We want to socialize the creative writing experience. We believe it should be done with your audience as opposed to only for your audience. Join now and start writing your first story in seconds.

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No longer must you write your entire novel under pressure and timing restrictions. On GroupWrites, create your story as you go. Post page by page, as you interact with your audience and receive feedback.

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Write your story. Engage with your readers through comments. Share stories you read on social media. Build a global community where writers and readers connect. Go viral.

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Tell your true story.
Write memoirs.

All of our lives are rich and full of existence. Whatever story is yours to tell, share it with the world. One small detail, on one small page, can have one major impact on people's lives.

How to start writing

Journal your adventures.
Write blogs.

In this day and age where digital and the internet of things have connected us all; it has never been easier to document your adventures with the rest of the world. Connect with readers as you spill your thoughts.

How to write a book

Explore immense worlds.
Write fan-fiction.

Whether a comic book, a fantasy series, or a motion picture, we've all experienced hardcore fandom. Unleash your creativity by diving back into these universes, and writing untold stories.

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