The Abdallah Chronicles

Ayden is a 16-year-old orphan boy. A northerner, he grew up in the industrial, outer rim town of Fortaire. With disdain for the sovereign Templar family, he and childhood best friend Leandro dreamt of one day joining the New Order, a rebellious faction; but the friends were separated at the age of 11. Ayden has infiltrated his way aboard the S.V. Europa (a flying, sailing vessel); posing as a Royal Apprentice. This is where our story begins.

Published by Nick


            The stage is the Kingdom of Abdallah. The landscape is vast and rugged. Healthily brimming rivers run lush through the terrain with countless great cities resting on their banks. To the north lie the desert-laden lands referred to as the ‘North Frontier’. Ithaca, the capital city lies on the western seaboard; this is where the High Templar resides. There are various islands to the west which operate independently from and conduct trade with Abdallah. Across the Venti Ocean to the east lies a snow-capped land, largely unexplored. Every Abdallian child grows up hearing legends about an enchanted, wealthy city filled with gold, rivers overflowing with water and succulent green forestry (resembling the Hanging Gardens of Babylon). These are fairy tales. Zion has never actually been seen by anyone living today....

Chapter 1

            The ship is loud and festive as she sails through a stunning, orange night sky amid a royal celebration; the inauguration of the new High Templar. The two moons Tituis and Saturnius occupy the backdrop. The entire Royal Templar family is onboard as a remarkable feast slowly disappears in the main hall. Musicians sing songs of ancient times and mythical heroes, tunes of Zion, which radiate in every Abdallian’s soul. The ship currently sails somewhere in the North-West sky, near the desert lands of the North Frontier. The destination is Ithaca. Our protagonist, Ayden, is aboard the vessel, posing as a Royal Apprentice. He rides alone on this rogue mission and the only thing on his mind is vengeance. The man who was responsible, the man he is watching, is Terzark Givaldi.


             It happened when he was six years old in his hometown of Fortaire. On that hot, double-mooned night, soldiers raided his village on command from Terzark Givaldi, of the Royal Templar family. Ayden’s entire family was slaughtered in the attack.

Terzark was the younger of the two Givaldi brothers, the militant one; while his brother Zidane, more fond of politics, was currently being inaugurated as the new High Templar aboard the S.V Europa. Their father, the notorious and ill-reputed Tidus has been robbed of life by a heart condition. The 41-year tyrannical rule of Abdallah by High Templar Tidus abruptly came to an end. Abadallah was left in shackles.

The kingdom was divided, the rivers flowed weakly, and there were food shortages in most towns not fortunate enough to lie on a riverbed. The Royal Templar Knights, commanded by Terzark were a feared faction amongst the Outer Rim towns. Originally established to maintain peace throughout Abdallah and protect the Outer Rim,  the Knights habitually stimulated fear by demanding false tariffs, hiring Azmekkian mercenaries for raids and forcefully taking crops from these towns. Despite these wrongdoings, most of this activity fell under the radar with the mainstream crowd and the great river cities of Abdallah, ignorant and blinded by their spoils and riches in everyday life. Furthermore, Zidane Givaldi was a beloved man, even in the Outer Rims. Seen as a much more noble, civilized and amicable man than his father, there was for once a united sense of hope in Abdallah.

                      The New Order was a rebellious faction that was cultivated in the Outer Rim towns by those who united against the Knights and carried a will to fight. They inspired these people during the latter half of Tidus’ rule. After thier inception, they burst onto the scene and began to make a true difference.  Establishing a stronghold in Fortaire , they raised and trained orphans, as well as all who wanted to defend what was theirs. They were stealth operatives and ran countless operations in Ithaca and other great river towns. They would routinely run missions to the North Frontier to raid Azmek strongholds. They built walls and established security ranks for Fortaire and other cities. When the Templar Knights struck, they struck back with impunity, winning major battles over the years. Of largest relevance, the Battle of Trugvan, where third and youngest Givaldi brother, Orga, was killed along with 200 Azmekian riders.

Zidane had been outspoken about his treatise policies with the New Order and his plans regarding the re-agriculturalization of the Outer Rim, and his immediate concern to justify his father’s wrongdoings. This inauguration was a coming together of the New Order and the Templar Knights, representing a better future for Abdallah.

The now 17-year-old Leandro, childhood best-friend of Ayden, has become a highly-ranked commanding officer of the New Order, and he was aboard the S.V Europa on this very night. The two had not seen eachother since their mentor, Leanna, was killed about 5 years ago.