
After some minutes of exploring while Seiner guided the path. It was at the sudden in a dead-end when they discover a huge wall with large manuscripts written in an ancient language. Some letters looked disjointed while other bore a similar look to modern languages.
“According to my gem’s instincts, the path to the gem of unity is over there, but it seems that in order to pass, someone needs to know what these manuscripts are about.” Seiner said.
“Can you scan it Salty, pleaseeeeeeee?” Tany said.
“Scanning…Negative results, unknown language not found in database.”
“Oh snap! Well…anyone? You? You? Or do you CAN DECIPHER it?”
“Maybe me and my sister can.”
“Oh goodie goodie! Me and Seiner want to know now!”
“Hang on…*raises hand which lightens up in a green aura and stands still for a moment*…It’s the so called prayer of the Principles.” Amira said.
“Right, as the prophecy stated: ‘To open the gate of unity, a principle needs to be bonded to the destined one. With the union, the gate shall open forth to salvation of the fruit of life.’”
“So that means, I need a gem to initiate the ritual…Logan?”
“Yes Ami?”
“You currently have the courage inside, one of the principles known to man. Please, let us combine our power and open the gate to the salvation of the fruit of life.”
“The universe...”
“Whatever. Now, follow my steps.”
Logan started to follow Amira’s initiation, first she raised her hand and so did he. Both of them then touched parts of the manuscript wall, which suddenly started to glow in a reddish and green light. Their eyes also glowed in their respective colors, beginning a chant that could be translated to:

“A principle is thy part of eternal life. The component for the common being of peace. Thy union grants the beloved a wishful eternity. For thou who sin the principle, will serve the condemned. Rising up, the valor of the surpassing of fear alights us, Guided by closeness of the children of all creation. The will to serve the children, grants gratitude alongside the choice of anything. Oh Guardians, I send thou thy peace, thus the cycle will live on, for all times and forever.”

After chanting these words, the wall then started to shake up, then it started to split up, revealing a very large colisseum-like room, large enough for any giant monument to fit in.
“It’s there…”
They entered the room, first by descending to some step pads while looking at the table that contains the gem.
It seems safe. However, one should be wary of the presence of the gemtector, one that can endanger the life of many who tried to snatch the gem away.
They get closer and closer until…
“GOTCHA!” Yamja voice could be heard.
The Inquisitors caught them again, at the exact moment they could get the gem.
“*Frustrated sigh* Can I keep up with this?” Seiner said.
“You can as many times stupid, now hands in the air! The gem is ours and ours only!” Dakrin said angrily.
“We have tolerated enough mischief coming from you, this will be your absolute last. Say your prayers…” Raven said, but just as he was about to attack them…
“HOLD IT!” Agent S’s voice was heard, holding them at gun point.
“YOU?!” Dakrin said bewilderedly. 
“Yeah, us, dumbass”
“This hunt for you two monsters is over, hand over the gem now!”
Amira then slowly started to step down silently, so they cannot attract the attention of both hostile camps. But as soon she stepped on the main ground, one of the tiles in the floor suddenly started to descend. Then the room started to glow green in some lines in the floor, these lines then started to form around at another wall. After a moment of silence, a growling could be heard, shocking most of the people in the room.

“Oh god…The Anarchy.” Biora said as the illuminated wall started to open, revealing a gigantic golem-like creature formed of rocks that were entirely separated from one another. The Anarchy then hurled one of its rocks at the staircase, sending some of the people flying away while some proceeded to run.
“Allow me!” Seiner said as he equipped with some booster boots to fly away and try to do some damage to the Anarchy, he lands in one of the pieces of rock and slices it in millions of pieces. He then jumps back and forth and proceeds to do the same. Little did he know that the pieces he sliced eventually reunite together, Seiner couldn’t believe it.
“Oh crap!”
He then jumped off from one of the rocks as he was about to be hit by one.
The rest, meanwhile, were trying to hold off against each other, all fighting to get the gem and sent The Anarchy back to its place.
At first, everything too hopeless as they’re unable to even get near the gem, until.
“Biora, I have a plan!” Amira yelled.
“Which one is it?!” Biora yelled back.
“Use that shield of yours towards the gem. Then I’ll be able to catch it at once!”
“You sure?!”
“Just do it!”
Biora then detached her shield from her wrists, hurling it towards the gem, it successfully manages to throw it away, but at the same time, The Anarchy notices it and tries to recover it. Amira then uses her telekinesis to grab the watch and pull it back towards her. Despite the former’s best efforts, she eventually gets the gem inside her, and like the gemtectors beforehand, The Anarchy stops its rampage and looks at Amira while also having his pieces formed together.
After a moment of unconsciousness, Amira then opened her eyes, revealing a brief green glowing light within them. And just as the Anarchy was about to continue its rampage, Amira extended her hand and made it stop, at the same communicating a language to it:
“Rest now, as the unity has finally awoken.”
The Anarchy then disintegrated into millions of pieces of dust, now being able to finally rest after waiting some years in dormancy in trying to protect the gems.
It all seemed normal, until Yamja came in and clapped slowly.
“Very well Soranian, you have indeed proven to be the physical form of unity after all. But unfortunately, our hostilities prevents me from letting you live so I will take the hard way.” She then pressed a mini-button in her wrist.
“It’s been an honor fighting against you…stupid.” Then, she and other Inquisitors vanished.
Suddenly, without notice, the cave started to crumble apart from a massive explosion coming from behind. This made the Agents to run away from it.
“DAMN IT! Never guessed traps could get cleverer than this!” Agent W said as she ran.
“We’re not gonna make it!” Malak yelled
“We’ll make it.” Amira said.
They ran as fast as they could, from down the corridors to near the pillars, they dodge every piece of rumble that feel unto them. They could finally see the exit but their plan was far from over.
“Get behind me guys, when the plane comes, everybody jumps!”
Just as they get near the exit, Seiner finally unleashes his trump card.
The plane started to form and everybody jumped in as expected. Three of the gems were now complete, it now seems that the hope of victory is indeed at hand, with the gem of freedom being the last one to find.

“Seiner make sure you contact John and let him know we’re on our way.”
“Sure thing Logan.”
Logan then went in the back part of the plane, seeing Amira sitting down with Biora. Curious to know what they learned, he sat down with them.
“I’m getting more and more impressed by you Amira, especially while keeping you in mind in being the incarnation of unity.”
“It’s no problem Logan, she’s indeed worthy of a gem and now for once…I can see why you guys are indeed worth in being my closest allies in these years.
“Remember, when there’s a principle near us, hope will always exist.”
“And that too.”
“Not to mention*holds Amira’s hand*, a very delicate feeling of closeness.”
All what the girls could do now was to smile back at the notion, but with that action, it’s clearer in what path everyone will take.

17 - Wide Open

In a derelict base in an unknown part of the world, the agents were resting there trying to think in their next strategies of how they can “prevent” for the other factions to get the gem. For an agent in the 12th group, they’re told that their job to ensure that none else know their activities must be done in all measures, even the most extreme ones. Nonetheless, from the recent events, these measures have quite led to a high amount of exposure towards said group. It’s their mission to uncover their tracks being futile? Certainly. The only thing that can matter now for the SHADOW agents is to use every last-ditch effort to ensure the completion of their mission, even if they wouldn’t make them any different than other factions from the past.
Many of them, although frustrated, are keeping their cool in thinking what to do next, as expected from the most professional agents in the group. There was one, but  a certain individual is certainly not pleased with the continuous failures of the group. None one other than Agent W herself, aggressively twisting her sword on her table.
She’s not allowing it, she’s now tired and about to reach her breaking point, her objective must not fail, all those thoughts going into her chaotic head right now.

Agent O eventually notices the distress and sits with her. She’ll do anything to calm her down, even if it may risk her own life to her anger.
“Don’t be that ashamed my friend, I know for certain that while we may look like bad guys, at heart, we’ll eventually convince everyone that we are not after all.”
All what O could do was to stand in silence while the other teammates watched in shock.
“But lady…”
“Listen up dumb bitch, do you realize all this whole ordeal of being labeled a bad guy in the eyes of many? It will create a bigger problem for our clients and the organization as whole! Our whole dreams of achieving a balanced world crushed, something Mr William always wanted ever since he created it.”
“But the times-’’
“THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CHANGE! This is the best the world deserves to have and yet this how it’s repaid to us! Degradation, demonization, everything done to stain our names in this world! Not even getting accounted in knowing what happened to my country in the three world wars! Nothing but disasters and razing and betrayals! And now come this war, it makes no difference at all!”
“Look lady, I know it’s upsetting for you from what your country endured, but you don’t need to use its past as it was yours.” Agent S said while approaching her.
“It doesn’t matter in which past can be chosen, all it matters that all we do here will be the last straw to anything that opposed this organization before, if taking into account for the Zlocan invaders, then it’s double in what we will do!”
“My friend…please don’t let those thoughts get the best of you, I mean, don’t you get in how you may start to become none better than-’’ Agent H tried to reason with her only to be interrupted harshly.
“And I’m sure that you give much of a damn to your country well, do ya you moronic idiot!?”
“Agent W, this is getting out of hand and that’s something Mr Pete would not approve, so strain yourself from aggression or else there will be consequences for you!”
“Then you are willing to fail then!”
This response made S slap her back.
“Says the psychotic one…We should pack up to Mexico guys, the last gem is found there, and let’s hope a catastrophe doesn’t happen if what you said what’s true after all. Lady Ivana in fact may be a good replacement for you after all.”
All what W could do now was to tremble with visible hatred and anger in her eyes while holding her sticking out the sword out of the table.

Later, in the Benevolence, the team was having a nice dart game, being battled between two teams, Logan and Amira and Seiner and Tany. Right now, Team Logan was having the edge by scoring at least triple points in the inner section of the board, Team Seiner, however was getting close at gaining the edge if Seiner manages to score a bullseye.
“If I can have a good degree of aiming, then this one can be perfect for a guy like me.” Seiner said.
“Oh you think? Well, all the necessary stuff in being good at it is instinct, a powerful too. Isn’t that very genius to you?”
“The only thing that can be equal to an instinct,*Throws dart, landing right between the centre and the thin inner board* is pure boldness.”
The rest of the crew then applauded at Seiner’s quip, likely because how clever it sounded.
“Well, with guys like you, the word ‘bold’ may be redefined to a whole new meaning.” Jackson said.
“Many already did Jack, Ye main aff be off frae aw 'at war-hardened heed ay yoors!”
“Eh sorry, Maybe it's coz ay how cool we are now.”
“Well, If there’s a way to prove another type of coolness,*Throws dart, hitting at the outer bull zone*, it’s combining both to create the nicest victory ever felt.”
The rest then cheered again at Logan for his statement.
“That rocked a lot comrade!” Andrei said.
“And I’ll bet you all make all the old cowboys in the old west damn proud with their ‘meaningful’ phrases of wisdom!”
“And by that you mean, lots of cowboy arrogance and clumsiness? I think you should look at the heroes for true authentic examples of it.” Malak retorted.
“They aren’t that clumsy and arrogant Mally! They were really fun in the times and they still can be!”
“Heh, still fun? Tell that to Spielberg. But at least supers are still relevant.”
“But they are so cliché!”
“But at the same time, meaningful for many, unless you’re Spielberg or Iñarritu.”
“Outdated fools have no comparison to me interests!”
“Oh you old Ed, one can be certain in identifying what can be outdated, because after realizing how much the idea can sell, then we can idealize as we like.”
“Oh, but it’s not much of a cultural genocide then?”
“Oh please use another friendly word, genocide sounds very harsh in every sense.”
“Cultural snubbing then.”
“Close but no cigar!”
“Cultural shit then!”
“…OK I retract what I said.”
Tany then approached the two of them as her turn was about to start.
“Hehehe! Oh you poor little adults, one can be certain in what kind of people you’re looking at for inspiration, after all,*back throws the dart, incidentally hitting the centre of the board, making it a bullseye.*There’s always the freedom to pick up new ways!”
Everybody was impressed by the shot given by Tany, though it still ended in a draw, but still impressive nonetheless.
“Wow Tany, but was that even appropriate to do?” Biora asked.
“What?! If there can be many ways to win something here, there’s always something needed to improve said win!”
“But, it’s a bit unorthodox in doing so, games like you Humans make can be long lost for a very long time.”
“But they’ll get adapted to the goodie new tricks of the heroes! Us, you and we! The ultimate dart players for all competitions!”
“…I bet you’ll make Shakespearean actors have a run for best declarations ever made. Heh.” Jackson quipped.
“And you’ll make gangsters cry with words of a badass like you Jacky Jack!”
“Dear…lord Tany!!”
“Am I cool to say it?”
“Well, yes sort of, a bit arrogant, more education needed…I don’t know actually!”
“First timers always have a hard time to think of clever quips like this, heh!”
“Logan, are Humans really that mouthy?” Amira asked
“You should clearly know now sis…for these 5 months.”
“Well, could be like it but not too much!”
“But I think it’s still OK for you in knowing it well.”
Then, John’s voice came to the speakers.
“Filler time over! Head to the room now guys!”
“Heh, here goes the call of the war then, NAUGTHY DOG.”
“And you be the naughty kitty then!”
“Let’s….move it guys.” Logan said sheepishly.

Later, in the briefing room.
“Wow…I never guessed we got half of the gems in one week, you guys are truly amazing!”
“Heh, please, we’re just people doing the right thing, that’s all that’s need to be said my man.”
“Oh right, hehehe, sorry.”
“Well then, onto the main thing, the last gem, known as the gem of courage is said to be found near the Chichen Itza city in Yucatan, Mexico. And surprisingly, it’s not under Zlocan occupation. Heh, and for all that thought in that the last object to find in a quest could be the hardest one to get, this looks like a piece of cake to do.”
“Still, keep in mind of the gemtectors John, legends state that the one guardian the gem of freedom is the most ferocious and deadliest yet.” Biora said.
“I see…The toughest one must be reserved for the end then. That means you’ll keep an eye on the pathway as you go along. Get the gem, and the war on Earth will end soon enough. Lastly, GOD Squad will accompany you on this mission this time. Well, I guess that’s all I have to say…except for this;I just want to tell you all good luck. We're all counting on you."
“Finally, I’ll only do this because it will be last and the best is always reserved for the last!” Walter said.
“Hohoho Walty, you better be careful in what you can say for the future…” Berat replied.

Later on, the Earth Warriors take off, heading towards the Yucutan, ready to finish the final mission of the gem. They land to a nearby camp, now they are ready for the ultimate mission of all times.
“Alright, now according to the coordinates, the gem is apparently located in El Castillo, the main attraction of the ancient site. Is it me, or does the Guardians have a fondness for ancient sites?” Logan said.
“Probably to make it fun for outsiders like us to wonder more of the secrets of the world, like how easy this can get.” Walter said.
“The Guardians never expected for the Mayan civilization to take interest of the gem and tried to steal it, believing it will grant them eternal power…or so they thought.” Varris said.
“The gemtector got rid anyone near it on first time and buried it deeper to make sure none finds it.” Biora said.
“So in that case, it means we must extra careful when approaching it then.”
“Yeah. But first allow a recon scout of the area, I need to make sure that it’s completely clear, once I see something or it’s all clear, then you can come to my position.”
“But, what me and Amira watching over you?”
“It will be OK Varris, everything is under control for this mission, don’t worry it will all go OK.”
“Wish you the best of luck Biory!” Tany yelled. Biora chuckled for a bit for such lively message.
“*Thanks a lot.”

Biora then went off to find the pyramid. Along her way, she could see the remnants of the ancient Mayan civilization, she wondered if they could have understood the secret strength of the gem, but never could. She also had a sense of fear around her, but at the same time, she will not let it control her much. After some minutes drifting, she finally El Castillo, last altar of the gem.
“Oh, so I guess everything is clear. This is Biora, all-’’ But before she could tell the order, she was grabbed by a mysterious assailant, causing her to drop the communicator.

“Biora, something wrong? Biora are you there? Biora?! Biora!” Amira said in a worried tone.
“This can’t be good…Let’s go guys! Hurry!” Logan said as he and the rest proceeded to rush towards El Castillo, following the lead of Amira who is the Gem-sensitive individual for the job. They travelled as fast as they could, doing everything to save Biora in time.
But as soon they reached the designated zone, they found a very horrifying surprise not even Seiner could expect.
The Inquisitors.
Biora in the hand of the Inquisitors.
“Come out, if you want to let her live, then let us get the gem for us and capture the other three gem wielders.” Yamja tauntly said.
“What if we refuse huh?! The threat of death?! Don’t make me laugh you cold killer, I can read every trick of people like you!” Varris said
“Hohohoho! How foolish you are in believing that I’m one that can be easily negotiated, but I’m not, if you people want this stupid weakling to live, then let us get the gems. Do it now! Or else this will bite it hard.”
The warriors tried to get more and more closer towards the group, all trying to carefully free Biora from the Inquisitors could notice their movements and soon Dakrin pulls his sword, likely as a last warning.
“You surely as hell we won’t let you! LET HER GO NOW!!!”
“If you won’t comply to us, then perhaps…she will.”
This very statement actually paralyses the warriors for a moment, fearing in what could Biora do. She’s about to decide her own fate now.
“Now tell us bitch! Choose this option, survival for you and the rest but at cost of your precious gems, or death of defiance? Only one of them will satisfy us all, guarantee the complete satisfaction everyone deserves in this quest. Start now!”
There was a brief moment of silence, no one was sure in what could Biora.
What could Biora care about now?
Her own life?
Her own dignity?
Or the new friend she just made?
Only the true warriors could know what the best course of action is in situations like.
But unfortunately, war cannot completely guarantee the complete survival of every hero and villain, there is one day where death decided who he will take to the afterlife, it’s a decision that will make everyone’s life forever.
After a moment of silence, Biora chooses.
“Better…to…live…as…a heroine who…wants to best of anyone, will do anything to save their friends…instead of a traitor.”
“Then so be it.”
Suddenly, without the blink of an eye, Dakrin proceed to swing his sword back and later swings it forward towars Biora’s throat, expelling a lot of blood from her throat.
It’s over.
Biora’s doubts finally came to an end…at the cost of her own life.
Dakrin decides to extend the cruelty by kicking her lifeless body to ground, and then proceeds to completely stomp her head, crushing it into pieces.
The warriors, especially Varris couldn’t believe what he saw. Soon, his control faded away, leaving only anger and grief.
“How foolish of her to choose you instead of herself, proof how was cowardly she was of herself.” Yamja gloated.
The bloodshed…has only begun.

18 - Doin' It Right

The moment of truth is arriving right now, the breaking point of war is now arriving. No more bold survivals or safe rescues, the time has come for death to decide which individual will be taken away from the world of the living.
But there are still many doubts in how this bloodshed will proceed, could the heroes still retain their moral compass even with all the horror they’re experienced? Regain absolute control of their madness, even if they did enough bloodshed? Or perhaps, everything they stood for in all these months will be vanished forever, turning them into soulless husks that are only useful to crush and destroy every living being that opposes to their ideals? Everything can be counted for, whether it’s for the good or bad, but the battle for death starts now.

Varris was still feeling the rage of having lost Biora, even he only meet for a week, he could empathize the sense of losing your loved ones in many cases. This time, he has enough, he will ensure that none of the tormentors come out alive.
“Brother, pull yourself together out of this! She didn’t have any choice but spare us!” 
“But I could have protected her and her species! If she could have asked for a companion in the beginning then none of this could have happened!”
“Varris, even then if we could have done that, she would still have sacrificed herself for us.”
“But I could have used my powers to prevent it!”
“Hohohoho, how foolish of you, thinking that your greater abilities and ideals could have saved her from us, but did you even know that we can also do anything to stop you from interfering?”
“You’re…you’re so wrong! We have done anything by now to get this far, our unity is what enabled us to survive and we’ll make sure none of this die in vain!”
“Well too bad, today’s outcome may demonstrate that beneath all of your talk about survival, the only path that remains for you is the one for Death to choose. Face it, none of us can be alive for too long, and this will be your last one.”
“Oh really?! Then how can you dorky jerks explain in that my three friends have the greatest gems inside them right now? Was it luck or boldness!? No! They did because they used their empathy and caring for every person in the world regardless of what they believe, known and unknown to make sure they get out of hell and continue with what they deserve to do. You only care about stripping their thoughts away and replacing for a worse of venom of yours!”
“Do you realize something similar from this world like in Iran and Cuba and Russia aimed for these goals against people who you claim to be like us? Look at these ones, long strings of death, betrayal, deception and control all in the name of “freedom against tyranny”, can you realize for once that no matter what you do, you’ll eventually become the one sole being you were fighting for this whole time?” Raven joined in as he gloated too.
“You’re delusional and hypocritical. You simply use some of these examples as way to discredit our actions and yet you don’t recognize the flaws of yours as well.” Logan said as he stepped in as well.
“Silence whelp! Delusional, us?! Look who’s talking, your ideas of peace, sincerity, justice and love are very much non-existent, you push these words too hard just to make many people follow it without being able to actually or even do enforce them. Just face it for once, the only thing that can exist in this world is nothing but lies and blood, it’s been part of your daily life among yourselves and will continue even today, because your kind will seek what they want and never learn those teachings. Know you know why what we do, even though it look extremist, our actions against you is for the best of us all?”
“Did you even forgot what you did to other planets!? You’re looking a scapegoat for your actions, you can say the same for the other races you just enslaved. Humans on the other hand, while having endured these betrayals and bloodshed, they eventually managed to get through, if they haven’t changed much at all, then they wouldn’t be even here!” Amira retored.
“Only for the ones who knew how the universe should work, you lying bastards!” A familiar voice just joined as well, being none other than Agent W and the rest as well.
“You too!? How did you find us, a freaking magic map?!” Dakrin said in a surprised tone.
“No, a sleeper agent within the ranks of the UEF.”
“Oh hell!” Seiner yelled back.
“Well face it that means of how much people will join in anything they would want to, even in undercover. Do you understand what that means? There will be indeed ones who will follow anything they believe regardless of the allegiance.”
“Who could do such a thing in recent times?!”
“Perhaps this name may ring a bell,...Your lady in the UEF.”
“What, Ivana?! One of the aides of Colonel John?!”
“By being part Czech and Slovak, she was raised by one of the most nationalistic families ever since the split of the nation. Now, she would report the activities of-’’
“Yeah, we got it, she’s a traitor and that’s it!”
“Enough talk of this nonesense! Let’s settle this debate once and for all in this battle for the gem! Are you ready fools?!” Yamja said.
“We are and we will be always!” Logan said.
“Ready is a word reserved for our genes!” Agent W said.
They went into their battle stances, being prepared for the battle that will decided the tide of war. Who will prevail? The forces of fettered freedom? The forces of unrelenting slavery? Or the forces of balanced secrets?

It will be answered on that place, on that very place, on high noon.
They all rushed forward to battle eachother, resulting in a massive clash of swords and fists, each side trying to get a hit to each other. Logan and Dakrin, Seiner and Raven, Amira and Yamja, Tania and her former three friends, the rest of the rivalries are incredible to be witnessed.
Dakrin tries parry most of Logan’s moves while dodging every attack of his, Logan does the same, this seems that both men tried their hardest for a rematch for a living, he then tries to strike a low blow to Logan’s leg but Logan manages to block it in time, later proceeding to kick Dakrin’s chest. Dakrin, however, would not give up so easily so gets up very fast and proceeds to launch a series of slashes towards Logan, in which he proceeds to block every move of it. Unfazed, Logan then air slashes Dakrin up, tearing most of his shirt apart, leaving a very exposed chest.
“You seem to have trained well you dog, but today I’ll prove that I’ definitely the strongest!”
“You said that like 80 times, do I look like we can give a damn?”
Suddenly, without warning, Dakrin uses his robotic arm to grab Logan’s left hand, snatches Coraggio away and proceeds to swing it to a faraway place, likely to be never found again.
Logan couldn’t believe what he saw, he tried to attack Dakrin but the latter acts fast and proceeds to break his left arm. Struggling with pain it all seemed possible that Logan’s life finally reached an end.
“Now you can see the strongest part of me! Thanks to your anger, this piece of technology increased my strength to a whole new level. Now here I am, for all these long months, I will finally do what I failed to do many times, kill you, the great leader, once and for all!”
But just as Dakrin was about to strike his sword towards Logan, a piece of dark, blueish luminous blade is suddenly impaled in his neck, causing him to shock a lot while slowly but painfully coughing up a lot of blood. Logan was surprised and pleased in knowing who did it, Varris Dhorian himself, finally avenging Biora by his own hands.
“This is the strongest part of any fight, you bastard!” Varris said as he detached his lightblade away, Dakrin’s last moments was filled with the biggest karmic death of all times, killed by a stab in the neck, just like what he did to his victim.
He then feel to the ground, now lying in a pool of his own blood.
Logan then is helped being get up by Varris, which proceeds to heal his broken arm.
“Wow, I never guessed that Soranians could possess a cool power like Tany.”
“It’s used mostly in harsh times like this Logan, a reserved technique to say the least but always coming in handy at anything.”
“Heh, you could be Tany’s instructor on that matter.”
“I would like to but first there’s some gem to get, remember?”
“Right, alright let’s go Varris! But first…I need a weapon…”
“You’ll get one later, just stay on me or Amira’s back for defense…or maybe both of us.”
“Whatever, I’m taking cover!”
Later on, Tany tries her best to fend off the clones of her three fallen friends, using every spell of fire and ice to cover her movements, at one point, she decides to use a distraction. She starts summoning a piece of ice blocks and proceeds to hurl at them. Thinking her path is now clear, she proceeds to rush to the Mayan pyramid. But just as she was stepped in the first stone of the ladder, the pyramid then started glowing blue, stopping most of the fights that was going on.
Then, after a period of silence, a voice was then heard.
Suddenly, a piece of a black, cloudy, entity emerged at the top of the pyramid, revealing a Wolf-like creature with massive glowing and eyes and long claws.
“Over our dead bodies, freak!” Walter said as he then grabs Agent H and hurls him away towards the entity like a football ball, but the entity only catches him and makes him look at his eyes for a moment. Then, to the shock of many, his eyes turned pale white, just like the entity’s ones.
“The Slave…The worst of all.” Varris said.
“Now you tell me.”
Agent H then proceeds to launch a series of hand-blasts aimed at Walter, Agent W, Jane and Eddie, turning them into slaves of the Slave. They started to attack most of the others, with the purpose of succumbing them to their influence, everything seems hopeless. However, Tany came up with something clever, noticing what caused their heel, she then started to yell.
“Hey you foolish doggies! Looks who is the girlie about to get your precious little puny gem!” She said as she pulled the middle finger at them. Logan and Amira were very dumbfounded in what they saw, but Seiner had a expression of pleasure in his face.
“YOU CAN DO IT MY DEAR!” Seiner said as Tany proceeded to run up to the pyramid containing the gem while the slaved people chased after her.
She gets closer and closer, the bright looking more and more near, the gem is at her sight. She uses every force she has to grab it with time while the slaves get near in catching her.
After a tense moment however, she touches the gem, starting the fusion as always and staying immobile for a while. The slaves and The Slave stopped chasing her, noticing the strange aura around her, they turned their attention towards the uninfected, looking for a chance to consume them to their own rule until…
“Halt slaves, now your time is up, freedom is now at your doorstep!” Tany said with an imposing voice, this in fact stops The Slave and the rest.
“Now, rest again once more Slave, your service is no longer needed.”
The Slave then vanished into thin smoke. This eventually caused the hypnotized persons to snap out and return to their normal states.
Yamja couldn’t believe what she saw, first the death of Dakrin and now the last gem into their hands? Visible rage could be seen from her face, that is until it turned into a smirk.
“So so…you did it, well done, the gems are yours now…But now you’ll suffer for it…Our mole inside you will know it all and unleash the ultimate destruction upon you all!”
She then teleported back to the Inquisitor’s base.
Perhaps, the most devastated of all person, is none other than Agent W herself. She fought in the whole war all just to prove her point to Logan, believing that she was fighting righteously for the betterment of the world and probably the Universe. That day, she finally realized how it felt to be a pawn, something she never wanted in her life.

“Then let’s give them a beating of a lifetime then!”
“That won’t ever happen at all. Don’t you see the state your friend is in now? Your commitment to the group’s ideals made you into nothing more but husks that defy all logic in the world and presented to you. She didn’t even understood of much her own ideals could have consumed her. I too follow my own true ideal of free society, but I know how to control it, but working it out with other great traits like courage, justice and unity. With all four together, people will be able to flow freely into society, surpassing every obstacle they face every day, you on the other hand, focused only in balance without knowing exactly what it is. A balance of powers? What a joke! The balance of virtues is what matters after all.” Tany said.
The agents couldn’t believe every word she said, they tried to retort every excuse they can give to justify their actions but couldn’t.
Never in their life were they so wrong of what they fought for.
“Then it’s up to us to leave now. But, if what you said it’s true…then what other purpose can we have now?”
“I don't know...maybe, rethink of all this?”
The agents reacted with surprise at the statement, never thought that such simple words could be enough to rethink their own purpose in their service of the 12th Group.
“Maybe for now on…We can honor my grandma’s commitment to the group as well, just for the sake of doing better, I in fact always this group to behave much goodly, and I’m glad you knocked the senses into my partners. Arigato…Tany.” Agent O said before leaving and carrying a weeping Agent W to her shoulders.
Despite W’s psychopathy, she was still a broken Human being who watched her whole life being torn apart by poverty and corruption, for her, the 12th Group could give her a second chance but it didn’t at all. All she can do now is weep, for all the sins she committed in her life, but could she accept the new life style of the group as well? Who knows? That mental state with that damage cannot be fixed so easily in a short period amount of time.
They will give her all the time needed to recover from all the trauma of the sins.
The Earth Warriors then approached each other.
“Guys, this is it, our chance to win the war in Earth is getting closer now. All I want to say is, thank you so much for being the best help in these days with us, fighting to keep our own people alive from the dangers of tyranny. With the gems in our hands, everything can be possible now. I can even hope that maybe this group will get bigger and bigger the more missions we complete in the future, showing how much we can inspire the new generation to join us, and perhaps most of you will survive long enough to see that kind of wonder. Isn’t it, right?” Logan said.
“Of course it does my dear…” Amira said as she hugged him.
“And what if one of us get married one day?” Jackson asked
“We all can decide for later man, remember, we must focus on the present first.”
“Heh! Right on!”
“But I have a problem…the coraggio I once had is now gone…What kind of new weapon could I get to represent my ideals once again?”
“I think I know that answer Logan. I’ll show you when we return to the Benevolence…with Biora’s corpse.”

Back at the Benevolence, a funeral for Biora was going on while Logan, Varris and Amira were at the quarters.
“Many people in Sorania once said: Those who show the best capabilities of the goodest being created on the Universe, deserve the gift of the sanctified ones. This one could be perfect for you.” Varris said as he took out a mysterious looking handle in a vault.
“Is this?”
“Yes…the lightblade of the Great Galactic Guard. Used by the most valiant of the valiant ones who fought in the many wars to protect the universe, it’s way more perfect than a blaster to say the least.”
Logan then touched one of the buttons, activating a green flow of light that briefly surprises him, he tests it by swinging it around.
“The most elegant weapon every warrior in the Universe can get, and now you’re the first Human to use it. You’ll make a good impression for Humanity when it joins the ICP.”
“The what?”
“The Intergalactic Committee of Planets, the organism that led the Age of Peace for hundreds of years. They made the Universe as it is now, that was until the Zlocu rose up of course.”
After some practice with it, he then finally shuts the Lightblade off.
“Varris, Amira, whatever can happen, now we’ll pull it through together and bring justice to the man who destroyed everything you loved dearly. And tell John the truth about Ivana.”
“Let’s hope so my dear Logan…”

Meanwhile, inside a Zlocan ship, Yamja lifted her hand, likely talking to a someone else by far.
“The time has come…execute Plan Ultimatum…”
Meanwhile, in a defense platform in Dubai at night, a person went for the control room, as he sits down in one of the main computers. He then inserts a mysterious device into the computer itself, this immediately causes it to cause a malfunction in the system, getting the attention of the rest.
Somehow, a greater trap was about to start…

19 - Razing Grace

Logan, Varris and Amira were now heading towards John’s room, ready to be congratulated by him alongside Commander Kaufer who was brought as a guest of honor and at the same time, to expose Ivana as the mole of the 12th Group. They were soon accompanied by the others, ready to receive both the good news and deliver the bad news.

They enter the room, where John was having a cup of tea alongside Sir Oton, Lady Ivana and of course, Kaufer himself.
“So the champions of all good are now here. The news of you getting the gems will astound people around the world, admiring you for accomplish anything that seemed impossible to them. If there could be an existent synonym for the word ‘Paragon’, then it will be you, the Earth Warriors, defending the innocent and serving the will of justice itself.”
“Thank you for the words Herr Kaufer, but everyone else including most of your soldiers that synonym as well.”
“Hmm, growing rapidly it seems, the new generation is growing stronger as always.”
“It is indeed. But before we can continue, we like to do something else to further advance our ideals.”
“What do you mean Logan?” John asked.
“I request you…to arrest Lady Ivana for being a double agent for the elusive 12th Group.”
“What the hell Logan!? Me? A traitor!? You’re should go home because you’re probably drunk right now!”
“But Logan never drinks!” John said.
“Perhaps there was whisky in his room and used to celebrate It’s real victory!”
“And there’s no whisky at all pal! We always knew every storage our room and it contains 0% items of alcoholic drinks even If I’m a fan of them!” Eddie said.
“Then…you must be drunk too! Colonel John, I request you to dismiss these fools!”
“Hold on now…I know these guys very well, their activities and anything. If the encounter they had in recent mission means something, then it means they found something vital to it. Your retorts towards them make you very suspect of what you may actually do. Now tell me lady…Are you too a mole for the Zlocans as well?”
“Be honest to everyone dear Ivana, are you a triple as well or not?” Sir Oton said.
“….Not triple. Never was. But yes…I do work for the 12th group after all.”
“See? There was no need to lie to us after all. But because of your activities, then we’re afraid you must be arrested.”
But before any of them could do anything, they receive a call from the digital board, it’s a call coming from Tokyo.
“This is Colonel John in Battleship Benevolence, how I can help?”
“This is Station Kanto! Large enemy Zloc groups are raiding the city after something disabled the ring’s defenses! Requesting support!”
“The defenses are disabled?! Hold on, we will-wait a call from Sydney. Yes, Colonel John in Benevolence.”
“We need reinforcements! The enemy is outnumbering us harshly! The Ring’s Defenses were disabled for a while and now this!!”
“You too?!”
But before he could respond, he gets another call, this time from Dubai.
“Get over here now! They’re everywhere and we can’t hold them off for much longer with the ring’s defenses disabled!”
Then one from Moscow.
“Moscow Station! Zlocan troops all over the place! We need support!”
Then London.
“Requesting assistance! I repeat, requesting assistance whoever you are!”
And finally, New York.
All UEF main cities are now under attack.
The ring’s defenses were the only thing stopping from roaming battleships from trying to pass to the city but now they did, with the help of the signal of a sleeper agent, but who could have given the signal.
“All HQs under attack!? This is impossible! Who could have pulled off that atrocity?!”
The screen then showed all six cities being under heavy attack from Zlocan forces, smokes, planes, alarms and fire can be seen and heard in all of them.
The palpable horror couldn’t even describe what everyone was seeing at the moment.
This in fact makes Kaufer hurt very much. Could a large number of sleeper cells in the HQs did this simply because they were following orders? Believed in the Zlocans’ motives? Or because they didn’t have any choice at and felt like slaves in doing so?
“How….? Did our own men…Do this?”
“Maybe it’s just a few of them.” Ivana said coldly.
“But only someone could have given the coordinates to the each of the rings’ locations! One who knows the systematics of each of them and their vital spots! Not to mention, the one who gave away the location of the Inquisitors to every encounter we had! Who was it!?” Logan said.
“I’m sorry Colonel…I too apologize for not being sincere myself.” Sir Oton said.
“What?! You mean…?”
“Yes…I was the one who did all the trouble back then. The spy.”
“But why?!” John asked with a sad tone.
“My family was taken hostage…And the only they could give it back to me…If I cooperated with them. Do you realize how much a person can mean to somebody? Sadly, we never had any choice, hard choices are the things that can only exist here, it’s the only way we can surpass the pain and fear!”
“But I too was kidnaped and held hostage, but I got set free, not by violence, but through the love of my family.” Varris said.
“But you weren’t powerless!”
Suddenly, a phone rings, coming from Sir Oton himself, he then starts with a nervous shake. He then puts the audio in speaker mode so anyone can hear the voice on it.
“Who…who is it?”
“It’s been quite a while, Mr Oton…”
“Raven! I did everything you asked me to do! Please…let my family go now! All I want is peace and nothing more!”
“Unfortunately Sir Oton, you realized in the how much you have betrayed your own men just because you cared about your family and anyone else? That means that you only cared about seeking safety for your yourself without valuing the life of the rest. In your eyes, it can like a hard yet fair decision to do, because it can be for the best of anyone. But since we already failed the quest to gain the gems and that you have exposed yourself, then I guess your own objective to save your life while pleasing both have failed.”
“No…I beg you!”
“Too late Mr Oton, you were nothing than a pawn every side after all, like with Ivana. Now, I guess as your punishment for failing both of us, then it’s the time for you everything you always to save to say something else: a farewell.”
“No! NO!!!!”
“Everything has its consequences and this is no exception.”
Then, a gun could be heard been cocked, then, the most horrific act of all, gunshots could be heard from the distinct sound of the Desert Eagle. While not seen, one could the notice the terror the family members were having, each dying while screaming horrifically with each of the nine gunshots. Everyone was stunned and horrified, even Ivana. The call then ends, the whole ordeal makes him drop the phone and started to weep. After a moment of silence, he takes out his gun and shots at Ivana to the head, shocking everyone in the room. He then attempts to shot Kaufer but with his quick CQC, manages to dislocate his arm and holding him up.
“Let go of your rage Oton! We are not to blame for you family’s murder!” Kaufer said while lecturing him.
“Maybe the Inquisitors never even wanted to save them after all, they only care for the suffering of others and you know that!”
“You are wrong! You only made it worse for them! You were the triggers for their deaths!”
“Scapegoating is not the solution Oton!”
“Then…how can I live?”
“By moving on…That’s all I need to say.”
“Moving on!?! What a joke! A cliché! Who can you expect people like to move on after what happened!?! Nothing! NOTHING!!! IF YOU NEVER CAN UNDERSTAND OF WHAT I’VE DONE, THEN YOU NEVER WILL!!!”

He then quickly points his gun at the direction of his head, quickly pulling the trigger, exposing a large part of his brain with blood splattered in the board.
At this very moment, it is clear that uncontrolled fear will lead to more tragedies like what happened. War can make anyone mad, especially the fragile ones.
“We must stop this once and for all…We will hatch a plan of Operation: Eternal Grace. And given the magnitude…we may split you into different groups.” John said.
“What?!” Most of the heroes said.
“If we must save all the cities with minimal casualties as we can, then every good part of the UEF needs to go to one of them, even I!”
“Varris…What about…?”
“Don’t worry sister, once I complete my part, I will go to you, right John?!”
“Anything can go! Let’s clean this mess and later inform you!”
Kaufer then ordered some recently arrived troopers to carry  the dead bodies away and clean up the table, now they could leave. Amira was clearly nervous of the whole ordeal, could she and the rest manage to survive on their own? Only time will tell for this bloodshed.

In the briefing room.

“This is it people, our biggest and probably most dangerous operation. The defense systems of the main HQs of the UEF has been compromised, leaving way for the Zlocu forces in space to attack them and most of them are being overrun. All we need to now is to split the best groups we have in the UEF and send them to each of the six different cities in six teams. Alpha Team, which will be led by Jackson, Lucy, Eddie and Malak, will head towards Tokyo in order to ensure the total protection of the city. Varris Dhorian, Salty and Andrei will led the counterattack of Sidney as part of Beta Team. GOD Squad will head towards Dubai as part of Charlie Team. Task Force Rodent led by Julian Dawes as part of Delta Team will led the assault in Moscow. Logan, Seiner, Amira and Tania will take care of the battle in London as part of Echo Team. Finally, I’ll lead Gamma Team to the defense of the city of New York, my home. The teams will provide enough distractions for the commandos and the engineers to reactivate the defense rings in the cities. We will probably lose lots of men in this operation but we will make sure that the Zlocu will not shed more suffering upon us all. We’ll all counting on you all. Move now!”

It was at this very moment where the lives of the many good men in the world will be put to the test. Will they survive the incoming carnage? Or will their fates be sealed by the hands of death itself?
Only the battle will let it know.

Varris, Andrei, Salty were leading a group fighters heading towards Sydney at noon, ready to take out some of the Zlocan invaders. Most of the battleships were located between Botany Bay and Towra Point, luckily the best locations to prevent much of the collateral damage.
Varris is clearly nervous of the fear of losing his sister in the assault, not knowing if something bad could happen to her, he can sense her, yes, but knows how terrible the pain can be when he feels her troubles.
“Something wrong comrade Varris?”
“It’s just my sister…”
“Don’t worry about your sister now, focus on the mission! Right now, we have to take down 6 battleships orbiting the area between Botany Bay and Towra Point, they’re the ones giving out the orders of the assault, so destroying will disorient the Zlocan forces on the groun, then we’ll clear out the renegade naval forces in Sydney Harbour, and finally we will wait for the for the others to finish up the job, understood?”
“Yes Andrei…”
“Your mental sensors are now going stable Master Varris, recommend further control during the operation.”
“Understood Salty.”
“Good to hear, now boys, let’s rock and roll!”
The group of fighters then applied full thrusters, ready to defend Sydney with all they can.
The six battleships were there, trying to raze most of the naval forces and the city to the ground. The streets were becoming total war zones as both sides try to gain the advantage in the battle.
“Let’s take care of these three suckers first!” Andrei said as he and others fighters proceed to launch their missiles towards the battleships on Botany Bay, most of them damage the battle turrets but they still keep standing forward. Some Zlocan fighter then come in and proceed to try to shoot them down. All fighters dodge every attack they can get although most of them perish. Luckily however, one of the crashing ones crashed on the ships bridges, taking one out of commission.
“That’s one hell of a way to take down with style, but let’s see if this can have more style!”
Andrei then flew towards another battleship, proceeding to launch a large barrage of missile towards deck, taking it down.
“Not bad Andrei, but what about another trick in the book?” A pilot asked.
“Well, there’s this: ULTRA TSAR!!!”
Andrei then dropped once again into the last ship near Botany Bay, completely obliterating the upper half of the ship.
“Ura! Now let’s get the ships in Towra Point!”
They proceeded to do that while shooting down more fighter plan in the process.
On the way, Varris was coming up with a plan.
“Hey Salty…Mind if we can combine this?”
“What is it?”
“Our special attacks.”
“Good. Now, FOCUS RAY!!!”
Varris’ plane then shot some laser beams at one of the ships, cutting it in half.
“ARMAGEDDON PROTOCOL.” Salty said as she fired a large barrage of missiles in her plane mode, hitting both battleships enough to cripple them.
“Let’s finish this!”
Varris and the others then proceeded to drop some bombs on the ships, finally ending them for good.

“Main objective complete comrades! Now onto those traitors on Sydney Harbour!”
Then they went to said place, ready to take down the enemy ships. They, of course will be chased down by the enemy fighters following their tail.
“We got a lot of company!” A pilot yelled.
“Then we can expire it!” Andrei retorted.
Varris then used his plane to make a complete 180* turn and uses his lasers to shoot them down.
“See? Let’s continue!”
They arrive at the harbor were massive naval battle was taking place.
New ships vs old ships, a battle of many proportions.
The renegade ships notice the fighters and proceed to fire their cannons and missiles. Luckily, most of them manage to dodge the firepower with fancy maneuvers and tricky shots. Andrei and Varris combined expertise manages to even sink 10 ships at the same time! Lastly, they take down the final ship, now clearing the way for victory in Sydney.
“WOO-HOO! OH YEAH! LONG LIVE AUSTRALIA MATES!” One of the pilots yelled.
“Replace Australia with Earth and it’s ten times better!” Andrei said.
“I did it…I completed a mission...for the good of Amira and the rest. This is Varris, requesting immediate relocation to London.”
“Are you sure about that? Why?”
“Let him go comrade, he knows what he will do.”
“I’ll accompany you.”
“Thanks Salty. I’ll wish you luck in what remains guys.”
Varris and Salty then flew away at high speed, ready to go to London in to re-encounter with Amira and the others.
“удачи, my friend…Alright, this is Andrei to Alpha Group, we have cleared most of Sydney and the defenses are coming back now. How about you?”
“We’re getting hit hard while approaching a building that contains jammer that interferes with of the coordinated strikes. We’ll advance as fast as we can while Eddie provides support!” Malak said.
“Understood, make good use of it!”

In Tokyo at nearly dusk, the only way the UEF could advance forward is to take out a jammer that interferes most of the radar signal near Kanto.
Eddie was flying in his F-4 Phantom while shooting down some planes and others inside the building where the jammer is located.
A massive gunfight was ensuing in the 19th floor, both UEF and Zlocans trying their best to achieve their objectives while the battle raged on outside.
“We have only floor left to disable the jammer, let’s do it team Alpha!” Jackson said.
Meanwhile back in the skies, Eddie was now approaching the building where the jammer is located, but unfortunately, a trap was set up, as an AA gun proceeds to fire his machine gun towards the plane and starts damaging it.
“SHOT! This is Ed, plane is screwed up, time for plan B!”
“You don’t mean…” Malak said dumbfouned.
And then, Eddie then bails out of the plane while it gets destroyed.
He grabs his backpack, but instead of getting out a parachute, he snatched two Thompson machine guns.
He then proceeds to fire them non-stop, mowing most of the enemies on the roof, even destroying the AA guns themselves!
He then plunges itself forward to land onto the building  while at the same time trying to not getting himself hurt.
He then lands on the top of the building while sliding down, but he briefly strain his ankle.
“Oh damn! I knew I’ve should have practiced better before!”
But before he could do anything to treat his wound, he was someone familiar, none other than Jason Garreth with a bottle of whisky and two cups.
“I must say I’m very impressed for your skills old man. I guess the silver fox never indeed gave up after all. Maybe you can celebrate with this last shot of whisky, right?”
“Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re gonna do but thanks anyways,*drinks the whisky shot.* Wow, what a nice one you brought, but I must ask, why a last whisky, because that you will get me sober?”

A gunshot could be heard inside, probably the jammer being shot down by Jackson while Malak pushes the door witnessing something she will never forget.
Jason then pulled out his gun,  and gently pulled the trigger.
Eddie’s life now can to an absolute end after many years fighting for justice.
“It’s for your retirement that came at last after many years wishing it…”
Jackson and went outside and they too were horrified for what they saw. Eddie was like an uncle that Malak never had, one that cared for her despite many flaws.
“Oh, look at you, you poor soul, aren’t you supposed go back home and plan your next attack?”
She then rushed forward screaming and in tearswhile Jason first shoots Jackson in the leg likely to prevent him to assist her while she now tries to aim at Lucy but Malak deflects the bullet back. He then tries to keep shooting at her in every direction but Malak kept reflecting more and more bullets until she gets near him and swings her sword horizontally towards Jason’s head, ultimately cutting it apart from its body.
The life of the infamous racist came to an end as well.
“That was for Eddie you son of a bitch!”
Malak then calmly unsheathes her sword back in the handle and now comes to Eddie’s lifeless body, mourning him with every inch of sadness that she has.
Jackson, while injured managed to get up with the help of Lucy.
“Jackson, please don’t leave me!”
“Oh come on Luce…you think a shot like that can bring me down that easily?”
Lucy smiled at that statement and proceed to kiss Jackson mouth-to-mouth.
Malak, meanwhile, made her last prayer with Eddie.
“Your whole life had been tied up to one thing only; bring justice to everyone you wanted to help. Thanks for every service that you committed to this world, Ed. Now everyone in future generations will know you as the man who cared for everything despite his flaws. Rest in peace…my eternal friend…”

20 - Redemption and Death

Task Force Rodent, led by Julian Dawes of Iron Widow, were arriving to Tagansky District in Moscow through VTOLs, ready to repel back some of the Zlocan troops that are overwhelming the Local Russian forces in the area.
The VTOLs manage to provide some cover fire for the Russian troops while Team Delta rappelled down to defend the troops. Unfortunately, one of the Zlocan Walkers manage to shoot it down, but luckily they land safely and one of them uses his Grenade launcher to disable said walker.
“Thank god you came here my friends! I’m Colonel Georgy Konev at your service!” The Russian leader said.
“Captain Julian Dawes of Team Delta. We’ve been sent here to assist you in the defense of Moscow. Right now, we have the objective of rendezvousing with your group that was pinned down.”
“And so you did in the end! Haha! Heroes always come in time indeed! Now, I guess that now that you’re here with us, then we have a special mission we like to share with you.”
“I’m hearing.”
“A ‘tower’ ship is hindering our efforts in protecting our beloved city from the Alien bastards, they have shot down most of the Local forces of Moscow and we’re afraid that reinforcements are suffering the same fate. High command has given the order to launch the FOAB to completely destroy it, but one of the guiding sites for the bomber in this climate have been disabled as well in the Ivanovsky Convent. The bomb will be launched in four minutes by an incoming bomber and we only have a handful amount of time left before it gets shot down.”
“I see…Alright, let’s get going before it’s too late!”
“Don’t worry, we have some vehicles for you to get, and with lots of lead for combats like this. Everyone! To the Convent now!” Georgy ordered as he and the other soldiers including Julian get in in the Volk mobility vehicles with either machine guns or cannons attached to it.
“Full speed now!!!”
Then the vehicles proceed to accelerate at high velocity while dodging some of the rumble present in the road while being accompanied by some tanks in the way.
Then they notice something nefarious chasing them.
“Enemy speeders!”
Some motorcycle-style enemies appeared behind, starting to shot most of the the vehicles, but Julian, who was manning the turret of one of them proceeds to shoot them down. After destroying one of the vehicles, they seem to get the upper hand but Julian manages to outwit them by shooting their drivers, causing them to crash massively.
“Some people would need some vehicle insurance afterwards!”
The rest laughed at the joke and proceeded to go forward.
In the middle of crossing the Yauza river, they spot an Zlocan hover ship awaiting them, ready to destroy them all.
“Oh crap! Worst timing!” Julian said.

*Comona from Ace Combat 4 plays*

But before they could meet their demise, plane sounds could be heard and suddenly, a missile strikes down the hovership while the convoy continues to advance to the designated zones. The fighters then appeared as well, but apparently they didn’t seemed to belong to the UEF air force. And it wasn’t just a plane, 5 of them followed as well, all familiar F-15 S/MTDs.
It’s them, the Agents are back.
But not for for a delusional quest of balance.
Instead, a mission to save the people they want to care about.
“These strange markings…have I seen them before?” Julian asked.
“Any marking that has a kill then it means that it deserved to be recognized. Now move forward!”
“This is it people, the first solo mission without the orders from high command. If we’ve been pawns for too long, then we’ll no longer be today!” Agent S said.
“I knew all of you will do the right thing!” Agent O said.
“Now, let’s keep up in clearing the way!” Agent W said.
Meanwhile, the platoon in the ground were now approaching the torn-down building nearby that contains the guidance system to the FOAB. Zlocan guards were surrounding the building and set up some cannons for defense when the platoon comes in time.
But just as they were about to fire, one of the men in the convoy noticed them first and many of the mobility vehicles started to fire their weapons at the Zlocu, hitting many of them while being equally struck by the cannons themselves.
Finally, Julian proceeds to gun down some of the enemy troops, and now they can secure the FOAB guidance system.
“This is it comrades! Only 2 minutes from victory!”
They then hopped off their vehicles and started to raid the building inside that contained many Zlocan Knights.
The knights tried their hardest to repel most of the soldiers’ attacks, but the elite training Team Delta received, alongside the Russian platoon determination to fight for their home. They couldn’t hold out any longer and were injured and killed off quickly.
They go upstairs, noticing that the system is surprisingly intact even if it was under control by the Zlocans.
“OK, we have the system cleared all we need to do now is-’’

But before they could do something, they saw the “Tower” Ship firing their massive cannons at a faraway location, noticing that they shot down some fast fighters, this could mean that this “Tower” Ship was an unique one, capable of striking even the targets from long distances.
The Agents noticed but they have something to counter it…at their own price.
“It looks like the cannons lots of trouble. What should be do?” Agent H said.
“I guess…it’s time to unleash our tactic. The last goodbye.” Agent W said.
“What? No, you don’t mean…” Agent D said.
“Listen to me, what have committed enough sins in the last few months and the group is now getting massive exposure as result of the recent events. We have gotten enough bad reputation long enough…And now it’s time to move on. This is the moment we everyone will realize who we are…But how we turned out in the end.”
“Raymond….It’s been an honor.” Agent W said to the man is known by many as Agent S but whose real name is Raymond.
“You too Valeria…And you Gerald (Agent H), Zaid (Agent A), Carla (Agent D) and Noriko…It’s been a long time for this.”
“We will be with you always…” The remaining agents said as the applied full thrust to their planes, ready to activate the mega bombs they have inside that will cause enough damage to the laser cannons of the “Tower” Ship, they fly in through the lower part.
At the next moment, massive explosions started to rock the ship away, eventually putting the cannons out of commission.
They lived for a long time as outcasts, but they died as true heroes.
Julian and the others even noticed it.
“These fighters…whoever piloted them, they must deserve for what they did…” Julian said.
“This is Osa 1, we’re getting near the city in 30 seconds, we need clearance for target!” Said the pilot carrying the FOAB.
“Indeed. Now, use the guidance system!”
Then, Julian proceeded to grab the laser designator and started to point it at the Tower Ship. 
“Target Acquired!” Osa 1 said.
He then stood still for a moment.
“Target locked! Bomb away!”
The bomber the finally launches the FOAB to the ship at high velocity while it flies away. The missile eventually hits the ship, causing a large blinding explosion that could be seen even the outskirts of Moscow. This explosion engulfes some of the nearby Zlocan fighters near it.
After some seconds of flashing light, it eventually fades out, revealing nothing more but a clear blue, sky, with the sun shining brightly.
“Hahaha! Well done my comrade Julian, the people of Moscow extends their gratitude towards your actions for this battle! I can invite for a drink afterwards!”
“Thanks colonel, but I think the gratitude should be extended for the fighters who sacrificed themselves to make it possible. They will remembered for many generations.”
“We’ll make it possible, we’ll make it comrade Julian.”
And thus, Julian’s main mission in Moscow has ended.

Meanwhile, In Dubai, GOD Squad was fighting some heavy resistance in downtown, their mission is to eradicate the command center that coordinates most of the Zlocan’s movements in the city located at the top of the Dusit Thani Hotel. Walter and Ji-ae seemed they were the ones who were the most fun in the battle, as they were mowing down Zlocan with dual miniguns with each hand, which seemed a feat impossible to achieve. Enemy after enemy, whether it’s a vehicle or Knight, they stood no chance against GoD Squad itself, especially from Walter and Ji-ae themselves.
“CRY SOME MORE YOU BASTARDS!!!!” Walter yelled out loud.
“SUCK IT UP!!!!”
They were clearly trigger-happy with their miniguns being used against the Zlocans, who in their eyes, deserve the punishment.
But soon as the mow down the remaining defenses of the hotel and start to move on, Valentina noticed something terrible found near the Zlocan corpses.
“Walter…Ji-ae…Why this?”
“I can’t believe how brutal you two are…” Celina said.
“Even I only use explosives at the right time.”
The thing that horrified them in question was none other than civilians and UEF soldiers who were caught in the crossfire. Every limb of them blown off, pools of blood everywhere, all at the hands of trigger-happy members of the UEF.
What could the public think of this when it ends? Will it heavily affect the reputation of the UEF itself? And will they handle it in the most difficult way as possible?
“You clearly need a conscience Walty…You know it.” Berat said sternly at him as they proceeded to advance towards the target.

Walter and Ji-ae, surprisingly, did even gave an insult to them, instead, they paralyzed in silence, was this killing really worth the time? Could they have actually cared for the civilians or just wanted some thrills? Given their stance, it seemed that they now know how it feels to lack a difference between them and the enemy they were fighting for.
“…I’m so fucked up.” Walter muttered.
“Me too…”
Then, they proceeded to reunite with the rest of the squad, waiting for them of course.
“Now, all we need to do is go to the fortieth floor of the hotel and blow everything type of commanding officer there is, that way, the Zlocans will have a harder time in coordinating the assault. Are you all ready?” Berat said.
“I hate to say this but maybe only three of you must, we have a large group of enemy reinforcements coming in our way.” Celina said.
“Oh dear…” 
“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one to enter!” Mehdi said
“Leave it to me and Ji as well…” Walter said.
“Walter? Why that hombre?” Valentina said.
“Because ever since we were tortured and abused in  our whole lives since childhood, we gained these attitudes to run away from the trauma…But now we’ve just realized that for all of our actions to alienate from the demons of the past, we in turn realized that there was no difference at all.”
“And for it, it’s now our job to complete the mission, even if it means taking our lives away.” Ji-ae said.
“No…you deserve another-’’
“It’s too late for me already Berat, I’m already a monster for what I did back in Sicily and today.”
“No...I can’t even be even described as a demon, especially from my murder spree back in China seven years ago, and for what I did to Logan…”
“Now…I think redemption for us can be only achieved if we leave this world that we don’t deserve to be in…Also, before we go…Here’s what me and Ji want to say to Logan in case if he survives; You are a great warrior, we were not, and sorry for everything we’ve done to you. Now, it’s the time.”
“OK…I’ll see you in the other side then…” Berat said while fighting back tears and proceeding to kiss Walter one last time before saying goodbye.
“This will be one hell of a fight…Now, let’s go you two!”

Walter then proceeded to enter the hotel alongside with Mehdi and Ji-ae, ready to achieve the ultimate mission. They take out most of the guards in the entrance and later some more in the lobby, wrecking every piece of equipment there is in the area.
Mayhem and destruction was the only thing occurring in the floor.
Soon it was all cleared as they now proceeded to go to the elevator to reach the top floor.
“Getting the explosives ready, dude?”
“Right here boss!”
“And your weapons?
“Why I should forget?!”
“Good…get ready.”
They waited and waited for the incoming arrival of the next floor.
They arrived, starting to shot guns and blazing against all of the Zlocan troops in it.
Back in the ground, the three other squad members were holding goodly against the enemy reinforcements, using every gadget and equipment they have at the moment. However, it will be only a matter a time before anything worse can happen to them.
Back on the top floor, Walter, Ji-ae and Mehdi entered the room where most of the equipment was located and decided to lock the door to make sure none one enters at the room, at least for now.
“Mehdi…ready the fireworks.”
“Oh yeah!”
He then proceeds to arm all the C4 bombs and detonators that he has in every part of the room, all to make sure none of the enemy ever uses it again later on in the battle.
While this happened, Walter and Ji-ae were now thinking of every memory they had, back from their terrible childhoods, to the recent events, thinking all the sins that they’ve committed in the name of ‘good’. They now realized that the only good they have committed in their lives would the sacrifice they were about to do, all because they believe they don’t deserved to be living in the world.
Then, the door started to melt furiously, likely coming from incoming Zloca knights trying to reestablish the post they built.
“All what's good left in this world…are possessed by those who wielded it since the beginning. Those haven’t, should not have a place for it. But if our next lives may exists then all of that will be rewritten, becoming a new breed of people, starting a new of life for us all, a rebirth. And with rebirths, comes a new life of heroes, true heroes…”
“And that’s the way of the warrior…” Ji-ae said.
“No…we we’re not, never were, never will be. We’re just a bunch of killers and that’s that.”
Finally, the door finally melted and now the Zlocan troops were holding the people at gun point. They think that their plan will fail until Mehdi started to pull some cords out of his suit.
“What was that?!” A Zlocan trooper said.
“The entrance to hell boys!” Mehdi said before pressing the switch, and just afterwards, the entire room exploded in a massive inferno that engulfed everything around them, including the three members of GOD Squad. The explosion could be seen from above, now disorienting the Zlocan troops who now retreat from the area as the result of the destruction of both the command room and the arrival of UEF reinforcements.

Their mission in Dubai was now complete…but with a high price.
All the remaining members of GoD witnessed with deep sorrow the burning top of the building, which is now considered by them as the burial place of the two redeemed soldiers and a friend, one fought for the freedom of not just the world, but the whole Universe as well.
“For all what’s worth in the world, there’s always a spark to start the new hope for everything and everyone. Without a spark, no hope will exist.” Berat said in a somber tone.
“There’s always a spark Berat, remember that.” Celina said comforting him while fighting back tears alongside him and Valentina.
Regardless of the different attitudes they had, it was clear that no matter how much scuffle or disagreements they had for a long time, they were, and always will be, brother in arms.

21 - Love's Hopes and Dreams

New York City, once known as big, relatively peaceful apple, is known a flaming wreck of war. Once it was tried to be destroyed, but now, it’s on the verge of being destroyed by a massive Zlocan assault, continuing even at night.
The fires and smoke in fact clouded most of the city, as the fire and some active lights make the events look clear as something with air pollution. 
The battle is fierce, both the UEF defenders and Zlocan invaders are throwing everything they have to secure the city. The question, will they hold long enough to achieve their objectives? Only time will absolutely tell about it.
In Queens, a massive gunfight was ensuing between a tank platoon from the UEF and a walker platoon from Zlocu, all fighting each other to death.
John was in a building that became a hospital site alongside his other troops, they were tasked in defending it so they ill can survive long enough and bring out the most capable ones back for the fight.
A large pile of Zlocan corpses could be seen surrounding the streets near the building, most of them with gun holes in random parts of their bodies. It’s likely that this was the work of a team of snipers, except that the hospital doesn’t have any expert marksmen, the only able to achieve, is none other than John himself.
He’s the best sniper around after all.
But how does he get all that ammo to keep up in defending the place from the Zlocu? A large cache of sniper ammo of course.
“Sir, don’t you think you’re greatly draining the other’s chance to let them shoot?” A soldier asked him.
“In situations like this, only with the sharpest skills can handle it like this…And I’m the only here with those skills.”
“Oh…Sorry sir.”
“Go back to your station soldier…let the professional handle their work.”
“Right away sir!”
“Also, enough with the sir.”
He does as he’s told while some other UEF soldiers take on their stations to provide some cover fire alongside John with their assault rifles.
Some Zlocan Hoverships and walkers come in to provide their support as well, using all of their arsenal to wreck the hospital, but luckily, the combined sharpness of John alongside some well-placed SAM launchers manage to minimize the damage they were about to cause. John then proceeds to shot down the remaining hoverships and the pilots of each walker. Clearly, nothing seems to stop the perfect line of defense in the guise of John himself. 
At the sudden, a Zlocan sniper appears out of the blue and shots a fellow soldier besides John.
John, scared of seeing a fellow soldier that fights freedom dying, desperately calls for a medic, only for him to quickly succumb to his wounds.
Enraged, John then proceeds to shot at every Zlocan trooper he can encounter on every corner of the zone. One by one, Most of the Zlocans perish at the hands of a sole sniper in the span of two hours while dodging sniper fire.
Then, he dodged again a shot from the Zlocan sniper, now he noticed the exact place he was hiding. He quickly turns around, takes aim and pulls the trigger, releasing the bullet away.
A shot to the head, a perfect coup de grace for the sniper itself. The sniper then falls down. From the building, by that moment, most of the zone was now more piled with death corpses, but now it seemed that the Zlocan assault has ended as most the remnants are ordered to surrender.
John then noticed a fellow Zlocan running towards the direction of the fallen sniper, he then takes a quick aim, getting ready to shoot the Knight, but then he’s surprised when he sees something peculiar about it, instead of the Zlocan grabbing the rifle, it instead takes off its mask, revealing a female face while taking off the fallen’s one, revealing a male face, she then started to weep on his chest.
John then moved his aim away from her, realizing that in spite of what the Zlocans may have done to his country and fellow soldiers, sympathy still existed between them, kindness and all.
John then noticed a soldier taking aim against the Female Knight, making shoot him from few inches away from his foot. He then noticed John, who signaled him to restrain her while spouting a sad look in his face. All what could the woman do now was holding the hand of his possible dead lover while John watches from afar in regret.
The assault on Queens was now over, with the remaining Zlocans being taken as prisoners of war, even the woman.
Brooklyn and the Bronx are reported to be secured as well.
All what could John do was to sit down quietly, reflecting his experiences in the battle, did his actions were really justified in what he did? Perhaps when he lives long enough to see the aftermath, then he may know.
But before he could do something else, a soldier approaches him…with a soft drink in his hand, he maybe wants to give one to him, likely out of victory in the Queens.
John only stared at him awkwardly for a few moments…then he takes the soft drink and drains the whole can, he then throws it away.
The soldier then proceeded to leave awkwardly as well.
John now all what could now was to walk away in doubt for his action, maybe he could take a rest from it afterwards, but he’s not completely sure of it.

Later, in London, with an early morning dark blueish sky,the main four Earth Warriors alongside AWACS SwanEye and Vulture Squadron were leading the UEF air assault against the Zlocans in the city.
“SwanEye here, this will be a fine for you to take on some iron lead, you will secure air superiority in most of South London, mostly between South Bank, Waterloo and Newington. Give ‘em hell boys!”
“Roger that!” All pilots said.
Logan and Amira proceeded to engage against some fighters in South Bank alongside a patrolling Cruiser. Despite the tenacity of the Zlocan fighters, they manage to surpass them one by one, using many maneuvers and hidden tricks in the planes, shooting most of them down.
“You got an eye on the ship Logan?”
“Affirmative. Let’s give them some nice welcoming greetings!”
Then, out of nowhere when approaching the cruiser, Logan and Amira bail out of their planes while diving forward towards said cruiser.  
“UNION PARADISE!!!” Both of them said as they jumped.
They take out their lightblades, both red and green respectively, starting to slice up the bridge horizontally and vertically.
It then started fall apart but Amira uses her new power to divert it to the Thames River, preventing any casualties in downtown. After some impressive display of acrobatics, they land again to their planes, continuing their work as if nothing happened.
The other pilots couldn’t believe what they saw.
“What the freaking hell was that?!” Vulture lead said.
“The power of teamwork!” SwanEye said.
Meanwhile, Seiner and Tany were shooting donw many fighters in the skies of Waterloo, using every kind of trick reserved for each of them, Tany and her magic firebombs and Seiner and his spark missiles, causing a lot of havoc towards the Zlocan air fighters.
Now, all what’s left for them to do was to take care of the battleship that it’s attacking the part of the city.
“Hmm…I wonder what kind of super special attack can we to smash that naughty ship without hurting the civies?”
“Very simple…Let’s try out the latest trick in the book.”
“Okie dokie!”
Tany applied full thrust to her plane as she approaches the cruiser while dodging some of the cannon fire. Suddenly, the missiles stationed in her plane started to get a freezing atmosphere around them.
“Here they go! BLIZZARD STRIKE!!!” She then fired the iced missiles, causing the entire cruiser to be frozen in matter of seconds. As it soon started to fall…
“RAY DECORATOR!!!” Seiner said as he unleashes some laser cannon from his F-22 Raptor, slicing the frozen cruiser in millions of pieces to ensure minimal casualties in the ground.
“Hell yeah!”
Now in Newington, Vulture Squadron was mowing down the Zlocan fighters with their cat and mouse tactics, which was distracting to most of them. After taking care of the fighters, they now focused their attention on the cruiser patrolling the skies.
“All Vultures, give these blokes a proper Australian welcome!”
Then they started to drop a bunch of Evaporating Napalm bombs towards most decks of the cruiser, causing some heavy damage to it that it causes it to fall down after sustaining too much damage. But then, they drop down some more napalm to the remaining part, causing it to be combusted in mid-air, and then out of sudden, it vanishes completely.
“YAHOO, That’s the way mates!”
“Well done teams! You have pretty much secured air superiority in South London! Now, all you need to do it’s to help the remaining troops stationed in most of London, but it’s all up to you.”
“Excellent! Man, I never felt such a good flying in days like these…one day, we and Vulture would make excellent flight formations!” Logan said.
“Warning! Six unknown bogeys approaching at high speed, we’re detecting some incoming fire!”
The vultures then noticed what was incoming, four laser rays directed towards the four Earth Warriors. Knowing the risks, they decide to fly forward in front of them, taking the laser blasts from them. It end ups shooting all four down including the fifth one being hit with one of the lasers nearby.
“Vulture Squadron shot down!”
“These laser rays…” Amira muttered.

Then they discovered the origin of the laser bolts, they come from none other than Raven’s personal craft, being accompanied by Yamja, Vladimir, and the three clones.
“It’s you…” Seiner muttered.
“This has gone long enough people. Your choice right now is to surrender or succumb to our rule because this time, there’s no escape.”
“Heard that 99 times in these months and now this is the hundredth, may I remind you once again that you are still spouting a bunch of bollocks from the mouth?!”
“Enough talk. This time, it will be the definitive one.”
“Let’s do this guys!” Tania yelled as she and the other teammates proceeded to engage the remaining members of Lovac with the exception of Jane. The battle was huge and massive, fighter after fighter dodging every attacked being thrown at them while trying to strike back. Even Tany, who was outnumbered from the three clones, was managing to engage in a good combat stance, with the same being applied to Logan, Amira and Seiner.
“Keep it going people, we can’t afford losing one of you!” Luana said as she witnessed the raging battle.
Logan was now chasing down Vladimir, who in turn was countering with a turret attached to the back of the plane. Logan, as usual manages to dodge most of it. However, the machine gun manages to land a hit on Logan’s plane main engines, nonetheless, Logan still fires his machine gun, damaging Vladimir’s plane long enough to trail some smoke.
“This is Crusader lead, took some serious damage, bailing out!”
“Be careful, a team will pick you up soon!”
Then, Seiner noticed that Raven was about launch some missiles at SwanEye, determined to stop him he decided to ram his plane to Raven’s and bail out, Raven notices it as well and bails out as well.
Amira was also not fortunate enough, as she soon starts to receive a missile hit from Yamja herself, but soon retaliates but lowering the thrusters, causing the plane to collide with Yamja’s plane, but she bails out as well.
Finally, Amelia manages to damage Tany’s plane with her machinegun fire but she counters it by using a self-destruct mechanism and bails out as well.
The other three do it as well as they bail out.
All of them land in different places, Logan lands in the middle of Glasshouse Walk which was deserted, Seiner and Raven land in the rooftop of a building near Black Prince Rd, Amira lands safely while flying in Milbank, Yamja and Vladimir lands nearby Vincent Square and Tany and the three clones land in Victoria Tower Gardens.
They were all split up and now have to find a way to reach back to each other.
“This is Logan, we’ll soon meet up once we handle the situation and know how to act later, understood?” Logan said while telepathically calling his friends.
“We will.” The other three said.
“So…it’s been quite a while Logan.” A familiar voice could be heard.
Logan turned around and discovered that it was none other than; Kedris Horiq himself.
“Kedris…you again killer.”
On the rooftop near Black Prince, Seiner and Raven reawakened, and now exchange some glares.
“I’ve been waiting for a long time for this…” Seiner said.
“Today is the day where your days are now numbered, Seiner. You should know that even if you threw away your façade, you are still too weak to live in this pathetic planet.”
“The only one pathetic in this world is a murderer like you!”
“Still stubborn…”

In Milbank, Amira encounters with some armored UEF troops.
“Oh, you’re Amira! Thank goodness you are here now!” A commanding officer said.
“Need some help Mr?”
“Yes, we need some morale for the incoming horde of Zlocs stationed near the MI5 headquarters, with you here, it can be guaranteed!”
“I’ll like to help, but, where are your weapons?’
“Right here, show em to her, mates!”
To her surprise, instead of guns, they took out some melee weapons like swords and axes and some electric batons like in the old times in England.
“Who doesn’t want to fight old-school style?”

Near the Victoria Tower Gardens.
“So, care if we start a little beat down to you, Tany?” Eddie asked viciously.
“Try and dare, because I’m no longer afraid of you.”
“Oh really, you think you’ve been told the truth about us, that Jane is a nutjob, dedicated to create lies about us in order to distract you from the real thing. Come on, don’t you want to rejoin your side?” Amelia said.
“I already formed a group of friends ever since, but these were alive and understood what I felt when I lost the original ones. I know very well a difference between the real deal and copies, and you will not keep on in taunting me!”
“How sad of you, still trapped in vain illusions from people who are supposed to be part of the enemy faction.” Ted said.
Finally, Yamja and Vladimir regroup at Vincent Square.
“Now now, we need a plan to find each of the warriors and make sure they suffer.”
“I think that won’t never happen, devil!” A familiar voice said. Yamja said and then dodged the incoming attack. It was none other than Varris and Salty themselves, having arrived to London in time.
“So it’s you…Hmhmhmh.”

Back at Kedris and Logan.
“Of all the countless battles you have fought, you still had much to learn of the spirit of battle that is inside you.” Kedris said.
“I know what is the spirit of battle, to prove my worth to anybody, and I proved it to the Inquisitors lots of times!”
“But you still have yet to prove against me, the one who you consider as a killer and not knowing the exact extent of your parents' death.”
“I know well! You killed them right in front of me!”
“Calm down, allow to explain.”
“I will when this fight is over! Draw!”
Logan then activated his lightblade, this time growing to a large line that resembles a mediaeval sword.
“The lightblade…the honorary sword wielded by many of the bravest warriors in the Universe, but I think that you may not deserve it.”
Kedris then activated his personal lightblade, a black luminous sword that resembled his old weapon that broke apart back in L.A.

“I deserved it for a reason.”
Then they started to clash their swords in an epic battle.
With Seiner and Raven.
“Let today decide the victor then.”
“Right on!”
Then they started clash with their pulse weapons in combat.
With Tany and the three clones.
“I have enough of this bullshit. Let settle down in who becomes the one with the most believable truth!”
“Enough talk, have at you!” Amelia said as she and the others proceed to clash their weapons against Tany’s magic.
In Milbank, the troops saw the Zlocan troops incoming, now they were ready for the charge.
“This is it mates. One step closer for the victory for our glorious land once again! Charge forth with all the spirits inside you! Show them why Humanity shouldn’t be messed with!”
The soldiers began their charge will shouting loudly into battle like with the old knights in the previous centuries, Amira joins them as well.
“For freedom and justice!” Amira yelled. The soldiers yelled back as well.
Finally, in Vincent Square.
“Hehehehehe…I guess my time for you is now on. Let us now decide who stands and who fall from grace!”
“Initiating advanced combat mechanics, mission: Exterminate any evil of the world.”
“I’ve never forgotten the day you manipulated me, then the times you killed innocent people, now it’s the time to pay it back to you!”
Varris then charged forward against Yamja while Vladimir charged against Salty.
A great battle of the most notable warriors of the war has begun.

Logan was clashing and parrying every move Kedris was making against him. Logan then strikes horizontally at his head only for Kedris to block the attack. Kedris responds by spinning his sword and moving forward against Logan, Logan strikes every move of him only to be pushed back by a powerful blow and crashes to a car.
“Now you’ve done it!”
Logan then started to use his Gem powers to power his sword. He then rushed forward again, striking with many blows against Kedris who blocks it with every move he makes. Even with the gem powers, Kedris knows exactly how to counter-each of them. He’s a veteran after all.
“Powers or not, the awakened powers of legends are still not worthy of victory against people who saw enough combat unlike you!”
Kedris then hits his sword to the ground, causing a quake that nearly shatters the road and shakes up Logan. He then tries to impale him but Logan quickly notices it and jumps backwards and launches some energy beams against Kedris. Kedris tries to block some of them only for one that hit his right leg. Even so, he will not give up in his fight against Logan.
Meanwhile, Seiner and Raven were fighting ferociously in the rooftops, dropping kicks and punches at every chance they have. By now, they look bruised and start to bleed in some parts but they are still standing valiantly against each other.
“For such a hypocrite, you hit me pretty well like the good times, Seiner.”
“I can do this all day!”
He then rushed with an electric tonfa and manages to cut one of his arms, exposing a lot of blood. Even so, Raven is not affected by it and punches Seiner in the stomach and kicks him in the face. He then grabs him
“My body means nothing to me, only my killer instinct can survive long enough to kill you.”
“You think!!?” Seiner then uses one of the blasters in his wrists and blasts Raven away, launching him to the other house. Seiner then jumps to the other and tries to strike while pinned on the ground but he manages to dodge and get up again.
“You’re nothing more but a wrech of this world, like your partners and the rest of Humanity.”
“Don’t provoke me, you bastard!”
Seiner then kicked him upwards in the chin, revealing some exposed grey skin on it.
“Wait, that skin…I’ve seen it before.”
“So now you’re remembering now. All those days at Havard being held hostage by us, all the experiments and tortures you performed on your own people. And that scar that you gained with my hands…”
“It can’t be…NOT YOU AGAIN...You son of a bitch, Venra!”

Tany was launching all the spells she has against each of them, all while they proceed to dodge each of them. Freddie then throws some punches against her only for her to counter with some metal blocks and then launching some metal punches against him. However, she is then interrupted by Ted who punches her in the chest with his elbow. Amelia then tries to slash her only for her to teleport away and strike her with some lightning arrows, paralyzing her for a brief moment.
“And I thought the weather could be omnipresent to kick your ass!” Tany quipped before being hit by an energy beam from Freddie, but she manages to recover and use some fireballs against him, he tries to block all of them but one of them hits his face and now he starts to burn down.
“Tany help me out please!”
“Try for some icy cure then!” Tany said as she summoned an ice spear and hurls towards Freddie’s flaming face, impaling it, which eventually kills him.
“You…you bitch! Look what you've done!” Amelia said horrified.
“He was an asshole anyways like all of you!”
“I’ll make you eat those words!” Ted said.
Meanwhile, the battle between the troops and the Zlocans was going on very bloody as both sides try to surpass each other’s skills. Heads, arms and legs could be seen in the road but that doesn’t stop Amira in helping the others out. She notices some heavily-armored Zlocans coming along the way, she eventually user her telekinesis to grab them and hurl towards the group of Zlocans, crushing them in pieces.

Meanwhile, the brave leader was killing already some Zlocans on his own, while at the same time protecting his men. By using quick and swift reflexes, he becomes a very formidable knight of the modern era. Unknown to him, however, was that a Zlocan assassin approaches him and was ready to stab him in the back, but luckily, Amira was quick enough to notice the attack and throws him away to the river.
“Haha! I can owe you one a lot for that, lady!”
“Less talk, more fights!”

Varris was trying his hardest in fighting off against Yamja, using every ability he had against her, but she could counter it with her magic.
Even Salty is stumped by the actions of Vladimir, who surprisingly can hold on to his own, even to an advanced robot.
“The mission of the Zlocu will soon be accomplished tomorrow, just you wait!”
“I might not see it but I’m sure as hell that it won’t’ happen!” He then kicked her in the chest and throws her to the ground, but just as he was about to strike her, she uses her lightning against him to counter him.
Salty then tries to use her last resort in defeating Vladimir, however, just as she was about  to do it, Vladimir takes out a giant shotgun and proceeds to shot Salty continuously and brutally. At her last breath, Salty states;
“Critical damage to 99%....Must…help.”
Vladimir then blew her head up in the end.
Varris witnessed this and tries to attack with pure rage but Yamja stops him before he could do something.
“She was a stupid robot anyways.”
Back at Logan and Kedris, the battle was now about to come to a stalemate as both combatants show signs of fatigue and exhaustion, nevertheless, they’re still willing to accomplish their own vision of the fight.
“Impressive…most impressive, son of Henry. Now I see why the Guardians have chosen you as the leader of the group and the swordsmen as well, but I think that at this moment, it will reach an end right now!”
He then proceeded to charge forward against Logan, who was looking very battered and beaten up, it seemed his demise was near until just about Kedris was about to hit him with the sword, he teleports just in time and reappears behind Kedris, who proceeds to impale him in the back. Kedris, in unexpected pain, fell forward to the floor, but had enough energy to turn to the other side and see Logan again.
“Now you see why you should have never killed a Preaker, Kedris. Never again!”
“So…you have managed to defeat me…after all these years...I never expected that a battle like this would lead up to a honorable and relaxing death...”
“Indeed, but this time, I’ll make it unsatisfactory to you!” Logan then tries to impale him again only for Kedris to take out something in his pocket an object Logan never thought he would see again, his parents’s eagle pendant.

“That pendant…my father used it for a long time…How did you gained it?”
“He gave it to me… to make you remember their memory, who cared for you for many and years. And so I can show you…that I never wanted to kill your parents…”
“What? What do you mean?”
“When you were away separated in the building…I treated your parents with dignity and kindness…Because that was the warriors way…and because they demonstrated huge potential in raising a child like you…but then…he hatched an escape plan from the Inquisitor's recruitment…I noticed it, tried to talk to him but he opposed me, so I was forced to fight him…In a matter of seconds, he throw a hot pot against me, temporarily blinding me, swinging uncontrollably my sword around…And then, just when Jennifer showed up, in which I've heard…I accidentally impaled both of them…all because I was very blinded and uncontrolled. Then you came…and you already what you may know me as…but least your father knew of how a good I was…so in his dying breath…he gave to me the Eagle pendant…as a message for you…telling me to forgive me…But I think I don’t deserve it…All I ever wanted after encountering you again…was for you to end my life…because failed to control myself…rage can make anyone lose control…a very deadly weapon…”
“No…no! I…Kedris, I forgive you now, now I understand…Please...let me take you to a hospital...”
“It doesn’t matter now…all that matters is that you now know the truth of what happened…remember…for now on…start studying the truth…and take it at first glance…for that's is the way to bury hatchets.”
With his dying breath, Kedris finally dies.
Logan, devastated by the revelation, quietly clutched his eagle pendant while tears started flow down on his face.
“Father, mother, I have avenged you…yet I couldn’t avenge him for you...Would you ever forgive me...?”

Back at Seiner and Venra, both combatants were now looking very battered up and bloodied, clearly tired for battling.
Venra, however, takes the chance and pushes Seiner away from the rooftop but he manages to hang in one of the tubes. Venra tries to stop him by stomping his foot.
“Die.Die! DIE!”
Seiner can now barely hang on any longer and it looked like his was now near, but soon…he started to remember every good moment he had with his brother, Crane. Knowing that even if he killed him, it was never his purpose to do so. With that in mind, just about Venra was to cut Seiner’s hand, Seiner then jumps horizontally, activates his pulse blade on his wrist and quickly slashes Venra in half.
“How can this…be? I’m the Inquisitor…I was supposed to succeed the mission of the Zlocu!”
“Today the mission is finally broken for you Venra…now…” Seiner then kicks Venra with his leg, causing to fall down to the ground while his two split up from each other.
“My fallen ones can now rest in peace…”
Seiner then started kneel down in pain because of his wounds, but luckily he stored some of the nano vaccines that can repair the damages done so he proceeds to inject himself.
Varris was now preparing to land a blow against Yamja, who now charges with all his force. Yamja does the same. 
Running and running, soon one of them will strike their victoriously…They swing the sword forward at one another, the sound of impalement could be heard, it came from none other than…Varris himself, as he drops his lightblade to the ground.
Finally, to add insult to injury, Yamja takes out her sword by slashing the chest apart, making the hole in the chest drop some intestines to the ground.

All what could Yamja do as well was chuckling at his misfortune. Never did she gave him such an humiliating moment of defeat like no other.

“…My job is nearly complete. Now, time to cause havoc in Westminster. Follow me Vladimir.” Yamja then takes Vladimir to his hand and flies away.
Amira, who has now accomplished her mission, sensed her brother’s suffering. Horrified and worried, she flies away to find him.
She eventually finds him lying dead in the floor in the square, now bleeding to death.
Desperate, she holds his hand with a grieving feeling.
“I’m OK…I’m OK sis.”
“Brother, who has done this to you?! Who?!”
“Yamja…she was more powerful than ever…Vladimir destroyed Salty as well…I guess…”
“No! Please not you…Not you please! I don’t want to lose anyone from my race again! Please, hang in there!”
“No…unfortunately my time is running out…I guess it’s now your sole priority to carry on the Soranian legacy…to make sure every trace of our race remains intact from anything, for every year.”
“Westminster…likely regrouping. Amira…promise me something…”
“Ye…yes? What is it?”
“Listen to me…”
Amira then moved hear near Varris mouth so she could hear his last wish…for what she could tell…it was something so emotional it makes her cry even more.
“There there…the death can keep on watching you…always remember that…”
“Just…Stay with me a little longer more, to see this world being set free! Don’t leave! Please, don’t!”
All what could Varris do now, was spouting a gentle smile before slowly closing his eyes, his hands now stopped trembling.
The brother…has ceased to be.
“Brother…please…BROTHER VARRIS!!!” She then started crying even harder while clutching to his chest, hugging him even tighter more than her reunion with him.
She lost one of her last memories for her race, now she’s the sole remaining part of an extinct race, something she will have a hard time getting used to.
After a brief period of grief, Amira then started to stand up, with her face turning one from a broken soul who has lost everything to one of pure rage, now only determined to get revenge. She then flies off to find Yamja.
Meanwhile, Tany was almost at her last breath against Amelia. Tany killed Ted by bisecting him with metal, causing Amelia to impale Tany near the stomach.
She was now feeling weak, about to meet her doom.
“This…is why you should have listened to us before!” But before Amelia could cut her head off, Tany then uses her gem power to teleport away and to each side of her, finally appearing in front of her, being caught off guard. Before she could even do anything, Tany used the back of her staff to impale Amelia in the heart, causing her to fall down.
All what could Amelia do now was watching Tany ready to kill her.
“Wait no! You’re a heroine! You’re supposed to give second chances to anyone even the villains!”
“Sorry, but I’m not that kind of person adapted to liars.”
She then finishes her off by summoning a fire sword and cutting her head off.
The lives of the three clones now came to an end, Tany can now finally move on to her life…But it appeared that she wouldn’t be able to do so.
Now it looked that her life was now coming to an end. That is until, surprisingly, she saw Seiner and Logan in her own eyes. They were rushing in to save her.
“Tany! You’re hurt! Here, let me help you!” Seiner said as he tenderly holds her hand, which allowed her to cast the spell of healing.
“Curatio…” Tany said faintly.
Seiner then gently moved Tany’s hand to the injury, all while tears were falling down on Seiner’s face.
“Please Tany…I need you…I love you…I want to be with you...”
Then a small laugh could heard coming from her…
“What the?”
“Dummy…of course I’ll be with you!”
“Oh Tany!”
Tany then unexpectedly grabs Seiner’s shirt and pulls him towards her, in which she now starts kissing passionately. Seiner, initially surprised, started to gently kiss her as well. Logan face was in fact one of relief, for the fact that one of the teammates turned out to be alive.

But while the happiness was occuring, further rage started to arrive in the form of Amira, who has now reached the Westminster site, watching Yamja and Vladimir with some Zlocan troops planning something. Yamja eventually notices her and orders the troops to stand down.
“Well well well…Isn’t this the most cutest being on the universe, who wants to try in crying for her brother to come back? Don’t make me laugh you pathetic whelp.”
“Shut the FUCK up, YOU pathetic bitch…”
“What the..?!”
“Ever since I’ve met you, first by killing my family, ordering the destruction of my world, and nearly brainwashing my brother, all I ever wanted was to bring you to justice…bring you to chains, all just to make sure you see how your daddy’s beloved empire burns apart…But now…you took my brother…because of it….I will no longer arrest you……”
Then, the items and even some of the troops around Yamja and Vladimir started to shake, likely coming from Amira’s powers.

“I.WILL.KILL YOU!!!” With that extreme shout of anger, the items around her are thrown away and the Knights are torn limb by limb, covering both Yamja and Vladimir in their blood. But before Vladimir could even advance, Amira jumps forward, cutting Vladimir in half and later exploding his limbs in bloody pieces.
Yamja couldn’t believe what she saw.
“Pure rage?! Ha! As if that will stop-’’ Amira then grabbed her through telekinesis and proceeds to levitate her around the zone, punching her through every object she can encounter while she tries to break free.
She now tries to use her lightning against Amira, in which she briefly succeeds in letting her go, but eventually causing her to physically grab her and flies in the air, launching a number of punches and kicks towards to every part of Yamja’s body, eventually ending with Amira grabbing her face and pummels her back to the ground, creating a huge shockwave that creates a hole in the ground.
After a brief moment of silence, Yamja widly emerges from the hole and proceeds to savagely claw Amira's face with her sharp nails.
Of course, Amira counters it by kicking her in the chest and then uses her telekinesis to break every part of the body she has.
Yamja then suddenly takes out her swords and tries to slash Amira apart with them, only for Amira to take hers and starts attacking her in furious slashes of rage, attacking with such a great fury that it eventually breaks one of them.
But Yamja then takes her chance to use her sword to impale Amira in the chest, in which she does so while kicking her in the chest.
Just as she was about to kill her.
But before she could do anything, Amira quickly grabs her lightblade and slices Yamja’s throat open. 
Logan and the others eventually notice the plight and now proceed to rescue her through Seiner’s Chrome chopper.
It seemed that Yamja’s murderous spree will finally come to an end, however, before she could die, she tells Amira.

“You think…that you have finally achieved what you wanted today…revenge? Ha! Quite a huge joke.”
“WHAT.DO.YOU.MEAN?” Amira said in a growling tone.
“I’ve just lured you into my trap. By killing me, you will attract my dad, who will bring his ultimate weapon to this planet, the same one that destroyed Vateeo…and Sorania. Don’t you get it? You eventually doomed this planet by your uncontrollable rage. What a shame, and you…were…supposed to be a paragon of peace and justice…well…look at you now…no family…no friends…and sooner, nothing of you left…hehehehehe.”
With the dying laugh, Yamja eventually succumbs to her wounds, but it could only be a matter of time if Amira succumbs to her's as well.

Everything seemed lost to her, her vision fading away, starting to lose consciousness.
Amira could indeed join with her brother sooner now.
But suddenly, she feels a gentle sensation in her body, now regaining consciousness and feeling healthy, the first sight of her reawakened vision was a shining, rising sun…and the faces of his friends as well, especially from Logan's notable happiness while tears gently flowed down in his face. 
“You made it Ami…You made it…” Logan said softly.
Amira only response was to start crying.
“What is it?”
“I have failed everyone…I have failed to protect my people…my planet…my brother…and now…probably you. They’re coming…the Kujar is coming now…because I’ve killed her daughter. It’s all my fault…I’m nothing, nothing but a worthless being.”
“Ami, no. I know when things start to shake up badly, there’s always a solution for it. And regardless of what Yamja said, we will eventually sort it out, the last chance to end the war., and you may have brought it. Ami, your brother would be proud of you if we get through, because we are courage, justice, unity and freedom, the principles that created this universe…you must remember that my dear Amira.” Logan said.
“Logan…Varris told me something in his behalf before he died…”
“What was it?”
She then leaned closer to him.
“He told me to ask you this: Can I be with you after the war…even if you're not a be my close one forever?”
“I will Amira my love, I will…”
“Logan…my love.”

Amira couldn’t believe what she just heard. Happiness was now filling her heart.
At that moment, Amira gently puts her hand at Logan’s face, Logan does it to her as well, then they close their eyes, then open their mouths while approaching each other, the mouths then make contact and close down.

Love doesn’t have any borders, it’s not meant to be. Not a nation, not a religion, not a race, not even a social status. Love is something that everyone has in their lives, it allows them to move on and being delivered to a bigger feeling of happiness and development for a new future. Today, in the city of London, love has evolved even further, this time, with the gentle kiss of a human and an Alien, Logan and Amira to be exact.

Love may not always survive or see something they desired in the distant future, but no matter what, it always, and will always, win.

22 - The Beast's Den

In the bridge of an unknown ship, the Kujar Malgan himself was now sensing something troubling that made him start to walk around in circle while trying to regain composure. All the pain around him stems from none other than the death of his daughter, killed in combat back in London. With his rage eventually increasing, he then uses his sword to smash apart some computers in the room with all the fury he can unleash upon them. If there was one thing he would consider unacceptable, it’s none other than the death of a family belonging to him. Yamja in this case.
A guard noticed it and nervously tries to reason with him:
“Kujar, something troubling happening now?”
“YES…My daughter…The Humans made her drown with her own blood!”
“No…you don’t-’’
“The Executor to Earth? But, that could mean we’ll run off course to our current destination.”
“Then change it immediately! I can’t afford in seeing those weak Human getting away with such a hideous murder! And soon, the others who stay defiant to us will suffer the same! Mobilize the fleet as well!”
“But this is the main bulk of our fleet Kujar! If we lose them, then the majority of the defences around the occupied zones will be gone!”
“We’ll make sure they survive long enough with our great might!”
“I…I understand my Kujar…”
“Set full course to Earth! It’s the time for them to feel the wrath of the Tomentradi family!”
All personnel in the room got into their stations to communicate the order of mobilization to the fleet.
Outside of the room, the Executor has a cylindrical-like ship with rough-edged structures around it while being hold by two rings, one horizontally and one vertically. The cannon was one big round barrel. Alongside the Executor is the large fleet surrounding it, hundreds of battleships, the bulk of the ZGA. The Executor then turned around as soon its engines start to light up. Then, it jumped rapidly into hyperspace, so did the rest of the fleet, ready to unleash their final terror to Earth and the CP.

The Warriors returned to the Benevolence, this time looking very battered and bloodied, but at the same time still feeling alive. The main four saw the rest arrive, and notice the absent members. The members let them know their sadness by just simply looking at them. Even without words, the pain they were feeling could still be known, especially with Tany as her tears start to fall down in her eyes, all what Seiner could do now was comforting Tany softly. Andrei too spouted a sad look in his face after knowing what happened to Varris.
Even Logan felt grief when he saw only the three members of GOD squad arriving, with no trace of Walter, Mehdi and Ji-ae in sight, he indeed only responded by walking away with the rest. The rest of hangar was filled with Air Ambulances carrying the wounded and having the personnel carrying the wounded to the first aid rooms.
John wasn’t even safe, he was sitting in his chair alone, disoriented by the current events of the days. The only thing he could, was thinking, thinking until he could understand it better.
But the mood soon turned sourer when the teams arrived. His face now spouted a bigger frown more than any military general could make. He too didn’t even had the words needed for the conversation, because it was already clear to all people: Not everyone can survive in a war, not even with the highest spirits to stay alive. John could only say in deep sadness.
“I've heard news from the moles...they surrendered without incident. But still...This must end…the madness…must end.”
At the quarters, things got slightly better, they still felt their loneliness in having lost many of their comrades but at the same time, they know in moving on from it.
Logan and Amira were simply looking at the window together, looking at the shiny sun with the blue sky.
Maybe they want a solemn time alone, maybe they’re reflecting on their previous encounter, it can be anything, but it’s certain that regardless of what they’ve just saw, they will not break, not even with the death of many.
“And for all my talk in being together for a long time…I never guessed how wrong I am now.” Logan said.
“It’s not about being wrong. All that matters is that if it happened, it happened. There’s nothing that can change it now, but it also cannot change of what you fight for my dear.”
“Yeah, guess you’re right. Oh Amira, what could I’ve been in my whole life without you?”
“I could ask the same.”
Both responses were nothing but warm smiles from each other.
“Not just me a man, but the others as well and vice-versa.” Seiner said as he stands from the bed.
“For us as well, the folks on Earth to make this happen!” Tany said.
“Let’s just say that of us became the way we are now because of all of you.” Jackson said as well.
“…You have no idea in how much I want to thank you for acknowledging it.” Logan said.
“Speaking of friendships, I think we may have found the key to finally end the war on Earth.” Malak said as she holds a file drive in her hands.
The news makes everyone silent for a moment until…
“What kind of key Maly?” Jackson.
“…The secret plan in case if the invasion went wrong…and the perfect chance to counterattack with all our power.”
“Just as Yamja said…family bonds in many races can be felt if the link is strong enough. Now that she knows of her death, he might be on his way now.”
“Indeed, but with this at hand, he’ll regret coming here.”
“Wait, you mean the leader that caused all of this…is coming to Earth?”
“It is.”
“Well, time to rock and roll to the maximum then!”
Then they exit their quarters, ready to tell John the incredible news.
Back at John’s office, he now was nearly better from the stressing experience back in New York, and yet he still felt doubt about what he may do next. A fisherman? A promoter for the UN? Or maybe the first Human representative for the ICP? Only time would tell in what kind of man he will become after the war ends. But also, will he even remain the same?
Just as he was still thinking, the warriors busted in, while he still remained calm.
“Anything I can help for you?”
“Yes, end the cursed war today.” Malak said.
“Today? How?”
“With this.”
She then handed him the drive, all while looking in curiosity.
“We’ve obtained back in Tokyo, it contains files the detail of a deadly set of weapons that unless we take care of it, then our own planet will soon bite the dust. The Zlocans have used the majority of their tricks, and now they’ll pull off the trump card.”
“Nothing can be.”
She then proceeded to insert the file on John’s computer, showing a huge number of documents attached to it, including information of the incoming Executor.

John, surprised at all the information it gave, only responded by saluting them.
“People…we’ll give everything we have to end this.”

“This is it. The moment of truth. Recent Intel gathered from Tokyo reveals the existence of a large weapon buildup done by the Zlocu, called the “The Judgement of the Universe.” It’s made up by three main structures, the first is called the “Judge” serves as the early warning array for the defensive battlestation coming from space, the second component under the name of the “Jury”. It’s a massive defense mechanism able to strike against a large group of fleets while defending the third and main component, the “Executioner”, the weapon capable of destroying many planets, it has destroyed two already, and now it’s towards Earth in four hours. We’ll initiate a large scale assault on these weapons, striking from the first one to the last one. Task Force Rodent by Captain Dawes will led a massive strike on the Judge located in the Nevada Desert, Area 51 to be exact, to destroy the main control tower that will be able to open a hatch leading to the core and the AA defenses around it, clearing a way for the airstrike that’ll take care of the core. Once the core’s done, a massive space raid by GOD Squad will infiltrate in the defense grid of the Jury and use them against the own Zlocan fleet when they arrive alongside the Executioner, reducing the number of casualties for the incoming support of the ICP and the newly upgraded Aerial Flee from the UEF. Finally, the Earth Warriors will launch a strike deep within the structure of the monstrous fortress and try to destroy the weapon and if necessary, kill or capture the man behind all this suffering, Malgan Tomentradi, the one that endangers our very lives in the universe. Once all set and done, our world will finally achieve what we tried to do ever since we gained conscience, peace.
Now it’s the time, let's end this once and for all!”

In the Nevada desert, the once seemingly calm base guarding the Judge, was now guarding up in preparation from an incoming strike coming from the UEF.
Inside, Jane was sitting alone in her room, this time without the Inquisitors around. Maybe because of her goodwill is that she managed to live long enough to see the end of the war? Or maybe because she still needed the money? The arrival of a Zlocan officer finally puts down her doubts.
“Madame Jane, you’ll be tasked in guarding up the room that will pave way for the core, failure will result in your very death itself for making a poor display of a loyal soldier! Understood?!”
“Roger that…”

Meanwhile, outside, a large barrage of tanks were rolling in, ready to launch the tank battle to end all tank battles since Kursk. Dawes was inside in the tank with Georgy as the gunner.
“Judge located, all groups, ready your weapons, this will be a hard one to beat but we’ll do as a far as we can.” Dawes said.
“Hahaha! You heard that right fellas! Push forward for our own glory! Hahaha!” Georgy shouted as he soon starts to fire the machinegun against the inside defenses, crippling most of them.
Soon the other tanks follow the tactics while taking some damage on their own.
Dawes takes a left turn in the base while crashing against some structures containing some planes and other Zlocan vehicles, eventually noticing some of the AA defenses around the tower.
“Ready the cannons!”
As they continued to approach…
The tank then shoots one of his shells to the gun, completely obliterating it in the process.
“Wo-ahh! One down, three to go!”
They turned around again, now going up against the other AA defenses while gunning down some of the other foes.
Eventually, the AA guns are destroyed, now it was the turn to open the hatch by destroying the tower that controls the entrance.
“Any sight of the tower?”
“Affirmative, but our cannons aren’t doing any effect against it. It appears to be heavily reinforced, which means that we have to get to disable it.”
“Damn it! OK, all of you handle the tower while we clear up the remaining troop that might try to reinforce the base. Understood?”
“Scorpion 1 roger!”
The tank division Scorpion the proceeds to advance near the tower, dismounting from their tanks and getting to breach.
Inside, Jane and the others was witnessing the incoming assault.
“So, now they try to go for the smaller alternative heh? I guess that won’t go unchecked for all. Jane, here’s your new mission, exterminate those intruders immediately.”
“Do it now! Or else you won’t get the money you’ll deserve!”
“…Money…It can mean a lot of things…but today…It’s nothing more but manipulation and CORRUPTION!”
Jane then surprisingly shots the officer at the point blank range and proceeds to do the same to the rest in the same room. She then picks ups the two keys needed to activate the switch containing the opening of the hatch. She does so and with the push of a button, the first step of hope arrives.
“The hatch?! It opened! It’s finally open!”
“We haven’t even infiltrated the base yet!”
Who could have done this work? We haven’t sent a mole in this location!”
Eventually, Georgy notices the familiar face in the window, much to his surprise glee.
“I’ll be damned! It’s the mercenary Jane herself who did this?!”
“Jane?! That money-grubbing mercenary who joined them? Impossible and bullshit!”
“But she has done it, so it’s not impossible, decency is never impossible!”
“Alright…Falcon 1, this Dawes, the hatch is open, initiate the strike on the judge!”
“Copy all, head towards a safe area to all units!”
“Roger that, all units, fall back! The airstrike will arrive and we’ll be dead if we don’t leave! Go go go!”
The tanks then proceed to leave the base at high speed as fast as they could while the plane carrying the MOAB was arriving.
Back at Jane, she was about to leave until she notices a large group of Zlocans heading her way, having no other option, she decided to strike back as everything she can do. Proceeding to kick and shoot many enemies as she can, she wants to ensure that all of Humanity work well to destroy all evil that arrived in the form of the Zlocu. Eventually, while she reaches the exit outside, she’s held at gunpoint by a large number of Zlocan knights, outgunned and outnumbered, she has no choice but to stand down.
“You dare to turn back on your own comrades!? Bah! I’m not surprised with Humans like you!”
“You still talk cheap, you know that?”
“Silence. Now under the order of the ZGA, all traitors who betrays the will of the Kujar will be executed, any last words, filthy woman!?”
But before she could respond, a massive alarm could be heard, indicating the damage of the core, that sound eventually makes her smile proudly.
“God save the world!” 
Jane exclaimed as all of the sudden, the ground soon exploded while being engulfed in a massive fireball takes most of the base away, alongside some unfortunate ones as well. All that was left now of the base was nothing more but a smoking crater.
Luckily, the rest managed to get out alive, the first for victory done.

“This is so good, Colonel John, this is Dawes, ground mission successful!”
“Excellent work, and as you can see now, the two remaining ones are up now. Now it’s the time for our trump to be put on play.”
“What do you mean?”
“Look at the skies.”
Suddenly, a sight emerged of something none one would believe, the air fleets all ascending towards space, being visible from many places, including some nearby space shuttles.
The massive assault was now about to begin.
Inside in the Shuttle Ajax, Berat, Celina and Valentina were suited up with specialized combat space suits that would help them fight in space. Each one of them were allocated at different launch pods, suitable for surprise attacks on enemy structures.
“All units sitrep!” John said.
“This is Berat, we’ll infiltrate the defenses of the Jury and provide cover fire as long as we can.”
“Good, make you sure you’ll deployed fast or you’ll turned to crisp!”
“Understood. All units, ready for launch!”

They soon hanged on to their seats, ready for the upcoming push. They waited until they were launched rapidly from the shuttle, with the rest doing the same, of course they get stuck by the line of fire of the Jury but most astronauts manage to make it and initiated the assault. Even if the station was huge, they weren’t afraid at all, they were ready for anything. The UEF astronauts then took their plasma rifles out to deal with the defenses, but Berat got something more special, he sheaths his sword, now spouting a diamond looking appearance, likely done with the ashes of Walter himself. Even in death, Walter will indeed be with Berat for a long time.
“All units good?!”
“This is Hosuke, affirmative, breaching upper deck!”
“Roger that, all teams close to me, let’s move to the lower deck!”
They do so as they start moving forward to one of the control rooms while facing Zlocan resistance.
Massive laser bolts interchanged each other in any kind, as soon the whole station became nothing but a huge line of bolts of red and blue.
Despite losing some troops, they manage to locate the lower control room and after clearing some of the defenses, they’re now ready to breach in.
“Plant the charges!”
They soon plant some plasma bombs near the room, being the only type that can deal damage to structures in Space.
After a moment of silence, the charges explode, causing the room to open a hole, sucking some personnel to space while others trying to fight back to no avail. Celina then gets control on the main console.
“Hosuke here, we’ve reached the upper control room, status report.”
“Ditto here, now we have to activate manual synchronization, but can we understand how it may work?”
“I can try it man.” Celina said.
“Good, activating synchronization.”
They soon start to open a long list of commands that enables them to get control of the laser cannons while overriding the defense codes. Eventually, they manage to turn the cannons to manual.
“Laser cannons put in manual! Now let’s give them a taste of their own medicine!”
The monitor was showing many cameras of the different perspectives of the cannons in the lower deck, all of them pointing at the UEF and ICP ship that start the battle.
“Let’s how this baby works…”
She soon presses a button in the command desk, the laser cannon then fire at a nearby Zlocan ship, catching them by surprise.
“Oh damn! I bet it’s a very painful betrayal out there!”
“Well keep firing!”
They soon started to wreck most of the nearby ships in the Executor, one by one, the defenses around grew weaker, paving enough way for the incoming assault of the Earth Warriors.
But Malgan would not be taken as a fool.
“They think they can outsmart us, but they haven’t noticed in who has the greater control!”
He now deactivates all immediate control of the Jury itself, negating all further command to reactivate it.
“Shit, and the fun was already getting started!”
“No matter, the path is now clear for the heroes to come in! Crusader 1, the path is clear now, head towards to the hangar and finish this off!
“Roger that Berat!”
“All troops, await the line for reinforcements!”
They started to take fire from newly-arrived Zlocan security troops in both decks, using everything they have to survive.
Far away from the station, the newly-updated Chrome Plane was heading towards it at high speed, ready to bring down the hammer while dodging the massive battle around them.
They enter the nearby hangar, encountering a massive barrage of Zlocan troops awaiting them, but they are taken down at ease.
With nearly all defenses being taken down at ease, the Kujar himself as no other option but to bring down the most important decision in his life.
“Just as I suspected…They managed to get through…but no matter…Activate the Execution, it’s for Humanity to feel the same pain as I do for what they’ve done! All of you, exit now!”
“Disobedience will be meet with punishment!”
The personnel soon quickly leave the room while the beam started to charge with a purple glow.

Downstairs, the warriors still kept fighting to get near the elevator leading to the firing room all while trying to clear off most of the enemy fire.
“Here it comes! OPPOSITES ATTRACT!” Tany yelled as she summons a mini meteor storm of fire and ice against the enemy knights, enough for them to get close to it.
“Reinforcements coming in! You guys take care in ending this while we strike with everything that we have!” Jackson said
“But Jackson!” Logan protested.
“Just do it Logan! Remember in what your father is always to make it out alive!”
“Logan, let’s go!” Amira yelled back
“Understood, best of luck for you all!”
The elevator then closed down and proceed to head upstairs, where the Kujar was there, Jackson and the rest then used all what they had to fight off the incoming reinforcements
“Come on you sons of bitches! You wanna live forever!? Then fight!” Andrei yelled as he starts to fight the large barrage.

Meanwhile, back at the elevator, the main quartet held back in silence, thinking of what they can do, they no longer cared if they can survive or not, all they cared now, is to protect Earth and the Universe at all costs. For all their worth in their fight for all the mistakes committed, their deeds will never be forgotten by many who are grateful enough for their commitment for their help, support and love to all living beings. Perhaps saying goodbye would the worst thing they can think of, but it’s clear that what needs to be done needs to be done, no matter the cost.
They all hold hands with each other, ready to face the imminent duel.
“If there’s one thing we can say in case if we don’t survive…then we shall say it.” Logan said.
“We have done every good deed to everyone.”
“And even if we die, our spirits will not.”
“Because our virtues make us immortal in the eyes of many.”
“And all good deed will mark a point in the history of the Universe…”
As soon as they finish up their words, the elevator finally reaches the upper floor, where Malgan was located.
They exit the elevator and raise their weapons, now ready to confront him.
“Malgan! Your end is now!” Logan shouted.
All what could Malgan do now was to turn around, with his sword and staff being hold up, his mask still shinning to incite fear.
“I’ve been waiting for you…”
He then slams his staff down to the ground, creating a loud noise heard across the room.
“Earth Warriors!”

23 - Checkmate

Now or never.
Do or die.
The fate of the Universe is now at hand.

The five sole warriors on the main deck of the Executor, all sharing deadly glances of both anger and determination. Even with the surrounding battle around them, they were all calm to keep their composure in place, knowing well of what can await to them in the final battle.
“You think you are the ultimate paragons of the so-called “peace”, isn’t it? Being the ones who will bring tranquility, harmony and freedom to all living beings in the Universe because according to you, they deserve to co-exist regardless of who they are?”
“It’s the virtues that allowed us to know who we are and what we are capable of.” Logan said.
“Virtues for nothingness! All the feculent talk of peace is such a heroic nonsense that doesn’t deserve to be mentioned ever again! Are you even aware of what Humanity is capable of?”
“You really think that we have ignored all these events? No, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable of achieving redemption. The UEF is the first step for it.” Seiner said.
“After all those thousands of years of slaughtering and betraying each other and our arrival is what brings “Unity” to you?! Unity because I come from a distant race from them, hating us because we are not like them, just because of the way we behave here and how we look! You will only seek dominance once this is all over, doing the same the things we have done, all in the name of “unity for them”! All pure hypocrisy and nothing more!”
“Really? And I know for sure that the support, kindness and courage they had for both themselves and us does count as hypocrisy?” Amira said.
“All just tricks and lies for their own gain!”
“If they were, then why didn’t they destroyed us at the last moment we landed here?” Tany retorted.
“Hmph! Do you honestly believe in what you’re fighting for? Peace brings nothing more but weakness and disarray for the righteous ones who deserve to shape the Universe in their own ways, the way how progress is supposed to work, but those loathsome Guardians refused their chances, which meant progress was stalled for us all! I was the one who realized that and pushed forward to open the eyes of everyone. I will take this Universe to its maximum potential, I will create the perfect Universe!”
“A perfect universe ruled by hatred and prejudice? Not gonna happen in any lifetime!” 
There was a brief moment of silence after that proclamation.
Malgan then raised his sword upwards and starts pointing at the Warriors.
“That’s why the Universe needs a cleansing of their foolish ideals, you are nothing more but slaves of the Guardians, deceiving you into believing that the ones who try to change the Universe should be punished…They want everything from themselves, forbidding everyone to continue progress. I’m telling you that, my planet suffered once the civil war ended, and it went worse once Zlocu entered to the ICP, but I’ve deal with them already. Just open your eyes now, you must realize that you’re better than this, isn’t it?”
Another moment of silence struck again, this time for one long minute.

Eventually, Amira responds.
“Yes, even we aren’t perfect enough to make the Universe peaceful enough…yet it feels so good in being part of it and shaping every aspect of it. Perfection is hard to achieve, but it can be done by putting our trust in those who cared for our well-being and actions, guiding us forward for a new future. You, on the other hand, have nothing but a hollow goal. A goal where the only thing that remains is emptiness and suffering because you don’t believe in coexistence with others. You disregard any form of understanding to any living being outside of your race, being called weaklings simply because they’re not your race.”
“And of all dictators that exists in this Universe, you’re one whose vileness is not even allowed in all hells.”
“You…I’m having enough of this! We shall settle it in this battle. The outcome of today shall determine which of our goals will thrive more than the others!”

At this moment, Malgan throws his staff away and starts rushing towards the heroes and vice-versa.
The final battle is now beginning.
Malgan swings his blade at Logan and Tany with horizontal slashes but they manage to block it only to be punched away by him with his fist. Amira then tries to use her telekinetic power against him only to be blocked by Malgan’s own magic with a purple aura around him. He then uses his own telekinesis and pushes Amira away.
Seiner then tries to strike from behind, leaping forward, Malgan tries to counter but Seiner to cut Malgan’s mask open, but Malgan uses his electricity to drive Seiner away from him. His mask falls on him, now angrier than usual with a very scruffy face.
Logan and Tany get up and split up to find a way to defeat him. Amira then recovers from the push and flies towards Logan to defend him. Both start fusing their Gem abilities that create a dual blade like energy and now try to strike Malgan with it. Shockingly, Malgan manages to block every move from and then they’re hurled away when Malgan unleashes his shockwave blast, which in turns electrifies them harshly. 
It could seem that this served as a distraction, as soon explosions start to rock the nearby generator, being caused by the combined expertise of Seiner and Tany themselves.
“Ooopsie, there was a minor malfunction to be taken care of!” Tany quipped.
Malgan’s only response, however, was nothing but a short laugh, and for a good reason, the machine hasn’t stopped.
“Fools! Do you have any idea how the machine works?! It’s no ordinary machinery…it functions within ME!”
“You?! Since when?”
“Ever since I gained a mysterious substance that granted me the power to commit that happened up until this point. And I realized that during the construction of the Executor, that by creating an energy field and a core around the cannon and station that it’s able to communicate with the blood cells of a specific individual, it means that the functionality of the cannon and to an extent, this WHOLE station will depend on said individual, a new way to deal with sabotaging! In other words, the cannon will not stop unless you defeat the main source of power, one that is capable to MOVE AND KILL!”
Malgan then rushed forward with his blade and crushes the machine Seiner and Tany where standing on, luckily both manage to jump in time but not before they’re punched away by Malgan who noticed their dodging.
They quickly regain composure with their powers but are getting gravely injured.
“This guy thinks he can handle all by himself, but no matter, it’s time that we combine our strength, right Logan!?”
The main four regroup and soon start to form a striking aura around that is divided in 4 colors. They fly towards Malgan, ready to launch a strike against him. Malgan then tries to block it with his own barrier, causing a stalling clash between both parties. Luckily, they manage to break through his defensive barrier and hit him hard enough that sends him flying to the other side of the deck.
There was brief moment of silence, the warriors believed for a brief moment of relief that they finally killed the warmongering tyrant for good…until Seiner noticed something strange that shocks him a lot.
“The station…is not crumbling apart…neither is the cannon with only two minutes until it fires!”
“No…No! It can’t…It shouldn’t...!” Amira stuttered.

Outside the station, many ally ships try to open fire towards the firing cannon but all it could was deflecting all of them wildly, it seemed for sure that it can be only be literally destroyed on the inside.

Then, to further make things even worse, a blinding purple light starts to shine in the hole where Malgan is supposed to be. And then without a warning, Malgan comes flying in and lands his fist on the ground, hurling the warriors away. He now looks more ragged up and bloodied, but at the same, stronger than anything else.

Malgan then noticed Tany summoning a large storm of meteors being thrown at him, only for him to slash them apart with one swing of his sword and one coming from his arm. He teleports in front of her, grabs her face and starts smashing her on the ground violently, then proceeds to beat her up mercilessly without given a time to react and then pushes her away with his energy push. This makes Tany spit out a lot of blood in front of Malgan’s face and lands gravely injured near the gate.
This sight completely enrages Seiner and joins alongside Amira to gain payback against him. Unfortunately, just as they were about launch projectiles against him, he rushes towards Amira and lands a punch against her so hard that some of her armor break and lands on the injured Tany as well. Seiner then tries to land some attacks against him, slicing and slashing at every opportunity, but Malgan dodges all of his strikes, he then swings his sword and slashes Seiner’s arm off, causing great pain to him, he then grabbed and proceeds to punch him, with every punch making Seiner spit out blood at every moment. Malgan then finishes him by punching him upwards, making him fly at a high speed that he hits the door very hard, he then lands near Tany, this time motionless.
Logan was outraged of what he saw, and tries to use every ability he has to avenge his friends. With a flaming fury, Logan was now using everything he has to vent his upcoming anger against Malgan, his sword slashes, gem flashes, anything. Unfortunately, It’s only a minor setback when Malgan knee kicks him in the gut, then proceeds to break his right arm and uses it to launch him away to the injured group.
Could it be?
It’s all lost?
Malgan then flashed in front of them again, this time claiming superiority over the tattered heroes who were now facing the bitterness of death.
“First, Vateeo, then Sorania, and now, Earth. It’s a pity you weaklings die so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now. And for further proof it, not even the power of the guardians was match against me! And now, the legend of the Earth Warriors, the ultimate paragons of peace and unity, the disciples of the foolish principles…died, by my hand.”
Malgan then lifts his sword upwards while glowing with purple aura, ready to land the final blow against the warriors whose doom now seemed imminent.
But just before Malgan could land the fatal blow against the injured warriors, a ray of light strucks against the Executor and lands on the warriors, sending Malgan away from them.
Malgan manages to regain composure from the sudden appearance, but he could do nothing but stare in shock in what he was seeing.
“That light…It can’t be!”

After a brief moment of silence, the surrounding circle coming from the light then flashes massively, blocking the view of Malgan for a brief moment. After a brief moment of a blinding light, the sight became clear…and what he could see now was beyond his own belief.
Four silhouettes were starting to gain visibility, and it seemed like completely different individuals.
But they weren’t.
“You have claimed many lives thorough this whole ordeal Malgan…but now…it’s time for you to face the true power of a WARRIOR!”
A compelling voice said…by none other than the figures themselves.
The first figure comes out, it was wearing a heavy armor covered red including the cape and the Spartan like helmet, their eyes were fully glowing light red and wielded two lightblades, one green and one blue.
Logan has returned as Logan Prime!
Malgan tries to block his attack by using his sword, but the collision was so strong that it break his sword so hard that he briefly flies away from the impact.
The second figure then emerged, it was fully robotic with gold all over it including the eyes, but the face was strikingly familiar.
It’s Seiner as Omega Seiner!
Malgan tries to grab him but he’s ultimately grabbed by Seiner who proceeds to tear his arm apart aggressively like he did to him, then punches him upward so hard that he briefly flies away high.
The third figure emerged, it has an elegant looking white armor with more fine lines around it, a gigantic and majestic look for the red lightblade and a larger set of wings.
Amira is back as Aeon Amira!
Aeon Amira then proceeds to land some slashes against Malgan, tearing parts of his armor, then punches with a single fist but with a huge force that sends him flying near the firing cannon.
And finally, the final figure emerges. It has a blue looking armor with robes around it, the staff was now a book with lots of manuscripts on it, the hair was now white and the eyes clear blue.
Tany has emerged as Supreme Tania!
She summons a large pack of ice and fire meteors and launches them against Malgan himself. Malgan, now completely injured from defending himself, it’s struck by most of them that it sends flying near the firing cannon.
The warriors were floating around as they looked on him.
“How…can this be…How can you?!!!”
“One simple reason Malgan, you think that you can change the rules the Universe was built on would it make it better? No! Fear and tyranny is not supposed to be the ultimate path everyone deserves! The principles exists for a good reason! It allows us to stand against our own fears!” Logan said as he raises his blades upwards, igniting a large flow of energy.
Soon the others follows suit.
“It allows us to know what is right and wrong!”
“It allows us to stick together even in the darkest hours!”
“It allows us to choose who we want to be!”
Their flowing energy is now fused together enough to create a gigantic attack.
“AND FOR THOSE WHO TRY TO POISON FOR ANY MALICIOUS NEED, THEY WILL BE PUNISHED!” They all shouted in unison as they begin their final attack against him, they rush in a whirlwind like-attack with red, yellow, green and blue all over it.
They finally strike against Malgan himself, impaling gravely right in his heart with their combined weapons. After letting a bloodcurling scream that could be heard across the station, he suddenly stars breaking apart, followed by the cannon and then the fortress itself.
They soon teleport near the previous position were the others are. They all look tired and overwhelmed by the large force of enemies going one by one, but they all cease the strike once the fortress starts shaking up violently, disorienting many of the Zlocan knights.
“These bastards…they finally did it!!”
The warriors then appeared in front of them, causing great surprise to them.
“My my, you look as marvelous as all heroes are!”
“Everyone hop inside me!”
Seiner then turned into a spaceship, enough to carry Jackson, Lucy, Malak and Andrei on it, while Logan, Amira and Tany held off the remaining troops and finally start leaving the Executor behind.
As soon as the Executor starts to collapse, the remaining Zlocan ships start to withdrawn from it and jump to hyperspace while the ICP and UEF ships start moving away to a safe distance from the incoming explosion.
The Executor was starting to crack more and more, in the same way Malgan is.
With that roaring scream as all around him starts disintegrating apart, he soon explodes massively alongside the Executor itself in a huge blinding light that could be seen from Earth.
Soon after, the light vanishes away, leaving nothing more but an empty space around Earth again.
John, who was on the deck, couldn’t be more impressed.
Soon the room in the bridge started to applaud and cheer massively for the decisive final victory of Humanity in their conflict against the Zlocu.
Cities around the world soon celebrate with rejoicing joy as news of the war ending reaches every corner of it.
They suffered long enough between the two brutal conflicts, but it seems as of now…that Earth can now finally have rest from a long and painful period of agony and destruction.
February 12th, 2027, will be remembered as the world day of victory against all tyranny from space itself.

Back on Earth again, the warriors then land near Stanislaus Forest where they first meet.
Jackson and the others depart from the ship as do the Logan and the others as they return to normal, back to their injured states.
“Shit, no!” Jackson shouted
“Can you move well my precious friend?”
Soon all of Tany’s body recovers from the injuries, and proceeds to do the same with the rest. Sadly, it had no effect on Seiner who remained unconscious and his arm was still cut off.
“No…no please!”
“Let me check for a moment…his heart is still beating…yet he can’t move.” Amira said.
“The injuries were perhaps so grave it completely paralyzed him.” Malak said.
Tany couldn’t believe what she just heard, as tears soon started to flow down in her eyes and started to hug Seiner tightly.
“My Seiner…wake up…*sobs*…wake up please…”
“Tany…” Logan sadly said

A time later in the hospital, Seiner was now lying in bed while his left arm was bandaged with the rest beside him, especially Tany.
John then came in to deliver the news, it had a slightly worried look but still acts well composed.
“The results are in…it won’t take long for him to regain consciousness from the coma, but it’s not certain when, it can be a month or even a year...sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear, but that’s the best they could get. But otherwise, he already knows how much he appreciates having saved the world…you can be proud of yourselves as well.”
“I see…all what’s comes well ends well…ain’t that right John?”
“Of course Logan. Also, this is something optional for you but, high command wishes in having you take part of the expedition to liberate the remaining under Zlocan control, they think that only can bring peace far more quickly than it should, agree?”
“…Sorry but no, we already have experienced lots of bloodshed in our world…there’s no need to further continue it beyond Earth. Even we deserve a rest for all that happened, we have still have scars that currently affect us, and it can only get worse if we continue in the war. We’ll be taking a leave for a while, after all, you are as good like us and everyone else in the battles, right John?”
“You’re right Logan…it’s better for you to take a good rest from what happened, you deserve it after all. Well then, I guess that’s all I can give to you for now…but remember, the UEF and the ICP now owes you their gratitude towards them, they will count on you on any great situation any time, OK?”
“Yes John.”
“That’s the way my boy…that’s the way.”
John proceeded to leave the room, leaving most of the warriors alone for now.
“Seiner…I promise that we will visit you every day by your side…waiting for your recovery, you are a valuable friend to all of us, but for me…you’re my love*kisses him in the cheek*, one that shall endure alongside the other sweeties around the room.”
That statement made Logan, Amira, Jackson and Lucy laugh for a good moment, knowing well what she meant.

Later on, in the cemetery, they were giving their mementos to the fallen warriors in combat, including Eddie, Varris, Salty and Biora. Their sadness was palpable in their eyes, clearly knowing how much they will be missed from war.
“For all the living beings that fight for something, it’s usually for someone’s honor or the appreciation from the public. It’s the goal that’s supposed to bring them their absolute vision in what to achieve for everyone, everyone and nothing else. Many times, they can pass with flying colors…but some are ultimately doomed.
But these two can be done regardless of your place in the world. Either dead or alive, it’s what ultimately determines the overall extent for the goal’s achievement in the whole travesty. Many of our race died…but managed to save millions from further destruction. The graves of this place contain the resting places of the ones who managed to achieve what the rest did…salvation for us all. They will be never forgotten, never to be rewritten by future generations, they will remains heroes for all eternity and for the future generations as well.”
Those were the words from John's speech as they pay respect to the death.

Sometime later, Logan, Amira and Tany went on to live together while the rest departed, they may be resting now but they’re still warriors.
Jackson and Lucy now live in a comfortable house near a river in California, ready to start a new life in there.

Malak went back to her family who were proud of what she achieved in her journey. With her reputation, Malak will start the reforms of the Muslim religion and their treatment of women.

Andrei started to get engaged with a fellow soldier in war and live together as roommates, making crazy things together while falling in love.

As for Logan, Amira and Tany, they moved to a new house located in Los Angeles, a beautiful house capable of housing lots of people and lots of room for people to sleep with.
They clearly reserved a place for Seiner once he wakes up, but for now, the main ones should start their own resting period from the long war.
“Whooiieee! What a lovely housy house to live on it! I wonder which lovely shall I pick with Seiner?! Perhaps a room for magic, science, or both?! It’s so unlimited!”
“Heh, you can try any of them as you like Tany.”
“Righty on!”
She then went to check every room there was while Logan and Amira stood together.
“So…you think that my life would be as good as it was in Sorania?”
“As long as you have someone who loves and appreciates you, then your life will be definitely be good afterwards no matter what my dear Ami.”
“Oh Logan!”
Amira and Logan then kissed passionately as Tany continued to check the rooms.

Back in the room of the Guardians, they watched the Warriors' rest while thinking for the rest of the living beings.
“It has been accomplished, the warmonger is now more and now this Universe can have peace for a long time…”
“But let’s not forget what could be the rest for all evil.”
“They can be sustained as long as heroes are there to protect everything and everyone.”
“Such is the way for the desired peace for all of us indeed, but it's that enough?”
“As long as compassion and understanding exist in this world, and we keep up with our efforts in containing everything evil that exists, then we can know for sure. Mysteries for the rest still abound, meaning one thing:
The journey continues…”